Sunshine + close up of paws = we have a winner

Peeps, please get a look at kitteh "Sophia" in her basket, in the sun. She’s a jumble of paws with some retracted claws, some not. At first glance, I thought it was more than one kitteh, then saw her head on the left.

Oh, and tewtelly rule #25.


Thanks, Diva Kitty (Actual name, I am not making this up)



  1. oy vei. first time commenter, but this is a killer. keep up the good work co!

  2. Karen in Toronto says:

    And first post, too, hronnsa!

  3. nice collection of paws and claws.I want to take one of those paws and squeeze it ever so gently:)

  4. Don’t bother her. She’s snorglingk.

  5. smokeyJoe says:


  6. Sunshine + sleepy kitty + basket = bliss.

    Official Qte Formula(TM).

  7. Oh gosh… The feets!!! I want to snorgle the feets!! They look so warm and comfortable… *sigh* I needed that one today…

  8. Emily Anonymous says:

    That basket doesn’t look to small, I just want to curl up in there with her. Mmmm sunshine and sleepy cat.

  9. bi-colored jelly bean toes…

  10. i think she’s kneading the air, that’s why her claws are partially extended. one fist is closed, at the end of the knead/squeeze. the other paw is just closing up from an extended stretch/knead. lots of muffins are floating in the air.

  11. I’ll take Kitteh in a Basket over Chicken in a Basket anytime. I too want to squeeze those paws ever so gently.

  12. Pads, Paws
    Pads, Paws & Claws!

    (Elvis Costello fans in the house?)

  13. Heh-heh, my kitty LURVES sleeping in baskets, too. Whether or not she actually fits doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite, lol! Feets hang out, feline heiny hangs out, whatever — as long as at least 50% of her fits in, she’s happy!

  14. Looks like little navy beans.

  15. Mmmm. I’m feeling sleepy and relaxed after looking at this pic. Mmmmmm…

  16. This is a very mathematical kitty for those who specialize in topology. She’s at least a torus, and perhaps even a moebius kitty.

  17. GreenIghs — somewhat. But this is one vicious creature who’s made the jump.

  18. Karen in Toronto — *Meg* posts. You (and Hronnsa) *comment*.

  19. Diva Kitty — youuuuuu show-off.

  20. Peg of Tilling says:

    O to be a sleeping kitty in a sunny basket dreaming of floating muffins! I swoon with envy!

  21. From the …

    Course: Advanced Cat Arrangement
    Tues/Thurs, 8 PM

    Building upon previous coursework, students will learn advanced cat arrangement techniques, and learn specialized arrangements for weddings, funerals, and holiday centerpieces. Students are required to supply own materials, including basket, fixative and cat.

    Recommended Prerequisites:
    * Beginning Cat Arrangement
    * First Aid Basics

  22. Karen in Toronto says:

    Theo — (Karen shakes head, twitches tail, turns her back.)

  23. Karen in Toronto says:

    NTMTOMike: sign me up! Nowwwww, which cat will I use? Hmmmm.

  24. Sign me up for that learning annex course!

    Plus, I have to say PURR PAD sighting! Mine loves them.

  25. Other Mike — I got to take that course at Oxford in my senior year, foreign exchange.

    I took a First.

  26. Fantastic picture : that’s what I call art. Thanks for posting paws pictures, always interesting and cute !

  27. Purrs and thanks everyone for your comments on my paws.

  28. If you want to see more of Diva Kitty, you can visit her (and her Mom’s) blog at

    It’s one of my favourite blogs!

  29. Congrats DK! You know I love this picture as I am a paw pad-aholic! But I hadn’t noticed before your little diva face in the left top corner! Cute!

  30. guineapiggin9 says:

    Not to be rude or anything, but im not really getting the pictures of kitty paws lately. Can someone please explain to me how feet are cute?

  31. NTMTOM- could you please tell prospective students what kinds of fixative will work on cats?

  32. sunny! tuxie! feets!


    Diva Kitty is so beautiful, she deserves to diva all she wants.

    Bonus for black jellybean toes on white paws, and lovely face.

    NTMOM, I think I’ll sign Mr. LT up for that, he needs some proper instruction. I know our health plan covers it.

    As for the fixative, either gooshyfood or cat snot, maybe?

  33. aaaaak!!!!! evil green thing is taking over kitteh’s paw!!1 soon kitteh will be singing “its’ not easy being green” =(

  34. “what kinds of fixative will work on cats?”

    A fleece blanket seems to do it. I have a hard time keeping my cats off of mine.

  35. useta hada kitteh says:

    Ahhhh! The paws that refreshes…

  36. luckycliff says:

    ** applause for the brilliant photographer

  37. Hey Guineapiggin9,

    Based on your name as well as your comment, I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you are not a cat owner. It’s just an assumption.

    The cute feet thing, hmmm, I don’t know that I can explain it. I think it is something like to trying to describe what being bitten by a rattlesnake feels like. Only those who experienced can talk about it, but those who have not experienced won’t be able to entirely comprehend the description.

    I suppose giving birth to child is something like that as well. Who can describe it to those who have not gone through it?

  38. No no,

    obviously the fixative is a sunbeam…as shown in the photo.

  39. I now have an earworm of Kermit singing “It Snot Easy Being Green”. Kittoes are sweet because they so closely resemble jelly beans. And in the immortal phrase, giving birth is like taking your bottom lip and pulling it up over your head. (Cosby?)

  40. Cosby or Carol Burnett? I cannot remember which!

  41. The world is flat prior to giving birth. Then, world is round.

  42. Sunshine…
    On these paw-pads
    Makes me happy

  43. RPennefe — kitfeets are NOT like being bitten by a rattlesnake.
    Not on a plane, nor anywhere else.

  44. Not in a box, not with a fox…

  45. …not on your life!
    Not with MY ‘tocks.

  46. BenPanced says:

    Sometimes, kittehs have the right idea.

  47. Karen in Toronto says:

    Jessarakitty and rpennefe: Carol Burnett.

  48. black pads white paw aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  49. guineapiggin9 says:

    thanks for ur calrification on the cute foot pad thing. I am not (as u guessed) a cat owner nor have i ever owned a cat. First off, my mom’s allergic and if i had one, it might eat (or at least chase) my guinea pigs. But anyway, thanks for trying to explain it to me and thanks for saying it nicely. 🙂

  50. RE: Thinking cat feet are cute… I find kitty feet adorable. Most other feet, eh, not so much. I absolutely can’t stand looking at/touching/being touched by human feet (other than my own). But kitty feet are so dainty and fuzzy! And I have three words for you:


    (Guinea pig feet are pretty cute too. But not as cute as their tongues!)

  51. no pyrit, prior to birth (and pregnancy) *stomach* is flat. Then, *stomach* is round

  52. Rosie – Talk to Sir Newton. “For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction”

    (I enjoy all your comments BTW)

  53. Hi, Sophia! Can I tickle yur toes now? Must… tickle… toes! Please?

  54. I luuuuurve clean sofft pink kitty tootsies. And I luuuuurve the meaty feeties on puppies of giant dogs (like berners and newfs). Here is the best of both worlds–meaty feeties on a kitteh!

  55. Arvay, that simply CANNOT be real! Too cute!

    (I was about to ask if it was a snow leopard, but now I see in the link that the pic title is “jaguar”. Don’t know my big cats, obvy.)

  56. acelightning says:

    Two-tone toe pads *and* Feline Sleep Rays… must… resist… zzzzzzz… prrrrrrr…

  57. guineapiggin9 says:

    Ya, I think im starting to see the cute in the lil kitty toes. and yes alexis, their tongues are very cute (especially when they are giving you kisses). OMG! now i’m thinking about piggy kisses…MUST GO SNORGLE GUINEA PIGGIES REPEATEDLY!!!

  58. His name is Guapo, and he is at the Fort Worth Zoo. That photo was taken in Fall 2005, so he must be a very big boy now!

  59. Diva Kitty! Yer gonna be FAMOUSER!

  60. Ooooh … PAWPUDDIN’!

    Gotta watch out for those claws though. *shiver*

  61. Sophia Purrin’

    p.s. must grab that tangle of paws!

  62. Karen in Toronto-

    Cosby DID quote her, though, so they aren’t too far off. He SAID, he just didn’t come up with it all by HIMSELF.

  63. I just lovethe two-tone toes!