Oh, you did not just do that

These images must be a part of some suhweet coffee table book.

The question is, WHERE CAN I GET ONE!? Someone must recognize it! Please write back in the comments! Holy precise cutting, People. The strawberry kees is hilarious.





John L.! Great find. The question remains, who deed eet!?

// UPDATE — The perpetrator appears to be none other than Saxton Freymann, and a number of his books can be found on Amazon.com.//



  1. Lotte Belice says:

    I know someone who had a calender with these exact pictures! I’ll ask her tomorrow :).

  2. saxton freymann is the guy who makes these.

  3. I’m not sure what the name of the book is… but i’ve seen them sold as greetings cards in a few shops in England 😮

  4. I don’t know about any books, but I do know they’re sold as greeting cards & there are loads of uber cute designs…I’ve got the orange winking pinned to my wall 🙂

  5. grace metcalf says:
  6. I’ve seen them as birthday cards too. I’ll check the photo credit on the back.

  7. These could be from any number of books by Joost Elfers and Saxton Freymann. My son has the book and calendar called “Food for Thought”.

  8. The book that started all this veggies-with-faces madness is called “Play With Your Food.” There are several sequels now available, including an entire book dedicated to pumpkins (natch). I’m sure Amazon carries one of ’em. Enjoy!

  9. There’s a whole series of these book–Play with Your Food, How Are You Peeling? etc.–by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers. They are definitely geniuses.

  10. Meg,
    I saw a calendar like this at the school where I used to teach. I think it was done by one of the food service companies that delivered food to the school. The company name was Sysco. I’ll call my friend that worked in the kitchen there and find out for sure…

  11. “Play With Your Food!”

    It IS a coffee table book! 😀

    (and, as someone else pointed out, a calender, and a poster, and prints, and…)

    There are some even cuter ones than that out there — I think there are some with like, squash puppies or something…

  12. totally have that book!! (play with your food)

  13. These are the best–the calendars even come with stickers. I wanted another one for this year, but couldn’t find one…

  14. I remember those fruits! Some of them I’ve never seen before, but most of them are from a book called “How Are You Peeling?” I forget the author, but I can look it up.

  15. HA! Pure GENIOUS!!!

    I had a calender myself – but couldn’t tell you the who’s and why’s of it all. Luckily – other peeps here seem to have it covered. I’m Diggin the Beso de Fresa too!! Hilarity!

  16. Those are from books by
    Joost Elffers and Saxton Freymann with titles like “How Are You Peeling?” and “Food For Thought”

  17. Karen in Toronto says:

    88: yeah, it’s bad, sick, ill, and all those complimentary terms.

  18. definitely “play with your food”. it’s by joost elffers. he also did a book called “food play”, both available on amazon. and then there’s “food for thought” he did together with saxton freymann.

    the possibilities are endless! 🙂

  19. [whistling inno-cent-ly]

  20. The lemons ! – oh my gosh ! –it’s an actual party; You know ur work day sucks when u notice lemons are having more fun than u —-:(

  21. Yep, it’s Play With Your Food. I have it on my coffeetable. 🙂



  23. I believe the strawberry is keesing the bleen, 88. You’re just jealous…

  24. Nice one, T-O. Saw your fingerprints on that one right away.

  25. [giggling]
    [somewhat less inno-cent-ly]

  26. Everyone is correct. Saxton Freymann & Joost Elffers partnered to make books, calendars, cards, etc.
    Here is a link to the author’s website.

  27. …and thank you, Bats, for picking up the ball. So to speak.

  28. aww sweet!

    i bought a couple of them at butlers!

  29. herpantsness says:
  30. Nice work, Saxton! Those are hilarious 😀

  31. I LURVE these! I have the stickers from last year’s calendar. I want to keep them forever, at least until I find another calendar. It didn’t seem to be available this year. The little scallion dude is my favorite, i think.

  32. I totally used to paint fruit as people too. I would take a Beach Boys song, and then switch the lyrics around slightly to describe a particular fruit as the focus of the song. Then I would paint the fruit into the situation described by the song. I thought I was so original.

  33. I love the resigned look on the face of the scallion. “Oh no, I did not just do that AGAIN…”

  34. actually, i think the lemons might be my favorites, with those noses.

  35. ACK! Could it BE any cuter?? I want that banana dog!

  36. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh sum1 has my name!!!!!! overload overload overload, too much cute little fruits!!!!1

  37. Ooh, I have had a Saxton fFeymann calendar for the past 3 years and I love him! There is a calendar for 2007, but it’s general cute animal food items, not just puppy dogs like my previous ones: http://www.amazon.com/FOOD-THOUGH-PLAY-YOUR-CALENDAR/dp/B000JF8RA6/sr=8-1/qid=1168980855/ref=sr_1_1/103-2973099-1698203?ie=UTF8&s=books

    He also has a number of books out. Just search Amazon.com.

  38. OK folks I just checked the gloss and can’t find it. The big mystery of my life (or just my workday) is: WHAT IS BLEEN? What is it exactly? Anyone care to enlighten me?

  39. ambracadabra says:

    These are cute, they’re from a book called Play With Your Food. They also made cards and posters.

  40. Dustbunny says:

    What is it with dachshunds and bananas? First we had the wiener dogs dressed in Chiquita Banana outfits, and now another banana doggie.

    I don’t get the a-peel.

  41. [LMAO]
    …easy there, CG. You’ll strain a posser.

  42. CG – check out urbandictionary.com
    lol, but I still don’t know what it means either…

  43. DB: I was just thinking of that and marveling. I never expected to use the words “banana weiner dog” AGAIN on CO. Just goes to show you can’t see the future.

  44. CeeJoe… I’m sure if you typed any random combination of between 3 and 8 letters, UrbanDictionary would match some definition or other to it. There is no spoon.

  45. Kim in PA says:

    What a nice way to end the day. Yeah – tomorrow is hump day!!! Have a good one peeps.

  46. I find the winking orange to be a bit disturbing…

  47. I do love the lemons. Super-cute.

  48. I think “bleen” is the noise someone makes when they stick their tongue out at you. I remember it from Charlie Brown. Or maybe it’s “blee”…

  49. My dad just gave the book to my mom for Xmas. Hilarious!

  50. Theo, you’re leading me down a slippery slope…I shall amaze you with my ignorance….what’s posser and how would I strain one?



  51. Can anyone please explain why this site is no longer written in plain old English, but instead, stupid toddler speak? I like cute, but that doesn’t mean I like to read something that sounds like a bleening moron wrote it. I can’t even decipher half of it.

    I find it bizarrely disrespectful of the readers of this site and highly annoying.

  52. Some of those are just plain freakin’ SCARY!

  53. CG — http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#Posser
    When it comes to in-jokes, I am a Perfect Storm.

  54. Mary (agreanner@aol.com) — here’s a solution: Go away.

  55. Once for a Halloween party my roommates and I made little jack-o-lanterns out of oranges. We cut the traditional face in the front.. cut off the top and pulled out the guts.. then filled it up with vanilla ice cream. What fun! (but a bit of work)

  56. I have a bunch of their books in my classroom. The kids love them! “Gus and Button”, “How Are You Peeling?”, “Fast Food”, “Dog Food”, etc. The pics are great!!!

  57. Mary, are you saying that the *owner* of this site is being “disrespectful of the readers of this site”?

    Who all seem to enjoy her wit?

    And you say she writes like a “bleening moron”?

    So it is okay for you to be disrespectful to the owner, but you expect respect from her?

  58. Arvay — she didn’t exactly say “bleening”. She was naughtier.

  59. actually, those are by a company called Graphique du France

  60. Holy crap! How can cute fruit/vegie pics and cute talk cause such nastiness? Good grief people! No one says you have to come here.
    Now, bring on the cute!! I am loving those lemons too! Reminds me of a bunch of old women sitting around… LOL

  61. Oooo! Oooo! I have the banana dog on my wall!

  62. I see this word “bleen” becoming very handy. 🙂

  63. I’m with CG on the Bleen issue, though I’ve never heard it without Grue attached, as in “a lovely shade of grue-bleen.”

  64. that green thing the strawberry is kissing is a central american squash known as pataste or chayote — in case anyone’s interested.

  65. AuntieMame says:

    I’m usually with the crowd that finds crafts and non-animal stuff merely “meh” but these are HIGH-LARIOUS.

    Especially the lil’ eye-rolling onion.

  66. I bet CG doesn’t even have a posser to strain. I certainly don’t have a posser. But I like the word. Thanks, Teho!

  67. I’m liking “bleen”, but for those who care, the sound that accompanied the Charlie Brown character’s yuck faces was “Bleah!”

  68. okay so given the definition of posser (see lenore’s link above), is a posser a strainer? so by default we strain if we have possers? Just asking.

    I’m digging “bleen” now that it is such a multifunctional word. Kinda like how the Smurfs used the word “smurf,” as in “I shall smurf you if you don’t behave.”

    I’m gonna try to use “bleen” in the next article I write. CO rules!

  69. okay people, it’s calendAr. Wow.

  70. Wow, tasha! I’m easily peeved by bad grammar and spelling, and even I missed that!


    But is it “grey” or “gray”?

  71. OK i just looked it up. It’s a regional thing. “Gray” is a “color.” “Grey” is a “colour.”


  72. the strawberry’s kissing a chayote squash!!! and all i can think is that they’d both make a lovely salsa over some seared tuna….

  73. miss rae, that would be the fruit of their union.


  74. …or “onion”

  75. ‘EY! I shelved this book when I used to volunteer at the library! There are 2. It was in the children’s section with all the picture books.

  76. Arvay– but i spell grey and colour… plus, my crayolas used to say grey, i remember because i used them to prove to someone that it was grey, not gray. and now that i’m looking at grey and gray, they don’t look quite like words that are real….in fact, when i look at gray, i keep thinking it’s gravy, but that’s me… go on with our argument over grue’s and bleen’s…

  77. Ok …..Grue/bleen has ALWAYS been my favourite colour….

  78. LOL!!!! I LOVE the strawberry kiss and the lemon heads! Who said it’s boring to be a vegetarian? 😉

  79. The small octopuss is brilliant. It looks very funny 🙂

  80. … and the banana dachshund too

  81. It is from “Food Play” by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers. The oranges in the book are the best!

  82. That is one radscallion.

  83. These are from the UK. They have been available for years as greetings cards from WH Smiths. There is a whole family of them. x

  84. I have one of his pictures on my wall framed 😀

  85. Some of those pictures came from the book “How Are You Peeling? Foods with Moods” by Saxton Freyman and Joost Elffers. The kissing strawberry picture is definitely from that one!

  86. The name of the book is how are you peeling. I have had this book in my family for about 6 years, my Mom’s crazy about it! How are you peeling, foods with moods by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers 🙂

  87. two words:


  88. Saxton Freymann says:

    It is gratifying to read all of the positive response to my work. My latest book is “Food Play” from Chronicle Books, a 300 page collection of images. It all got started ten years ago when book packager and publisher Joost Elffers hired me to see what I could do creatively with produce. The result was Play WIth Your Food, and an odd little sequel, Play With Your Pumkins, which Joost published. (Contractually, Joost’s name appears on all the books, but he is neither author nor illustrator.) The success of Play with your Food led to eight children’s picture books published by Scholastic, For many years calendars and notecards have been published by Graphique de France.

    Other titles to to look for:
    How Are You Peeling? (Foods with Moods). My first real children’s book, my wife’s favorite, explores all of the emotions through fruit and vegetables with a text I am quite proud of composed of questions to draw a child into a conversation about feelings.

    One Lonely Sea Horse. a lovely little counting book (all set underwater)

    Dr. Pompo’s Nose (a nice book with an all pumpkin cast, out of print for the moment)
    Gus and Button (an incredibly elaborate all produce world with an Oz-like narrative. This labor of love came out the week of 9/11 and was pretty much lost. It is out of print now, but it is my children’s favorite.)

    Dog Food. A collection of visual puns and dog expressions.

    Baby Food (probably the most shamelessly just plain cute collection–all baby animals)

    Fast Food (a book of vehicles)
    Food for Thought (a book of basic concepts , colors, numbers, opposites, ABCs etc a lot of good stuff in this, with the biggest page count.)

    As mentioned above, a few of the books are out of print, and I hope will be reissued fairly soon by another publisher.

    Thanks again for all the kind comments.

    Saxton Freymann

  89. It’s a book called Play With Your Food by Joost Elffers. 🙂

  90. Whoa! Hey thanks for stopping by, Mr. Freymann!

    (Peeps, that’s the artist himself! Joost Elffers is/was his publisher & partner.)

  91. Saxton – Your fruits and veggies are wonderful; makes me want to eat chocolate even more.

  92. Yeah, i saw this show about him, can u actually picture doing this as a living?!?

  93. Mr. Freymann, this stuff is brilliant! Now I want to go out and find the books…

  94. Pyrit — now you’ve got me thinking of Chocolate Fondue… with scallions. Thppppt.

  95. I drew a little face on my tangerine before I ate it this morning–not as cute as these. Then I thought, what about all those veggie-eaters who say, “I won’t eat anything that has a face”? Somebody’s going hungry tonight…

  96. yes yes, i got a calendar for my sister-in-law by this artist for xmas, only when i got it, it was only based on the cuteness of the banana giraffe! (you must see!) i didn’t know it was all by one genius! tah-dah!

  97. These are the best!!! Can anybody find a picture of the “Brave Little Radish Pup?” That is my fave!

  98. Redz – ha ha!

  99. We have a celebrity among us! 😀

  100. You can get the calendar (“Play With Your Food”, I think) at “Bed, Bath & Beyond”. Well, at least I know I’ve seen it a few times in the Simi Valley, CA. one. There’s even eggplant penguins in it & much more!

  101. Meg – You’ve got class. Nice.

  102. …and that class c’est moi.

  103. Monsiuer Theo – Ooh la la. So you posted the hotpink updates?

  104. I ‘merded’ the spelling!

  105. Oui.. et c’est OK.

  106. Vell, zee peenk ees veray nice. Sankyew for uzang yoor powairs for zee good, not evale.
    (Zo, Meg, do not worray. Vee know, vee know. Mmm, let heem seenk he ees zee beeg shot, eh?)

  107. thpppppppppt

    and furthermore, http://www.squidgrid.com/images/misc/thppp.gif

  108. I totally got one of these books at Choc for $1 a couple years ago! It’s so cute!!

  109. Theo – Drop. Your. Sword.

  110. Ohhhhh no you don’t. I *know* that bluff.

  111. okay, is it just me or does that orange look like Jack Nickelson? its scary… *shudders*

  112. http://www.rit.edu/~ksh8863/saxtonfreymann.html

    This page has info on theh artist and some really cute pics!!

  113. oh i have that calendar…is really cool.

  114. I’ve seen figurines of these little veggy guys too… they’re pretty cute! Called veggie something or garden someting, maybe by enesco. I’d seen them at a hallmark shop.