(Bird) ‘Tocks Up

When things got you down
and you got a perma-frown it’s

‘Tocks Up!
(bird) ‘Tocks Up!

When everything sucks
and your pockets have no bucks it’s

‘Tocks Up!
‘Tocks Up!

When you sleep through the alarm
and Grandpa bought the farm it’s

‘Tocks Up!
(in this case bird) ‘Tocks Up!


Sing it with me, People! (and William B.T.!)



  1. blueberries4me says:

    That looks like an umbrella cockatoo ‘tock. I love animals but if there’s one bird I wouldn’t ever keep it’s the Umbrella.

  2. misscrisp says:

    Those ‘tocks are kinda pretty.

  3. misscrisp says:

    er, tail? Pretty I mean.

  4. “Guess what?…”

  5. I Neeeed this in poster form. Picture, words —ALL of it. Maybe a tatTOO!

  6. Birdtocks
    Birdeus Maximus
    Birdy Hiney

  7. beautiful plumage.

    i wanna see its face!

  8. …and I may be mistaken, Meg, but have you seriously set your verse to the tune of that playground classic, “Diarrhea (ch! ch! ch!)” ??

  9. snowangel says:

    Reminds me of Jimmy Buffett’s “Fins” except it’s “Tocks to the left, tocks to the right….”


  10. SnowAngel — here I am, stuck in the tockhole with you…

  11. Hmmm, not so sure about this one people….if I sent in a pic of my cat’s poo hole, would you all think that was qte too?

  12. Lisa — yes, it’s the internet. Someone would.

  13. Well I must admit, I do think it’s lovely, but then he’s my baby… 🙂

  14. “remarkable bird inn’t ?
    lovely plumage.”

  15. …cockatoo butt!

    I have to admit, his behind is much lovelier than most species’. Including ours.

  16. We call our cat’s poo hole “Rosebud”…or “Rosebutt”…I can’t remember which.

  17. Kinda throws Citizen Kane into a (w)hole new light, dunnit?

  18. …oh, and PS:

  19. Birdy hiney! cockatocks! OMG

  20. Rosalynde says:

    ‘Tocksadelphia, dude!!!!!

  21. Folk, CO has a THEME SONG! Let’s all sing together…

    When things got you down and you got a perma-frown it’s

    ‘Tocks Up!
    ‘Tocks Up!

    When everything sucks
    and your pockets have no bucks it’s

    ‘Tocks Up!
    ‘Tocks Up!

    When you sleep through the alarm
    and Grandpa bought the farm

    It’s ‘Tocks Up!
    ‘Tocks Up!

  22. stellatree says:

    a friend suggested the name “banana slice” for a cat’s bung. take a look, it’s freakily appropriate!

    pretty sure that’s tmi. :X

  23. He he he, I was looking at the top of the picture and expecting to scroll down to see a little bird by the pretty flowers. Then I realized the bird WAS the pretty flowers!

  24. violetgreen says:

    This frame: “Tocks up!”
    Next frame: “Bombs away!”

  25. Looks like an elaborate wedding cake.

  26. Bats – I like Rosebutt….he will have a new nickname when I get home this evening

  27. you guys r silly says:

    see…I’m liking the chunky heinies and the plump/fuzzy bunns in the most of the tocks shots — but the actual poop-chute itself, I’m not so sure I’m finding *kewt*…

  28. you guys r silly says:

    the above comment aside, the birdy himself looks like he is *GORGEOUS* I’m sure!

  29. That song is in-tocks-icating.

  30. Sorry, but I don’t find this cute either.

  31. Loverly bird tocks – who knew?

  32. snowangel says:


  33. Peg of Tilling says:


  34. if i want to see cloaca, i’ll stick to fleshbot.com, thanks.

  35. If anyone else went to Club Med back in the day they used to do this sing and dance along thing to a song called “Hands Up”. That is the first thing I thought of.

    ‘Tocks up
    Baby ‘tocks up
    Gimme gimme those tocks
    gimme gimme all your ‘toooocks

    Buntocks and birdtocks
    kittocks and puptocks
    and hamtocks and hedgetocks

    All your ‘tooocks…..

    ‘Tocks up, baby
    ‘Tocks up!

  36. Well, as parrot ‘tocks go, I think my little feather-head has the prettiest. You can’t really see the anatomy itself, and the feathers are just so, so soft and fluffy.

  37. Actually. I was singing that song/title to “That’s a Technical Foul” from the Adam Sandler animated movie “Eight Crazy Nights”

    Just noticed the joke with the foul.. but it does go nicely with those words..

  38. mid-scroll, that looks like a tropical flower!

  39. I wait all the time for a bird picture, rare and precious to me. When we get one it’s a booty shot? Holy tocks batbird!
    Bring on the parrots!

  40. Brrrrowkktology!

  41. Aye! Bring on the parrots! Who said that? Angie!!! Aye! Rare and precious – ooohhh.

    Meanwhile, here we have Mrs. McBloomersons getting an early start on her garden.

  42. Meg, you so crazy. Peeps, jolly good show. I treasure my C.O. laughs in the a.m.

  43. That’s not cute. What is that?

  44. In response to “Theo | Jan 16, 2007 at 07:47 AM” who asked “Guess what?”



  45. Okay, I have officially done a spit take. My first for CO. Love the ‘tocks. All of ’em. Furry, feathery, doesn’t matter. One simply overlooks the “bung” as one commentor so vividly described it. Must love them ‘tocks. Meg, might we have an official tune for this? You’ve done some lovely little sounds in the past and this practically screams for audio . . .
    Love to all.

  46. Sheesh, all the Nuffinghams have no sense of humor…c’mon, y’all, at least it’s covered in feathers!

    I mean, it could be worse:



  47. Denita, you evil, wicked, very bad, naughty Zoot woman. [cue “Castle Anthrax” script]

  48. I’ll take that as a compliment… ^__^


  49. It’s like a sunrise on his butt!

  50. guineapiggin9 says:

    LOL! love the tocks and the song. TOCKS UP PEOPLE!!!

  51. kayte – Perfect!

  52. I like it when almost anyone rocks out with their ‘tocks out, but birdbutt here is honestly a little gross. poop.

  53. Thats so NOT cute.

  54. Also to the tune of “shake ya tailfeather”

  55. brrrdylover says:

    Ahhhg, more bird stuff please! Chickenbutt actually made me snort my coffee.. thanks!


    …there’s no helping me…

  57. I have a U2, too; and when he spreads his tailfeathers, I sing (to the tune of “Baby Face”):

    Birdy butt!
    You’ve got a silly silly birdy butt!

    He loves it!

  58. On the cats, we call it the “big brown eye”.

    A friend of ours once picked up our big marmie boy, plopped him up onto his left shoulder with front paws hangin’ over the back, grabbed the two hind paws in his left hand, and used the right hand to lift poor Simber’s tail to display the Big Brown Eye, and proceeded to point said aperture at us like a camera lens. “CatWitness News! You’re on the air!” Good thing he’s a mellow cat.

    I guess you had to be there.

  59. sillygirl says:

    Who knew birds had ‘tocks? I also like Lisa’s comment about the “poo hole.”

  60. So what exactly are tocks, been trying to work it out for a long time now as a CO fan (even tried to google it!) – I’m an Aussie, so maybe we’re not up with the lingo?

  61. AuntieMame says:

    It’s short for BUTTOCKS, Mills. 🙂

  62. LOL!!!

    “Once I had an auntie
    An auntie Monica
    When she went shopping
    We also go

    Her back went shakin’
    Her back went shakin’ so
    Her back went shakin’
    Her back went shakin’ so
    HO! ….”

    (I learned this song in the 4th grade. Bleh.)

  63. rdhwyalane says:

    Cute, but he needs a bath somethin awful!

  64. Kim H., I’ll have to remember that and try it on our cat (at least once). We always refer to it when a cat is standing on a lap with its tail up and rosebutt facing the owner of the lap as the cat taking your picture. 😀

  65. If cockatoos are anything like hawks, the photographer had to clean the camera five seconds later….

  66. Thank you AuntieM and Theo – I went looking on the glossary and must have missed it! Now I get it! Tocks hahahah 🙂

  67. Ooohhh…Bird butt!!! Fweee!!! Can I sing this song to Seussical’s “How Lucky You Are” =DDD

  68. Mills (and AuntieM) —
    GLOSSARY: Tocks

    Subhangi — yeah I think maybe that one’s better than mine. (Er… Mystikal’s.)

  69. I dont find the bum-hole of a birdy to be very cute.

  70. does my butt look big?