Mo’ Merch: Just in time for Valentine’s ordering

People, the response has been so great on our first round of "Bumpère Stickères" that I’ve added another half-dozen stickers JUST in time for your Valentines Day needs.

Witness if you will, many new options; an invitation to snorgle, the rallying cry: "’Tocks Up!", our homage to and more. W00t!

Check them out




  1. AWww nothing represents CO more then ‘ehn’ and the ‘YAY’ picture! Great choice!

  2. Yay!

  3. “Ehn!” is my favourite C.O. term. Speaking of which, what happened to the “glossary” of terms used? There used to be a link to it under the categories. I need that link! It’s how I explain my daily “Ehn!-ing” at work to my friends.

  4. misscrisp says:

    I’M on UR BUMper, blowin UR mindZ

  5. Here is the TEH GLOSS

    “ehn” explained! Which reminds me—I think we need a sticker that says “Baroo?” on it.

  6. YES!! I need a sticker with “Baroo?” on it! I use that phrase all the time!

  7. Can I put in a vote for “Baroo?” also? And how about Enh and Tocks up on a different color? Pink is just not my thing 🙂


  8. Ahh, the QTE and the snorgle me bumper sticker: I must have. I’d love to see “snorgle me” in pink text on a lavender background. That would rock. Yes, I am a devotee of purple.

    I’m really not sure if my husband will let me put them on the car though. They might embarrass him on the freeway. Manly man stuff and all. Heh.

  9. I personally still like the hamster ones the best. I know that “ehn” and “‘tocks up” etc are like mottos of the website, but I don’t find them as attractive as the hamster one, but I have an idea! How about a design contest for the next cuteoverload bumper sticker? I’m sure you’d get a lot of fabulous entries =)

  10. Mwah and thanks for Tocks Up, Meg! 🙂

  11. You can make all you want at Zazzle!

  12. Oooh, such bright, pretty colours! Nice.

  13. I love the “OMG!!! PONIES!1!” one.

  14. speedwell says:

    I want a mug with the hamster flower on it. Can R&D work on that? 🙂

  15. Oh, Meg, they’re all fab!

    And we MUST HAVE A BAROO, yes indeedy-do.

  16. LOL!!!

  17. guineapiggin9 says:

    I love “tocks up” and “snorgle me”. I want both of them and I don’t even have a car!

  18. Also agreed about “Baroo?” but what I *really* want is a “Kronsche!” sticker. We’re all about the “Kronsche” at my house — one of my kittehs plays Kronsche with us through the shower curtain (she’s in the tub). It’s ridic — she uses both her front paws to GRAB our hand/finger, then kronsches it. If I can get video for you, I will.

  19. Almost forgot: What about CO tags for pets? Ideally customizeable with contact info and name, but would settle for even a “Kronsche!” tag hanging from my kitteh’s neck. 🙂

  20. Yes! Yes! We totally need “Baroo?” and “Kronsch.” I use those all the time.

    Could we also have a sticker that looks like the yellow flower with Cute Overload in the middle?

  21. Simpson O'Brien says:

    Well, Meg, there goes my rent again…..But for what a great cause (for paws!) Baroo MUST be designed and that will take care of the minute space left on my car after I place ALL of these on it. AND LOVE THE IDEA FOR PET TAGS – I’D ALLLLMOOOSSTTT GIVE UP BUYING SHOES TO GET THOSE.

  22. Zazzle Nut… the problem with your site is that Meg doesn’t get anything. When we buy from Cafe Press, she gets a bit of $$ to help with upkeep and the like.

    So sounds like fun, but no thank you! 🙂

  23. Beauregard says:

    Someone mentioned one a while back that would say, “Honk-shu if you love cute” or something like that. I would still totally buy that. Even though I already bought one of the original stickers. And will be buying some of these.

  24. chaosisorder says:

    I was holding out for Honk-shu if you snorgle, but I folded under OMG!! PONIES!! *snarf*

  25. Meg, thanks for the link! And yes, we definitely need a “Baroo?” stickere.

  26. How about “Prosh”?

  27. Regina — FYI, I’m not averse to & have actually suggested it to Meg as another possible merch machine (along with others, of course). No decisions yet.

  28. Sheeeeeeeeep!
    Needth SHEEEEPP!!11!!!

  29. This was mentioned in the other bumper sticker thread but I think it bears repeating: Please consider static stickers! I’d gladly advertise my devotion to Cute Overload, but I don’t put stuff on my bumper. A removeable static sticker for the window, on the other hand, would be fantastic!

  30. Bwa ha ha ha, I love the ponies one!

  31. Will someone please explain the “OMG!PONIES” thing to me?? Thankyew!

  32. Yeah, one of these will look great next to my Proud Veteran sticker. It’ll be like…Proud veteran/OMG!!! PONIES!1! My QTE game is redonkulous.

  33. Noelegy – “OMG!PONIES!!1!!” = extreme excitement. It started when someone was so excited (about ponies?) they typed all caps and 1 instead of an exclamation point. Er, OMG = Oh My God. Yeah.

  34. chaosisorder says:

    The OMG!PONIES!!1!! is from a Slashdot April Fool’s day joke of bygone years. It was a vision of CO without the snark, mainlining Mountain Dew and with much, much more pink.

    And ponies of course.

  35. T! Shirt! T! Shirt! T! Shirt! T! Shirt!!!

    (I’ve got the first one and I want more! Bumper stickers aren’t practical in my climate.)

  36. Thanks, Meg, these are fabulous! I don’t know if I can choose among them…maybe one of each will have to go on my car! (Now there’s an idea 🙂 Except maybe not today, since it just snowed here in Mnpls.

    Is it just me or wouldn’t the Snorgle! theme also work well on candy hearts or some other redonkulous Valentine’s Day item(s)? 😛

    Oh, and a Baroo sticker would round out the collection very well 🙂

  37. Ah, I see you have the premium shop (from a fellow CafePress-er)… Do you realize just how many varieties of t-shirt you can now decorate? It’s in the millions, I swear.

    I really like the oval European Union country-type QTE sticker. I think my Leo (that’s the name of my Volvo station wagon) is gonna have to get some more stickers. Which, at this point, will probably really beef up his structural integrity.

  38. i agree with C, we need a design contest.

  39. Hey, can we get some of these made into vinyl window clings? I want a bumper sticker for my car but I can’t put one on there…. a vinyl window cling would be PERFECT!!!

  40. Love the QTE Euro sticker…I use my car a lot in my *snort* professional life and most of my clients wouldn’t get the QTE one, and wouldn’t take me all that serious with a ‘tocks up! And if we did the QTE in a dog tag my hubby just might leave it on my boy dog’s collar.

  41. YES YES YES must have “baroo” and “honk-shu” in static would be brilliant. I put my sticker loyalty on my back window. I think the Euro “QTE” would go wonderfully next to my round “MEOW” sticker from WTG, Meg!

  42. Mugs, pleeeeeeeeeze!!!!! Baroo? Pleeeeeeeze!!!!!

  43. i just thought of a MUST… have 1 with a zoom in of kitty’s feetsies (bottom) and have it say “don’t eat the jellybeans!!”

  44. i would so buy 1 then, and slap it on my mom’s truck

  45. and might i suggest magnets instead of stickers? stickers peel after a while, and its just not right for stickers, i’m much more up for magnets!1 plus i could put 1 in my locker… lol

  46. i just found omg ponies….

  47. nvm, that so didn’t work, but here’s where it was said, and maybe meg modified it??? i don’t kno…

    OMG Ponies!

    Posted by: desmo | Oct 29, 2006 at 08:02 AM

  48. lol, nvm, that wasn’t it… i found it!!! (again) here it is…. *drumrollllll*

    OMG! P0N1ES!

    He looks like he’s levitating in photo #1. Maybe he’s floating to meet our other flying pony.

    Posted by: AuntieMame | Oct 29, 2006 at 09:13 PM

  49. Ring around the Rosie
    Pocketful of posties…

  50. oh boy….and i was having a hard time deciding which ones to buy the first time around. there goes a chunk of my bank account!

  51. If you are ever making more, could you add a “Redonkulous!” one. It’s my New Favourite Word

  52. Theo…sorry if I came across as a dork, I wasn’t trying to say CO shouldn’t use Zazzle, but Zazzle Nut seemed to be saying that we could go there and design our own stuff without Meg having an account…I’d love a bunch of stuff, but want to be sure that CO gets its pound of flesh outta the deal too 🙂


  53. Laura, that was me asking for vinyl clings…I have a scooter I would love to decorate and don’t want to get the adhesive on teh plastic…CLINGS PLEASE??

  54. Rosie — if you mean one of these…
    …then Meg was still referencing the Slashdot-ism in the post titles.

    Regina — well it’s true. Anybody can use ’em, me, you, whomever… using your own designs, of course. Don’t worry about CO; we’ll get the merch going, probably using a number of sources & services. Baby steps.

    Ebee & others — vinyl cling requests noted.

  55. Absolutely I would buy “honk-shu” and “baroo?” and “kronsche”.

    But my husband REALLY wants a “Pawsitude!” stickere.

    And I wouldn’t mind a “Puppitude” variation, eithere.

  56. P.S. “Kronsche” isn’t in your Glossary! I just checked. It… isn’t… there…


  57. Julia — oh yes it is, even your variation…

  58. Sanks Teho. Happy just to be noted. 🙂

  59. *waves a tentative hand* Um, may I vote for a “Nyerh!” stickah for us people who hate to be over-shnorgled? I like shnorglin’, but too much takes the treat out of it, lol…

  60. cat-ashes cat-ashes
    we all fall down!!!!!!!

    yay pyrit made up a cool song…. but is there any1 else who would like the jellybeans one?? cuz i do, and if u don’t, that’s sad… ='(

  61. I’m buying QTE and ‘Tocks up… and maybe Paws up, and maybe… Well, I might buy them all.

    But I second (third, forth?) the requests for “Ehn!” and “Soft Cronche” and “Baroo?!” and of course T-SHIRTS!

    Pleeeeeeeeeeease…. I need…