Just doin’ my paht to save water

Look People, I live in [does Arnold Schwartzeneggar voice and fake quotes with paws] "Kally-fornia", where we’ve had water shortages, OK? So, I use this SMALL bowl—smaller than the sink, so I can save on our water bill. Sure, it looks ridiculous, but I can take six times as many baths [splashes water in your direction]


Hasta la vista, Luna V.



  1. awww i love the eyes that match the paws and the toes and the nose… x) too cute, little albino ferret!

  2. wet ferret yeem! too scary for Monday.


    is it just me or does that ferret look like it’s really digging the bath bowl thing?

  3. Im prod to saw FIRST POST. Im surprised you didn’t do a Terminator voice since those red-eyes are a bit freakish. I want to touch it =) So cute *splashes water back*

  4. The only thing, when this white fur gets wet – you can see right through it! How embarrassing.

  5. Oh man i thought I was the first poster (yes I don’t mean to double post, but I need to correct myself). When I commented there was like 0 comments.

  6. I love the color coordination of the basins, and then the gorgie ferret in the middle.

    Looks as if it should be the first illustration in a how-to-series.
    I’m just not sure what activity begins with bathing the ferret.
    (Fudge-making with your ferret? Coordinated prom outfits, you and your ferret?

  7. I love his little toes all spread apart. He’s thinking, “Ah, this it the life.”

  8. Welcome to our clusterfluff, A.J. Now behave.

  9. how often must one bathe a ferret?

  10. I didn’t know Ferrets need baths???????? Very interesting….

  11. Aack! Look at the toes! I love it… 🙂

  12. Why do the albino ferreetes still have black tails?

  13. LT, maybe that’s why he’s having his bath.

  14. Party Pooper says:

    I thought ferrets was illegal in Kah-lee-for-nee-yah.

  15. Eeep! Teensy paw pads.

  16. martha in mobile says:

    He looks like he’s attending to his toilette before attending to world domination.

  17. Maybe we should take a clue from Fark and start changing “FP” to “Snorgle!” or something like that.

    Ferreet ees very peenk.

  18. He needs a duckie.

    http://www.archiemcphee.com has sufficiently miniature ones.

  19. *poit*


    *sigh*…Ferrets do that to me… 🙂


  20. chimera17 says:

    I’ve never actually seen a mostly-white, pink-eyed ferret with a black tail before. Pretty pretty.

    Yeah, ferrets are illegal in California. As far as the bath thing goes, it’s best not to bathe them very often (like once a month at most) as it will actually make them smell worse. Counterintuitive, eh?

  21. “Maybe we should take a clue from Fark and start changing “FP” to “Snorgle!” or something like that.”

    thinker, I’m already laughing at the idea of changing “FP!” to “Chicken butt!” or something like that.

  22. Funny, Laurie C… I was thinking of “bleen” for that purpose…

  23. Suda Nim — HERE COMES THE FLEET!!!

  24. Soggy ferret! Must… kiss… head…

  25. It’s funny – yes, they’re illegal in California, but if you go into any Petco in California, there’s an entire aisle dedicated to ferrets.

  26. He does look kinda geeked about the whole thing ^_^

  27. You should win an Academy Award for best photo captions. 🙂

  28. Gawd, the “fake quotes with paws” thing is killin’ me!

  29. I like picturing Mr Ferret speaking in a deep voice mit ein Austrian accent. Ja ja!

  30. Zees ferrety leetle person looks ‘zackly like my first ferret, “Fret.” Yeah, “Fret.” It’s short for “ferret.” His nickname was “Fretsome Boy.” And he loved zee bathtub, used to climb in when I was taking a bath (yeeks! Waiter, there’s a weasel in my water!). That, of course, was before NYC designated ferrets as “exotic animals” and therefore not allowed to be in apartments. Pooh. Probably some of my noisome (and nosy) neighbors had friends in the Mayor’s Office and, er, “weaseled” on me (okay, I’m sorry for that one).

    (I kept him in my apartment on the sneak until taking him out to Eastern LI a coupla years later … used to walk him … WITHOUT a leash! … with my cat and my dog. Yeah, I was totally the local weirdette. “Look, Henry! That girl is walking her dog — AND her cat! And … er, what IS that bouncy thing tagging along?!”)

    Thees ferretsome theeng IS planning world domination, according to an earlier post — and belongs in the Dream Office along wif his bath-bowl and duckie!

  31. Teho — He’s got to put down the duckie if he wants to play the saxophone.

  32. Pass the duckie on the left-hand side.

  33. Ferrets used to save on your cute-ilities? Why not?

  34. Oh great, that’s like every nightmare I’ve ever had all wrapped into one. ALBINO FERRET!

  35. I thought bathing ferrets made them smell worse…?

  36. Is it just me, or does “bathing the ferret” sound sort of obscene?

    It is just me? Ok, nevermind then. Carry on.

  37. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Lookit how he’s spreading his li’l toes in sheer happiness!

  38. So cute! Makes me think of a person trying to cool off in a kiddie-pool in their back yard in the heat of a SoCal summer. You know, when it gets so hot that you’re desperate enough to get in a teeny little pool. You sink all the way down, displacing water over the edges because you’re so big, but once you’re in you think “Ahhhh, this is the life” and you spread your toes. 🙂 ‘Cept it’d be cuter if you were a ferret.

  39. I don’t think he’s an albino, despite the “pink” eyes. I think that’s a dark-eyed white (DEW) with a dipstick tail and a bad case of flash red-eye. My white and gray ferret looks quite dark-eyed in regular light, but his eyes shine red in pictures.

    And absolutely adorable ferret-bathing love going on here, too.

  40. Theo-
    That was supposed to be the first post. Turns out I WAS to late. Sorry buddy.

  41. I’ve never quite gotten why they’re illegal in some states….and is this guy happy? Do they like baths?

  42. It’s illegal to buy and sell ferrets in CA, but not illegal to own. In NYC, however, they’re illegal to own, but not to buy and sell.
    Go figure.

  43. AuntieMame says:

    I think they used too much bleach. And where is his book and his cup of tea?

  44. They’re illegal (in Calfornia at least) for the same reason most small other critters are – sugar gliders, gerbils, etc. People think they’re going to escape into the wild, become feral, and destroy agriculture somehow, some way.

  45. He’s waiting for Calgon to ferret him away.

  46. Some places the domestic ferreete (being an Old World import) is illegal for fear that escapees would take over the niche/territory from the native ferreetes and/or critters with similar habitats.

  47. ‘Scuse me, but that’s “Cally-FAH-nya.”

  48. Awww! It’s doing a sea otter impression! If only my white ferret like water at all. If I were to put her NEAR that bowl, there would be struggling, flailing, and scratching.

  49. Look at that adorable back paw pad sticking up!!!! Absolutely teeth clenching cute.

  50. “Me wet? Naaah!”

  51. Actually, ferrets are illegal in California.

  52. Don’t bother bathing a ferret. It will just rub itself all around until its scent glands make it smell like a ferrret. (I actually think they smell cute.) Besides, they catch cold easily if you get them wet and they catch a chill. I adore ferrets, but I don’t keep them any more because they don’t live long enough.

    This one is a real cutie.

  53. elizabells says:

    Nah, Dustbunny, not just you. But then, I have deep, deep emotional issues.

    Anyone else see the governator on the Golden Globes tonight? Worst part about being a California native living out of state. Gotsta justify that all the freakin time.

  54. 1.) “It’s illegal to buy and sell ferrets in CA, but not illegal to own.” So ferrets are the marijuana of the pet world?

    2.) Mr. Ferret is actually hangin’ in his hot tub. In a little bit, a girl ferret is going to come in with some champagne and then the disembodied hands will pick up a bendy straw and use it to make hot tub “jets.”

  55. Aww, Redzilla, that is a cute idea for hot tub jets.

    In the, “Is it just me or” category, does this ferret’s tail look like a Mr. Wigglee Magic Worm? And the googly eyes are, um, oh.

  56. It’s a Ying Yang ferret….does he smell like Ylang Ylang?

  57. Tony James says:

    Monday’s Mound-o-Meerkats!
    Piks of the expedition to Wah-Shing-Ton will be up “shortly”…

  58. Laurie C, I really, really like your FP substitution idea. Best so far!

  59. Narrator voice: “Next on the French Chef, Julia Child makes ferret stock for soup.”

  60. “FP” = First Post?

  61. OMG! I love how he looks like he’s just relaxing in his very own ferret sized hot tub. 🙂

  62. Pyrit — unless you’re at B3ta.com, where it means “front page”.

  63. pyrit – yes. The Comment Which Must Not Be Named.

  64. Ohhh. We should call it Matthew.

  65. marsheeeee says:

    Adorable little guy. Speaking of owning vs buying/selling being illegal, here in Mississippi when we used to have blue laws, we could sell a limited number of items on Sunday, but Bibles weren’t on the list. I don’t know what that has to do with ferrets, but I thought it was interesting.

  66. “Blue laws” sounds to me like the regulating of onstage swear words.
    See also: Redd Foxx, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Lewis Black, Liz Phair


  67. I bet you are

  68. marsheeeee says:

    Hey, Teho, Mississippi is the buckle of the Bible belt. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have laws against cuss words too. Except if you’re out hunting and you missed, or something. Why “never on Sunday” laws are called blue, I have no idea.

  69. Oh, what a sweetie! He looks like he’s really enjoying his tiny bath.

  70. GreenEyedHawk says:


    I love ferrets. I think I need more, as I only have one.

    And no, you don’t usually need to bathe ferrets unless they’ve gotten into something and made a mess of themselves.

  71. sorry, this is not cute.

  72. Riiiight… because an albino ferret hanging out in a powder-blue Gladware hottub ISN’T cute.

  73. useta hada kitteh says:

    Sorry, I can’t go out tonight, I’m washing my ferret. ?? 🙂

  74. Awwwww! *snuggles the wittle guy and scritches his ears* If only /my/ ferrets liked getting baths, I wouldn’t have to give them showers!

    Just look at the BEW, he’s all relaxin’ in the tub. Someone give him a fruity drink with an umbrella for heavens sake!

  75. It’s not a he, but a she, and I don’t put them often in bath! She is not an albino, she is an DEW Marked, the same girl as the one also posted as Lap Ferreteee!
    And in Holland they are not illegal 😉
    I know this, because I am her mom 😀