Hey, it’s "Pumpkin" the puppitude. He’s sitting on DOLL CLOTHES, OMG HE’S SO SMALL

JK, Peeps. He’s sitting on regular laundry.

But he’s still infintessimallissimo.



JK, he’s lying on a regular pillow.


Jamie G.—you had us all going there for a min…



  1. Oh, I haven’t seen a puppy that eensy in almost three years! This brings back memories of my own fat lard dog when she was a bebeh.

  2. Meg, Your captions get sillier every day! XO

  3. It’s a punkin timbit!

  4. I hope the doggies tag is made of light foil a proper one would be too heavy. And see how tiring being tiny and cute is {puts blankie over puppy}

  5. It’s a Jack Russell! Officially the cutest puppies ever, tho somewhat manic when grown.

  6. That first picture just kills me! That puppeh is soooooo cute. The eyes! And I love the name. I love anything Pumpkin. In fact, I was hoping to get a French Bulldog and name it Pumpkin. As soon as I get an apartment that will let me have a dog…

  7. Does that mean he can grow into a punkin’ butt too?

    What an anerable little man!

  8. And how the ears are all flopped up. Eep!

  9. Oh, my God.

  10. I may be wrong, but I think Pumpkin is a “she”…but either way I could just snorgle “her” up!!!

  11. beezie687 says:

    The ear floppitude! It Keeels! *sploit*

  12. In the first pic that color and tag looks huge on that pup pup!

  13. Karen in Toronto says:

    First pic: “Do you love me? I really hope you love me” (worried voice).

    Second pic: “Sighhhhh…you love meeezzzzzzzzzzzz…”

  14. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

    [feels all fuzzy-wuzzy inside]

  15. Is Pumpkin a Rat Terrier pupdog?
    I want to snorgle her SO BAD!!

  16. I can’t tell if that’s his little nub of a tail or a little nub of something else 😛

    Pint-sized adorableness.

  17. Meep!

    I wuv him/her!

    You know, it really takes something away from the squeal when you have to say “him/her” 😛


  18. Boy puppie, girl puppie, it doesn’t matter…I still have to pry my exploded ovaries out of the wall now…


  19. a new invention is born:
    keeps your pillow warm between naps.

  20. Beauregard says:

    Meg, you need to get some serious liability insurance, because you are going to have thousands of lawsuits on your hands after this head-splosion extravaganza!

  21. I had a Jack Russell. That thing could jump as high as my eyes. She was cute, but she was dynamite in a small package. Yeah Pumpkin looks cute all right, but I know what that beast is capable of! Back away slowly.

  22. ohhh wee puppeh.. with your lightbulb head and i.d. tag as big as your brain… how I want a wee puppeh again.

    wait…was that a haiku?

  23. AWWWW!!! I want. . . .

  24. Is this a toy fox terrier or a Jack Russell? looks like a TFT to me.

  25. Aw. Whatta little cuddlebug.

  26. i’m the mom of little pumpkin and she’s a girl! she’s also a toy rat terrier! she’s bigger now at five months old…a whopping five pounds.

  27. way too cute!

  28. LOL, Meg! Your comments are way too much!!

  29. Jamie…what a cutie…and I bet 5lbs of dyno-mite!!!

  30. I raised a mastiff in an apartment, with many comments of “are you nuts?” I always responded that mastiffs were calm, laid-back dogs (which he was), and used Jack Russells as the counter-example.

  31. yes she is a cutie when she is a sleep, ok even when awake just a handfull or so her big brother thinks

  32. My grandpa had a toy fox terrier, Peppino, that was the runt of his litter. He never grew bigger than 5 lbs, but boy did he have springs in his legs – like the Jack Russell as far as how high he could jump! (A little less crazy in general, though.)

  33. those are some paws of daintitude!

  34. Meg, I’m giving you the award for best word ever: infintessimallissimo. I’m going to walk around today and try to use that as many times as I can.

  35. OMG, she’s so CUTE! I just wanna snorgle her and smoosh her!

  36. *scrabbles for the glossary whilst sopping up brain splosions*

    infintessimallissimo is not een thee glossarissimo, teho!

    We needed an “i” word, anyway!

    Di’nt we??? 😉

  37. Meg, you are de funniest lady I know!

  38. Lauri — if it escapes the nest & ventures forth on its own, I have *just* the blurb…

  39. W’aww. So adorable when thleepin’… :o)

    (And… holy imagery, Denita! LOL 😉

  40. Oh boy oh boy! Fly, little infintessimallissimo, fly!

    *gets bib*

    Sthufferin’ sthukitash….

  41. Awwwwww, I didn’t get my Jacklet until she was about 6 months old, so I missed out on the teensy tiny phase. I will say that at age 8, she has finally started to calm down. Especially if satiated by belly rubs.

  42. elizabells says:

    De peenk peenk belleh wif the delicate fuzzles is going to get a very soft, quiet zerbert from me.

  43. Infinitessimallissimo.


    Pumpkin’s beyond cute, too. Look how she squeezes her eyes tight shut to dream harder. But I am puzzling over why her front feet are peach-colored? Insane.

  44. I want this little guy. I carve Pumpkin.


    I crave Pumpkin.

  45. You know, I’ve always been strictly a cat person, but C.O. has worn me down. I would lurve to snorgle ‘dis puppeh!

  46. AuntieMame says:


    I’ll have to create a macro for it, though, because I’ll never remember how to spell it.

    Look at her tiny little clawz!

  47. aww did anyone else notice the sleepy/droopy eyes?

  48. I can’t stop laughing at the quotes!! I love the “OMG he must be one inch long!!” I can’t stop laughing at this! That puppy is cute and tasty looking, I want to snorgle my cares away.

    Threadjack: I read on here about snorgling paws and how they smell like corn chips. I told my mom, and she can’t stop snorgling the dog’s feet!! The dog is all but busting a gut laughing when we snorgle her! We can’t be stopped!

    Return to your regularly scheduled *poits* and exploding heads!

  49. Our chihuahua, Pawblo, looked EXACTLY like this littl’un. Any chance this is a chihuahua with a less “apple-shaped” head?

  50. That widdle face! Those widdle eyes! Can’t take the cuteness!

    *wanders off giggling*

  51. What’s with the “crazy Jack Russell” ranting? I have a five-year-old jrt who I routinely take out and about, even to college classes with me, and she’s the quietest one in there. It’s conditioning, people..give the jacks a break. Pumpkin is adorable, btw, and looks like my Foxy sans the mask.

  52. i want to kees that knobbly pink knee

  53. fawn lust says:

    he is the size of a coctail peanut !

  54. I want to put that little Puppy McPuppersons right in my pocket, so I can snorgle whenever I want to! Such a cutie!

  55. That’s a girl… definitly not a HE by any means.
    She’s SO adorable though!! Puppies are just the greatest! *nubbles the ears and paws*

  56. luckycliff says:

    so does that mean that Meg and Theo are megasillissimo??? I daresay it does!

  57. Infintessimallissimo Pumpkin Pie.

    Delicioso My My!

  58. Terrier owners. Is this your dog?
    Runs around chair 3 times, runs off and comes back with dirty sock, freezes body, tail and tongue wagging, dives under desk for chew toy and keeeels it, drops toy on keyboard, boing, boing, boing, chases thrown toy, barks at ironing board, crashes into water bowl, does 90 mph “moonwalk”, runs back, loses rear-end twice, power steering goes, slides on rug down the stairs, still holding onto toy, skeedaddles up stairs, grrrs at ironing board, drops toy on keyboard, catches thrown toy 4′ in mid-air, 4 pt. landing, keeeels toy, drops dead toy on keyboard, freezes in pre-pounce position, chases thrown toy in 2 bounds with major air oooooover sofa, scrambles, notices squirrel outside, runs to every window and door of house in 4.5 seconds, is let out to play and get some exercise.

  59. Y’know I may have to add the word just because folks are having so much fun with it.

  60. I shall never remember how to spell it.

  61. It’s spelled, “um diddle liddle iddle um diddle aye”.

  62. pyrit, you’re cracking me up today.

  63. Karen in Toronto says:

    Pyrit, does a pair of young cats make up one terrier? Except they don’t go out to get exercise. And they don’t bark.

  64. Karen in Toronto – That sounds like a rheterrierical question, but I get your point. Have fun with your kitties and good for you keeping them in. (Nuffers back off, this is *my* reply to a comment to me).

  65. Do your laundry.

  66. I like how you can see ‘es tiny testicles in the second pic.

  67. There, now, Ralphie; someday you’ll learn how that all works. (She don’ got no tessicles.)

  68. how cute! what kind of pup?

  69. Karen in Toronto says:

    pyrit: yesterday I meant to tell you how much I enjoyed the terrier play-by-play-by-play (hearing “major air oooooover sofa” was like watching show jumping), and last night I was still chuckling.

  70. sometimes, the captions just really get me. i almost choked on my leftover christmas candy.