Barely a kitteh

This little kitteh is so small, he’s barely even a kitteh.Just look at him compared to those fingers. The teeny pawsitude, the miniscule schnozzle, the practically-transparent pawpad action. Like he was just conjured up out of thin air. Giesle Petes.


Great shots, Michelle W., and standing ovation to kitteh "Tidbit" [Best name evar]

P.S. Just thought of this—try singing "Barely a Kitteh" in a Bee Gees "More Than a Woman" voice! heeeeee



  1. Nicolletta says:

    That kitteh rocks!!

  2. “Barely a Kitteh” … ROFL+++

    what a sweet bit of fluff; just big enough to put in my pocket …

    imagine the comments …

  3. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    It was an
    Fuzzy kitteh
    That I held
    For the first time today

  4. AWwwwh…. So ittybitty and sof’ …

    Looking dubious, but sof’ … ^^

  5. acelightning says:

    Dear Bast, that’s got to be the *cutest* kitten ever born! From the smudgy little face, to the “I’m so little I can’t even retract my claws yet” toesies…
    *faints dead away from teh qte*
    *wakes up again*
    The markings are tortie, or maybe calico, though, so it has to be a “she”… SHE is just the tiniest, most adorable, snorglable, gently-cuddlable, LOVABLE kitten who ever mewed her way into our hearts…
    *melts again*

  6. chumblefuzz says:

    I betcha you could put its entire head in your mouth. Surely, this is how one judges the true merit of a kitteh.

  7. Ah, ace beat me to it, but this is most definitely a she-kitty and not a he-kitty. Torties and Calicos are ALWAYS girls.

    That aside…

    What a furdelicious wittle babeh! Sho teeny and prosh and anerable and head-explosion inducing. <3

  8. aaaaw!
    I want to put her wittle toesies in my mouf! Lookeeeeee, they are so tiny!

  9. blackavar says:

    she may be teeny, but seeing her wittle face made my whoooole day better.

  10. He looks miserable. Give him love.

  11. calicoes aren’t always female… my sister has a male one.and he is definatly the crazyest cat i have ever known.

  12. Sarah: Well, there CAN be male Calico cats but it’s extremely rare. 3000 to 1 odds according to Wikipedia which could or could not be right on the subject. Other sources I’ve looked up describe how the calico/tortoiseshell gene is carried on X chromosomes and that male calico or tortoiseshell cats are a genetic anomaly (XXY) and are generally sterile.

    So your friend has got a one in a million cat there.

  13. sparkinthedark says:

    Awww! I’ve been throwing up all night, and felt limper than a filleted lettuce leaf until I mustered the strength to log on to CO and found Tidbit – my ill feeling vanished in an instant at his all-powerful cuteness!

  14. How absolutely beautiful!

  15. Tiny sweet little scrap of life. God bless.

  16. Mini jelly beans 🙂

  17. you’ve got to love a baby with bed head!

  18. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been singing “Barely a Kitteh” to Boston’s “More than a Feeling”, instead.

    And OMG, the cuteness!

  19. Her fursie’s too big for her’s body!

  20. ears are back — “i can’t be liking this!” Mommie!

  21. Oh my, look at those tiny toenails. And the sleepy, drunken expression. And the fluffiness. And the…

  22. dee squeenty eyesss! dey are keeling mee!

  23. O.


    *topples over and dies*

  24. I spy wispy gypsy
    Silver and sorrel
    Potpurri in a tea cup

  25. *sigh*

    Now I’ll get absolutely no work done today. I’m just going to keep staring at this sweet widdle ball o’ fluffy kitteh.
    I want to put her in my pocket and take her home for long, gentle snorgles.

  26. kittehLUVR says:

    Now introducing the ‘Pocket Kitteh’!
    Small enough to fit in your pocket! Perfect for traveling or having just plain fun!
    On sale starting January 15th through the 19th at retail stores…

  27. :poit:

  28. Just imagine when that kitteh is a big fat altered adult kitteh… With the name “tidbit”!!!

  29. littlelizard says:

    The floofs!

  30. Constance says:

    Well, my head just exploded.

    Now, whose gonna clean up this mess?

    Re: Male calicos: The only requirement for calico color (in a genetic sense) is having two X chromosomes. The calico color is expressed when “bar bodies” form causing certain colors to be active in some cells and not others. Anywho, as someone above was saying an XXY cat is geneticaly male, as it is the presence of a Y chromosome that makes an animal male or female. Since that cat has 2 X chromosomes, it can have bar bodies and be calico, and male! The interesting part comes in where you said that the cat is bonkers. Normally XXY individuals are tired all the time! There is another possibility, the cat in question could be XXYY, which is even RARER then XXY. In humans XXY appears once in ever 300-500 births, XXYY is one in every 1,700!

    This concludes your genetics lesson for today. Please snorgle your kitteh!

  31. Tidbit is the perfect name! It’s like this kitteh is just a tiny crumb from a larger kitteh.

  32. And here “Barely A Kitteh” struck me as more Billy Joel than Bee Gees…

    (To the tune of “Always a Woman”)

    He can kill with a yawn
    He can wound with his nose
    He’s got miniscule claws on his miniscule toes
    His ridonkulous paw pads are so pink and wee
    He’s on Cute Overload
    But he’s Barely A Kitteh to me.

  33. Simpson O'Brien says:

    Kathe!!!!! You are a genius. I am stealing your song and calling it my own. By the way, Tidbit is gone – I eated her in one big kiss/lick/swallow. oopppps, here she is again. can’t you just hear her little silent meow…

  34. EEEK!!!! I love that name, Tidbit…so purrfect! Just the sweetest wittle baybe I ever did see! Destined for a life of pampering, snorgling and excessive kisses.

  35. OMG, I love that name and love Tidbit – what a cuteumpie.
    AAGH – thanks for the Bee Gees earworm!

  36. violetgreen says:

    Ooh, the poor wee mite! His “dirty” face just makes him more waifish. And I bet the “meow” is just a little “squeak”. I can’t stand it!!!!

  37. firefinch says:

    In Canada, he’d be called “Timbit.”

  38. When she gets older and larger, as mentioned above, she can be called “Tidbutt”. I’ve found “butt” can be easily added to many cat names. ie.
    “Tumbleweed” –> “Tumblebutt”
    “Sodapop” — “Sodabutt”
    “Mr. Bounce –“Mr. Bouncebutt” (Sorry, Teho, not really casting aspersions here)

  39. Look at those little claws!!

  40. [snicker] Laurie C. That’s “Mister Butt” to you.

    …[le sigh] luvs teh tabbico.

  41. Hermione’s first attempt at kitten-conjuring in Charms today. Everyone else only managed hairballs.



    I want to come home to THAT FACE every day. That’s the cutest kitteh ever. It doesn’t get any better than that. Lookitim. He really IS a tidbit.

  43. That little face just calmed my soul.

  44. that is the cutest kitten i’ve ever seen on co. that is the best. I am in love now.

  45. Sooooooooooo precious! And I love that crazy Kramer (from Seinfeld) hair!

  46. Teughcats says:

    My Katie-cat was only three weeks old when I got her and about the size of little Tidbit. So precious! Now she’s nine months old, about 5 pounds, and wakes me up in the morning by licking my face and biting my nose!
    Kathe – awesome lyrics!

  47. Teughcats says:

    Oh, and Katie was referred to as the “fuzzy golf ball” because that was about how big her head was!

  48. LOL, LC!! Sodabutt! 😀

  49. Major props to the Peeps for:
    “Timbit” – so true!
    Billy Joel lyrics – good earworm
    Harry Potter reference – w00t!

  50. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    She’s a tiny, goofy little tidbit now-but, there is huge potential for one gorgeous grown up calico!! Give her bunches of love….(oh, and thanks a BUNCH for those earworm lyrics you folks just inflicted on my defenseless brain!!)

  51. I just checked back and saw my double-post and I have no inkling of how that happened so all I can say is sorry!

    Laurie C. – “pumpkinbutt”

  52. Bad Little Otter says:

    Oooh…my paws! I wants to have another tortie kitten!

  53. Said with grabby hands: gimmegimmegimme!! – must snarfle wee floofitude & kiss tiny eraser nose this instant!!!!

  54. I’ve lurked for a long time, but never posted a comment.

    This kitteh just saved my job…. it’s my first day and I felt a panic attack coming on so I concentrated on the cuteness of the kitteh…. problem solved!

    Thanks CO!

  55. Simpson O'Brien says:

    Dear Bekah…..saved your job today but you will become addicted and probably lose many many jobs because of the CUTE. And it’s all totally worth it…..

  56. Your genetics lesson was incomplete. There are male cats that could be totally normal calico males (aka not sterile) due to a crossing over of a gene known as the SRY (sex-reversal on Y) gene. The SRY gene is neat b/c the default for mammals is female and without the SRY gene there is no male (b/c it codes for a protein that modifies the DNA to expose male genes for transcription). During the process of meiosis the X and Y chromosomes can become entangled with bits breaking off and joining other chromosomes. The SRY happens to be on the tip of the Y chromosome.

    This is actually why when some women who participated in the Olympics were disqualified when they started genetic testing. They were XY but perfectly normal fertile females; they just had a Y chromosome missing the SRY so the body defaulted to female. Neat innit?


  57. Aw, it’s a smooshy morsel of kittiness.

    And it’s almost certainly a “she”…sorry if anyone’s already pointed this out.

  58. its so scuffy!!

  59. Bekah – good luck in the new job.

  60. Rule #2 is alive and well and in the building but is considering resigning because after this kitteh, it may no longer have any use.

    I want to snorgle it until it feels safe.

  61. Bekah — I found CO in the first place because I was having a bad time with panic attacks, and though finding cute puppies & kitties might help.

    It did, royally, and continues to do so. 😀


  63. Theo – If you edit/delete my duplicate post above I’ll promise no more firsty-posty!. . . . . . . . . . . . (looooong pause)(suspects Theo is not moved by this great sacrifice)
    OHHH *OK*, and no more Richard Marx.

  64. le sigh…
    it’s been a long rainy gloomy weekend and it’s promising to be the same for the rest of the week.

    Thanks to this picture…I really want to go out and get a new kitten.

  65. Pyrit — gottit

  66. …and I’ll holdja toit

  67. Oh, poor Pyrit…

    And regarding that kitten, you KNOw what will happen. All cats with names like “Tidbit” grow into monsterous Tom Cats 😛

  68. I’ll doit.

  69. Aww. He’s old enough to have a slip of a pink tongue.

  70. Simpson O'Brien says:

    …just put a deposit down on a 2000 sf. loft apt to replace my 800 sf apt. First thing I thought of was, hammies, and kittehs, and puppehs and bunnehs OH MY….

  71. I don’t automatically think human bebbehs are cute. Most of them look like uncooked dough. But animal bebbehs get me every time. Tidbit is a tiny but powerful package of Teh Qte.

  72. Simpson O'Brien says:

    human bebbehs vs. animal bebbehs = NO CONTEST. furrs and purrs win every time!

  73. Jen – Nice Harry Potter ref. there.

    LOL @ “Timbit” and “Timbutt”!!!

    Noelegy …. “Uncooked dough” … good grief. LMAO!!!

  74. This is insane…It’s like he was crafted out of feathers and hair!

  75. Look at her, you mean. 😀 Tortoiseshell and calico cats are almost always female, as both red and black are carried on the X chromosome.

  76. No one has mentioned yet the unimaginable cuteness here in that her

    pink nose

    perfectly matches her

    pink toeses.

    I am now officially doomed.

    And — Kiki — that’s crafted of feathers and fur.
    Maybe she is considering flying.

  77. I am ::poit:: over this widdle bitty tortie girl! Eeeeee! And, yes, she will no doubt become a lovely chunk o’cat.

    Her tiny clawses are pretty pointy already, though.

    I’m singing all the songs — brilliant!

  78. So eeensy!!

  79. Having a crappy day, needed this. Thanks Meg!

  80. I want one, but my husband won’t let me. 😦

  81. Ohhh.. I just want to put her in my coat pocket for a hand warmer.
    She’s the sweetest baby!

  82. Geisel Petes is right! 😉

  83. Sparkinthedark, gah, hope you’re feeling better. (It’s always struck me as odd that nausea is so very very horrible, yet is not actually *pain*. How does that work?)

    Seriously, and I mean truly, really, seriously, this place is very healing and a great force for good in this world. I hope you understand that, Meg.

  84. I wanna pedda kitteh!

  85. OMG! If she isn’t just the most yummiest iddy biddy lil thing EVER! I SOOO need a wet kitty-nose kiss!

  86. Lotte Belice says:

    I don’t know where else to post this TOO CUTE cat video of a couple of beautiful bengal cats. They talk! It’s probably a double post, but it must be seen by all cat lovers.

  87. Brak_Silverbone says:

    *kiss* *kiss* *kiss*

  88. luckycliff says:

    this little feline even gets an awwww from my normally stoic wifey… love tha fuzzitude! Is it even capable of squeaking? How can it be so microscopic??? and just stop for a second and contemplate the infinite sharpness of the teeny claws, surely they comprise a single molecule of protein at the verrry tip of the kittyclaw!

  89. Sorry, Subhangi. 🙂 Of course I think a bebbeh is cute if s/he is related to me, or belongs to a friend, but random bebbeh pictures just don’t do much for me. Bebbehs–to me–aren’t really cute until they start reacting to the world around them. Until then, they’re just little raw biscuits, poopin’ their diapers.

  90. Someone used the word “waifish” which is just perfect for this adorable bebeh. For some reason the word “morsel” also came to mind. Truly adorable.

    re: female/male, someone also said a male calico (when found) is sterile but I had always understood that so is a female calico. At least, I know we had a gorgeous one when I was young and would have LOVED matching bebehs but she never reproduced in spite of plenty of .. er .. opportunities to do so. Just wondering if it was just her or usual for females also to be sterile. (She was a calico, not a tortie).

  91. I forgot to add: but furbebbehs are cute from the get-go!

  92. Mary — Male torties and calicos (red and black or red and black with white) are sterile because they aren’t ‘true’ genetic males; their chromosomes are XXY instead of the usual XY. Females aren’t sterile any more often than cats of any other color are.

  93. The cuteness just makes me shiver. I LOVE it.

  94. Okay…gotta love that fuzzy, fluff head. ;D

  95. AuntieMame says:


  96. Hard.. to type.. when head.. has.. exploded.. from.. teh kitty kuteness…!!!

  97. chica con gatitas says:

    NGhaa! Tew cute! An it’d hafta be a tortie fluff! I lubbb eeeet!

  98. Props to Fish Eye no Miko for the bubble gum lyrics….

  99. rrrrrowrrr!

    Go, little tigress!

    (got to be a girl, with those colors)

  100. Mary, the boxcar cats (feral colony) I help manage puts that “calicos are all sterile” thing to rest. All but one of the females in the colony are calico, and they were starting to reproduce like tribbles till we started getting them spayed. One of their kittens looked a lot like this one.

  101. in Maine they call male calicos “money cats,” because supposedly rare=expensive. i think.

    so sweepy kitteh! must nurture!

  102. An epic symbol of perfect kittenhood! The feet!!!

  103. tidbit…what a purrfect name!!! its like meow-sic to my ears!!!! i just had to, sorry

  104. AWWWWW Such a teeeny cutie!!

  105. Karen in Toronto says:

    Laurie C: I checked out more of those webshots. How did you treat the gummy eyes? Just asking, coz Handsome Stranger’s eyes were awful too, but the antibiotic from the vet cleared it up in less than a week and it hasn’t recurred. But I forget what the ointment’s called.

  106. Karen in T.O. – I don’t know the name of it, because it was my trapping partner who housed those kittens right after trapping. I can ask her and e-mail you (it might take a day or so).

    I have to put up new webshots of the second colony I’m working with now. A 5-month old kitten was trapped there yesterday and spayed today. I’ll be taking her home for 5 days recovery tomorrow. Whee! a kitten in the house again!

  107. theresa says:


    i dont think i can ‘x’ this page out.

    i think i might die just looking at her– thats of freaking cute she is. ohhhh how i want her….

    oh shes so adorable!