Poll results are IN

Picture_8_2OK! the poll results are IN!

The poll has been going for a week, and it’s time for the official snapshot. Let’s take a look at the numbers that shape your world:

[drum roll]

Coming in at #1 of most popular new features you want to see on C.O. this year are:

1. MORE POSTS more often!

follered by…

2. T-Shirts and other merch!
3. Seasonal changes to the background image!

Rock and roll, People. Yer wishes are my commands.




  1. on the other hand, if there WERE to be a dating service, think how it would put a whole new spin on meeting CUTE!

  2. oh, and first, w00t!! (sticking tongue out at teho)

  3. Yay! More posts! Something for me to do at work while everyone else plays World of Warcraft… haha. No really, we do work sometimes. Occassionally. When my boss is around.

  4. (Clink) Rock and roll, Meg.
    CO was great this week. It’s always been great. Thank you.

  5. P. Erasmus says:

    Male Lion Hug

  6. P. Erasmus says:

    Another Lion Reunion

  7. More posts more often. You got it.. I always thought that there were tons of posts! I guess I was wrong. I “try” to post often on my website.

  8. Yay!!! the 3 i voted for won!!! and i lurve the lion hugger (the first 1)!!!!!

  9. It’s hard to improve on greatness. But I’m sure you can do it Meg.
    http://www.petafoo.com – We Love Animals

  10. acelightning says:

    I’m really very much *against* changing the background to go along with the seasons. I don’t even like the flying hamster background. Backgrounds are supposed to be *neutral*, so as not to distract the reader from the content. I also find there’s far too much seasonal decorating going on – I know people who actually put out themed toilet paper for every holiday, and of course as soon as one holiday is over, they start decorating for the next one!

    Not that I’m going to stop looking at CO if you *do* get crazy with the backgrounds… I’ll just complain about it 😉

  11. I want a lion hug, damnit.

  12. First of all… Meg you rock!
    Second… Lion hug… MELT!!!

  13. acelightning-
    I think that if changing the background is what people voted for and Meg wants to do it, there’s nothing wrong. Yo do have a point, but sometimes you need a little change don’t you think?

  14. can’t wait for the merch. but meg, my real wish is for you to make enough cash from this site that you can quit your day job IF you wanted to. oh, and get a pony.

  15. I agree with bearlet. Though working for Apple isn’t a bad job. I’m sure it’s pretty awesome! My 27 y.o. son was contracted to work on a project at Microsoft for about 6 mos. It’s a pretty cool thing to have on your resume!

    Meggy… lemme know when…I’ll be there…I’ll be there….just call my name, and I’ll be there….

  16. I’m just thankful there wasn’t a “More Cats” category because I personally am bored with them. Some of them are terrific, no doubt; others just move me to scroll.

    For me it’s the wildlife I look forward to. The moose, the deer and rabbit. Man, talk about tearjerkers. 😀

    And ya gotta love puppies!

  17. Christine says:

    I remember voting on the Ying Yang Kittens as the next t-shirt printed after the World Peace one. Is that ever going to be printed? I remember voting for it…

  18. acelightning says:

    A.J. – That’s why I said that all I would do if Meg *does* change the backgrounds would be to complain 😉 (Even if it’s the majority decision, people still have a right to complain. Just like in politics.)

  19. Hehe, you go Acelightning! ;-p
    My favorite was the “richer community features”, therefore I cry -> *cries*.

    Well, we can be glad the “dating service” hasn’t been voted :-p so let’s take that.

    We’ll be patient Ace, we will. And Paws up! for the freewill to complain and go grumpy! 😀

  20. Yea we can complain =)

  21. Oh, that lion hug has to win some kind of Best Snorgle award! I want to bury my face an a benign lion mane…

  22. Those were the three I voted for! I’m just so glad there won’t be celebrity postings.

  23. Amen to THAT, Kori, I come here to get away from freakin’ celebrity news. Bleh!!!

    Those lion hugs brought tears to my eyes.

    But, how in the heck did the humans know the lions weren’t going to chomp their heads right off??? Wow!

  24. YAY for Meg!
    YAY for CuteOverload!

    BOO for upcoming Monday morning. 😦

  25. 3 cheers for subhangi!!! hip hip, rawr!!!! hip hip, woof!! hip hip, mrowr!!! what sound does a bebeh hippo make??

  26. P. Eras–
    Lion Huggles.
    You just made my day.

    And ya know, Meg,
    Those Lion Hugs were for you.

  27. Love CO to pieces!!!! Loved those pandas.

  28. brokentreasures says:

    i agree with acelightening. the hamster opening could go and i wouldn’t cry about it. when i go to cuteoverload when i’m bored at work (often), i want to see cute right away, not some drawing of a flying hammy.

  29. P. Erasmus – That was good medicine. Real good medicine. Thank you, Doctor P.

  30. So when do the changes go into effect?!?!

  31. Yay!!! I need cuteoverload gear QUICK! I can wear CO and stuffonmycat shirts everyday for 1 month!!!

  32. Yay for more “COntent”! Yay for leonine snugglies! Thanks for this, P. Eras–I have been running around the house all morning, prepping for the Big Freeze of 2008, and I REALLY needed some smiles!


  33. Theo – Cleanup needed on aisle 6. (Purr Durr)

  34. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    WAAHH! I wanted to vote for more CATS N RACKS pictures!!

  35. I got my Paws Up bumpersticker yesterday! It’s purrfect! 🙂

    Now it’s just got to get warm enough for me to wash my car. 😛

  36. Meg
    This is your site we should be thankful that you have such a nasty case of Cuteaphillia, to feed our addiction. Be happy as if this ever became I must get cute up on the site the quality will drop.
    Basically we CO addicts thank you you are wonderful, for providing our daily fix

  37. aw shucks, virtual pets would be so cool. =(

  38. atomicpuffball says:

    how about a CuteOverload meetup? i would love to meet some of the other cute addicts – what a sweet thing to have in common.

  39. “…meg, my real wish is for you to make enough cash from this site that you can quit your day job IF you wanted to. oh, and get a pony.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, though I’d add a couple of dogs, too…

    Meg, things are cool as is – and I’m not sure that posting more often is a great idea. We’re all addicted, see, and more posts more often feeds that, so that we’d keep demanding moreandmoreandmoreandmoreand… well, you get the idea. 😉

    BTW, I would love to be able to see the hamsters in pants for more than a blip when the site’s loading slowly… or have a downloadable graphic with them, maybe as a logo-ish banner?

  40. Oooh, EC, I know that one (b/c I asked once and Teho told me)!

    You RIGHT click somewhere’s in the hammie area background image and when it pops up a menu, select “View background image” and you’ll get just the hams. And then another right click and I think you can save ’em as wallpaper.

  41. Also, Meg rocks, more than an entire mountain range.

    Need CO t-shirts!

  42. Lurk — that works if you’re using FireFox. If you use Internet Explorer (v7), the right-click popup menu is different… but you still get an option for “Set as background”.

  43. *said in Captain Kirk voice* Going. though. new. post. withdrawal! Somebody, please give.me.a fix!

    Maybe I’ll go see what kinda stuff is on people’s cats or sumfin. Will coffee relieve the withdrawal symptoms? *worried look*

  44. I love the little polls, but the white & grey is a little confusing before I’ve had my coffee. Maybe a color, pretty please?

  45. Hooray! Posts and T-shirts! What kind of new merch will we get, d’ya think? 🙂

  46. My one request is a t-shirt that is neither white nor black! 🙂

  47. I just got back from http://www.DailyKitten.com Peeps, C.O. is the BEST and I am a loyal devotee, but on those days that Meg takes a break, it’s a pretty cute place to go… if you’re a kitten addict like me, that is.

  48. Musicchick2,
    I think that dailykitten etc are there to prepare people for the full on qte of CO

  49. I saw that lion at the start of the weekend on another blog I frequent–(Jan 13th)the link he provides has a longer cut of the lion huggin’.

    And if you want to talk Qte… http://chrisdolley.livejournal.com/tag/tribbles
    He and his lovely wife found a whole mess of bebbeh ginger kittens (the Tribbles), took them in and found them all good homes.
    He’s got some anerable cats hiimself too.

  50. Stationery would make GREAT merch, for the record.

  51. Okay, own up, who voted for the dating service? Hmm?

    Personally I just want more cute (preferably transmitted directly into my brain but on this ‘ere blog will do for starters).
    I have an addiction and it needs regular feeding or I end up snorgling squirrels and ducks in the park.

  52. i think virtual pets is the most fantastic idea EVAR, and celebrity pet stories! awesome idea.

  53. I am SO glad that there’s no pagination, that’s it’s a gigantic page that you can just scroll down – it’s one of the features I love about this website! It’s so easy to just scroll down leisurely and there’s no tedious clicking! Don’t change that!

  54. Hope — thing is, at present, you can only see 10 posts at a time, on our main page. “Pagination” would let you click through to the “Next 10” or “Previous 10” y’see.

  55. I seriously don’t want more posts more often. Quality over quantity. Months ago, every single pic in this site was incredibly adorable, and the text that went with each post enhanced the whole experience of visiting CO. Now, many pics are “meh, ok”, and the jokes start repeating themselves.. Maybe we actually need less posts.