“Your daily apple, m’Lord”

Sure, there are some bites out of it, but it’s ham-delivered, so I think you should take it.


Mariska, thanks for the heads-up on the Cyrillic + hamster combo site…



  1. I’ve gotta say, I don’t usually like apples… but if this little dewd offered me one, I would take it in a heartbeat!

  2. Aww, I’d take it. And share it.

  3. gwenchocolate says:

    I don’t know what looks more delicious…the hammie, or the apple…

    He looks so earnest, like, “Pleeease take it, it’s soooooo tasty, you gonna lurve it!”

  4. It looks to me like he’s reaaally hoping you’ll offer him some, too.

  5. Wow, that site has some pretty funny photos. Hamsters hanging on clotheslines for dear life, anyone?

  6. velvetrose says:

    Wow. The BEF is *killing* me!

  7. He looks like he doesn’t even want to give it up!

  8. delicious.
    i love the bright red contrast of the apple to the soft fuzzy mocha/chocolate color of the mouse
    beautiful photography… and the ham is smiling! cuteness to the fiftieth power

  9. Aluriaphin says:

    Doesn’t that just look delish? (The apple seems tasty too!)

  10. The volume of missing apple seems to be roughly equal to the volume of hamster.
    Is there something to hamster physics that I’m missing here?

  11. OMG Depth of field, this hamster luvs you! A+ Photogaraphay! (I just made a new CO word)

  12. Eeep!

    THIS has to be note cards! PLEASE?!

    Pretty please?

  13. I just actually looked at the site.

    It’s so perfect. I love it.

  14. R. Moore – I tewtelly agree! It’s just such a perfect photo… ya’ wanna share wif evwy-one!

  15. A hammie outdoors? Does he have a leash?

    As for eating, check out the archive, hammies love to stuff themselves. Their greedy that way!

  16. Holy smokes the is the most clear and artistic hammy picture I have EVER seen. *falls over and dies*

  17. Aww! /me snorgles friendly, smiley hammie

  18. Does anyone here know Russian?

  19. haha, the site gave me a good giggle. I’m with R. Moore, does anyone know Russian? I wanna know what they’re saying!

  20. I’m with Mika on this one. That is one quality hammie pic!

  21. “um…are you done with that? Because I reeealy like apples. They’re so good.
    Oh, you’re not?
    Can I just have a coupla bites from this side then?”

  22. OK peeps, here’s a translation:

    “Hamsters from Sergei Kuranov.

    “The funny world in the photos of a photographer from Ukraine.

    “Quotation [presumably from the photographer, Sergei K.]:

    “Don’t interpret everything seriously. Statistically, 90% of all hamsters die from obesity. I don’t think that’s a threat to these ones. At the time of this shooting not a single hamster was suffering. Smile, and life seems better!”

  23. Oh, wait – I forgot the small print: “The huskies in the photo below me are not in any kind of danger. They’re just very, very tired.”

  24. What most people don’t realize is that this hammie’s name is Sisyphus:

    “Every day the same thing– roll the damn apple up the hill. Well, not today. TODAY… it’s snack time!”

  25. Viola-
    Thanks for the translations.
    And *snork*.

  26. *cute overloaded*

  27. Brak_Silverbone says:

    The big dewy hopeful eyes are just killing me!!

  28. J.Bo – Sisyphus wants to make apple Zeus but is too Thor to eat the apple Corinth.

  29. Excellent work, pyrit! Take two drachmas out of petty cash.

  30. Gigglingpear says:

    Dis iz sooo bootafull. The speckled stump, the RED REd apple, the fuzed up background… and all the little hammy hairs down to his pointy little nails. miam*

  31. Nice bokeh on that picture! (that’s the out of focus areas outside the main subject of the picture).

    And the colours are so crisp and bright.

    And after seeing so many hamsters, I’m starting to want one too. (But the cats mind find it too irresistible a toy. EEP!)

  32. I’m not able to see the hammapple pic! 😦


  33. I can see it now! Yay!

    Yes, I’ll have the apple and I shall snorgle the hammie too.

  34. OMG, the bean salute photo on that site just keeeeled me. Toe socks = awesome, hammies = awesome. Toe socks and hammies clinging to clothesline = made my day.

  35. This little guy looks exactly like my hamster, Leela!!!

  36. Oh what fun it is to have just discovered cuteoverload.com and have a whole back catalog of prosh pets to explore!

    Caption and picture were perfect! Induced odd primal brain laugh.