Awww yeah, FARKED again.

Check it, People. I wanted to blog on this yesterday, but Typepad was like, tewtelly doing maintenance, so here we go today: our hedgehog pic caught the eye of the Fark editors and chosen for a Photoshop contest. W00t!

Check out the full contest over at Fark.

We’ve had one other Farking here!



  1. w00t!
    I recently set up a “Teho” screen name at Fark, so I may just add a comment or two over there… [rubbing hands] …that is, if I can keep up with the Farkers. Whoa.

  2. First!! I likey that fur/spike ball!

  3. [does the YOU BROUGHT THAT ON YOURSELF dance]

  4. Good luck with that, Teho. Keeping up with the Farkers, I mean. Doesn’t it take a day or so before you can add comments?

  5. The hedgehogs on Howard Cosell’s & Donald Trump’s heads are hilarious. I bet wearing a hedgie would keep your head warm quite nicely.

  6. Thinker — ah but you see, I set up the account the LAST time we got Farked. Heh heh.

  7. The hedgehog licking the Doctor was all sorts of wrong…

    …shame it was the wrong incarnation. No floppy hat and 20-foot scarf, d****t!!


  8. Yeah, you’re right DTD, definitely the wrong incarnation, give me #10 anyday (preferable EVERY day).

    (Believe me, the part of me loyal to Tom Baker lo these many years cringes at the blasphemy. But I can’t help it! David Tennant is just so hot!!)

    Er, anyway, what were we talking about? [Fans self] Oh right, hedgehogs. Carry on.

  9. *snickers @ Thalia*




    …OK, you’re right. But nothing beats #4 for brains, humor, and layered clothing! ;-P

    Oh, and on topic: Hedgehog = yay! Fark = yay! Hedgehog and Fark = double yay! 🙂


  10. Oh hey Thalia:

    *childish singsong*


    *dashes away laughing gleefully*


  11. LOL!!! Bambam’s a celebrity now!

  12. (Opens door) Anybody here want a mint?

  13. DTD–

    Ehn, not the best picture of him. I much prefer the ones where he’s bugging out or doing something nuts, like this one

    or this one

    which is my current desktop background, thank you very much.

    Ya gotta get the energy and motion of him in there or there’s just no point.

    And yeah, I do still of course love #4; I grew up with him and I think he contributed to my anarchic anti-authoritarian trickster sort of mindset. Not to mention that Romana 2 pretty much set my taste in clothing.

  14. Heh, I always wanted to be Leela, myself–lithe, muscular, skimpily clad in leather, and as dangerous bare-handed as with a dagger or crossbow. ;-P

    Ironically enough, my current desktop wallpaper is a room with an octagonal control panel.

    (Insert joke on the resolution being larger than my actual screen size…*LOL*)


  15. Well how cool. My husband is the Farker “shanrick” and I am the C.O. ‘er. Our worlds collide again. I’m may be a little biased but I really thought his Trump thing would get first!

  16. Chocolates anyone? (shaking sampler box) No? OKee. (closes door vewy quietly)

  17. Wow, that Fark is quite the place, isn’t it? I admit I had not gone there before. Very creative!
    I loved what they did with hedgie…except putting him between Britney’s legs was a bit rude. (for hedgie I mean)

    Got any turtles, pyrit? *swoop* *chomp chomp*

  18. *LOL @ Pyrit* Yeah, I guess we kinda threadjacked a bit, didn’t we…sowwy…

    Oh–and all your nougats are belong to me! *pounce* ^__^


  19. hungry hungry hedges!!!! ahhhh lol… any1 remember what the post was that last got farked? i can’t seem to remember, i have too much Qte-ness in my head…

  20. Yeah, um, uh, sorry pyrit.

    Might there be any truffles in that there box?

  21. Nougats and truffles for the ladies. Whew, now open a window in here.

    D2D, I thought the threadjack was so cute, I didn’t even think of it as a threadjack.

    Shanna – Your husband’s “Trump thing” was one of my faves.

  22. Darn*


    What were you thinking, leaving the box here overnight?

    By the time I got up everyone’s already taken *all* the cream centers, and there’s nothing left with out nuts.

    Or without a little bite out of one side
    (you know who you are.)

    *Darn? Hey, I’m keeping it clean.

    (Like the broadcast version of the Matrix where Neo cries out “Jumpin’ Jehosophat! What is that thing!”)

  23. just so’s y’all know, Fark is //below// C.O. on the coolness food chain.

    way below.

    like, the difference between Rebecca Romijn and Rosie O’Donnell is smaller.

    just so’s y’all know.

  24. This is a late find… but jeez, how could I not share it? Here’s what happened when Cat Town (see link under “More! More! More!” in the right-hand margin) got Farked…

  25. Fark and w00t are totally different websites.. just to be clear. Fark is funny stuff, woot is cool cheap stuff. But they’re all in my list of daily websites, just like cute overload.