You can just hear it, can’t you? The purringk?If daisies could purr, it’s be like:

Kitteh: "purrrrrrrrr"

[kitteh paw touches daisy]

Daisy: "durrrrrrrrr"

Together: "purrrr-durrrr" [repeat]


I didn’t say this site made sense, Sue T. 😉



  1. Kittehs and Daisies….what could be better on a rainy Friday morning? Nothing, I say. Nothing.

  2. paws are my weakness. 🙂

  3. blueberries4me says:

    Flowers are pretty on their own. Animals are adorable on their own. Put two and two together and you get redonkulous. Love the pic.

  4. Simpson O'Brien says:


  5. perhaps i am premature in suggesting a new kitteh pawsitude catagory?

  6. “And the kitty chewed sweet grasses while the daisies durred.”

    I always called it a “purrdle” when my kitty combined purrs with durrs.

  7. For the love of not being FIRST says:

    Meg = definitely a sucker for the macro lens.

  8. “Purrrr-durrr” … LOL Meg, you are hilarious!

  9. NebraskaErin says:

    Tiptoe through the tu…erm…daisies…

    Damn. Throws the whole song off.

  10. I definitely enjoy these near-tactile kitty experience posts!

  11. I think we need a new category : “Feets!”

    Such a dainty little paw, and a pretty little flower–I want to kiss one and rub my face on the other one.

  12. Thank you Meg! Flowers and green grass in the middle of winter. Ahhh. Let’s sit in the grass and make daisy chains for the kitteh to wear.
    “I love the kitteh,
    I love the rolling hills,
    I love the flowers,
    I love the daffodils…
    Boom dee ah dah boom dee ah da boom dee ah dah boom dee ah da…”

  13. Simpson O'Brien says:


  14. Hey all, since this supercute photo is kinda spring-ey in theme check this guy out:


    My favorite quote?

    “The patience involved is staggering,” Mr. Schwartz said. “He’s got a brain the size of a cashew, so you really don’t have much to work with.” And, he added: “They’re known for their aggression, so you’re starting from a hard place. His natural impulse is to kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out. You have to work to produce the sweet and cuddly.”

  15. But it’s such a cute sort of nonsense, Meg.

    I can’t think what’s cuter, daisies or kitty paws. I could see a great poem being composed comparing a kitty paw to a daisy…hmm…

  16. …or even, say, a poem composed by a kitten, ode to a daisy

  17. Oh, this made perfect sense. Absolute perfect sense.

  18. Theo – (singsong) Did you see Keeker’s comment on “pass the remote” kitty?

  19. pookiepuff says:

    Yes, I agree. This made perfect sense. Purrrrfect sense. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. hehe! 😉

  20. Pyrit — yes… and that tortie DOES look a bit otterish.

  21. michellemybelle says:

    I’m pretty jaded in the rest of my life, but CO keeps amazing me. Each day I’m whammed with The Cute.

    HeidiStar – I loved that story! Chuck is so cute, and how much fun would it be to ride the train with him and Mr. Schwartz?

  22. Theo – One other thing. Re: A Blonde on His Arm. 😉

  23. Heidistar, I don’t know much about groundhogs, but I cuddled someone’s old pet prairie dog (a chubby little guy) at a petting zoo once. He sprawled on my chest like a warm water bottle and let me skritch him. It was impossibly cute.

    Just like the time I had two baby lion cubs, with their HYUGE paws, climbing on me.

    I have a wonderful life.

  24. And I propose “Toesies” as a category. I wuvs the widdle toesies!

  25. BenPanced says:

    Kitteh: purr
    Daisy: durr
    Kitteh: purr?
    Daisy: durr
    Kitteh: chompf
    Daisy: …

  26. Sorry, but I don’t get how this is cute. It’s a foot with a flower. Come on…seriously?

  27. Simpson O'Brien says:

    ….okay, peeps! Sounds like Valerie is a non-believer. Let’s ALL tell her why this is cute. And if she STILL chooses to live in Valerie-land that’s her loss. MEOW and woof.

  28. how can pplez think thats not cute.
    it is tottaly adoreable,and if you dont agree, to bad.

  29. Pyrit — mmm, I don’t think so. YGRS gets to keep the “last word” on that one.

  30. Valeria — it’s a PAW with a flower.
    If it were my foot there, in extreme closeup with that daisy, then I’d agree with you.

  31. I always thought if flowers could purr it’d be more of a “fleurrrrrrrr.”

  32. yup. everything about kittehs is qte.

  33. CeeJoe — except for all the barfs, maybe.

  34. Theo – Yes, I was winking in agreement, YGRS having the last, umm, anti-comment. Nice.

  35. Somehow I missed BenPanced’s comment. [SNORK] Don’t make my mistake.

  36. The only odd part about Chuck was the woman scowling at him.
    Someone puts a groundhog in front of my that’s soooo not my reaction.

    And the article didn’t say *how* you go about getting a job as a groundhog trainer.
    I need to know

  37. Theo – yes, there is that…
    The puke plates are nice – would be alot easier to clean than carpet, sofas, bedding…
    You ever wake up in the middle of the night, to hear a cat horking on your bed, and you try to kick them frantically to send them flying off the bed? teehee

  38. “Daisy, Daisy, take note of where your grew

    It’s amazing how close that paw is to you

    You’ll avoid the trials and errors

    Of kit’s manner of carriage.

    But you look sweet, so near the feet

    Of a kitteh bigger than you.”

  39. CAWAGE.

  40. Kitteh could play theylovemetheylovemenot with the daisy, but what are chances they anyone would not love this kitteh?
    And playing theylovemetheyloveme kinda lacks suspense.

  41. Lauo — that’s a dangerous line of imaginaries & hypotheticals, right there.

  42. Oops
    “they” = “that”
    I’m typing around a large cat who’s decided that hitting the keyboard must be fun since I’m doing it.
    Maybe I should just let Motley do the posting for a while.

  43. Botany vs. claw-tany.

  44. Botany vs. paw-tany.


  45. (Gives Aubrey her lighter back).

    Theo, there are 2 words I cannot pronounce correctly any more. “Tweasure” and “It’s”.

  46. “Zippo-dee-doo-da
    My oh my what a wonderful day!”

  47. OMG!!!! This is so cuteiful, my 16 year olds word, I just had to comment….kitty paws…you just have to totally luv thems….oh… those oh so soft kitty paws!!! The flower just completes it….I am in a state of bliss.

  48. oh…btw….i hope that my kitty is worthy someday to be here. She is cuteiful too….loves her hugs and belly rubs….she just got her paws luved on thanks to this pic!!!

  49. It’s


  50. Ni!


  51. ROFL…you guys are great.

    *clicks off to find blondeonhisarm post*

  52. benpanced,

  53. Laurie-


    It’s really quiet over there now.

  54. It’s done with the daisy…someone find this kitteh a SHRUBBERY!

  55. firefinch says:

    One that looks nice. And not too expensive.

  56. (Finds the mightiest tree in the forest. Looks for a herring.)

  57. Bring him your lupins!

  58. Or bring out your dead!

    Whatever’s nearest!

  59. furrykids says:

    All these up close and personal paw shots are killing me. Big thumbs up!

  60. this puts the most peaceful image…

  61. Ms Buster Bee says thank you all for your love and she will attempt to purrfect some daisy chains to send out to all of you

  62. puddy paws!

    Buster Bee? Oooh, going by the feets and the name, is she a stripy marmie cat?

  63. Stripey. Whatever. I was too excited by the PAWZ!

  64. Aubrey – Oops, wrong thread apparently. (head-jerk, thataway)

  65. Oops. Mush’ve got my signals crossed.

  66. I suppose, then, that I’m the only one that’s wondering if there’s a squished daisy or a bug under that paw . . . (I know how my cats always were, if it moves a bit, attack. If you can make it move, attack!)
    And . . . is it a front paw or a back paw?

  67. Front paw, mos def.

  68. it’s a front pawz
    and no bunnies, hamsters or daisy’s were injured during this photograph.

    She is a tortoise-shell named after a little girl in a book i grew up with.

    here’s more http://flickr.com/photos/ellipse/sets/72057594055590772/

  69. Sue, what a bootiful cat!

    No buns, hamsters or any matter plantlife were injured, but think of the many cerebral explosions that have been caused by the mere sight of her perfect paw!

  70. eikoleigh says:

    I love the scale of the gi-normous kitty paw next to the teeny little daisy. Too cute!

  71. ceejoe: yes! i have frantically shoved a horking cat off the bed in the middle of the night more than once! the worst is when you fall back to sleep and forget that it happened . . . until you step in it when you get up. nasty!

  72. I don’t get it.

  73. …The cat days of summer…