Hmmm. Looks suspiciously like taxidermy.

Listen, Honey. I don’t know where this image came from, or who took it, or what the circumstances are, but those pups should be writhing like crazy, and instead, they’re lyin’ suspiciously still.What’s the deal with the Super Husky spoonin’? [Say in Seinfeld voice]




  1. i’m sure they *were* doing that just a little while ago. now they’re in honk-shu land.

  2. Furbert is Redonk Snorgle ‘Tocks!

  3. omg! those better be live puppies…

  4. Huskie Paradise!!!!

    Oh they can lie that still, if its cold enough or they are tired enough. The latter takes some doing!

    Oh and Theo….FIRST!

  5. Rafael – Ha. Thanks for making me not look so bad.

  6. Husky Honk-Shu times four! I love it!

  7. katherine says:

    urgh. I wish you hadn’t mentioned taxidermy, cause that’s all I can see now. maybe this should go in cute or sad?

  8. In which reality, Rafael?

  9. that has to be one of the cutest shots I’ve ever seen on CO. OMG I want one!

  10. This totally looks like a scene from the black market. The deal’s going down. And is that *rappelling* gear on the seat, or just a mess o’ leashes?

  11. That lady is so organized that she has all of her puppies in a row.
    Much harder than ducks.

  12. I am reminded of…

    …and an old CO post too:

  13. Theo- well the prices are good.
    And, hey, they just fell off the back of the truck….

  14. Better check their expiration date.

  15. blueberries4me says:

    Umm, I’ll take all four please.

  16. I really wish this one hadn’t been posted. It reminds me of an article I read last year about fur coats being made from puppies in an Eastern Europe country, and then sold in the US. Ain’t nothing cute about this one.

  17. Furry sardines! Yum.

  18. I think there’s one missing at the top. See how there’s some extra table space?

    I think this was the costco multipack snorgle family value set, and someone’s already pulled off #5 for a quick huff’n’snorgle emergency.

  19. The latest game craze: StackingPups(TM). The first person to stack five or more wins. This person’s pretty close.

  20. ej: the only similarity is that these are puppies. You read into a picture what you want to…

  21. nermalkitty says:

    when they wake up and maybe start to fall off the table somebody better be around to catch those little dahlinks

  22. The “deal” is fairly obvious. You wait until they are dead asleep and arrange them. Simple. It’s not some organized puppy conspiracy, for crying out loud. How can people not know how this works?

  23. Folks,
    Don’t you just hate it when your regular puppies sprawl all over the house?
    Can’t get your housework done with the little guys underfoot all day?
    Try new Stacking Pups(TM) — thanks a Thinker — for all your canine organizational problems.
    Remember, a stackable pup is a tidy pup!

  24. the closed eyes and floopiness are sure signs of zonked-outedness (not deadness!).

    in my opionon, puppies of the husky/corgi/shepherd variety (you know, anything with a longish snout and wolfy-pointy ears; herders, etc.)are among the universe’s cutest entities. thank you C.O.!!!

  25. And on a completely unrelated topic…
    Reading today that London Zoo is doing its annual stocktake. I had no idea that zoos had to do inventory. Just imagining the scene…
    “Alf? ALF! ‘ere, ‘ow many of these penguins we s’posed to ‘ave?”
    “‘old on, Vince – lemme check the list: pandas…pangolins…pelicans…pumas…ah, ‘ere we are – penguins…What sort of penguins are they?”
    “What do you mean, what sort? They’re short flightless birds ‘oo live in the southern ’emisphere!”
    “Yes, but are they emperors, kings, rockhoppers, or fairies? Says we’ve got all sorts.”
    “‘ang about…oh, it says ‘ere. They’re rockhoppers.”
    “Right, rockhoppers…the list says we’re supposed to ‘ave 15.”
    “That’s odd – there’s 16 ‘ere. ‘ow do we know which one isn’t ours?”

    etc etc…

  26. OH!!1! OH!1!! OH!11!
    One month from todayyyy!
    One month from todayyyy!
    That’s not far awayyy!!!
    oh boy oh boy oh boy.
    (goes to Netflix to put Christopher Guest’s “Best In Show” number 1 in queue)
    (checks watch) Yay, only 30 days and 55 minutes.(tapping watch, c’monnnnn.) 54 minutes!

  27. Fantastic, Teej! You should write that into a short story and put it on your blog. It’s a wonderful idea…zoo stocktake…

  28. Just imagine snuffling into four little husky bellies, all in a row. Wow.

  29. oh, N. Bates would be so happy!

  30. It’s from the puppy-cloning do-it-yourself kit!

  31. Silence Dogood says:

    That is incredicute. And that kittystack causes pink nose overload.

  32. Five little Huskys layin on the bed
    One fell off and bonked his head
    Mamma called the Dr.
    The Dr. Said:

  33. oooooohmygod.

    Toooooo cute!


  34. The poor little things are dead from asphyxiation from all the nasty cigarette smoking that’s obviusly going on around them. Bleagh.


    *dives into puppy pile*

    TJ, LOL!!! *bows deeply to the puddingk … uh, puddingksch … puddingkschnorgledarnhowdoyouspellthat*

    Yer’e a rare bloke, mate.

    Pyrit – 1 month to what?

  36. Anner – I totally agree; huskies are my 1st faves, corgis my 2nd.

    And not for anything, but doesn’t that look like a diner table? Where is that? I really want to find a diner that serves husky-puppy platters!

    …and their name is Legion

  38. Siberian Stackers! Just what I ordered for breakfast. Eat ’em up!

    (Interestingly, the January picture on my Mushing Alaska wall calendar is a team of Siberians on the Iditarod trail. Gorgeous team. Not that many full teams of Siberians–Alaskan huskies are much faster–but boy, aren’t they pretty!)

  39. Heeeey…I saw something like this on Discovery channel, only they were using the Blocko-pups to build a model of Windsor Castle.

  40. gravyboat says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! *squeal!!!!*

  41. looks just like my husky puppies are doing right now, only more spread out! i love my husky babies!!!!

  42. Subhangi – Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. (putting on purple and yellow bandana).

    Mia –

    Redzilla – I’m proud of ya. You didn’t make a fava beans joke.

  43. This reminds me of the comercial with the cows… i.e. it’s easier to find things when they’re stuck together.

  44. (enters the room, humming a song from “New Day Rising”)

    Hey – did someone mention puddin?

  45. Okay, I don’t know about this. How seriously asleep does a dog have to be that it won’t wake up/move/wriggle around when you lift it up and put it on the table and arrange it? If it doesn’t work for moving a sleeping baby from a carseat to a crib, I can’t fathom it would work for squirmy young pups unless maybe they just finished the Iditarod. I’m voting for little puppy Valiums, wrapped in a piece of cheese or something…

  46. [puts hands in pockets]
    [glances at far upper corner of room]
    [rocks back and forth on heels & toes]

  47. Oh, cutie pies!!!

    This picture is a pretty good example of the overdosis of cuteness Meg always gives us… no wonder _why_ we are addicted to CO!!!

    The chubyness, the tiny ears, the tiny paws, the lil’s masks (they look like the 4 pupsketeers) and the fluffyness!


    I wonder if THAT diner accepts take-out orders… xD

  48. These puppies are fine, they are just mask parading.

  49. TOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Keke in Pink says:

    I think they just got spayed/neutered. Can’t be too sure, though, cause they kinda look too young. If it was taxidermy they’d be stiff.

  51. Oh c’mon people… it’s OBVIOUSLY photoshopped. There’s only one dog and it’s a simple copy/paste. And I’m a *professional* photoshopper since 1981, a year BEFORE Adobe was founded, so you better believe me.

  52. Ididarod at the same conclusion, T.

  53. Theo I beg to differ. These dogs are certainly not real — they have been *knitted*. In a sweatshop, that’s able to turn out hundreds an hour. This is the finishing table.

  54. I dunno Theo–they all look different, at least in subtle ways like placement of a paw, the way a head is cocked…

    I want to dive into this puppeh pile! Huskies are so super-soft and snorgle-able.

  55. Theo-

    Well, *obviously* its photoshopped from a single animal.
    The shadow is a dead give away.

    But it didn’t start out as a puppy.
    I mean, look at those little short legs.
    A pitiful effort.

    I wasn’t fooled for a minute, so I win.

  56. You’re all weiners! I mean winners!

    As for the blondeonhisarm comments, genius, sheer genius! 🙂

  57. If I want your conclusions, Aubrey, alaska. 😉

  58. NebraskaErin says:

    How many puppies are there, really? Because I think I’ve been hittin’ the sauce pretty hard to celebrate my last day, and if there are two puppies, and I see four, then I’m still doing okay. If there’s only one and I’m seeing quadruple, then I think I should probably be cut off.

  59. How many puppies are there, NE?
    Well, I don’t know.
    I’ve been snorgling puppies all morning.
    So I sure can’t tell.
    So you’ve got to ask yourself, did she snorgle three of them, or four of them?
    Feeling lucky, punk?

  60. This is Nome laughing matter, Lauri.

  61. That’s not exactly fairbanks, now is it.

  62. toborzgrrl says:

    Tony James, Monty Python explained how to tell which penguins belong to the zoo decades ago:
    First Pepperpot: Oooh, I wouldn’t like that, that’d take all the mystery out of life. Anyway, if it came from the zoo, it would have ‘property of the zoo’ stamped on it.
    Second Pepperpot: No it wouldn’t. They don’t stamp animals ‘property of the zoo’. You can’t stamp a huge lion.
    First Pepperpot: They stamp them when they’re small.

  63. AAAACCCCKKKK! Too many chubbeh bellehs! Eyes burning with too much cuteness! OW!

  64. AliceTanzer says:

    Ahhh, Whadda juno? Yer all crazy from huffin the husky.

  65. Matt Robinson says:


  66. it lookes like there all twins – I like them! There’re soo chubby.

  67. warrior rabbit says:

    Juneau they’re just sooooo sweepy.

  68. /delurk

    The comments on this post are especially delightful. Thanks everyone, bright spot in a day otherwise chock full o’ crap.


  69. ps sorry for pathetically inaccurate html tagging. *sigh*

  70. I think if they were going to [gulp] hurt them for their fur, wouldn’t they wait until they got bigger? Then there’d be more fur. They must just be napping from being played with so much in their loving home 🙂

  71. TJ:

    I volunteer at a wildlife center, and trust me, we do inventory on animals a lot 😛 Not with, like, big animals, but with insects and fish frequently. Anything that could breed without our knowledge, since we don’t have breeding licences. And as anyone who has ever worked “behind the scenes” at museums, zoos, or anywhere having to do with animals can tell you, you’d be surprised at just what goes on behind the big doors.

  72. Oh, and I’m more concerned by the packs of cigarettes and the lighter right behind the pups. No one is going to kill the puppies I’m sure, and I think Meg meant it looked like they were stuffed 😛 You know, from being all so still? But second-hand smoke is dangerous to anything with lungs.

  73. Hopefully it will just give them husky voices.

  74. Mary:

    Have you ever dealt with husky puppies? Cause let me tell you they are full of energy (and boy do they shed in the summer!) And they are strong to boot! My guess these here fellows are about two months old (yes they grow that fast!)

    They are of course the cutest, most lovely breed you can find. Emotive eyes, resolute faces and a willingness to kiss you any chance they get!

  75. The pups emphysema alright to me.

  76. Aubrey – Cough up that lighter.

  77. You can tell they’re not sleeping, as the one closest to the camera has his eyes open. That is NOT a good sign. While the puppies are indeed cute, I find the photograph disturbing. Why would anyone group dead dogs this way?

  78. Jeebs. I smoke, but not in the house: i.e. not around my dog. But sometimes the pack of cigarettes makes its way into the house. Even though they are not being smoked there.

    I’ll admit, though, it is more fun to assume the worst, that all smoking in that building is done exclusively in a small, puppy-filled room.

  79. Rafael… my husky is ripping through the house out the dog door and then back in to let me know it’s sleeting and snowing again (in Tulsa!?). Silver just loves it, but I hate a cold husky nose in the back at 2 in the morning.

  80. “I’ll admit, though, it is more fun to assume the worst, that all smoking in that building is done exclusively in a small, puppy-filled room.”

    Sure, because it absorbs the smell and keeps it out of the drapes.

  81. Looks like somewhere in Japan based on the cigarette brand, the cell phone, and the salty snack pack on the table. Perhaps we should notify Interpol 🙂

  82. Gah!

    Smoke my *******
    ********k lungs!


    Cigarette’s Syndrome

  83. liquidnight says:

    Definitely disturbing.
    Definitely *not* cute.

  84. BANANALOL says:

    they’re dead.

  85. “Looks like somewhere in Japan…”

    …except that the reflection on the table of the name on the window looks like “House”…

  86. Mia: It could be possible that it’s some where in Japan. The table is a tad bit short, but yet again it could be an american home?

  87. Oops, didn’t mean to start something!

    Actually, I see baby animals sleep with their eyes open a lot. I’ve raised a bunch of baby kitties, and they do it all the time. Which really freaks people out. Also, the puppies could be about to wake up or at least diturbed in their slumber by being positioned for the shot.

  88. liquidnight says:

    Wherever it is, I doubt most homes have large letters affixed to their windows.
    This looks like some sort of business to me.

  89. Whether or not they’re dead (which, I doubt, they don’t look it, to me at least), is it normal for sibling huskies (I’m assuming they’re related) to have such similar markings? They’re so cute and IDENTICAL! I mean, look, their markings are the saaaaame! My springer spaniel and his brosephs weren’t like that, but maybe it’s a husky thing. Regardless, it’s adorable.

  90. Racheal-
    I think they’re identical too! Of course I raise baby rabbits (currently) and they look alot like their father (my website will have pictures soon) and it’s cool how baby animals can look alike! Maybe when they’re older they will all distinguish their own features! Heh.

  91. Shea, not to double pos purposly but Im soo sorry I spelled your name wrond RACHEL. =)

  92. I wonder if Tony James and “the UK in NY CO contingent”, (what does *that* mean?), is on their way to DC? Hope they have a great time and send a postcard to CO.

  93. Another Angela says:

    They don’t look ‘shopped to me, since there are subtle differences in their coloration and markings. Looks like a couch in the background, not the skinning room. Hopefully just tie-tie baby huskies.

  94. I sincerely doubt the puppies are dead or drugged or harmed. Anyone who’s owned pups – and I’ve raised a litter when the mother died, besides all my other dogs – knows that you can do all sorts of funny things with them when they’re sleeping. I’ve got quite a few photos where I put my puppies into funny positions, legs and ears every which way, while they snoozed.

    I also don’t think they’re all photoshopped. Look at the right-most-pup, how much white he has between his eyes. Then, compare that to the third-from-the-right-pup. They don’t have the same markings.

    Anyway, I think this is one of the cutest pup photos in a while… wish I’d thought to do that with the four puppies I raised! Would have made a great photo.

  95. Rachel–

    Siberian huskies are bred for the “mask” markings, as they’re considered desirable. It’s more that possible for all the puppies in a litter to have very similar coloration and full masks.

  96. HonorH-
    Yea that is true. But sometimes they get diffrent color shades, but it turns out this litter is all the same practically.

  97. husky pups can often look alike but as the get older their masks become different. The litter we had just turned 13 weeks and even though they looked alike when they where little they don’t look alike now.
    now its time to go outside and play in the sprinklers with my huskies! so sorry about the sleet and snow Mamadawn.

  98. People acutally discussing whether this is shopped?
    Gee, Theo, I didn’t kow sarcasm was so iffy.
    I take off for a while and it just gets wierd.

    Okay, folks.
    Look at the fur in front of the ears, slightly different markings on each.
    Not twins, not clones, not shopped.

    Also not dead.
    Baby animals sleep hard.
    Dead animals wouldn’t look like this.
    Nothing sinister going on at all, just a super cute photo.

  99. There are FOUR of them! It is so very cute!

  100. Dead….. Puppies! Dead…… Puppies! Dead puppies aren’t much fun!

  101. Just to clarify (and thanks for the answers, everyone!) — I personally wasn’t implying that I thought they were photoshopped, in case anyone thought so … just was wondering about the commonness of them looking so identical. However, on closer examination, there are some subtle differences, as mentioned!

  102. Which one is mine?

  103. Rachel-
    your welcome. But I didn’t think they were shopped either, they just look really alike! I wish we could see what they litter looks like now.

  104. I’m sorry, but they look dead, not cute. Sad.

  105. bwa ha HA HA HAA HA ha ha ha!!!!
    I went home early today & took a nap (long day ahead tomorrow) and DAYYuhmm I’ve been missing out! I mean, Alaska puns?? Oh man… and clearly I’m *$@%ing evil for bringing up the Photoshop thing, even IN JEST!!!…

    …OK, caught up now. You peeps are freaks (and I luvs ya).

  106. Jooly — to a husky, you probably look “dead” when you’re asleep too.

  107. I don’t want to rain on the parade, and what do I know anyway, but…litters of Huskies are often “culled” to select for only the best pups. This photo as a whole is pretty disturbing…there are some sickos out there who would probably think its funny to submit a “taxidermy” photo to CO. Sorry…just what I thought of when I first saw it.

  108. It takes a Kenai to see that these puppies are not PhotoShopped. 😉

  109. Another Angela says:

    Theo and Lauowolf, I DID take the bait!! I totally missed the sarcasm. How embarrassing! But I never thought they were dead puppies 😉

  110. They are pulling a DREAM SLED. “Mush! Mush!”

  111. Those ears are just deadly precious.

  112. You could make a whole quilt out of ’em! (if they are always that still anyway)

  113. I dunno if those dogs are destined to be mushers; I think they were bred for looks. Sled dogs look more random, but they all love to pull!

    Chubby puppies!
    Chubby puppies!
    Chubby puppies!

    Meaty feeties!
    Meaty feeties!
    Meaty feeties!

  114. i have very little experience with puppies, and none with huskies, but both the post-anesthesia and sleep theories sound plausible to me. and they’re really cute too! people should take a lesson from puppies and form big snorgle-piles more often, because it feels really nice. mmm warm.

    also, i googled “london zoo stocktake” and found the link here. “counting the tortoises”! how adorable is that?

  115. Puppies go through a narcoleptic phase. Particularaly puppies of large dogs, as they must use most of their caloric intake to grow, grow, grow, get huge and squishable and huggable and loveable and bigbrowneyes and squishsquishsquish a-hem… excuse me, where was I? Oh yes… I remember babysitting a retriever pup when he was in this stage. I took him for short walks. He’d walk happily for just a bit; and then suddenly he’d become a real drag. 🙂

  116. Husky stacking! <3

  117. This may be photoshopped but each puppy has different markings. Those are hard to make look real. My chinchilla does the same thing after he runs for awhile. SOOOOO CUUTTTEE

  118. Arvay – Where was you? I don’t know, but you had me way back at, “pinnepeddy”. 😉

  119. Awwww! I never thought for a minute they were dead, just snoozing. Just like the Kittenstack picture.

    This photo will be especially popular in Seattle, home of the UW Huskies!

  120. Alive? Or … don’t wanna think that …

    My 2c is to ask if any of you have had human babies fall alseep in your arms … where their open eyes just started drifting towards the ceiling? The first few times it happened to me it just creeped me out! And how so often their eyes stay at least partially open whist they hong-shu away … ever see that? Freaky, imho. Also, when my son was really really little, his hair still grew really really fast. No way he would hold still for a haircut … so I cut it while he slept! Usually I got both sides done during one nap, but sometimes he would have to go around for a day or so with half-chopped hair …

    So this could totally be living pups cutely arranged after they were in very DEEP honk-shu. That’s my hope.

  121. MamaDawn:

    I raised huskies (Alaskan and Siberian, no Malamutes, we stopped because the weather here is to hot and people where not taking care them as they should) and German Shepperds. They don’t mean nothing by it when they stick that cold nose on the sole of your feets at 3 in the morning or decide that you absolutely must be up at 5:55 AM on a Saturday morning.

    Oh and our big Shepperd (may he rest in peace) would get loose (and run like hell) and come the next morning he would wait patiently for us to open the door for him. The rascal.

    Of course I get no snow where I live, never have and if we ever do, you bet your fuzzy but that the end is nigh!

  122. As for narcolectic pups, well yes they do fall into deep sleep, but if I ever rearranged them like that, they would either wake up very hungry or very playful. And while they are wonderful pets, they can be a handful.

  123. pyrit, where was I? I’ve been here…

  124. Arvay – (Giggling!!1!) In your previous comment you asked yourself “where was I”.
    Yes, you have been here. Sit. Stay. Good doggie.

  125. I don’t think they’re dead. When puppies are young they sleep-alot. I just wonder how they got them to lay on the table like that?

  126. When my dachshund was a puppy you could move her anywhere you wanted while she was sleeping and she would stay right there. I don’t think it would be hard to do this with 4 puppies as long as they were all asleep at the same time. Maybe the extra space on the table was for the 5th puppy who woke up when they moved him.

  127. Okay, what’s up with all these cries of “he’s dead!” every time Meg posts a sleepy pic?

    Do you honestly think that anyone would submit a tableau mordant to this site? C’mon!

  128. So, uh, meg? If the picture reminded you of taxidermy then why did you post it?

  129. Sarkat — your screen name would *seem* to imply you’ve heard of sarcasm. So this would be sarcasm’s kid brother, Tongue-In-Cheek Humor. [nods] [What up?]

  130. These pups are all actually conjoined, back to front. When they walk around it’s all in one big stack, with the poor fellow at the bottom doing all the work.

  131. eikoleigh says:

    Cute puppies.

    I agree with Arvay.

    I think they’re just asleep. When my dogs were puppies, (had a shepard mix and a lab mix) they use to fall into really deep sleep, almost in a split second. One moment they would be little brats, tearing through the house, then they’d fall flat on their tummies and zonk out, whether in the middle of the kitchen, hallway or on the stairs.

  132. SeaBreeze says:

    My children used to fall asleep on the commode! So yes, they will fall asleep anywhere, anytime!

  133. you guys r silly says:

    I like Jumpy’s conclusions…

  134. ygrs – Not so fast. That’s a bit hasty. 😉

  135. This is really disturbing… These puppies might just be sleeping, but the fact that they were placed like this on a table in some kind of business establishment makes them appear as though they might be dead. It isn’t clear what exactly is going on here, and that’s what makes it disturbing. This definately is not cute, especially when the title includes the word “taxidermy”. Not everyone in this world has the same respect and adoration for animals as do most of the people who visit this site.

    Perhaps if the “sender-inner” had made it perfectly clear that the puppies were definately sleeping, it would have been ok. But there is doubt here.

    And whether this picture was “shopped” or not really is totally beside the point. It doesn’t really matter whether it was or not (although there are so many REAL cute photos out there, we should be ignoring the shopped shopped ones). Either way, I don’t like this picture.

  136. Farhibide says:

    No, you’re all wrong. Puppies are legal tender in some countries. What we’re actually seeing here is the waitress’ tip.

  137. Another Angela says:

    Although they look pretty sleepy, the fact that they look like purebred husky or malamute pups makes me feel they aren’t for the Chinese fur industry. But people should be aware that very uncute things happen to dogs in China in the fur trade. oops, sorry to harsh the cute high.

  138. Ha! Gold star for Farhibide.

  139. Cathryn Bauer says:

    Those are Steiff toy puppies! Or at least they’re the models for them!

  140. Here’s my take on the Stack:
    I think it’s inside the motorhome of a Husky breeder at a dog show, and they just stacked the sleepy pups on the table. When puppies zonk out, they ZONK.
    If you notice, the markings on all 4 pups are subltely [sp?] different.
    Totally innocent, and clever!

  141. warrior rabbit says:

    Jebus. Just let sleeping dogs lie already, willya?

  142. AuntieMame says:

    People get worked up over the most ridiculous stuff.

    Meg’s captions are JOKES! Get it? They’re supposed to be funny. Ha ha.

    The photo doesn’t look like any business establishment I’ve ever seen. In fact, it look suspiciously like someone’s kitchen. Notice the nice wooden dining table? And the white cushioned bench? And the linoleum?

    And I doubt that a taxidermist would work in a skirt and bare legs and high-heeled sandals with her pedicured toes exposed…

    Sheesh. Get a grip, people!

  143. Not cute to me and just too strange.
    Not a picture taken with love.

  144. I’m hearing a traffic helicopter radio in my head. Is it just me? ‘Um, Jean, it looks like we’ve got a 4 puppy pile-up on the table leaf. I think traffic will be piled up for hours, over.’

    Maybe its just me.

  145. Now c’mon Carole. I mean they do look cute, sleeping like that. Trust me if it where the slightly uncomfortable those pups would have bolted. I bet that those little arms draped over the brothers/sisters where made by the pups themselves, so they could get even more comfortables.

  146. Pupzah-Stax!

  147. *throws up hands*

    It’s a well-documented fact that Siberian husky pups have one of the highest Cute Factors in the known universe. Here we have four prime examples. Yet still, we have controversy.

    It’s a wonder the maintainers of this site don’t pack it in.

  148. Anyone remember the lab puppy crop circle? It involved many more puppies in a much fancier arrangement. So it can be done:

  149. Even big dogs sleep that soundly. I always wait for my dogs to go to sleep to trim their nails.

    Maybe people who don’t believe that dogs can sleep that soundly are not exercising their poor, bored pups enough?

  150. pistache268 says:


  151. violetgreen says:

    Hellooo, Meg? Would now be the time to exercise your editorial prerogative and delete the comment with the ETHNIC SLUR above? Real classy, 88!

  152. ppattibpatt says:

    Yes, I think “88’s” comment should be deleted or “**” out. However, I own a high maintenance fraidy cat who is 3 years old, and she tewtally scared me when she fell asleep this one particular time and wouldn’t wake up even after I lifted her head up!! I clapped my hands above her head 4 or 5 times before she looked at me, eyes open wide, “wtf, ma?” I believe they’re honk shu-in…

  153. little miao says:

    heehee, there have been so many times that I’ve woken my kitties because they were sleeping so soundly and limply that I was worried. Then they look at me with this confused, put-upon expression.

    Cute puppies.

  154. it looks like a husky bandido satay without the gruesome on-a-stick action


    they landed that way (with a fur-cushioned *soft thompe*) when they suddenly went all honk-shu in the middle of practicing their husky bandido pyramid

  155. My huaky Silver is about 8 years old and when she sleeps, she sleeps HARD… head and shoulders off the dog bed, 4 paws straight up… and one of the cats can curl up on her tummy with no fear. I know baby animals and baby people can do the same thing… so take the cute where you can get it!
    Silver is currently outside playing “Balto saving the north” at full speed around our house in about an inch of sleet, with more coming.

  156. Wow, 88. I know what your name stands for, so I’m surprised that you’re so bothered about these soon-to-be-“butchered” puppies, because the number “88” is synonymous with the world’s most famous butcher, after all.

    These puppies are adorable, and Meg’s fond of black humour, so quit yer Nazi bullshit.

  157. Cathryn Bauer says:

    Those vile, racist comments by “88” have got to go.

  158. Cute puppies.

    Not cute comments. ‘Specially the disgusting ethnic slur.

    Gonna go look at other posts!


  159. I think everyone needs to relax. I bet if the title to this had been “squee! spooning puppies!” or something, there’d only be around 40 comments about how cute the damn picture is.

    Puppies sleep HARD. It wouldn’t be hard to take a litter of sleeping puppies and arrange them like this.

    Look at this post:
    Almost every comment was about how cute they were, and that’s more than four puppies. zomg, that could have been in a killing field, oh noes!!!11!!

  160. Rich Fader says:

    That there is the new 4-pack of nuzzling huskies, soon to be available at a vending machine near you.

  161. Aww.

    I love how Meg can tell a joke and some of you FREAK OUT and believe it. Take a pill! Jeez!

  162. [ker-blink!]


  163. danke, dewd

  164. Meg-
    Ya gotta stop getting photos from Taxidermists R US, and the Cute But Dead Puppy site.

  165. Teughcats says:

    OK, I guess 88’s comments must have magically vanished (thank you, Theo?) since I never saw them, and I guess that’s just as well.
    We haven’t had a good commentroversy in a long time – not that this approaches the level of some of them, thank goodness.
    But I would still love a new pic to look at while I am at work on Saturday! (ick ick ick)

  166. Tipping my hat to Theo.

  167. Funny, I don’t remember a lot of “they’re DEAD OMG” comments when the Kittenstack was pubbed. Do puppies really wake up any faster if they’re conked out? They could also just have gotten spayed/neutered and been groggy from the anesthesia.

  168. Andee: you mean these kittens aren’t dead?! I don’t believe you, I need proof. 😉

  169. Oh, the drama is bringing down the cute big time! I think the pic is freakin adorable!! They remind me of this set of toy huskies I had in highschool–a mama husky and her two pups.

  170. Meg is a genius. She knew there was going to be an ice storm this weekend so she sent Huskies to the rescue! It’s the Fantastic Four! Yay! Er, c’mon Huskies! Yo! Any day now! Helloooo! (banging pots and pans) Oh look, here comes a St. Bernard.

  171. My 80-pound dog, recovering from colitis, um “decorated” the kitchen this morning.
    Somehow small dead dogs are looking that much more appealing to me.

  172. Husk-kebob!

  173. I can’t believe people think a totally innocent, very cute picture of sleeping puppies is somehow sinister! Puppies sleep! They’re not awake all the time! Just like people! Except puppies are usually cuter when they sleep….

  174. Theo…

    Who da man?

    You da man!

    Now I must snorgle narcoleptic pups before they wake up with a start!

  175. They look pooped and cutetastic!
    ——————————- – We Love Animals

  176. It’s official. I’m Sitka this debate.

  177. reanimated says:

    damn, too many people on here need to lighten up. pick up on sarcasm, why don’t you, it’s usually pretty obvious. especially when it comes to theo…does he speak any other language? and would anyone really be debating whether the dogs are DEAD if the taxidermy joke hadn’t been made? i think some of you need to buy a sense of humor and/or stop getting hysterical over nothing.

    i have to say, i check out these trainwrecks of a comment section out of morbid curiosity because i know all the idiots are coming out of the woodwork.

  178. LAYLA!
    You got me on my knees, Layla.

    Reanimated — re: languages I speak…

  179. So cuteeee. I think there should be a new category of animals spooning. I love it when they all pile up and cuddle!

  180. I have a question, and forgive me if it’s already been asked (I didn’t read ALL the posts) but… aren’t there two ladies ankles and feet under that table? Like table legs? But no whoo-man? I’s confuzeled.

  181. I like sleeping animals. I like photos of them. I think one can tell the difference, and that those poor puppies are dead and some sicko has sent it in to dupe the cuteologists. Please: no more deadstacks – they don’t fit the cuteness criteria.

  182. musicchick2 – I am confuzeled, as you say, by your comment. I have studied the photo far too long, mostly trying to read the window reflection. Believe me, it wasn’t easy turning my computer upside down. What’s a “whoo-man”?

  183. Obscure MST3K reference:

    pyrit: a whoo-man is a type of hooo-man.

  184. it disturbs me when I see pictures of several animals sleeping because it looks like a photographer drugged these animals and made them sleep just to get a cute picture

  185. Constance says:

    …wow. Some of y’all are just…wow.

    Cute pic!

  186. this is of not the raccoon dogs raised by puff daddy i hope

  187. um no.

  188. They look dead.

  189. omg are those puppies dead?? i mean come on, how can all those puppies fall asleep at the same time in the same position??

  190. “You read into a picture what you want to…” Okay fine. And some people refuse to accept what’s real and live a fantasy world where nothing terrible happens. This is either a Chinese fur factory or puppy mill. Either way, it’s not cute and doesn’t belong on a website dedicated to cute photos. Even M says she doesn’t know what it is or where it came from. Read some news articles about what goes on in these fur factories and puppy mills. It isn’t cute, even thought I’m sure there are lots of cute photo ops before the slaughter.

  191. I have to say I seriously doubt that those dogs are dead, even though the photo is pretty creepy.

    That’s a ‘Holiday House’ coffee shop- a crappy coffee shop chain in Japan. The cigarettes and snack, as mentioned, make it pretty clear it is Japan, too.

    What 4 dogs are doing in a coffee shop, much less lying on the table of a coffee shop- if they were the owner’s dogs, maybe? Those aren’t the kinds of dogs that get made into clothes- they cost too much and the clothing they are made into is not made in Japan, either, the labor costs are too high.

    In any case, the dogs DO look dead, and the photo is just plain odd- they’re lying on top of the menu, even.

  192. They’re not dead. They’re not drugged. My pups always passed out when they got their vaccinations, and I, too, took funny pictures of them while they slept. I’d guess these pups just had their shots.

  193. Okay people, I’m willing to admit I was wrong about this photo. I did read into it. Been a little upset about some stuff I’ve been reading. Sounds like the photo isn’t what I thought. Sorry guys.

  194. My god, guys. It’s just cute babies.

    Puppies this young pass the hell OUT after some good hard playing, and there is no dog that plays harder than a husky.

    These guys won’t stay this chilled out for long, they get a little older and you can’t make ’em stay still, but this young they do sleep a lot, and they sleep hard. You can do about whatever you want to them at that point. The people who took the pic could’ve put little Groucho mustaches on each of them and they’d’ve slept thru that too.

    They’re not all identical either. Look closely at their masks. On #2 the black connects right from forehead to nose. On #4 there’s much more white around the bridge of the nose, and no black on the snout at all. The others are somewhere in between.

    I have two huskies now, my parents used to breed ’em, and I’m telling you there’s nothing insidious about this photo. Cuteness all the way.

    And I gotta make my usual husky PSA: they’re adorable, but if you’re tempted to go out and buy one, PLEASE do your research first. They can be destructive, escape-prone, lethal to smaller pets/animals, and a lot of work to exercise/keep up with. Too many end up in shelters or euthanized b/c people don’t know what they’re getting into. They’re great but not for everyone…

  195. there was four in the bed and the little one said: roll over roll over!!!