Don’t just stand there, pass the remote

Paws up, check

Belly out, check

Remote accessible, check

Caught loafing around, CHIZZECK!


"Polly" caught looking like a potato with four toothpick legs sticking out of it by Jess H.



  1. And for pete’s sake, put on some PANTS!

  2. 5 toothpicks (tail-y!)

  3. Look on face is “ohhh please don’t sit on me” as large butt moves in… 🙂

  4. That’s the coolest patchwork kittie I’ve ever seen!!

  5. ShelleyTambo says:

    I can’t tell what’s going on with Polly’s left (her left) front paw–but I have a feeling in might be giving everyone the finger.

  6. nermalkitty says:

    ok. i got 2 more couch kitties at my house – this one & my 2 must be the same kitties in that tv commercial about kitty litter – you know where the party animal has the lampshade on his head. there’s one in every bunch. i want to hug heem & lerve heem and call heem george – or georgetta …

  7. Polly looks like a giant furry kitty clothes peg. oooh. merchandising anyone?

    were those legs starched??!

  8. you guys r silly says:

    The HECK with “the remote” — Dive In There And *SMURGLE* The Living Daylights Outta That Fuzzy Belleh!!!!!

  9. fuzzy kitteh bellies could bring about world peace.

    yeah, i said it!

  10. Harleqitty.

  11. LOL!

    Cats are so strange. They think nothing of sitting in the most bizarre, boneless poses. With legs sticking out into empty space? No problem.

  12. and thus, the design for the perfect stuffed animal ketteh is formed….

  13. Awww!!! If that isn’t a SNORGLE TARGET I don’t know what is!

  14. I see it as the perfect seat for watching tv – avoid the feline spine, protect your purr-tebrae, and still be a couch paw-tato!

  15. ShelleyTambo says:

    Hm. Looking at it again, I think she’s trying to reach the remote with her back paws.

  16. NebraskaErin says:

    That kitteh is beggin’ for a belleh-snorgle. Beggin’. For. It.

  17. must…rub….. tortie belly..

  18. just look at the guilty look on polly’s face there…

  19. AuntieMame says:

    Hee! Sometimes kitties just aren’t very dignified, are they?

  20. There ought to be some kind of warning for pics like this. As in “Do not view photo while you have food or drink in your mouth”

  21. oooh yep. Perfect marketing idea right there, a stuffed animal with a soft tummy you can snorgle! *frapppp*

  22. Polly sez, “Dude! I was WATCHING that episode of ‘Deal or No Deal’- why’d you change the channel?!?!!”

  23. Belly! Heck with the TV, give me a good long snorgle with such a pretty kitty.

    It’s amazing the poses sleepy kitties will get into. One of mine will start curled up in a little ball, then after a few good stretches, she’s flat on her back, paws out, and normally over her head.
    Sometimes we find her in similar positions to this cutie!

  24. Y’know, this would be a good startup pose. You can imagine stacking all sorts of stuff on that belly, can’t you? And Kitty would be too lazy to move.

  25. *SQUEEEE* Belleh!! My kitteh Polly is Tortie too. Sweet. The look on her face is killing me.

  26. …Y’know, this would also make a good Photoshop. Kitty staring in astonishment at something strange on her belly. I can’t do it, I’m actually working. Any other Photochoppers out there with more time?

  27. The pose, of course, is priceless … but gots to love the perfectly bisected grey/orange forehead and the butterscotch/grey plaid cataloons.

  28. This animal looks like it has a rich fantasy life.

  29. That’s not a cat. It’s a sock monkey.

  30. I’m on ur couch, stretching my ‘picks.

  31. Elisha B. says:

    See mom, I told ya I’ve grown. I can almost reach the table!!

  32. “Help me! I’ve been ‘shopped!”

  33. greenighs – Your comment should have had a warning first. I can hardly type this. Thanks!

  34. Riiiight, RevWaldo. Suuuuure.

  35. Still laughing. hanging on for life here.

  36. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Poor kitty looks mortified. “No, don’t take a picture of me in this po-DAMMIT!”

  37. omg this made me LOL reminds me of my sisters cat and his antics!


  39. I want to dive into that belly! *snoooooorg!*

  40. Does this couch make me look fat?

  41. YES. Yes, it does.

  42. Then if it does, fetch…THE COMFY CHAIR!

  43. Aww, she’s not really plump.
    It’s the horizontal stripes that do that.

  44. …stripes??


    I lofs how torties often have that perfect left/right division of the colors.

    What a looooonnnnggg kitty Polly is!

  46. “whaddya mean i’m doing it wrong? you ever tried begging while laying down? it doesn’t work, so GIVE ME THE GODDAM FISH!!!!!”

  47. I have a blue cream tortie too!

  48. Pyrit: More on animals needing pants!

    And I’ll be damned if I could find that wonderful hamster in pants pic that some talented cutologist shopped for us … please, someone link?

  49. Yitzysmommie says:

    I’m with Melissa – this pic make me guffaw!

  50. Yes stripes.
    Look at her leggings — little orange stripes.
    (Like many torties (well, mine anyway) she looks like an orange stripey cat with an unconvincing dye job.)

  51. For another chubby kitty from my part of the world, go to and read the story. I so want this cat!!!

  52. pyrit! greenighs! Sing the praises of pants!

  53. I would be so tempted to snorgle the torteh belleh. But if she’s anything like my tortie (and given the chunkiness and the apparent laziness, she is), I would very quickly have a face full of scratches and bites…

  54. Yay Aubrey! Wheee!! MST3K reference! I love the pants song. There is a hilarious outtake of Joel forgetting the words and singing “Sh*t!” instead of “pants!”.

    Then there is the “Pants-Up Song”…

  55. Beauregard says:

    Ah gaahd! LOL! I Lurve ballet toes.

  56. And she’s turned out at the hip!
    Good ballet technique, Polly.
    Now we just need to get her feet on the floor.

  57. acelightning says:

    Love the guilty expression on her face… “Uh, no, I’m not slacking off… I was just checking The Weather Channel…”

  58. How about the Real Life Garfield the Cat:

  59. Lauo — I think those are paisleys, but the fur makes it hard to be certain.

  60. Theo-
    I think the paisley is on the stripes.
    Very trendy kit.

  61. Am I the only one (besides Pyrit)to interpret Greenighs’ comment to mean that the PHOTOGRAPHER needs pants? Kitty is quite modestly, even stylishly, clad. But the expression on the catface plus G’s comment had me making uncouth sounds at my desk, EVERY time I went back to CO. And today we had an Assistant Secretary of the Department of Defense on our floor for a Very Important Something or other. But I still gurgled.

  62. Alexis, from ‘Daddy-O’ – of course! C’mon peeps, hike your pants up!

  63. Jessara — I think Pete needs pants. For his own sake.

  64. Well, him too, of course.

  65. Hike, Hike, Hike up your pants!
    (They help keep in your gut,
    Help to cover up your butt,
    Hey pants.)

  66. Yeah, Alexis, mine was only a virtual tortie furbert.

    HRTortie would have all teeth and claws into me if I tried a tum snorgle. She’s small and floofy, but NOT sweet.

    Oh, Jessara, if only the Asst. Sec. DOD could have seen Cute Overload! Then we maybe could have been on the way to world peace through kitty pix!

  67. Ig you say maybe it means that World peace is still a possibility:)

  68. If all the Cuteologists in all the world watched it for half a year, do you suppose (the LT said) that they could make it clear? (extra points for spotting the quote)

  69. GeorgiaGirl says:

    “The Walrus and The Carpenter”…

    “If seven maids with seven mops
    Swept it for half a year.
    Do you suppose,” the Walrus said,
    “That they could get it clear?”
    “I doubt it,” said the Carpenter,
    And shed a bitter tear.

  70. crazyauntvicki says:

    I’m a Georgiagirl,too.
    And I would have to take the chance of losing my face ’cause I’d have to blow on that beawee..

  71. (panting) Aw, I’m late and missed all the fun. I had to wait a long time at the ER. greenighs, I’m sending you the bill. My insurance wont cover, “laughing one’s *pants* off.”

  72. Aubrey, thanks for leading me to that site… My favorite MST3K song continues to be “Gamera”:

    Gamera, Gamera!
    Gamera is really neat!
    Gamera is full of meat!
    We’ve been eating Gamera!

  73. (Also, Crow’s “Ode to Estelle”)

  74. ‘Gamera’, featuring kids in little pants.

    Again with the pants!

  75. pyrit, maybe we can pass the hat around. Insurance companies will only re-cuff your claims and in-crease your rates. You won’t be able to iron out your differences.

  76. A thinker—-I was thinking the same thing, but w/o the background to where it looks like the cat is standing. Have it stalking through a town like a giant–King Kong Kat or something.

    Awesome colors on this cat. Nice!

  77. Thanks, Aubrey, I have a friend, a tailor, who is a pirate of pins pants.

  78. pyrit, I always provide the pinafore the pants.

  79. Carlisa–yes! I envisioned your idea and it made me LOL. I also thought of ‘shopping Kitty into a bobsled–but alas, I have wasted far too much time today already.

  80. Aubrey – Ah that’sa good, youa hava the pin. Do not dropera eet.

  81. AHHHH! I just noticed the chair! That’s my chair. That is a Hickory Hill Chair-and-a-Half. I have the same color. Sage. Sage with dog hair now.

  82. misscrisp says:

    I love Polly.

  83. misscrisp says:

    I love Polly.

  84. misscrisp says:

    oh crud.
    I don’t love double posting.

  85. “Help! I’m sliding off the couch! Someone put me back please…”

  86. This is one fine tortie, lemme tell ya. Jess, that’s one handsome cat. And so BIG! The belly! He looks like an otter. Can he break clams with his paws?

  87. Oh man, I needed this laugh today . . .

  88. A thinker—– A bobsled would be a riot. He’s already in a “motion” pose.

  89. Let’s hang out tonight…I will bring the movies and popcorn !!!

  90. MissCrisp — normally I’d do a courtesy cleanup, but this time I like it as it is. I think it’s the word “crud” that does it for me.

  91. PS
    Aubrey and Pyrit broke my brain… no longer am I model of a moderator general…

  92. Look at him, lol….I shall call him Mr. Stilts. I must pinch him in his fur-pants.

  93. She’s gorg-a-mous! Lovely pastel tortie.

  94. Bad Little Otter says:

    I want to nuzzle that fuzzy tortie belly….

  95. B.L.O. — seen the movie “Alien”?

  96. Heehee, misscrisp, it’s always reassuring to see others being human and double posting.

    And your reponse afterward was worth leaving so we can all smile!

  97. T., you are usually the modicum of genteel general model moderation.

  98. Careful, Lauri, you’ll break something. (Maybe split an infinitive?)

  99. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Is this cat related to Sam and Max, who adopted very similar poses months ago on CO (and who some other person smarter than me has already doubtless provided a link to)?

  100. 😀 That’s my kind of a cat!

  101. A Thinker & Carlisa, this kitteh is in the luge position, not the ‘sled…see …

    Go for the gold kitteh!

  102. Wow. Somebody hasn’t missed a meal for sure. 🙂
    ———————————————– – We Love Animals

  103. …This picture made me immediately go and pick up my kitty to snorgle HER belly, but unfortunately that didn’t work. not because she isn’t the most sweet anerable tolerant thing in the world; because she has no real belly to snorgle she is just fluff and purr(and, okay, an assortment of other anerable noises) and warm fuzzpuff. (and lithe tiny skeleton-and-muscle, but not much. she’s a BITTY little gal!)

    ..doesn’t keep her from purring like a little lioness, though. Purrs her head off when I cuddle with her at night. ^-^

  104. I love that Tortie Bellie =)