Do NOT look up

Because Sylvie the kitteh might attack your brains.

Here is Sylvie as a junior kitteh, starting with Her First Door Jamb®


Then, she graduated to shower door lounging…


And then, hanging out on the fixtures! [Paws singe-ing sounds] ssssssssss

Oh, and don’t miss teeny paw reflection in the mirror 😉


Um, Sylvie? You’re making me a SKOOOSH nervous sittin’ up thar. How about coming down and staying a while?


Holy balancing, Kathryn JW B.!



  1. Mmmm… warm kitty belly from the lightbulb

  2. Oh My!
    How does she get up thar?!
    She almost didn’t look real in the first pic until I saw the blur of the moving paw.

  3. I have a kitty who looks and acts almost identical to this one (but mine has a black nose and licorice paw-pads)!

  4. LOL! this cat is incredible… someone needs to join cirque du soleil

  5. bucky spalding says:

    And next on the balance beam…’s Sylvie!!! she gets a 10 for techincal and an 11 for style

  6. eikoleigh says:

    omg, those are some crazy pics. I’d be scared that the kitty would fall down. That’s once amazing balancing act.

  7. Another Angela says:

    Looks like Bat-Kitteh

  8. The light bulb pic looks a little sinister.

    “Got a prob, bub?”

  9. Our Tuxie was a percher.

    I am impressed with teh light fixture. Bet he doesn’t stay long, lightws get *hot*

    How do they get up there? maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggic

  10. That *cannot* be comfortable.

  11. He’s obviously looking for ceiling cat! Maybe to take over his job…

  12. “…and when ze fooleesh bipeds pass beeneath, I shall POUNCE!”

  13. I’ll bet he stays on that light to make sure you wash your hands after going to the bathroom, or else he jumps you!

    Paw reflection for the win!

  14. The veiw is pretty decent from up there…

  15. sillygirl says:

    Yes, she is definitely working on replacing celing cat. She looks very menacing… like she is a spy for some bizarre foreign government. But I love the paws in the mirror

  16. Sylvie looks fairly horrified by human behavior in that last shot.

    Did a guest take off their jacket to reveal a horrific plaid sports jacket? Is Mom about to leave the house in her fluorescent mumu?

  17. OK, it looks like someone has *placed* the cat in those positions and the cat would really like nothing better than to get down.

    Natural animal cuteness = cute. Photographing animals in uncomfortable positions for amusement = not so cute.

    So this one gets a thumbs-down from me.

  18. Shower cat is watching you ______________.

  19. “Spider-cat! Spider-cat! Friendly neighborhood Spider-cat!”

    That’s some impressive balancing there…

  20. Tree toad + feline = Sylvie

  21. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Apu said: “OK, it looks like someone has *placed* the cat in those positions and the cat would really like nothing better than to get down.”

    How on earth could you get a cat up on top of a door, AND get it to stay up there long enough to take a picture unless it wanted to?

  22. FEnM — CAT GLUE!!!
    Now with Cruelty Crystals™

  23. Care Bear says:

    I think the cat was there because it wanted to be there. Anybody who has cats *cough*cough* NOT APU *cough*cough* KNOWS that you can’t make them do anything. This cat just likes to be supervising all of it’s people. SWEET light sitting pic bwt.

  24. I’m in ur doorjamb, plannin ur attack….

  25. cats are strange.

  26. In the final picture especially, Sylvie seems to be looking for someone: is it Bruno?

  27. OMG, that cat is hilarious! I love it when cats do quirky things like that. That light fixture perching is especially hilarious!

  28. Pussytoes says:

    Is Sylvie a snowshoe cat? Is that the same as a tuxie? She is lovely nonetheless, and quite talented.

  29. Love the vulturous light fixture perching. Sylvia looks extra pleased with herself. Good view, hot belly.

    Trust me, Apu, there is a certain type of cat that requires no placement, and who cannot be dissuaded by any means. My Flanny is door-percher, and a shower wall percher, and once, just once, she was a ceiling fan lunger, clinger, and faller. I tried to explain how you can’t get on the fan while it’s moving, but she didn’t believe me.

    Go ahead and see my alien door cat:

  30. I really like the word “vulturous”, RedZ.

  31. Wow, that’s one impressive kitty.

  32. Redz, shouldn’t that be “*naked* alien door cat”?

  33. Love Redz’ gargoyle AND Mlle Sylvie Aloftipuss. Some of ’em just like to supervise from on high.

  34. NebraskaErin says:

    He looks so warm and comfurbuls on the light. I imagine it’s something like the light on my dining room ceiling fan, it just gets toasty warm to the touch.

    Teeny paw reflection wins. Paws down.

  35. Apu-

    Actually, the kitty is looking more smug than bothered.

    Don’t assume these are owner-posed.
    Some cats are just up-kitties.
    The ones I’ve had were all tuxies too, though Siamese tend to like high places.

    When we moved into our house, the first thing the Hencat did was jump up to the middle of a double hung window — we’d shut the bottom half to keep her in (ha), but left the top down because it was a warm day.

    Then she leaped across to the neighbor’s roof (about eight feet across and maybe thirty down), and back again.
    Landing on the window frame.
    Nearly gave me heart failure.

    She likes door tops too.
    And the tops of bookcases, once she gets all of my stuff out from underfoot.
    And targetted jumping into the dryer of the stackable unit.
    (Okay, I’ll never leave that open again either.)

    My aunt’s Siamese cat would visit us with her, and would lurk up on top of doors, then pounce on your back and run off (I swear) laughing.

    I have a pix of my old Boycat (as in Boycat Safeway for selling non-union grapes, about an eternity ago, where someone was giving away kittens). He’s lounging on his tummy, with his legs hanging over the edge of the trellis on the roof of the third floor porch.

    Actually, the difficult part is to get your cat *down* from places that scare you.
    They are fine until you mess with them, then if you are trying to grab them, you have a million claws of a very annoyed cat to deal with.
    I always cheat and just break out the tuna below.
    I can’t imagine anyone being able to get a cat up in a place like this.

  36. f337!

  37. My tabby Macaroon gets up on top of an almost 7-foot-tall bookshelf (top surface area, 1 foot by 2 feet) and then starts *chasing her tail*. Hasn’t fallen once. And protests when I try to take her down.

  38. BenPanced says:

    Slinky kitteh!

  39. Yes, must agree, some cats are just perchers and like being high up. My cat Yammie is a percher of human shoulders. She would then proceed to jump onto something higher, like a door, if you happen to walk by one while she’s perched on you. She’s also very stealthy when it comes to other methods of getting up in weird places….like I always find her on top of my husband’s closet, with the towels, although I’ve never seen her actually go up there. My other cats are non-jumpers and will cry to be let up where Yammie is if they want to be with her.

  40. Wha? How the heck does she get up there? HighLarryUs!

  41. I had a tuxedo girl and she loved being up high. I saw her atop a door more than once, by her own choice. She used to jump in the freezer when I’d open the door too. It’s pretty crazy to think about some of the places they’re able to get to, but they do it.

  42. That there cat on high is going to jump down and keeeel me.

    I am so askeeeeeerd.

  43. I used to have a drop ceiling basement apartment and my little Ace found out how to sneak up into it. And bring back spiders the size of my hand.

    But to this day at every apartment she gets as high as she can every day, looking for the secret way into the ceiling.

  44. My little girl does this as well – I actually have shots of her asleep on top of the shower curtain.

    It’s always great entertainment when company comes over. The look of sheer terror on their faces when they suddenly have a cat perched on their shoulder – pure comedy gold!

  45. I have a tux kitten girl who loves high places that don’t look comfy. She just gravitates … well… the wrong way. Her first conquest was the shoerack on the bedroom door, which led her to perch ON TOP of the door. Her next conquest was our coat tree, and heaven knows that’s not comfortable.

  46. I’m an ardent addict of CO and I’ve never commented before. Today I had a pretty rough day where everything seems to go just wrong. I got home and randomly opened up CO and saw this amazingly hilarious post and just burst out laughing!

    THANK YOU for being the one positive thing that happened today:)

  47. I shouldn’t tell stories like this, but I will.

    My husband and I were “cat sitting” for some friends of ours (3 cats, no waiting). The youngest cat, Ziggy, loved to jump up onto human shoulders. He often would cause teh ouch by using his claws to velcro himself in place and to avoid any slippage.

    My husband, when he went over to check on the kitties, scoop their litter, etc, also stopped to use the bathroom at their house. He didn’t close the door all the way and while he was urinating, Zippy slipped in and leapt on to his shoulder. The combination of the sneak attack and the claw use made my husband make a mess. (Good thing I’ve taught him well to clean up after himself….)

  48. amberlynne says:

    I had two rather fat cats who loved to get on top of the shower curtain rod. Of course, they were also lazy, so they would fall asleep. The crash-bang-screech that accompanied their falls was always a bit jarring but we let them do it anyway.

    Some cats are just that crazy.

  49. PikaCheck says:

    I have nothing constructive to add, I just wanted to comment on what a beautiful cat she is!

  50. She’s so cute! How does she balance? I’ve never seen a dog do that before!

  51. I wonder if I’m seeing my future in the pictures.

    My tux boy, TK, is also overly fond of high places, and it seems to be common according to the comments.

    (looks up from now on)

    BTW, for those who followed the Saga of the TuxKits last summer, TK is now a little over 6 months old, weighs a whopping 6.5 pounds (still growing!), has a tail that’s literally a foot long, and still bothers the heck out of long-suffering grouchy growly HRTortie.

  52. katherine says:

    I also have a tuxedo cat who likes to go up in the dropped ceiling! and used to have a siamese who only liked to sleep high up — on top of the fridge, the mantelpiece, the curtain rod — he’d also pounce on you from on high! cats climb. it’s one of the things they are known for.

  53. Lurker, I’m surprised (well, maybe not) that HRTortie hasn’t retreated to her shell yet.

  54. (flings puddin’s at Aubrey)

  55. Growing up I had an all-white kitty much like Sylvie, there. Except he wasn’t the smartest kitty (hobby – running head-long into walls – repeatedly) and would often get stuck in the high places he somehow managed to get to. We never saw him jump up onto the doors, or onto the shower curtain, or the painting with the wide frame… We would just find him there, and he would cry and ask for help, and he would either jump into our arms or let us pluck him free. He could have used some lessons from Sylvie!

  56. atomicpuffball says:

    That cat is high
    Look at that look in his eye
    Oh me oh my
    That cat is higher than a kite

  57. Aw, heck (Ramsey) it’s almost lunchtime anyway.

    (reaches for a spoon)

  58. I love the reflection of her paws hanging down in the mirror in the third pic. It’s a little surreal, since her paws don’t even look like they’re hanging low enough to be reflected.

  59. the look on her face in the light picture is def. saying “get that damn camera out of my face NOW.”

  60. Miss_Thing says:

    Tuxedo kittehs always seem to have an …excess of personality, in my cat-owining experience. Gotta love ’em!

  61. Does cuteoverload even post anything cute anymore? This cat is just stupid.

  62. inky-fish says:

    Awww, Aubrey, such a sweet reference! 🙂 Thank you for reminding me of a childhood pleasure I’d forgotten!

  63. Does cuteoverload even post anything cute anymore? This comment is just stupid.

  64. “Black and white kitty is the resident athlete extraordinaire. It is gratifying for her to show off in view of orange tabby cat who is permanently working on reducing excess baggage from his tum-tum. Inside of him is a wild tiger trying to pop out of a cream puff housecat. So, black and white kitty (who we never know what is inside her trying to pop out) many a time sits tall and proud on the front step whipping her tail and sizing up the tall cherry tree growing next to the porch. She jumps in one leap to plant herself on its’ trunk and scramble up to the height of the roof. Still clinging to the trunk she ejects sideways over the rain gutters landing upright on the roof where she walks to the edge, settles like the sphynx looking down (in more ways than one) on everyone. She delights in taking the sway out of orange tabby cats’ swagger. Black and white kitty easily performs the same maneuvers in reverse order. She climbs head first down the cherry tree which, the experts say, is impossible. To get on the roof of the detached garage, where there are no trees, she goes up the obvious way, self-propulsion: cat-a-pult.”

  65. JC, always a ray of sunshine, you are.

    atomic puffball, I love that song!

  66. Pyrit-
    Also had a pair of tuxies sibs who used to fly around in the trees like a couple of giant black and white squirrels.
    Boy it made a racket.
    I’m sure they’d have just loved a ground-based marmie to show off to.

  67. Yitzysmommie says:

    I LLOOOOOVE the paws in the mirror one.
    (I am typing quietly so that my Tuxie Yitzy won’t see & imitate Sylvie’s adorable tricks)!

  68. Hey, Teho, any way we can ban JC from this site? this is the second day of his unnecessary comments.
    P.S. We have a shelter kitty that leaped approximately eight feet horizontally from the top of a cabinet, landed on the edge of a 4×8 sheet of plywood (I mean the 1/2 inch wide edge!) and then jumped down into the supposedly blocked off room that was being retiled.
    P.P.S Teho again, STILL no kittens?!

  69. I love how her tail is a bit bent at the tip in the last pic =)

  70. Pyrit-
    Who you gonna believe, the experts or the kitteh?

  71. Sylie is obviously a jagular.
    I’m NOT looking up.

  72. *sigh*. Some people…

    My gray-and-white tux boy loves our tiny NYC bathroom. Not only can one watch water going down the toilet and pull fun things like Q-Tips out of the garbage to play with, but one can also use the towel bars, door top, and shower bar as a jungle gym. He LOVES being up high, and the first time he got onto the shower bar by himself I freaked out. And laughed at the same time. Next time I’ll get photos…

  73. brownamazon says:

    I’m loving the pink nose n’ toes action.
    I’m now on my third Siamese, and none of them have been climbers, although I’ve heard it’s a breed trait. Mine must be defective. Has there been a Siamese recall I haven’t heard about?

  74. Lauowolf,

    I can see that more than once she’s eyeing someone’s jugular

  75. *singing*
    kittehs I have seen on high,
    sweetly meowing o’ver my head,
    then she pounces and I cry,
    in a flash Sylvie has fled.

  76. How perfect! Had a tuxedo-ish kitty named Booger who’d do similar stunts. Seemed to like vulturing abouut in new ways whenever he got the chance.

    The shower curtain rod didn’t work so well, but he did his best lurker-above imitation whenever he got the opportunity.

  77. mliev said: “And bring back spiders the size of my hand”

    LOL! I read this as “the size of my HEAD” at first!

    I have a jumpy-cat, and one who would love to be up high but is too fat to jump. That one once *climbed* a bookcase, shelf by shelf. Then she got stuck.

  78. What a panda baby. Nice pink noseage, too.

  79. Brown Amazon-
    Are you sure they are Siamese?
    I thought it was hard-wired in the breed.
    Oh well.
    I did have one tux who just didn’t do up at all either.
    His buddy coaxed him into the tree once, and he just stood on a big branch with a what-now look on his face.
    Didn’t hunt either.
    I always wished I could teach him to read.

  80. lauowolf – That was from a diary I used to keep about my pets. “Land-based”, good description!

  81. Cats love to let us know they are superior to us humans. 🙂

  82. LOL Redzin!
    “In Excelsis Meow…”

  83. LOL! Sylvie and my kitteh could be twins. Mine loves to run past her easily bewildered brothers and leap from sofa to chair to top ‘o door.

  84. acelightning says:

    My Loki is a big(!) orange-stripey guy, and he’s always loved to climb and jump. He’d get up on top of the shower rail in the place we used to live – once he did that while I was taking a shower, but he left the moment the spray touched him. Now he just gets on top of tall bookcases. He also likes to sit at the top of the stairs and stare at me as I walk up, especially when I reach the point where my eyes are level with his. (Every other climbing cat I’ve ever heard of has been a tux kitty, though.)

  85. Aubrey-
    I think she’s more of a head-hunter.

  86. I’ve always heard that cats like to be up high because it’s a left over behavior from their days in the jungle – the higher you are in a tree, the more you’re protected from predators and you can keep an eye out for prey.

    We had a tux kitty when I was a kid that liked to vulture on the roof of our two-story house – and it wasn’t a flat roof either.

  87. lauowolf:

    Ah, cat-nibal behavior often crosses the fe-line of civility.

  88. Aubrey-
    Well, if she scalps you, it’s a hair-raising experience, of course, but mostly it’s more hit-and-run.
    Especially if you’re tou-pee to escape first.

  89. My Minxie cat does that all the time too. It’s just plain odd but jumps from a desk or shelf across to the top of a door.

  90. Kitteh has mad kung foo skeelz.

  91. I’ve got to say I love the shower picture where she’s looking up for new heights to conquer.

  92. lauowolf – I do tend to wig out in those situations. And if I go to the barber’s instead, he does find it a Teeny Odd.

  93. My little tuxedo did that when he was a kitten, but then couldn’t figure out how to get down from the door and cried until we came in to help him.

  94. Sylvie is gorgeous! And quite the acrobat, too (I have NO problem believing that she got up there of her own free will!).

  95. TK comes from an extended family of climbers. Some of them are nimble at the dismount, some of them just let gravity do the work. So far, he’s the latter.

  96. I think my favorite part of this series is the little paw reflections in the mirror! They look so soft and bitty! 🙂

  97. Ab-Fab pics …

    what persona Sylvie presents;

    my big boofy Merlin has forgotten he can walk and what a floor is & always takes the hard path to his chosen resting place of the moment;

    he leaps everywhere he goes, boinng, thud, boinng, thud, then stares down at me from way up high somewhere, thinking out loud WHAT!!!

  98. I had a percher too. We would be looking for her all over the house with out finding her. She would watch us looking for her from the top of a door. All of a sudden we would look up and there she was with a smirk on her face having watched us looking and looking without looking up.

  99. Sylvie’s gorgeous, love the even markings!
    As for the perching, I’ve had cats that did that too, up on top of the open door was a favorite (and yes, they get quite a kick out of sitting up there or the frig or whatever and watch you look all over the house for them.) I’ve not (yet!) had a tux cat so other flavors do it too. Fun!!

  100. “So far, he’s the latter”

    Then he needs a ladder, LT.

  101. that’s an “accident” waiting to happen…

  102. first off, I am truly impressed. genius, ingenuity, agility, gorgeous looks…amazing.

    second, my cat often attempts doorjambs, in a sort of I’m on a bookcase let me put one paw up there and just see kind of a way. And I always laughed at him, like–that’s impossible, silly! Now I know it is in fact possible. So I shall stop stomping on his dream.

  103. crazyauntvicki says:

    I had two cats that would climb up two stories high in a live oak tree that was probably 100yrs old plus. The would lounge on a trumpet vine that was about ten inches around. I would watch them out the second floor window and they were at eye level.

  104. “I always wished I could teach him to read.”

    lauowlf, oh, noes, after that come the violin lessons. All for the best really that you couldn’t really, you wouldn’t have wanted the other cats to make fun of him as the geek cat on the block.

  105. lauowolf – About cats climbing down head first. The experts may be right about normal cats. My kitty, Picabo, had hip surgery which made her back legs kind of double jointed. She walked like Charlie Chaplin, and being black and white she looked like him too.

    I like it when cats “chatter” first at whatever it is they are aiming for (bookcase, windowsill, tree) when judging their flight path.

  106. I used to have a cat who’d jump from the floor to the top of the door in one go. Scared the shit out of me the first time. She never fell or overshot, and she’d stay up there for a half hour or so and supervise my movements. Jumping onto and hanging out on a light fixture though–that’s particularly creative. And a little f ed up.

  107. My first cat, Exidor, was a FAT tuxedo dude. I didn’t think he was all that agile but…one day my room-mates friend brought his dog over to visit. Exidor jumped 10 feet straight up, landed on the top of the door and stayed there until our dog-visitor left. He never went up there again and I figured it was just kitty adrenaline giving him super-powers that one time. Now I know better. Yay, beautiful Sylvie!

  108. Gee, thanks Maggie – the comments were all clean until you showed up and spattered your foul language around.

  109. “Wake up Maggie I think I got somethin’ to say to you…”

  110. Hee! at naming a cat Exidor. Did he act like that?

    Another thing I lofs about tuxes is their widdle peeeenk noses always look so particularly clean.

  111. Kitty here makes me think of Hobbes, waiting to pounce on Calvin after he came home from school. 😀

  112. katherine says:

    My tuxie has a black nose — but he is still cute.

  113. .. Omen does that. Or did – my cupboards are apparently not high enough to suit him, and the tops of the doors too close to the ceiling. He’s still a shoulder-kitty, though…
    But our old apartment had a nine or ten foot ceiling and a ‘shelf’ about seven feet up – and Omen would get up there and vulture very happily…. After we got management to patch the hole in the wall up there, I even let him do it. ^^

  114. “I like it when cats “chatter” first at whatever it is they are aiming for (bookcase, windowsill, tree) when judging their flight path.”

    pyrit, do you think they’re measuring the sound waves as they bounce back from their intended object? That way they can gauge their intended trajectory, velocity, etc. Which proves my theory.

    Cats are related to dolphins.

  115. Aubrey–

    Or bats

  116. “She felt that she was dozing off, and had just begun to dream that she was walking hand in hand with Dinah, and saying to her very earnestly, `Now, Dinah, tell me the truth: did you ever eat a bat?'”

  117. sillygirl says:

    Ok, I have just empircially *proven* that you can lead a cat to a high place, but you cant make them perch. I thought “I wonder if my kittehs just dont know how nice high places are?” and tried to get each of them to perch on top of the shower. No go. They didn’t even seem to have the balance to stay up there if they had wanted to. And my white and black kitty? He slapped me in the face before I could even get him close. I swear. (At least his claws were retracted…)

  118. yankeebird says:

    Okay, I don’t think I’ve ever commented, despite MONTHS AND MONTHS of lurking.

    What I need to know is, how does a cat get UP there?! One of my two cats is so prissy she won’t even jump from the floor to my bed without taking a pit-step onto the nightstand first.

  119. Just showed this to Mr. LT.

    He LOL and said, “Don’t show this to TK. It’ll give him ideas.”

  120. But, LT – it would give TK a whole new topic to write about in your blog!

    And off topic, sorry, please remember that Jan. 20 is Penguin Awareness Day:

  121. People putting their cats on top of random objects. How is that cute? Honestly, next time that cat is on top of the door, slam it shut.

  122. “…don’t worry. I saw this in a movie once…”

    “The feeling this lamp is giving me…is probably illegal in fifteen states.”

    “Don’t drop the soap.”

  123. LOL!!! But isn’t that bulb too hot? I love the smug “Let’s see *YOU* try this one, bugeyes” expression on her face!

    And yes, Char, when I slam the door shut, I will make sure your hand is caught in between, no worries.

  124. To the other peeps – sorry for my b1tchiness, but cruel ideas proliferate, know what I’m sayin’?

  125. nermalkitty says:

    lol. luv all the comments. when my kitties were little (they weigh 14 & 17 lbs. respectively, now), bam-bam was a runner up anything. my aunt sudie came to visit, and she favored wearing those loose fitting muumuus (spelled right?). anyway, she was relaxing on the couch, bam-bam was in the next room, took off at the speed of light, ran between aunt’s legs, up her dress tail, came to rest on her rather large buxum with head sticking out, smacked her (gently) on the cheek and took off ricocheting off the walls down the hallway. what memories kitties make!!

  126. Aaron DeLay — showing some skill with the captions, there. [nodding]

  127. Subhangi — can’t say I fault your “b1tchiness” in this case.
    [SCOWL] @ Char

  128. YankeeBird — cats view the “laws” of gravity & physics more like “suggestions”.

  129. PS to Thorne — “Omen” is an excellent name for a cat.

  130. my kitteh would fall on ‘is widdle head if he tried that.

  131. Subhangi, you’re my hero.

  132. My kitty kahlua is a percher… or was until she fell one day. She would sit on the little display area of the top kitchen cabinets. She tried to jump from one to the other one day and didnt make it… but she still sits on top of the in-window a/c unit. And another cat Joey sits on the edge of the stairs and attacks any one that comes up. Chablis weighs 27lbs, so needless to say he doesnt get up high much…

  133. Aubrey, I believe it is always very important to be Aware of Penguins. Hence, a very appropriate holiday.

  134. Job well done, Subhangi.

    This kit was obviously a boid in her previous (nine?) life!

    How hilarious. I imagine these folks never know where this kit is going to be next!

  135. boy, all these comments and not one reference to the “boneless cat” from Peanuts! (Faron, owned by Frieda with the naturally curly hair.)

    I can’t imagine *any* cat getting into these “poses” unless he/she wanted to… 😉

  136. E —
    I’ve been amusing myself picturing someone lifting up a full-grown cat and tring to make it perch on a door frame against its will.
    I guess it would make an interesting story at the ER.

  137. E! I had totally forgotten Faron! You are SO right!

  138. Obviously a member of “The Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things.”

  139. What a Doll! She looks just like a little girl I had named Maddie. What a Cutie!

  140. KnowTheFEAR says:

    ok, i wanna see a video of how that cat got up there. omfg, so cute though

  141. “…Penguin Awareness Day”

    This is of the utmost importance! Perhaps the “Knitting Rabies” types could start a Penguin Sweater Knit-a-Thon today…

  142. And speaking of penguins:

  143. Can we get this cat her own blog? This is truly awesome.

  144. My cat has a blog.

    It is always very educational for me.

  145. xD

    I like how in all but the last picture, her front paws are always dangling. It makes it look so nonchalant!

  146. What a great looking face!

  147. kathrynzano says:

    Hey folks, I am Sylvie’s human, and I’d like to clear up some of the speculation. Of COURSE I didn’t put her up there! ALthough the kitty glue cracks me up. Sylvie is super acrobatic and lives to be on high–I can’t keep her off ANYthing she has a mind to jump onto. She jumps on the shoulders of anyone (from the ground, without using claws) who has the audacity to linger by the front door for more than 20 seconds. Her favorite launching pad to the top of the door is the tiny little key cabinet on the wall. The top is only about an inch wide, and it’s four feet off the ground. She’s made of springs, what can I say? And she gets on the shower doors from the sink, and from there to the light fixture that I TRY to keep her from sitting on, wth no luck. I worry about her frizzling her little pawpads off, not to mention breaking the thing off the wall and crashing down in a shower of broken glass and lightbulb. What to do? I am starting to think it is some bizarre tuxedo cat genetic mutation.

  148. inkrose115 says:

    My sister’s cat walks the 2 inch strip that goes around the upstairs railing. That freaks everyone out, ’cause it’s like 20 feet down and when he lands on people out of nowhere it freaks them out.

  149. Inkrose — is your sister’s cat named Wrath, or maybe Smite?

  150. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Sylvie is beautiful, with those perfectly symmetrical markings. I also love the pink jellybean toes, AND nobody else seems to have noticed this, but dig the awe-inspiring Humped-Up Kitty Haunches of Dooooooom!! in photos 2 and 3!

    My tuxedo cat, Moxie, also likes to get up onto high places, but not very often (that I’ve seen). Once I found him atop our 7-foot-high brass-and-glass display case (which we bought from a store that was closing down). He seemed to be saying, “Um… I really don’t know how I got up here [and neither did I], but could I have some help getting down?”

  151. those black and white cats make good mousers

  152. My current girl kitty does all of these things except for the light-balancing act, and I hope to high heaven that she never ever learns to check out CO! She can also teleport through closed doors to get into the corridor, and to be precisely underfoot at just the wrong moment. How do they do it?

  153. Stephyf82 says:

    Can I borrow this cat to help me clean my new house? Makes a great duster for all those hard-to-reach spots!

  154. Kathryn,
    Sylvie is fantastic! I can tell by the look on her face that she is in her element up there in the high altitudes!

    What a great housemate to have….to always keep you on your toes! 🙂

  155. Sylvie’s Mom-
    Nothing to do but grin and bear it.
    -Been there

    (P.S. Now that she’s almost 16 my jumper has calmed down a little, though she’s still queen of the universe. And a Tuxie.)

  156. That one on the lightbulb?

    Best. Freakin’. Cat. Picture. Ever.


  158. “I rule from the sky!
    Over land! Over sea!
    There’s nothing, no, NOTHING
    that’s higher than me!”

  159. Cat Feral says:

    Forget looking up – JUST DON’T SLAM THE DOOR!!! (I must have a morbid mind. Every time I see one of those, Cat-Sitting-On-Top-Of-Door pics, my first thought is always, “God, I hope no one slams that door without noticing that she’s up there!”

    Very cute pic, as long as you don’t let morbid imagination run away with you!

  160. obviously he’s part monkey..

  161. WOW! That’s quite a balancing act!

  162. Look at that tail !! I think its a cross between a monkey and a cat !

  163. Ah, my marmie’s a shower door percher. Even when someone’s in there. Also the support beams in our house. (It’s a log house. So there’s beams from the loft to the half of the house without a second floor.) Scares the hell out of me, ’cause he has fallen from time to time. But there’s not much you can do, really. Although, sometimes I can catch him staring and wiggling his butt in preparation of jumping somewhere and move him to another room. But he’s very stubborn, so that doesn’t often work.

  164. the perching kitty I live with and his favorite door:

  165. When our blue cream (name is Livia) was a kitten she would ride on our shoulders and then jump to the tops of open doors. She would also climb up the brick wall in the livingroom, lounge on top of the refrigerator and walk across the top edge of the room divider in the bedroom. Alas, at 4 1/2 years old she now weighs 18 pounds and doesn’t attempt these comical stunts anymore.