Paws down, this has got to be one of my favorite images ever posted to C.O.

It’s like SCREAMING to be made into a STACK of beautiful cards with this image printed on the front.

It’s says so much! [say in ridiculous over-the-top voice while clutching chest] 


Beautifully done. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a sucker for the macro lens, People.



  1. Now that is a pic I can get behind.

  2. FIRST! and soooo fuzzily cute 🙂

  3. They don’t even look real……are you trying to keel meee today? Too……much……cute…………poit!

  4. Is that a kitty?

  5. Room…spinning. Air, I need air …. *thunk*.

  6. NebraskaErin says:

    This is exactly what I saw at 7 this morning. Kneading on my face and purring roughly translates to “Get up! Get up! You need to feed us! The alarm’s going off! Get up!”

  7. I think the title of this post is missing a letter. “B” perhaps?

  8. OMG, I totally missed what this photo is. I thought it was two tiny white kittens’ behinds, with their tails tucked in.
    *shakes fist* CO, you’ve trained me into not always believing what I first see!

  9. Cooper's Mum says:

    MUST…MUNCH…PAWS…NOW! Can’t handle this one! The fluff, the delightful footy pads that most certainly lurk beneath such pristine cutness… *shwonk!* (hitting floor)

  10. firefinch says:

    Laurie C, you’re not alone. CO has totally warped my perceptions too. The first thing I saw was ‘tocks and only later realized they are kitteh paws.

  11. plumpest, whitest, fuzziest paws … awesome pic!

  12. I LOVE KITTEH PAWS!!! Best photo ever!

  13. Cat toes!

    Or, as it’s said in spenish…



  14. Meg,
    This is your final warning having these images of such cute is just not safe, we need warning.
    At least it wasn’t a close up of
    That would have just been fatal

  15. KMcCormi — you brought that on yourself.

  16. mmmm so soft and gentle velvet paws! (and so sharp and deadly razor claws hidden deep inside!)

  17. Karen in Toronto says:

    ‘Tocks: me too. Took a whole millisecond to get it.

    Paws. Sighhhh.

  18. Tillianna says:


  19. Wow. At first glance I thought it was two fuzzy white rabbits, tucked up against one another for warmth, with their heads hidden.

    Macro kitty paws is just as good.

  20. You know, I think I must Rasterbate this photo.

    (it’s an online utility that lets you blow up images REALLY big, and print them out sheet by sheet for mosaic-ing on your wall)

  21. So cute! I just want to smooch them!

  22. Oh my goodness – the toesies are too much! I want to put them in my mouth!!!

    (and why is it that we always want to put cute things in our mouths – i once showed my infant daughter a kitten that was only days old and she tried to lick it!)

  23. The Paws of DOOOOOOM! (from a small mouse perspective)

  24. Awww. That looks like my baby Harley’s white socks.

    I love petting them but she doesn’t get why they’re so cool.

  25. Those are the fuzziest gloves I’ve ever seen. I want them. Depawsit them right here, please.

  26. This site sucks now.

  27. Oh goodness. I first thought it was two white pup tocks. I seriously need new glasses.

  28. misscrisp says:

    What Meg Said.


    (and Teho…sweet tip!)

  29. I want to see the rest of the kitteh!

    One of mine has white fluffy paws just like this, but he won’t let me touch them 😦 He is very proprietary about his paws.

  30. Thank GAWD I’m not the only one! I was weeping with delight over two cute kitteh bottoms, when my bf (a photographer in his own right) pointed out the truuuuuth! Even better!

    However, I now have to hear the litany of reasons why I was silly to think so in the first place. 😉
    Silly me!

  31. I don’t believe that, before I found CuteOverload, that I ever, EVER wanted to nawm-nawm ever so gently on kitty toes.

    Yes, that is correct…I must now conclude that I’ve been warped by teh qte

  32. Umm, I think this is one of those right/left brain tests we had to take in school. You know, the one where it was just a drawing but depending which you were you saw one of two pictures like a young woman or an old woman. Me, I just kitty paws

  33. OK, show of paws… who thinks “JC” is right? (Har.)

  34. Oh my, I thought they were a pair of widdle white ‘tocks as well. Hee, we are ‘tock obsessed here on CO.

  35. I want to put my face on those and SNORG them up my nose, and then gnaw on them. I don’t know how the kitteh attached to them would react so I would have to be really quick.

  36. dragonrose says:


  37. Thanks to all the ‘tock-seers who have now made me feel like less of a goof.

  38. Those look like Omen’s feets!
    Gah! ^^

    I do in fact have a tux-kat named Omen who has feets like that. Except, I didn’t take this picture…. O.o

  39. Picture #2 of this catblogging post.

  40. BenPanced says:

    Meg? You can just kill the site now. I don’t think you’ll ever top this.

  41. modulegirl says:

    I totally saw kitteh ‘tocks. Wasn’t until I saw the title of the pic when I went to save it as part of my Google Screen Saver that I went “Pawsitude?!?” Then I looked at it again and now I can’t see the ‘tocks anymore… wah!

  42. If you’ve got a Mac, stick the pic in iPhoto, click on “Card”, and order away.

  43. BenPanced,
    Never say that, its like a red rag to a bull. Whatever Meg finds for the next post will be ubercute, I can’t imagine the devestation the drinks snorted over monitors, the exploding heads, the fainting cuteologists

  44. Add me to the list of those who thought these were ‘tocks, not toes — ‘cept I thought they were bunny ‘tocks!

  45. So wait — who DID take this photo, anyway?
    Meg Moo? Source? (’cause, see, I’ve already got a 24-tile “Rasterbator” printout, in COLOR even, which soon will grace the CatCave wall, and credit where credit is due y’know…)

  46. Oh law! I wanna squish-squish!

  47. Laurie C –

    “Laurie See, Laurie Do!”


    Thanks for the morph. That was great.

    It’s tocksy pawsmosis!

  48. I thought they were bunny bums.

  49. Awesome…just totally awesome.

  50. Is there a psychologist somewhere in the bunch here? I really want someone to do a study on why cute kitteh paws makes people want to monch on them. Why do I want to put those in my mouth?!

  51. i just wish my meows would let me play with their toes.

  52. faycat, I have the names of several accredited psy-paw-ologists who might be able to help you with this.



    (a lot)

  54. Does it look like maybe the kitteh is drumming his toes? Perhaps impatiently waiting for the human to DO SOMETHING ALREADY! THROW A TOY! DANGLE A FEATHER! SHEESH!

  55. thank-you Theo

  56. Sorry, I don’t see the ‘tocks
    Mine eyes see only kitten socks.
    Well, so be it,
    It’s still a kit,
    With fluffitude that rocks.


  57. Don’t be fooled–behind those fuzzy little toes are saber-like claws made for killin’.

  58. Fatal Fluffy — er… you’re welcome? (I’ve lost track of my own comments)

  59. I didn’t see ‘tocks, but I WAS trying to count toes to see how many there were.

  60. Yep, add me to the group who thought this was a pic of kitten bottoms with the tails tucked in. . .Even cuter now that I know what it is. But I had to read other people’s comments to find that out!

  61. Oh my god – I just took close ups of my little kitty’s toes too!! And he’s also a black and white kitty, so I thought for a sec these were my pics! Is there anything cuter than a fuzzy kitty paw?

  62. Is there something wrong with me? I just look at this picture and frown…no wonder she never posts any pictures I send her! I guess they are just never good enough! Excuse me for thinking that precious puppy expressions were cuter than enlarged kitty paws.. =(

  63. Tori, Meg gets *thousands* of email submissions a day.

  64. Um, Tori – it helps to have a sense of humor, and to be able to see things in a slightly twisted, unusual way —-We’ve ALL seen cute puppy xpressions. This sight is best at giving us new eyes-new ways of looking at things. You know – just for fun —-?

  65. XCU kitty paws! fantastic. it doesn’t get any better! all those tiny furs, close up! sadly, i guess some people Just Don’t Get It.

  66. ladynaberrie says:

    Kitteh toesies!

  67. It look like causy ear muff:)

  68. The kitten butt on the right is lifted, up sideways, just, a bit for a, “phphphttt”. Ahh.

  69. Meg… a set of note cards wif Qte photos would be AWESOME! Theo, does CafePress do that sort of thing? We could use this picture, and the Pawsitude2 photo linked to by Miss Crisp, etc. We could have a miscellaneous set, a kitty set, a hammie set…. you se where I’m goin’ wif this? I for one would TOTALLY buy them for myself AND for gifts to other animal addicts.

  70. I saw the kitty paws right away – but then again, I have spent a LOT of time (really a LOT) with my face up close and personal to cats of my close acquaintance. Followed by smooching said cats’ various bits (e.g. pawses).

  71. useta hada kitteh says:

    I just thought I’d paws for a while in my work day, and check out the cute, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but PAWS!!! KITTEH PAWS! FUZZPAWS! I love ’em. (But I, unlike most other peeps, do not want to put ’em in my mouf. That does not appeal to me. I just wanna stroke them ever so gently, and hope my fingers don’t get pounced upon.) PAWS PAWS PAWS PAWS PAWS! Thank you.

  72. *jumping up and down* Ooo! Oooo!! *raising hand, waiting for Theo to call on me*

    Calendars, note cards, the possibilities are endless! 😀

  73. Macro lens owns you 🙂

  74. Rascalnikova says:

    Such poofy toesies! All I wanna see is these paws make biscuits on my lap. That would be heaven.

  75. The pet feet – OMG, squee…I’m done.

  76. Jaypo — bleenup complete.

  77. NebraskaErin says:

    JC – “This site sucks now.”

    Yeah…sucks you right into its evil vortex of cuteness, from which you never want to escape!

  78. I’m spent after this photo. I need a nap from my over-sensitized qte-ometers. whew.

  79. Those fuzzy toe-toe’s are the penultimate in cuteness – I can almost breathe in the faint aroma of corn chips from here! *thud*

  80. MC2 — did you mean to post that last comment to another thread? Anyway, I’ll def. chat more w/you (and -Valerie) when I can, about online store stuff.

  81. martha in mobile says:

    sweet kitty toesies
    slightly perfumed with dainty
    eau de litterbox

  82. Oh. my. god.

  83. coffeeboss says:

    Da pitty pawz! Look at those mitts!

  84. Such cute little paw-paws!

  85. GreenEyedHawk says:


    That is all.

  86. Paw-den me, is that the Cat-ta-Nooga Chew-Chew?

  87. Totally thought this was 2 buntocks for a couple minutes… then KITTY PAWSES! Awwwww! Either way it’s too prosh for words and reinforces my theory that CO will in fact be the death of us all.

  88. So round!

  89. What keeeels me is that on the right paw (our left, peeps) you can just make out the faint blush of a little pink paw pad. Jelly bean. *sigh

  90. stop! eet’s too moishe!
    U make me want a tux cat, which i swore i’d never do, bcuz of the Shed Principle (buy all clothes & furniture same color as cat), my next cat was gonna be beige or navy blue.

  91. Karen in Toronto says:

    Martha: nice kitty haiku!

  92. NotverySubtle says:

    Okay, these are so cute I actually had to delurk to agree with the note-card-iness of these. I would so be all for sending cuteness like this to people. It’d be stealth cuteness, sneaking up on them in plain envelopes, and then *wham* just like that, they’d be all helpless and awwwwwing.

  93. Beautiful!
    Wow-great photo.

  94. eeee! cat feets!

  95. LesbianNeoCon says:

    It made me go rub my kitteh’s soft and tender paws!!!

  96. …are you still in once piece?

  97. I don’t understand how people are seeing ‘tocks…

    A. D. O. R. A. B. L. E.

  98. itty bitty kitty toeses!!! I can put dem in my mouf

  99. In my household we call these “dinner roll paws” (my Snack’s paws are a golden brown color). But these are more like “marshmallow paws”! Yummy.

    Now I want s’mores.

  100. I saw tocks too, but then, I was only seeing the top half of the pic as I scrolled. Once I saw the full pic, I knew.

    And Tori, jeez. Can I tell you HOW many pics I’ve sent Meg of my adorable kitties just being..well, adorable? And she’s never posted them. You know why?

    Because she has a million other people e-mailing her things that are just as cute! Get over yourself.

  101. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Let us all now paws for a moment and say “Thank you!” to the wonder that is the macro lens!

    And then let us all kiss these perfect soft white kitty-feet, for they deserve it.

  102. Love those round kitteh feets!

  103. Oh! What great paws! My kitty doesn’t like it when I touch her paws so I have to resist. Amazing how much time she spends grooming them! They are the “weapon of choice” for the kittehs, for sure!

  104. ahhhhhhhhhh.

  105. I thought these were bunny butts at first. Took me a bit to figure out what they were. However, pic does nothing for me – I hate cats. Bunny butts would have been cuter! 😛

  106. I firmly believe that you simply need to meet the RIGHT cat. (Unless you’re allergic.)

  107. From across the room it looks like a couple of Tribbles getting freaky.

    Too cute!

  108. Oh LOL… tip o’the Mad Hat to Margaret. And a Vulcan hand sign.

  109. This looks like an XCU of the PAWZ of my silly TK.

    I want to put my nose on them, or touch them lightly with a finger.

  110. acelightning says:

    Those *are* sweet kitty toes. But their position reminds me of Rowlf the dog, from the Muppets, when he’s playing the piano.

  111. Hey! Someone needs to find who took this, get their permission, and MAKE NOTECARDS!

    I’d buy ’em! 🙂

  112. Now thats PAWTASTIC! Nic pic.
    —————————————— – We Love Animals

  113. Pinky Earl says:

    They are the sweetest little paws! I knew they were paws right away, as I have a fondness for all fuzzy animals and their paws:

    (don’t they look like they’re from a Dr. Seuss character?)

    Is it bad form to suggest a new category of “Paws”?


    “perfect paws”
    “pawtastic paws”


  115. OMGp0ni3z! says:


  116. we better get you a lawyer meg
    you just killed omgpoinies, i know a good one
    *whip out cell*
    “bob, we got a dead one, nead cleanup, yes, uhhuh, right, 20 min. can do” click

  117. OMGp0ni3z! says:

    *gasp sputter*
    it okay im fine!
    suddenly spots picture

  118. “It was very strange, officer. The victim and the good samaritan who reported the incident (to some lawyers) both had the same false email address…”

  119. shinyisbetter says:

    we could write a whole story
    about people fainting on this site

  120. I must confess, I saw ‘tocks at first too. I thought it was itty bitty blonde lab puppy ‘tocks, all smooshed together sleepy-like.

    But then I looked at the calico paw dangling from the top of my monitor and realized it was kitty paws!


  122. I just want to pet the paws; no monchin’ for this lady!

    Unfortunately, neither of my cats will let me pet their paws. *sniffle*

  123. TEWTELLY redonk.

  124. ambracadabra says:



  126. >>I firmly believe that you simply need to meet the RIGHT cat. (Unless you’re allergic.)< <

    This is totally true… and I’m a doubly hard case, ’cause I’m a pup person AND allergic to cats. But when the right kitteh comes along… well, suddenly the world looks different.

  127. Theo – another thread? Um, no….??? I take it that I SHOULD have? Hint taken. Sowwy. 😦

  128. OMG – beautiful… I feel so wierd with this kitty foot thing – but I am so glad Im not alone. They’re just so pretty. (ANd I hate people feet. Ugh)

  129. J.Bo & Kellie, my nekkid kittehs would like to say hello. Hubby and best friend are both highly allergic to cats, but not to the haughty hairless ones. Just a thought.

  130. Fuzzilicious pawsitude :D!

  131. I immediately picture the scene of utter chaos puss created *before* sitting down, folding paws, and looking this angelic.
    Anything this feline, and this innocent, means trouble.

  132. Oh great. Thanks Teho! I only got as far as rasterbate in the comments.

  133. Wow.

  134. Man — this one KEEEELS me!!

  135. I thought they were ear muffs at first. Cool!

    Now I have an embarassing question…What does “rasterbate” mean (almost afraid to ask!)
    Betty—followed the link to your site thinking I would get the answer but didn’t. *Did crack up over your advice on raising kids*–funny!

  136. Well jeez, Betty — yours came out way better than my version of the paws did. (I’m still going to put ’em up on the CatCave wall, tho.)

    Carlisa — it’s a made-up word, but check the site…

  137. I need not only these notecards but a large poster too! They are the wittle white feet of my dear Mighty Muffalatta, munch, munch…

  138. To those who’ve suggested I just need the right cat:

    No. No. No. No. No.

    There are dog people and there are cat people. I am a dog person. I really and honestly and truly hate cats. My friends have cats, and I just stay away from them. And no, I am not allergic.

    And hairless cats? Ick. Even worse!

  139. you have widowed me with this pic. that’s right, you’ve killed my kittie-paw-obsessed husband (being more of a rat person, i survived…just barely!!!). he died with the most blissful expression on his face, and his last word was “pooaws”. he is now in a better place where kittie paw massages abound.

  140. Elizabeth says:

    What kind of tocks are those?

  141. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, duh. Those are not tocks at all.

  142. Theo, you must post a picture of your rasterpaws!

  143. Theo—-Thanks! Clears THAT up! ;o)

  144. Paw puffs. Tooooo cute!

  145. Betty, count on it. (Once it’s finished.)

  146. I want a panoramic-type poster of this picture, suitable for hanging in my cubicle. Massively-zoomed in kittehpaws in high detail are just what I need to see when the stress gets to be too much at work.

  147. cuteness!!

  148. Noelegy — hmm… well, Rasterbator will make you a BIG print, but not DETAILED.

  149. Omg, those are the most adorable paws I have ever seen. I love it! =]

  150. Abstract fuzzitude!

  151. this is a great photo!! fuzzy little hands!

  152. Simpson O'Brien says:

    Every day I tell myself”just one little peak” and every day I zone out in front of cute, doing no work, taking no calls, just drooling and licking the monitor. Hey, peeps, years ago me and my best gal pal used to say that things “were so cute you just had to smash their faces in”. WAY before the cute! We would laugh about throwing our monitors out the office window. And now we are a family!!! Just goes to show ya, there is somebody for everybody. And MEG is our sombody (but I gotta tell ya, the comments keep me snortin’ all day long) meow and woof.

  153. At first when I saw this I couldn’t tell they were paws, I thought they were bunnies!

  154. This makes the best desktop pic!

  155. This actually made my stomach flip over. Can’t…bear…cyoot…

  156. crazyauntvicki says:

    I thought they were white ferret ‘tocks. Had to go back to look at the obvious. I love to make my cats spread their back toes by gently squishing them in the middle of the foot. Sometimes they start cleaning them. My new cat is grabbing my face as I type….help! I need to squish her toeses.

  157. Thought they were bunny butts!

  158. i just wanna stick face in between them!!!!!!!!! breaths deep….ahhhhhhh

  159. Paws! Beautiful!

    My cats have always been very private about their paws. 😦 Now I feel like a junkie after a fix. Ahhh…

  160. Yup – the best photo evah. *passes out from the severe sense of cuteness*

  161. I am so sad that people are being so rude to me, going as far as telling me to “get over myself…” I thought this was a website of friendly people sharing a love for cute animals? I am seriously depressed now that what I said was taken completely out of context…

  162. That’s exactly what this website is. But posting what comes across as “Waaaah…you didn’t post my puppy pics!” instead of simply appreciating a cute kitty picture doesn’t exactly seem like YOU’RE sharing the love either, does it?

    If you weren’t whining, I apologize. That’s just how it came across.

    If you WERE whining, then my statement stands.