The most popular bumper sticker so far is….


The Blue one!

Just sayin’.





  1. Oh! I liked the Paws Up one!

  2. I totally need one.

  3. I totally need one

  4. I liked the idea of changing the signage to be so that others could clearly read it and come into our world of cuteness!
    and yes, I think blue is the best. It’s a bit pricey to buy one and send to Australia though. (heavy sigh)

  5. I ordered teh pink one :O

  6. *
    Hi Meg & All!

    This is my FIRST visit to this site – and I think it’s great! I’m sure it’s very popular but I’ll be sending your link to my friends and family today. What a cute sticker!

    QUESTION of the DAY!

  7. firefinch says:

    I think a hedgie would fit nicely into the “o,” or maybe a marmalade kitten. I’d actually prefer a bunny, but the ears might not work if you’re going for something roundish.

    It might be nice to donate a portion of the proceeds to some critter-related organization, such as the Humane Society. (If this is already being done, please forgive me, I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere.)

  8. I like all of them! And you can’t have a CO bumpahstickah without cute colors, so guys need to just adapt.

    Welcome to the menagerie, M from the F!

    Meg, a little ducklette or chickie would be good for the “O”!

  9. my fave is the pink one, but i’m waitin to buy until i see a kitteh in the “o”! Or maybe for a t-shirt!!

  10. Beauregard says:

    It’s the “masculine” color. I’m SURE that’s why.

  11. Root n toot for the boogie-woogie blue of ‘CO’mpany ‘B’umper sticker.

    Michael-From-The-Future – AKA “Marty McFly”? No matter. Welcome aboard.

  12. FireFinch — you may be thinking of the “YAY” and “Superfluff” merch I was doing on my own. (Still waiting for that check from CafePress.) But I’ve spoken w/Meg & she’s interested in charitable giving too.

  13. If it came in green, I’d paper my walls with them.

    I’m gonna order a few on payday, anyway. In blue.

  14. Oh, and what about “Honk-shu if like CuteOverload”?

  15. greenighs — brilliant slogan.

  16. greenighs – LOVE that slogan… what an awesome bumper sticker that would make. I would totally order that.

  17. i’m waiting for other animals too.

  18. That is my Fave colour, too.

  19. What about

    “I brake for…
    …Teh Qte”

    “If you can read this, you’re too prosh”
    “No hand signals – driver snorgling”
    “Mirror Snorgle Maneuvre”

  20. firefinch says:

    Thanks, Theo, I think I remember that now. And I second jaypo’s vote for ducklettes.

  21. Beauregard says:

    greenighs, that is BRILLIANT, however, I would use the word LOVE not just like.

  22. Oh Teeee Jaaay —


  23. Teh-0! How could I forget the puddins?!
    “This vehicle equipped with on-board puddinkwerferschnorglekanonen.”

  24. Greenighs & TJ – great slogans!

  25. TJ — I like it… except it’d cover my whole bumper (and part of the quarter panel).

  26. Stephanie C. says:

    How about some of those static-cling sticker-thingies? (Technical term, of course.) As much as I want everyone to know about my endless devotion to Cute Overload, I hate to put that adhesive on my car. I would definitely be the first one to buy a static sticker, though…the blue one would match perfectly!

  27. This suddenly came to mind the perfect thng for the o of overload

  28. Dewi — good catch!

  29. Or, for the “o,” the “crop circle” of lab puppies.

  30. Wear ’em with pride. Sweet.

  31. We should gather up all our favoritest photos and do a calendar…or note cards…via Cafe Press. Whatcha’ think??

    [Is this the appropriate thread, Theo? I stand corrected]

  32. MC2 — sure… just so y’know, though, simply picking the pix isn’t enough to start using ’em in teh merch. Gotta make sure we have the OK from the original owner(s), gotta make sure they’re appropriate graphics for the format, gotta do the tweaking/designing, etc. Lots of stuff that requires time that Meg & I don’t have loads of.

    BUT HAVING SAID THAT… simply put, the merch must flow. And so shall it be.

  33. LOVE the bumper stickers! I want to get a car just to be able to use one – or I’ll just stick one on my forehead 🙂

  34. It IS a great slogan, but not mine! Somebody else came up with it a while ago, can’t find the orignal post *shakes fist at search engine*