Redonkulous Panditude

Um, MIRRORED Pandas!?

Especially imagery that involves Rule #7?!

Please, it’s too early in the morning for this.

  Like mom like son 
  Originally uploaded by somesai.


  1. why can’t pandas be domestic animals? I really don’t that is too much to ask. Who doesn’t want one of these crawling up on the couch to watch grey’s anatomy with them?

  2. awwwww! *happy sigh*

  3. jenn, you’re absolutely right!!it’s like a super-sized stuffed animal that can keep you warm!!! kitties are much too small for that job.and they’re sooo friendly!! =)

  4. too cute…

  5. AND, whoever took this pic doesn’t believe in pr0n!! see? using a computer, they must’ve put in a realistic looking plant just to cover miss panda’s butt!!!!!

  6. You’re right, Rosie… no p4nda pr0n on Teh Qte™.

    (I wonder what the NSA eavesdroppers will make of THAT little datum. Heh.)

  7. 20513! 7830!

  8. i bet pandas are vicious in real life.

    “i’m in ur garden stealin’ ur bamboo”

  9. They’re too prosh to even acknowledge the camera.

  10. Ee! Panda butt!

    I spend so much time at the National Zoo’s site watching Tai Shan and his Momma Mei…ever since he was a teeny little guy. Now he’s gotten so big!

  11. Sigh. SO anerable, it makes my eyes water!

  12. marsheeeee says:

    I do too, Layla42. However, now there’s a baby girl panda cam at the Atlanta zoo: .
    She’s only a few months old, just got her name Mei Lan (which means Atlanta Beauty) and she’s just now starting to walk. Maybe we can work up a betrothal between Tai and Mei?

  13. Pandas in the mornin’, pandas in the evenin’, pandas at suppertime…
    The NY-based UK Qte Contingent is going to Washington DC this weekend, ostensibly to visit Your Nation’s Capital but in reality to go visit with DA BABY PANDA! Paws UP!
    Advanced warning: there may be pictures…

  14. Pyrit — I can read that. Which is a little depressing.
    Maybe some governmental black box will come and “hire” me.

    So I’m off to now for attitude adjustment…

  15. …OMG. PandaFix ROCKS.

    (linked from a post on 12/16)

    Yeah, I’m better now.

    PS — anybody recognize the girl?

  16. Jenn your right, think about the health benefits, and it’s the perfect way to control invasive bamboo plants.
    TonyJames We expect pics, I’m sure mention its for the world famous CO and you will have a private photo shoot

  17. Hee! They look like those little Russian dolls that sit inside each other…*LOL* ^__^


  18. A full-sized panda might break the sofa. But a pygmy panda would hit the spot. Extra chub and fluff on mine, please.

  19. TJ, go ahead. Take your ‘pictures’. Am I afraid? Does mere pandamonium frighten me? Do I worry about pandamics? Of course not.

    Am I a fan of Tin Panda Alley? Of course.

    So do your worst.

  20. D2D – The spelling varies. Matreshka doll. I have a few. A panda matreshka doll is a great idea. So I Googled it and there they are on eBay. Of course.

  21. Ahhh Pandas. Just what I need.

    *snuggles upto imaginary panda and goes to sleep*

  22. Thanks DPOI — also from the Nat’l Zoo site, TAI SHAN PANDA CAM! (scroll down)

  23. I love this!! It made my day!!

  24. garyfixler says:

    Thanks for reminding me of my dream last night, wherein an enormous panda, bigger than my car, was laying facing away from me like a polar bear on its belly, legs tucked under it, and blocking the road, and I had to squeeze between him and another car, scraping against his fur, and hoping he wouldn’t get mad, and pummel my car as I did so!

  25. gary, you’ve been on the Qte too long…it’s getting thru yur head and into yur dreams…..

  26. Looks like panda-mom just missed a serious accident when she sat down.

  27. Pandas, pandas, pandas, pandas everywhere,
    There’s pandas on the table and there’s pandas on the stairs.
    Pandas on the sofa and there’s pandas on the floor,
    And there’s some new ones coming through the door…MORE?

  28. Pandas, pandas everywhere, and message boards did shrink…

    (*no* apologies to Coleridge)

  29. Day after day, day after day,
    We wait, for cutness’ potion;
    We wait, as our work ethics slip
    We clamor, raise a din – THEN:

    Pandas, pandas, everywhere!
    For CO hoardes to drink
    Pandas, pandas everywhere,
    From cuteness’ thirst we drink.


  30. …albatross!

  31. Peg of Tilling says:

    What flavor is it?

  32. Hey. Peg.

    It’s a bloody seabird.

  33. Peg of Tilling says:

    But what’s on the telly?

  34. My! BRAIN! Hurts!

  35. It’ll have to come out then.

  36. Theo?

    Is your name not Bruce?

  37. Good evening, and it’s time for the panda on top of your television to explode.

  38. I can’t think of a rime for albatross but maybe Kubla can.

  39. **BOOM**

    How’d he know it was going to do that?

  40. “And now…”

  41. …for something completely different.

  42. IT’S

  43. (“The Liberty Bell” by John Philip Sousa plays…)

  44. “And now…”

    No. 1…The Larch…

  45. …and Spam

  46. (Ta for the edit, Teho.)

    “Number 2…

    The Larch.”

  47. Layla:
    It was an inspired guess.

  48. and Pyrit, that was just AWFUL! If I could reach through the screen I would keeeel you.

  49. what about the boxes?? that’s a rule, isn’t it?

  50. Suda Nim – (putting arm on Suda’s shoulder) May I call you Suda? I’ve always liked you. Know that. From the start. We’ve got punthing in common.

  51. [glurp gulp BELLLCH]
    “…Heidegger Heidegger was a boozy beggar who could think you under the table…”

  52. (swigs absinthe)

    “David Hume could out consume Shoppenhauer and Hegel…”

    (looks around)

    Is this the University of Wallamalloo?

  53. There’s nothing like a bit of surrealism to end the day. Thanks guys! Now what was I doing?

  54. (stepping over Theo & Aubrey) Suda Nim, focus here. Well, what I’m saying is, you, me, HelenWheels, now that’s a good one, you see what I’m saying? We’re different. (gazing meaningfully out at the horizon, as if, as if, it’s a brand new day, full of puntential, and, and endless punsibilities.)

  55. pistache268 says:


  56. (stands up suddenly and pun-ches pyrit “playfully”)

  57. Aubrey, Boxing Day was over 2 weeks ago. Does that ring a bell?

  58. Aubrey isn’t British, Pyrit. That was a low blow.

  59. I remember exactly when I realized I’d missed Boxing Day. I had an Epiphany 5 days ago.

  60. Canadians have Boxing Day, too…

  61. Shouldn’t CO have a ‘Tocks-ing Day?

  62. There are never enough pandas.

  63. “Rocky” Day? But would it be Rocky II, III, IV…?

  64. Best we leave well enough Stallone.

  65. “Thuffering thuccotash”.

  66. Of course you may call me Suda. And have you met my brother, Mr. Fed?

  67. Happy to meet your brother. Care to introduce your Pop?

  68. I suda known better.


  70. What’s a little scary is that I’ve used this screen name so long (more than a decade), that if someone called to me on the street with it I’d turn and look…..

  71. Theo – You don’t sound well. Here, have a suda cracker.

    Suda Nim – Sing it with me (playing air drums):
    “Oh sussudio I just say the word
    Oh sussudio I’ll say the word
    Sussudio oh oh oh!
    Just say the word!”

  72. Pyrit — what I couldn’t mention while I was AAAAAAAGHing, was the Richard #&@%ing Marx song that your earlier comment kicked into my head. Phil Collins is a relative BLESSING (or perhaps just a faded memory).

  73. Theo – THANK YOU for handing me that one! (taking Silver Platter) Thank you. Lessee, there’s the “First” thing and now, Richard Marx…