This pup has got to be the most ridiculous thing going—with all those baked on, caked on snow globules in every crevice and paw.


We KNOW he loves snow, Sarah H. Now he could use some pup-sized windshield wipers for snow removal on his doggles.



  1. Poor guy! He has to crunch his way to see clearly!

  2. LOL, poor pupster! He must have had a BALL playing in the snow, though!

    Time for a warm bath, a warm blanky, a warm lap, and a nice crackly fire to nap by. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh……….

  3. Doggles? As in Dog goggles!?!/ Lolz Meg you are too much. Yay for first post again!

  4. I knew meg would do it some one say you can’t get thing that are cuter, and She does

  5. I crave doggles says:

    Doggles do in fact exist:

  6. With this cutie out there picking up all the snow, who needs to shovel the walks?

  7. Arvay – Can I say it for you? Please? “First!”

    Arvay, go to A Blonde on his Arm. Looky what you started.

  8. Emily Anonymous says:

    Yeah, this reminds me of my dog, who also gets snowball feet when she plays in it. Sadly there is no snow in Texas where I now live. I miss it.

  9. firefinch says:

    He looks like someone attacked him with a can of Christmas tree flocking.

  10. i agree that doggles is the greatest thing i’ve ever heard.

  11. Someone’s been chasing snowblowers instead of cars.

  12. Pyrit, you are blaming me for teho’s flights of looniness?

  13. Karen in Toronto says:

    He’s wondering why he’s so tired.

  14. He looks like some sort of Star Wars creature.

  15. Oh my gah! Put him in the mud room until he melts!!!

  16. Aww. Reminds me of my ole’ minature poodle Rusty who loved the snow.

    On snow days we’d spend the first few hours shoveling out to the nearest tree. Then taking the dog out to said tree. Then melting him out in front of a space heater with paper towels and blankets. By the time he was warm and dry, it was time to go out again!

    You gotta wonder what exactly they smell in snow. You’d think it would all smell the same and the odors below it were there yesterday.

  17. Ah, this so reminds me of my dog, Ovid – only he was black. He loved the snow.

  18. “He looks like someone attacked him with a can of Christmas tree flocking.”

    I demand to see flocked ‘tocks. Forthwith.

  19. Arvay — just don’t go there. Please.

    Le Chien de Neige here has clearly been galumphing in the drifts. [POUF]

  20. SNOW-MUPPY!!

  21. blueberries4me says:

    I know it’s just me but as cute as that dog is I can’t stand to look at those balled up snow globules. There’s something about this type of visual that is revolting to me. It’s the same with Van Gogh’s pointilism methods.

    Am I a weirdo?

  22. leprechaun says:

    Pupsicle! I love it! XD

  23. horrifying and unsettling. i can never visit this site again or i will be driven completely insane.

  24. thedistractor says:

    I’m trying to figure out how the snow ended up in round globular things on his feet. I’m from Alabama, and snow is as alien as a Boston accent.

  25. Ben — TOO LATE!

    For me, I mean. Bleen.

  26. NebraskaErin says:

    Reminds me of my mom’s pup, who experienced her first snow on New Year’s Day. She likes to galumph through the drifts, gulping snow as she goes.

  27. HAHAHA! looks like marshmallows. Best day on CO eevveerrrr!

  28. encarnita says:

    neither my dog and me have never seen the snow… i would like!

  29. That little doggy is cute and he likes to play outside!

    It’s day-old snow onto which the sun has shined at around 32 degrees. When that happens, it globulates into semi-ice balls.

    Snow only stays fluffy when it’s really really cold, like 15 or 20 degrees.

    C’mon up hill to the Carolina mountains – we got snow yesterday!

  30. That’s a Wheaten pup! I have two, and they get crazy iceballs on their paws and snozzes too. and bellies. and ‘tocks. It’s an extra-special treat that comes with their fur!

  31. Like the minature poodle, Sophie loves the snow too and although her snowballs aren’t near as large as Sarah’s big guys, there are just as many. Seems like no sooner do we get the blow dryer turned off and it’s time to go out and play some more. =)

  32. I love a good snow and looks like this guy does too!

  33. Elizabeth B says:

    This little wheaten pup and my keeshond would be the BESTEST friend. Her favorite thing to do when it snows is plow tunnels with her head.

  34. Arvay Pyrit,
    Theo lost his mind a while back in a unusual household accident

  35. OH MY GOODNES. That is soo cute but yet funny =] [laughs out loud] I think that dog looks hilarous! He has got tons of snow on his legs! -grabs sketch book-

  36. blueberries4me says:

    Theo – Lucky for you Georges Seurat’s pointillism doesn’t bother me as much. Or else you would have suffered my great wrath of…nothingness. I am not as evil as you 🙂

    Don’t you ever just see a pattern (even in nature) and just hated it? yuck.

  37. It’s like he’s saying “Hey, is someone takin a picture of me? Hey – HEEY!!! I can hear you – but I can’t see you!!!!”

  38. The Guy Over There says:

    All someone needs now is, in a big caption under the dog, “0WN3D.”

  39. Rather than repulsed, bb4m, I am strangly fascinated by these (not so) tiny baubles on his doggles.

    And as for Seurat, I’m in favor of any rat who expresses an interest in arts:

    (delibe-rat mispronounciation, sorry)

  40. “Don’t you ever just see a pattern (even in nature) and just hated it?”

    blueberries4me, yes. The six-legged, antenna-waving pattern freaks me out.

  41. Reminds me of the winter days we used to have up here in Northern Europe…*sigh* I want snow 😦 Cute doggy, though 😀

  42. OMG! This reminds me of my parents’ old dog, Ginger. She grew up in Connecticut and loooved to play in the snow, but when she finally came inside she’d be so freezing and miserable that they had to — no joke — dry her off with a hair dryer.

    Our second cocker spaniel, Lucy, was different — she adored being towel-dried. 🙂

  43. I think it looks like he is wearing some sort of high-fashion boots, like Ughs but much more space-age. I’d wear them!

    (Del – in New England, USA, we just had our first snow – just 1/2 an inch, which melted. Sigh.)

  44. Righteous, LC. But the pattern it makes on the bottom of my shoe is much nicer.

  45. Dog: “Take it again, my eyes were closed in that one!”

  46. random girl says:


  47. I hear Disney calling!

  48. Dingleberries!!! And, I can just *see* that li’l snow booger there flitting up n down with each sniff.

  49. oooooh – all of you – *stop* wishing for snow!
    Here in lovely mid MI we have *none*! And that is just *fine*!!

  50. Haha, that’s great. When a dog loves snow so much, they ignore the rules of grooming and make a living nightmare for their owners! I LOVE dog-snow booties… but I HATE getting it all off of them before it melts into a puddle on the floor.

  51. Dewi — heh, that link will only work for folks I have in my Vox neighborhood. (I don’t generally show my face to the whole darn internet, y’see.)

  52. Long time CO lover, first-time commenter. This photo made me laugh out loud, which I really needed right then. Thanks for a sanity-saver.

  53. *snarf!* I love it! He looks so puzzled, like, “Why can’t I see? Heeeeelp!” But he’s obviously been outside enjoying the snow in a particularly boisterous way. Nothing sad about it!

  54. Theo sorry, you shouldn’t be shy about your facail hair it makes you look very cute some how?

  55. Heh Doggles. I think that’s the perfect name.

  56. thedistractor- You should come watch my dog, Georgia. She knows Boston accents as well as she knows snow. She’ll romp for hours while we shovel, and end up looking like the abominable snowpup. Unfortunately the globules are more like ice than snow in the paw pads- ouch. I suspect that may be the basis of the “cute or sad” comments?

  57. Send your unwanted snow to Texas. Some of us weirdos down here actually LIKE the stuff. 🙂

  58. Blueberries4me– I feel revolted also. Does the sight of spores on the underside of fern leaves also get you?

  59. Grumblecakes says:

    All someone needs now is, in a big caption under the dog, “0WN3D.”

    You mean, “SNOW’N3D”!!!
    Ha ha!!! Kill me.

  60. Madame Sosostris says:

    Blueberries, you know what? I was just thinking the same thing about the snowballs. I haven’t a clue why, but they creep me out! I really think this is an awfully cute pup, though, and he’s clearly had a great time in the snow.

    Oh, and I know I’m a weirdo, so yeah, you probably are too. 😉

  61. little gator says:

    he has Clydesdale feet!

  62. Does anybody know what type or breed of dog that is? My dog looks almost EXACTLY like that one! It’s really strange because my pooch is a mixed-breed of a mixed-breed!!

  63. LessStellar says:

    Oh my god. That isn’t cute at all. I’m a little shocked the owner stopped to grab a camera. Dogs get frostbite when that happens. Snows PACKED AGAINST THEIR SKIN. This “cute” borders a lot closer to “cruel”

  64. Just think of the amputations… the prosthetics… and OMG, the lawsuits…

  65. i lol-ed.

  66. T, think of the PAW-suits!

    (unless you were trying not to)

  67. whump! whump! *that* was snowballs hitting the backs of Theo and Aubrey’s heads! Hiiiieeeeyaaaahh!!!! Grin

  68. Whut the!!! Snow??
    [shakes head]
    You do know I’m packin’ Puddin’ Pops, Pyrit…?

  69. Less has never owned a Huskie! Sure, living a fair weather dog all night in the snow is cruel, but a short romp through the snow is fun and good exercise for an indoor hound!

    I just waiting for doogie to go:


  70. blueberries4me says:

    M. – Yes! I hate the underside of fern leaves whenever I get bouquets of flowers. I feel the need to rip them out. There’s something inherently repulsive about it. I thought it was just me. 🙂

  71. (runs after pyrit with cigarette lighter)

    Time to slam-ikin you with my ramekins of puddin!

  72. chumblefuzz says:

    A very appropriate ration of cute for today. Here is Saskatchewan we have a blizzard. This pup looks like he’d enjoy it.

  73. [pulls up FTD Online]
    [ships Bluberries a bouquet]
    […5 full pounds of bundled Baby’s Breath]

  74. this is cute snow action:)

  75. OMG puppy makes me feel soooooo nice & coooool, it’s currently 33deg C (90ish F) here in Melbourne & it’s only 10:23am

  76. He really is in need of some doggles. Like, now.

  77. Soooo… I gather it’s “Chilli” as in “Chili Pepper” rather than “Cold”, then.

    Pyrit, since you’ve got the snowballs, think you can hit Melbourne?

  78. Moonboots : )

  79. Brenda had a dog named Ovid?!? Whee! My favorite Roman poet! (Sorry for the dorkiness).

    I love this pic. Dogs have so much fun in snow. They get almost as excited as the 7th graders in my school were today when they saw the FIRST snow of the year here in NYC. Something is very very wrong when we’re having 72 degree days in January…

  80. Ha – ha, I laugh in the general direction of your puddin’! Ha ha. (perplexedly watching Aubrey flick her Bic).

  81. Teho said: Soooo… I gather it’s “Chilli” as in “Chili Pepper” rather than “Cold”, then.

    You got that right my friend.

    Can someone use the puddin’pult for them snowballs & send ’em my way??

  82. Oh, stop your Bic-kering!

    (cranks puddin-pault with one hand, while waving lighter to keep pyrit at bay, a la Indiana Jones)

  83. Theo – Melbourne? Wagga Wagga maybe, or Tuross Head.

    Aubrey – Ye bettah Zippo up. Incoming! Splat!

  84. OMG! He is so cute! how did you get him to stand still long enough to get the pic??

    to cute!

  85. This dog is a soft coated Wheaten Terrier…I had 2, if you all remember I lost Chewie to our pool in August but, Princess Leah is doing better..she still misses her sister very much! Princess Leah loves cold weather, no snow here in Northern CA but, this cold weather we are having is heaven to her! Love the pic Meg, thanks….makes me want hot cocoa and a fireplace!

  86. I laughed so hard – that poor poochie…!

    I’m home sick with the flu and this was a nice lift. Thanks, CO!

  87. CO can always lift your spirits…hope you are better soon, that flu sucks….

  88. this is the sweetest blog. I am so happy I found it!

    I have a hellnine, too, a bouvier. such a honey. he’s a great son. one day, I fully expect him to run for president and win!

    darling photos. SO SWEET!!!!

  89. chunkstyle says:

    All I can think of is calling out, “Snowy!” and then seeing some surprise lines coming out of the dogs head 🙂
    It doesn’t work in the French version though…

  90. reminds me of a joke:

    Q: how do you tell a snow man from a snow woman?

    A: check for snowballs.

    my cairn terrier (100 pounds of dog in a 20 pound body) gets this too. then he waddles.

  91. It’d be nice to see my dog pact with all that snow lol. I love this picture.

  92. i love the snow booger.

  93. blueberries4me- delurking to let you know that there are a lot of people in the world that feel that way about weird organic patterns. i felt the same way about the globules on this very cute doggy and there was a turtle on baaaaabyanimals once that almost gave me nightmares from his very weird, 3-d shell pattern.

    but, just out of curiousity… blueberries are sort of globule-esque. what’s up with that?

  94. Smooph — they don’t grow in bunches, though. Blueberries, I mean.

  95. P. Erasmus says:

    My dog has this too. Except it’s brown. Dark brown and only around the fur on his butt. I’ll take a picture and post it here.

  96. LMAO

  97. bumblebee says:

    Blueberries et al – yep i am repulsed also. I believe it is known as “cluster-phobia” and I certainly have it!
    Cute pup tho

  98. acelightning says:

    If I had lots of thick fluffy fur, I’d want to roll in the snow too. As a matter of fact, even though I *don’t* have lots of thick fluffy fur, I wish I had some snow to roll in…

  99. useta hada kitteh says:

    Chumblefuzz — do you think we could pudding-pult a bunch of snow to these peeps who keep saying they actually want the stuff??? I’m not in the blizzard zone (yet) but sheesh, it’s more than even this puppers could handle.

    (And I keep waiting for the snow-doggy to shake-shake-shake and snow will come out of my ‘puter!)

  100. P. Erasmus says:
  101. P. Erasmus says:
  102. P. Erasmus says:
  103. P. Erasmus says:
  104. but theo, they are if you put them in a bowl. or a cobbler. 🙂

    bumblebee, thanks for the “cluster-phobia” thought- someone told me it was cyclo-phobia, which is fear of circular things- so not the same thing!

    wow, two posts for me! pretty soon i will be addicted to the commenting too. noooo!

  105. Now those are some cool snow balls. Looks like somebody had a little too much fun.
    ——————————————– – We Love Animals

  106. this brings back fond memories..i had a wheaton terrier just like him, and i remember max doing the same thing, hehe, the face caused by “fooffing” his face in the snow

  107. That’s too funny. Poor doggie can’t see! 🙂

  108. smooph (here’s another one for you!)-

    I always find that cobblers are always a shoe-in for a win at any county fair.

  109. On a related note, the irrational fear of Washington DC is known as “clusterphuxia”.

  110. ~groans at aubrey~

    ~agrees with theo~ (although, i thought i think the fear might be a rational one.)

  111. (rapidly approaching cloppety-cloppety, louder and louder) galloping past Aubrey and grabbing her cigarette lighter! Calling back over shoulder, “All’s *fair* in hoove and spur!”

  112. Awww, Benji’s in full-out snow bunny mode, and that makes me smile. 🙂

  113. I especially love the ice booger.

  114. THAT looks just like what our old doge used to look like when it snowed. She would shove her face down into snowbanks. Weird, but entertaining!

    Then she would come in and pick them off, one by one and eat them! LOL

  115. (bridling at being saddled with such a tyrannical, pyrit-ical annoyance)

    OK – that does it! I’m going old school!

  116. I’m in Australia – I have never seen anything like this!
    How long would this puddy have to play in the snow for iceballs like these to form? How would he get them on his face – snuffling in the snow? Wouldn’t the cold hurt his paws?
    We shaved our Cairn x Poodle yesterday, but he’s still lying flat on the floor, panting in the heat. I cannot imagine him covered in snow balls (even though he’s the same colour as this fellow) – and I expect that he couldn’t, either!

  117. Erasmus… why. Ugh, I clicked on the bjorkdman one. My scalp just prickled and goosebumps !!!

  118. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    lokks like meringue and sugar frosting to me.

  119. the13thrabbit says:

    One word:


  120. blueberries4me said:

    “I know it’s just me but as cute as that dog is I can’t stand to look at those balled up snow globules. There’s something about this type of visual that is revolting to me. It’s the same with Van Gogh’s pointilism methods.

    Am I a weirdo?”

    Oh wow. Then I’m a weirdo, too! I’ve never even attempted to explain that kind of squickiness to anyone because I thought it was so bizarre.

    You know what’s in the same category to me? Pictures of deserts where the dirt is all dried and has a million cracks. Makes me itch just looking at it.

    I am truly bizarre, yes.


  121. And, yes, spores on the underside of ferns drive me nuts, too.

    God, I feel so great now! I’m not the only freak!

    p.s. the dog is cute.

  122. I’ve always wondered why the snow always makes such perfect little balls on animals.
    Must feel cool and nice for the dog.

    There’s only one thing I can’t stand looking at really and that’s little holes that are close together.
    There’s that one frog that carries it’s eggs/babies on it’s back in little holes and I always almost puke when I see a picture of one. =x
    Another fugly thing is lotus seeds ><

  123. chumblefuzz says:

    I’m with useta hadda kitteh on this one. All you snow wanters can come collect some from us, if you’re feeling lacking.

  124. I see nothing!!!

  125. Frozen Wasteland says:

    Ha! This always happens to my shelties on long walks. Romeo loves to stick his face in the snow. The snow balls are akin to ice – they’re very hard to get off!

  126. Awwww, whadda sweetie! This could also be a brown Bearded Collie pup, at around 6 months – 1 year old. Beardies are famous for loving the snow, and for getting those big ol’ snow clumps all over themselves while they’re bouncing around in delight. My Beardie, Dibley (aka Mr. Dibs, Dibbles, and the Dibmeister 3000), needs to wear his booties in the winter to prevent just this kind of clumpy goofiness.

  127. alivicwil—-*Waves from Maryland to Australia*—The snow probably got stuck to his fur and kept getting bigger. Like making a snowman— you start with just a small snowball and roll it in the snow–sticks to itself and becomes bigger. I guess he was snorfing around in the snow to get all that on his face or check out the reflection of the fence in the door. Probably stuck his snout thru one of those holes. LOL. He’s so cool about it. Looks like “SO WHAT?!”


    Now this guy is cute. 🙂

  129. LOL @ Blueberries’ “Pointillist” Puppeh.

    I hope he doesn’t end up with a cold, though. Redonkute.

  130. Quite possibly one of my most favorite images from this site of all time. So many great pictures here- I’ve been checking out CO for a year or so. But this really takes the cake. I crack up every time I look at it. I just love it! Thanks for posting!

  131. This is such a fantastic picture! He looks like some sort of space-age robot dog 😛 My uncle’s English Springer Spaniel gets covered in snowballs like this in the winter, too; it’s impossible not to laugh when you see him romping around like that, happy as can be. Oh, and BTW, Doggles are an actual product: I’m thinking of getting some for my Boston Terrier when I take him out on the lake this summer.

  132. blueberries4me says:

    Phew, it’s nice to finally put a name to this feeling. Clusterphobia, and I’m not the only one, yay!

  133. nermalkitty says:

    i have 2 older kitties. they luv to go out and potty & wee in the snow. bam-bam will plant his front feet and turn around in a complete circle kicking the snow back out behind him. then he’ll draw himself up as tall as he can in the middle of the dusted circiel, with his tail sticking straight out and up and wee-wee. then he’ll sniff it – and jump 3 feet straight up like he’s been shot with a dart in his nether region – and run, well like a scaredy cat. hilarious. wish i could get it on video.

  134. LOL!! Oh my goodness! I love snow-doggies; they always get snow all over themselves

  135. I am IN LOVE with this picture!!!! So much hair and snow!

  136. he’s wearing doggie uggs!

  137. I’m in New Jersey, and sadly, it’s halfway through January and IT HASN’T SNOWED! It makes me sad. I want snow. I want a snowday. I bet DOGGIE has a snow day!

  138. Omg it looks like he has snow tumors! Eww..

  139. Hehehehe, such a long-suffering, “WHY did you throw that snowball at me?”, okay-I’ll-tolerate-it-this-once, look on his fluffy face… even though that’s probably not what happened, it still makes me giggle to think so.

  140. [ka-snerk] “snow tumors” [bphphbbt] LOL

  141. Audrey-
    Hey, I’m in *Berkeley* and they say it may snow here tonight.
    What gives?
    (Though when we went to NYC over the holidays it was lovely and balmy, and we never got to wear our bought-for-the-trip gloves.
    Maybe tonight….)

  142. is cluster-phobia an actual legitimate fear?
    because i too am definitely creeped out
    by the perfect little balls.
    it’s just… icky.

    i didn’t want to comment
    and be a downer, but now
    i know that others see
    it too! how odd.

  143. Wheaten Terriers rock!

  144. 😀 Poor doggie – but I bet it was worth it!

  145. No you’re not the only “clusterphobic” I am one too. I absolutely abhor strange textures, dots, things bunched together. UGH!!
    Look at this website: