Ear span: 1.5 feet

"Little chick this is Big Eagle, OVER. We have lift off, OVER."


Position Two: Aerodynamic, landing mode
Ear span: .2 feet

"Little chick this is Big Eagle, OVER. We are in stealth mode, approaching water landing. Our ears are folded, OVER"


Happy landings, "Amadeus" the Dachschund and Sender-Inner Andrea K.



  1. holy jeez that’s so cute! dachsunds are the best! ‘i’m the king of the world even if my legs are 2 inches long!’

  2. Oh my God! LMAO!!! What a wonderful way to begin the workday 🙂 Thanks C.O.!

  3. love the ears. I can just imagine the look of pure joy on pupper’s face. Too cute

  4. I want to know where that beautiful lake is!

  5. All I can say is: weeeeeee!
    For a cute baby ocelot fix check out my site devoted to animal news —

  6. So cute! Dachshund ears are the best kind of ear ever, with Bassett Hound ears coming in at a close second. And the song “Do your ears hang low” comes to mind…

  7. I am blinded by the cuteness! Those ears are magnificent!

  8. NebraskaErin says:

    The first picture is cracking me up! Not even a ripple on that lake, but look at the height on those floopy ears! It’s like when Snoopy was surprised and his ears would go straight up.

  9. Fix That Dogs Ears In The Second Picture

  10. My hubby thinks I’m mad because I snorted tea on my monitor. Love the first pic.

  11. Hihhih! Lovely, large ears flapping in the wind. It must be fun to watch these liftoffs and landings live.

  12. Holy crap that’s awesome. EARSSSSSS!!!

    That’s a really nice setting, too. Reminds me of Boy Scouts (er, the good parts).

  13. Cap’n Puuup the sailor dog even has a tattoo. See in pic 2 in the right ear? Probably a nautical code for Betty Boop.

  14. Peg of Tilling says:

    In pic 3 (not shown) Amadeus is in a dockside bar, rippling his ear to make the tattoo dance. Since it’s only code for Betty Boop it’s a very conceptual performance.

    The ears in pic 1 make me want to say “Wheeee!” And Amadeus: most perfect name ever.

  15. OMG the earsies!!! LOL!

  16. I love it! I love it when my pupper’s ears do this – he’s a Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen – so they’re sorta basset-y. But they do the stand at attention sideways thing great!

  17. You just KNOW he feels swell…

  18. If we’re calling out great ear types, I have to add teh beagle! Theys so soft and silkies!

  19. Adorable ears. Whats with the tatoo?? Is that like a tracking thing in case the dog gets lost??

  20. samsuma – you’re exactly right.

  21. rpennefe, I totally agree on adding beagle ears! My beagle’s ears do the straight-out flappy thing when he’s picked up a scent on the wind – he lifts his little nose in the air, his ears flap out into a straight line, he crouches down and wiggles his butt and then BOOM! He’s off like shot.

    I think these pictures might be my favorite CO post ever. They’re in competition with the Jekyll/Hyde pup post.

  22. BWAAHAHAHA! My Mom’s Dach/PitBull has ears like that. My favorite thing is to gently pinch the loose skin on the top of his head and make his oversize ears go “flap flap flap”…He actually enjoys that!


  23. such lurvely earsies!
    I must nibble on them…

    I bet there was a wonderful doggy-grin on puppers face too.

  24. Rpennefe, I am right there with you on the Beagle Ears!! I have a Beagle mutt and I always want to cram his sweet earsies right into my mouf. I would also like to chew on Amadeus’ for a bit as well. Absolute Heaven

  25. HAHAHA! This is an INCREDIBLE set of pictures, and an excellent narration job! Seriously one of my all-time favorites.

    Also, weighing in on the ear vote, Beagle ears are DEFINITELY awesome. I’m also a fan of Brittany Spaniel ears — so soft and crimpy. Fantastic!

  26. Mrskittycats says:

    Couldn’t be cuter or truer!!

  27. U-Boat Kommandant says:

    Periscope up! … heheheheh … it appears this little U-boat kommandant loves the water as much as mine does! … if anybody’s on the Sea-Doo’s … he is too, ear’s a flappin’! … Dachsies Rule!

  28. “Wheee!”

    Great caps, Meg.

    When I was a kid (I’m ashamed to admit) we had a beagle/spaniel/Lab mix who was extraordinarily goofy looking, with very long ears. We used to tie them back with a hair scrunchie and laugh at her.

  29. Haaa! Love his life jacket!

    My grandma had a wonderful dachsund, Muffin, and her ears ALWAYS went inside-out when she ran.

  30. eikoleigh says:

    That it too cute! The captions are hilarious, I laughed so hard!


    Speaking of tattoos, one of my poosy cats has a tattoo inside her ear too. It was an identifying mark from her previous life as a test kitty for pet pharmaceuticals, bless her heart.

  32. Okay…there have to be some other Eddie Izzard fans looking at this and thinking, “Speedboat! Let’s go for a speedboat – and we can get all the animals with long ears and they can sit along the side and let their ears go [flap flap flap], ‘cos they like that…”

  33. anna maria says:

    I love you, C.O. people!

  34. Elizabeth says:

    “It’ll make great photos for the Bible…” (in Sean Connery accent). Good call, Amy!!

  35. You know, I just don’t think it gets any better than this.

  36. Bwahahaha! that’s hilar. The lake is beautiful…it almost makes me wanna say it’s Stoney Lake in the Kwarthaas, in Ontario (Canada). Maybe I’m just missing the cottage since my hubby and I haven’t been up there in 2 years since moving down to the US 😦 Maybe this year I gets to go!

  37. I have a dachsie and his ears do that too when he sticks his head out of the car window. We call it Batman Ears.

  38. Banshee Fay says:

    😀 First time comment, but when I saw some of the comments, I just had to laugh!

    “Long ears, along the side, please….”

    I love Eddie! 🙂

  39. Doesn’t anyone else find ears bent back annoying? My husband would do that to our Schnoodle (Pebbles)and i would go insane.

  40. I’d like to see this live-action. Andrea, do you have a web cAm-adeus?

  41. Armstrong would comment: “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Beagle has landed.”

  42. LOL, Vorbis. Perfect!

  43. For a second there I thought it was a moose!

  44. I totally snorted in laughter when I read those captions. SNORTED, people. Now my cat thinks I’m strange.

  45. Amanda, he thought that already. He was just more able to cover it up. Sorry to be the one to tell you.

  46. Um, Fly Like a Beagle?????

  47. Peg of Tilling says:

    His name is Amadeus but when he speaks he says “Bach Bach.”

  48. Oh this is my new favorite CO post! Those ears are so beautiful!

    Roberta: I can always tell when my slovenly old dog has recently gotten a “bath” from my fastidious younger dog. His ears will be inside out and spit-polished to a glossy pink sheen. So cute.

  49. Hmm, I seem to recall some digital magic of yours, Michelle, which involved ears…

  50. Love the Eddie Izzard references…

    All I could think of when I saw this series of photos was:


  51. Brak_Silverbone says:

    There’s something very Zenlike about the first photo, with the lake as smooth as glass, and yet the dog’s ears are all aflap, as if in a stiff breeze.

    Too bad we can’t see his fact–I bet his face is cute too! 🙂

  52. Peg.

  53. Hahaha!!! This is too funny! The caption is PERFECT as usual! I’d like to see his face but would hate to disturb him in the middle of a landing.

  54. U-Boat Kommandant says:

    If you really want to know what his face looks like … check it out in your side mirror when the window is down … or the glass buildings you’re driving by …

    On an unusually nice day last winter I was driving in downtown Minneapolis with the window down and my dappled dachsie, Oskar, on my leg with his head out the window, “bat ears” flappin’ ala the first picture … People were driving by just cracking up and especially at stoplights … I figured it was cute but didn’t realize the full extent …

    He turned around to look at me and his lips were caught on his incisors with a true to life double Elvis sneer like you wouldn’t believe … I had to pull over to wipe the tears out of my eyes I was laughing so hard … What a day not to have a camera handy!

    Once you have a ear flapper whether dachsie, bassett, beagle, whatever … you won’t be able to live without one … 😉

  55. Wow. Now that’s an earspan!

  56. The Guy Over There says:

    I never would have imagined McDonald Douglass to be a dog lover until now.

  57. The ears. Wooohooo!

  58. Thanks Laurie!

  59. army_kitten says:

    when i saw these photos i actually put my hand over my mouth and made some kind of mmmmmm!ing sound that i cannot explain. so cute, it hurts to look!

    also, the eddie izzard references… i can go to bed happily now. my day is complete.

  60. My guess: Swedish lake, Swedish ear tattoo, Swedish dachsie!

  61. owwww! I love it!

  62. HEAD POINTAGE ALERT! I cannot even HANDLE that first photo — note the very important teeny tiny point at the center top of his perfect head. Too TOO much!

  63. OK, I have been a lurker for a LONG time and love this site. But after coming back to the site after having my Internet down for two and a half days, I am now ready to admit that “My name is westiemom, and I am a cute overloadholic.”

    As I scrolled down through 2 days worth of posts I giggled harder and harder and when I got to this one I began chortling uncontrollably.

    Kittie bellies and close-up paws, snow-ball covered pups, and eagle’s wings ears . . . I’m a GONER!!!

  64. JuliaGoolia says:

    what a cutie!
    my guess is Lake Muskoka in Ontario. Maybe I’m just missing Ontario lakes, too, Sandy P. 🙂

  65. Hey, he looks just like our guy! We’ve never seen a dachshund with the same coloring. Check him out here, and send us an email to say hello ( Here’s some photos of him: