Yep, you take a size 9 Mens all right.

Amazing how Varmint Shoe Sniffers can smell a size in SECONDS!


Right, Tessa S.?! 😉



  1. So fluffy!

  2. ohh baby racoons are so cute!

  3. smells like a 8.5 wide!

  4. at first glance I thought it was a kitten. :o)

  5. Widdow hanz’n’feetz!

  6. I’m lovin’ the leeetle paws. This guy almost looks like he has opposable thumbs…no wonder they’re so good at getting into the garbage cans…

  7. Nike comes out with a new Raccoon shoe, amidst controversy. The Raccoon tends to climb up the pantleg and not stay on the foot.

  8. That is absolutely too cute!

  9. I’m starting to get worried that the fumes have knocked Rocky out. He hasn’t moved in a while. Hey, you okay, little guy?

  10. *deep inhaaaaalle*

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Loooove that stinky feetses smell! Gimme another hit…”

  11. Redzilla — Me too. Did the little guy pass out after one deep whiff?
    I had a cat that used to do that. He’d hit the ‘nip pretty hard, then pass out face-first into a sneaker.

    And I am loving this once and hour posting!! It’s making the day so much better with teh cuteness!

  12. I LOVE baby raccoons!

  13. Kitten? Raccoon? Widdle monkey? His little hands almost look like a monkey’s. But I don’t like monkeys, so I’m stickin’ with the raccoon theory.

  14. you guys r silly says:

    look at the teeny tiny baby *TAIL*. . . !!

  15. Dustbunny says:

    I’m in UR shooz, smellin’ your stinky feet.

  16. AliceTanzer says:

    Its the new Racoon shoe deoderant!
    If he passes out, you know you need some odor-eaters!

  17. Are you my mommy?

  18. At first look, I too thought it was a kitty. But the feet clued me in 😉 It’s a rat-coon, as my kids would say. 😀

  19. If he were sniffing my husband’s shoes…he’d have a terrible case of athletes nose!


  20. I don’t know, looks more to me like the end of a wild night of campsite raids.

    I think we’ve all been there.

  21. haha! my bunny used to love sniffing socks. and chewing on socks. and nibbling feet.

  22. Dirty little ringtailed insole huffer… and me without any puns for “prehensile”

  23. Prehuffsile?


  24. Hmm, not terrible… prehuffsole?
    I got nuthin.

  25. marsheeeee says:

    Several years ago I had a family of racoons coming around the house. They were after the cat food I’d leave out for a stray cat I was feeding (she eventually became part of my feline family…) Anyway, they would fight each other over the food, like siblings do. One of the little bitty ones grabbed hold of my pants leg (I was wearing blue jeans so no claws penetrated). Don’t know why I’m relating this, except to say that little bitty racoon was perfectly adorable, like this little cutie. (I know they can have rabies, so don’t anybody come on here and tell me my life was in mortal danger….)

  26. Pr-inhhale-sole?


  27. *gets Aubrey a sling for her lips*

  28. Ouch. Here try this:

    Ouch. Here try this:

    Now somewhere in the black mountain hills of Dakota
    There lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoo-oo-na
    And one day his shoe ran off with another guy
    Hit young Rocky in the eye
    Rocky didn’t like that
    He said I’m gonna get that shoe
    So one day he walked into town
    Booked himself a room in the local saloon.

    Rocky Raccoon checked into his room
    Only to find Gideon’s bible (shoes have soles y’know)
    Rocky had come equipped with a gun
    To shoot off the tongue of his rival
    His rival it seems had broken his dreams
    By stealing the shoe of his fancy.
    Her name was Sneaker and she called herself Lil
    But everyone knew her as Nike.
    Now she and her man who called himself Adidan
    Were in the next room at the Shoe Barn
    Rocky burst in and grinning a grin
    He said Danny boy this is a shoedown
    But Daniel was hot-he untied fast and shot
    And Rocky collapsed in the corner.

    Now the Dr. Schoal’s came in stinking of gin
    And proceeded to lie on the table
    He said Rocky you met your match
    And Rocky said, Doc it’s only a scratch
    And I’ll be better I’ll be better doc as soon as I am able.

    Now Rocky Raccoon he fell back in his room
    Only to find Gideon’s bible
    Gideon checked out and he left it no doubt
    To help with good Rocky’s sole revival.

  29. marsheeeee says:

    Good one, Pyrit!!!!! Yay, Beatles’ reference!!! (I had Ringo’s picture over my bed when I was 14 so I’d see his face when I woke up.)

  30. pyrit, that was Reebok!

    I mean, redonk.

  31. Once again pyrit shoes us how to rock n roll.

    I really Fila Adidas not have the talent that pyrit has.

    Converse-ly, I do have sole.

  32. You can have a raccoon for a pet??

  33. Lauri:

    Yeah, the Keds Are Alright.

  34. Yup, pyrit, in my mind, all raccoons are named Rocky, just as all skwerls are named Spiffy or Nutkin.

  35. dhr in the arboretum says:

    Further proof that babies are lovable no matter what; now I wants me one of these. Oy! (And they ARE prehensile…I’ve seen them open a trash can and peel a banana that was too ripe for the fussy peeples. Finished it and smoothed his whiskers with his hand like a little old western smoothie…..)

  36. Definitely not enough raccoons on this site!

    Pyrit, personally I always preferred “sminking of gin”.

  37. The tail and the toes are to cute!!!

  38. Thalia, I just had to look it up:

    Personally I prefer ‘winking at sin’.

  39. Hee hee! One of my cats (Pooh again…the goofball) has ALWAYS had a shoe fetish. When he was a kitten he’d climb inside stinky sneakers, but he can’t do that now at 17lbs. He still rolls & rubs all over shoes and sits on top of them. Wierdo!

  40. Pyrit! Aubrey! Lauri! You guys SO rock. We should have a special award for you… *bows in veneration*

  41. I only realized this was not a kitten when I noticed it was tagged “unusual animals.” Heh 🙂

  42. Arvay – Hi. Well, um, it’s your turn, over on “A blonde on his arm.” 🙂 *Yup*.

  43. ARRRGH! *head asplodes*

    I wonder how plausible it would be to keep a raccoon as a pet?

  44. Pet raccoons are perfectly plausible; it’s definitely been done. (“Rascal” by Sterling North)

    I don’t know if having a pet raccoon is ADVISABLE, though. Troublesome little cusses.

  45. T, may I suggest a pair of kevlar gloves:

    And keep the raccoon – please – wrapped up in a blue embroidered kevlar blankie.

  46. useta hada kitteh says:

    Baybee raccoons is so cute! But they’re not as snorglable as they look. Besides the claws and teefs factor, their fur isn’t all soft and cuddly like it looks as if it should be. Some people I know were rehab-ing a baby raccoon (zillions of years ago), and I got to pat it, and its fur was coarse and rough. But it was sure cute!

  47. Awwwwwwww,baby raccoon!

    Pyrit, Lauri, Aubs rockin’ the mic as usual! Yay for the Beatles’ reference!!!

  48. Never knew raccoons were so cute & kittyish.

    I feel unusually stupid and ignorant. What is the song Pyrit refers to?

  49. useta hada kitteh says:

    Miu — um, Rocky Raccoon? From the Beatles’ White Album (I only know what album it was on because i googled it and looked at the wikipedia reference…google is my friend…)

  50. Good lord, that spot on the left looks like blood.

  51. Simpson O'Brien says:

    I was fortunate enough to raise two little girls in South Carolina (and then release, of course!) and it was an honor! They are the most baby-like creatures – makes me miss my Ruby and Rosebud!!! Reminds me, I’ll have to submit the little cuties!!!
    meow and woof.

  52. Spamguy — yep, it’s all that’s left of the sneaker’s owner. Rocky’s just finishing up.

  53. Wonder what he’ll look like post-hensile.

  54. Snifff. Wow baby, somebody needs to put their shoes through a wash cycle.
    ——————————— – We Love Animals

  55. useta hada kitteh: *bows deeply*

    Now I feel even more stupid, but now I know. So thanks.

  56. along with what Theo said- they’re cute until they grow up and rip your house apart >.< i had to take care of tons over the summer at a rescue (including former housepets that outgrew their novelty and cuteness) and they're little bastards. cute, but bastards

  57. Amonia Dee says:

    Raccoons also are hosts to a type of roundworm that can do nasty things to humans if it infects them.