Let’s check in on the HamsterTracker

Let’s check in on Her Beadiness "Lucy 2.0" the hamster of EXTREME HamsterTrackin’ fame. On day 555, Lucy had covered 461,501.78 meters on her wheel. Tewtelly awesome.

You know what, I bet if you licked her ear, it would become completely transparent. Did I just say that out loud?


Super "Paws Up" and "Apple Sushi" cheers to Lucy 2.0 and Mathijs Van Der Paaw (No, I did not make that name up)



  1. Some of the prettier BEF I’ve seen in a while! (fp)

  2. NebraskaErin says:

    Lucy 2.0, famous CO athlete, poses for her “Muscle Hamster” magazine cover.

  3. She has the snowiest, whitest fur I’ve ever seen…what a sweet girl!


  4. LOVE the little raised paw. So sweet!

  5. licking ham ears? meg…

  6. Bet yer right about them thar ears. *plots licking*

  7. BenPanced says:

    Aaawwww! Whadda sweet liddle lady hammie! If I had an apple, I’d share it with her.

  8. Aw, the widdle pink nosicle! She’s so adorable! I can totally share in your transparency idea. 😀 Thanks for the tons of posts in the past day! Totally rockin’. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Aww…I want to scoop her up and give her snuggles!

    Such a lovely and athletic little girl too.

  10. I bet those little toes would taste hamsterlicious, too! *smackin’ lips*

  11. “Lick my ear and I’ll kick your monstrous human ASS. You know I can.”

  12. (putting paw to your lips) (whisper) Shsh, Peeps. You are saying eet all out loud!

  13. How can anything be that anorable and still live? I just want to smoosh lucy!!

  14. I adore Lucy. I wish I could make myself exercise that much!! Maybe a MegW-sized hamster wheel? Hmm….

    And: apple sushi!!! SQUEE!

  15. THAT is not Theo. THAT must be Another Theo.

  16. Ass ass assity ass. Sassy asses assing in mass assitude.

    By golly you’re right, I *can’t* be Theo. Where the ass did I go??

  17. Persephone says:

    Oh my goodness! What a beautiful little hamster (and a great photographer)!

  18. OK prove you are the real Theo – make a pun, recite Princess Bride, talk techie, ban a troll, be funny. Now.

  19. what a cutie pie! Darling little lady ham.

  20. She looks like she’s hosting one of those Discovery Channel shows.

    “Now if you’ll just follow me down here, I can show you some pottery that’s thought to be at least a bazillion years old…”

  21. Angela P. — yes! And in Helen Mirren’s voice.

    Pyrit — uhmmm OK… bleen?

  22. !Sweet! Her ears look like rose petals. :o)

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    It must be too early in the morning…when I first saw this picture, I thought the adorable Lucy was sittin’ on a wee little tractor. A John Deere by the color. I think I should go back to bed now.

  24. Theo – Yo A** is gra**. Pirate.

  25. …and Pyrit is the lawnmower! Had to throw that in—My dad use to use that saying on us. LOL

  26. Fanta**tic!

    OK it’s true. I do NOT want to work today.

  27. Oh fertilizer.

  28. plus sprinkler system!

  29. Yes….I like the idea of Lucy hosting some sort of documentary, while speaking in Helen Mirren’s voice. “Now as you can see, in later years, much of the domestic hamster’s life revolved around plastic and cardboard habitat…”

  30. Oh. Pink feetlets. Yum. And that air of kindly authority.

  31. leprechaun says:

    I wanna have a hamster just so I can make those recipies! XD

  32. Simpson O'Brien says:

    Lucy and mom are the bomb! Have to admit, had never met Lucy before but backtracked to view all her food adventures. Lucy has the best mom EVER!!! I know people who don’t take care of the their kids this well. Come to think of it, I’m sure Lucy deserves it more, anyway. Meow and woof and SSQUEEEEE

  33. Carlisa – Pieces of eight to you.

    Theo – No rest for the wicked, ye scurvy bilge rat.

  34. Wow, 286 miles. That must be one fit hamster.

  35. Martha in Washington – I see the John Deere tractor! If only she had a little sheaf of wheat in her mouf. I at first thought Lucy was sitting in a booster seat at Bennigans.

  36. AWWWWW, she looks so sweet!

    “C’mon, I’ll show you where I put my CuteOverload bumper sticker.”

  37. Simpson O'Brien says:

    Won’t this be great when we ALL get CO bumperstickers and see each other on the roads and honk(shu) and wave and find each other!!! We SHALL take over the world. Woof and meow

  38. I Love Lucy!! –desi

    Simpson O’B:
    Lucy’s “mom” is a “pop.”
    And if you “honkshu” while driving..well, let’s hope it never happens.

  39. Simpson O'Brien says:

    …thanks! i save honkshu’s for the office whilst looking at the cute.

  40. I thought Lucy was sitting in a hamster-sized diner booth!!

  41. …and *I* thought at first she was sitting in hamster-size movie theatre seats. Rorschach test, anyone?

  42. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Mia and A thinker: Looks to me like she’s getting out of a carnival ride!

  43. EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wuv hamsters so…

  44. Mathijs van der Pauw sounds like a perfectly legitimate Dutch name to me!!

    Greets from the lowlands 😉

  45. I’m with Brak, my first thought was “she’s at Disneyland! ” Wherever she is, she’s adorable but I will nevertheless resist licking her ears.

  46. AuntieMame says:

    It does look a little bit like the tilt-a-whirl or the teacup ride, doesn’t it?

    I need Lucy as my personal trainer. I’m way behind on my walking!

  47. A beautiful hammie girl! If she were mine I would dump my TV and watch her 24/7.

    – And cook her three course meals.

    – And coach her for the next Hammie Olympics.

  48. constance says:

    …the feets…the nose…the WISKERS, MY GOD THE WISKERS!

    I am killed.

  49. useta hada kitteh says:

    Simpson O’Brien made me think we need a bumper sticker that says “Honk(shu) if you love Hammies” or “Honk(shu) if you love kittehs” or “Honk(shu) if you love Teh Qte ™” or “Beep(nose) if you love bunnehs”. Like that. Not sleep honkshu-ing, but HONK honk(shu)-ing.

  50. AuntieMame says:

    Or just Honk(shu) if you love CuteOverload.

    It’d be our own little inside joke!

  51. Lucy is the best hamster on the internet – I love her site and I don’t think she EVAH takes a bad picture. Beautiful girl!!