Denim Pinup Poses

Pinup Kitteh here is giving Betty Page a run for her money.



Mer-rowrlgh. [Yahm yahm. of paw]




Tessa S.—you have OVERLOADED the OVERLOAD today. And I mean that.



    That lil pink tongue!

  2. You do realize…where that kitten is sitting, right…?



  3. what a happy pussy

  4. On a lap.
    So what?

  5. sush silky fursh… ohhhhh…

  6. biker babe says:

    That middle pic looks like she’s saying…..Oh, Mr. Kotter I gotta go hurl!!!

  7. It took me a little while before I realized that was a close-up fly on the right side of the pics.

    Poor kitty is saying “You need a shower!” in that last pic! 😉


  8. 😮 This ones fresh off the assembly line. Must be the premium cute model. 😉

  9. *the cuteness has rendered me speechless*

  10. She is making him funny faces…like she has her eyes cross…what are you doing….

  11. Oy vey. We might have to rethink our votes for “more posts, more often.” I’m not getting a damn thing done today what with all the redonkulous new Qte!

  12. China's Mom says:

    OMG! My brain function has been so stolen by cuteness!
    My boss will not be pleased!

  13. Naughty, naughty TwoDragons. 😉

    Hooray for “More Posts More Often!”

  14. Cats-in-Racks, Kits-in-Crotches 🙂

  15. Oh my word! That kitteh is absolutely delightful! His eyes match the jeans! Too cute!

  16. I just can’t take the cuteness!

  17. I love the little bit of eye in the jmiddle picture.

  18. AWWWW! She’s just the sweetest little baby! Look at the little tongue barbs in the top photo! Awwww!

  19. I love the hairs on the tongue!

  20. So cute I almost shed a tear. Lordy.

  21. Oh this IS an overload of teh Qte. How can anything ever top this??? (I say that just about daily around here. )

  22. NebraskaErin says:

    I’m in ur crotch, striking a pose.

  23. It’s a size 9 men’s!

    Oh, wait, that was the last post. Sowwy.

  24. Aggghhh!

    I am speechless she is so cute. And . . .She’s got Betty Davis eyes.


  25. I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it, I just CAIN’T STAIND IT! *Splode!*

  26. martha in mobile says:

    “kitties in krotches.” But at least the denim matches her eyes, so it’s tasteful.

  27. The only thing better than that kitteh is Lauri’s comment.

  28. I can just hear his little rumbley-kitteh purrrrrrrrr

  29. marsheeeee says:

    Um…speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil??? well, sort of.

  30. you guys r silly says: THIS is *THE * CUTEST * KITTEN * WHO * EVER * EXISTED*!!!
    (please don’t tell my Wembley that I said that, ok?)

  31. how purrrfectly do her eyes match the denim???

  32. you guys r silly says:

    heh-heh…This pic reminds me of the time when Zsa Zsa Gabor took her “kitty” onstage with her on The Tonight Show…

  33. Not complaining, just saying….

    Now that CO comes into my mailbox complete with pictures, I am going to have an entire folder FULL of freakingly cute pictures saved in my email. I mean a bunch!


    And….my bumper sticker is in da mail! Whee!

  34. He will have company in the new category!

  35. now this is just taking cats ‘n racks one step too far.

  36. you guys r silly says:

    i am SMITTEN with this KITTEN!!!

  37. Kitteh has Levis Eyes!

    p.s. CO AND Bettie Page? A match bound in heaven!

  38. I love when kitties are at this googly eyed, just want to be cuddled, smother them in kisses, stage.

    Next up…the sideways “bunny hop”, midnight crazies stage!

  39. you guys r silly says:

    Oh my god, I JUST REALIZED
    I am soooooooo taken with this kitten! — It looks EXACTLY like my beautiful STINKY must have looked like when HER was just a weeee tiny baby!!!
    Look at that one eye starting to waaaander off by itself somewhere…&:o) Wall-eyed, smushy-faced Persian kitties are THE BEST!

  40. That is absolutely the cutest set of cute kitteh photos I’ve ever seen. And don’t tell my kitteh that, either! She’ll go off her chow.

  41. hee hee, “she’ll go off her chow.”
    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee! One CUTE kitten! Do they go to Cute School or does this come naturally?

  42. Company in new category (how’d I lose the URL the first time?):

  43. This could be a new category: cats in crotches. 🙂

  44. SOOOOOOOOO precious! My kittles won’t get in my lap, but she’s VERY cuddly, and often leans right into my belly or leg while sleeping, lol. And she does this same cuteness with her paws and wee face, too. 🙂

    Also, I, for one, am LOVING the “more posts, more often”! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, MEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. this kitteh is feigning shyness. AND I LOVE IT. “Oh me? Are you wanting to take MY picture? Oh whatever for? Fiiine. I’ll pose for you.”

  46. “Whiskers on kittens and dew drops on roses…”

  47. I love how you can see the super-soft pink tummy through the white fur. [purrrrrrrrrrr]


  49. I can see the headlines now:

    Domestic Productivity Brought to Standstill by Qte

  50. AuntieMame says:


    The Bettie Page link is def NSFW…

    (Not that Ms. Fuzzy Kittykins is work-relevant, either, but…)



    Poor kitty!

  52. Britney Spears?

  53. Fluffy kittens = love X infinity + 1

  54. This kitten is totally adorable, but something about its eyes in the first picture makes me think of hot girls that are straight-up crazy. It seems to be going I am so hot – let’s do some more meth.

  55. Once again, it’s the scroll-down that KEEELS me.

    The last one, with “Nyerhe!” just did it. I mean… pink toesies… and you know how I lofs the B&W kittehs.

    (hee @ kits in krotches)

  56. aww… the last one is sooo cute! 🙂 “Peek-a-boo!”

  57. Lauri — thanks for the clarification. For a minute there, I was wondering *what* in the picture you were referring to… 🙂

  58. Snorgle-able kittens are waiting in YOUR area. Call Purr-1-1 now to match up with someone special.

  59. kitteh bears a striking resemblance to a mogwai
    (Gizmo from the movie “Gremlins”)
    only with smaller ears.

  60. That kitty is striking a pose! Oh my, I have overloaded on the Qte today.

  61. Pix #1: Speak no evil
    Pix #2: Hear no evil
    Pix #3: Hear no evil

  62. Poop. If you knew how frantically I tried to delete that comment:

    Pix #3: SEE no evil.

  63. Peg of Tilling says:

    S’okay, Aubrey–I think she’s peeking.

  64. Awww sooo cute n’ cudly! PEEK-A-BOO! Lol. I wonder what is it’s name?

  65. cute!!!!!it’s so adorable

  66. has there ever been a cuter lil kitty? my god, the qte is keeeeeling me

  67. Also, Aub, I think in the first pic, kitteh is actually demonstrating that one SHOULD *taste* the evil.

  68. CUTIE, you make me smile, what little ears!!!

  69. To picture #2: is that a crotch I’m seeing!??! cats & crotch anyone?

  70. [Yahm yahm. of paw]

    LOVE this. Perfect sound.

  71. Redz, then let us agree: dub the kitteh ‘Eve’, and call this post ‘The Three Faces of Eve-il’.

  72. biker babe – Your caption for pic 2 is perfect. So funny!

    AuntieMame – Thank you, thank you for the warning. I hope everybody knows that NSFW means Not Safe For Work.

    Aubrey – I’m in UR comments, deleting UR typos.


  73. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Aw, cute. And in the second picture she’s being co-kittie-sh! ^_^

  74. michellemybelle says:

    Tessa certainly was doing her best to kill us all today – more tomorrow!

    I think the kitty looks like a baby ewok, without the little hat (especially the first picture).

  75. pyrit – I do need an editor!

    Let’s discuss pay. I’m prepared to be generous. What form would you prefer? Gravel or brightly colored beads?

  76. Poof. Head exploded b/c of cuteness.

  77. Glad everyone enjoyed the photos! ^^
    She(kitty) is quite the character.

  78. She is SO Bettie Pagey….especially the blue eyes and “oooooh!” attitude 😉

  79. misscrisp says:

    There are only two words for this series:
    Kitty Porn

    >>>>poit< <<<

  80. AWWWWWWWW!!! Wee fluffy soft tuxedo kitty! And those eyes matching the denim …

    Sooooooo comforterbuls.

  81. Is this the same kitten from the post with the puppies? (Heh, I guess she likes boxers and briefs…)

  82. chet's momma says:

    ARWO!!!!!! hee hee!

  83. WesternCanuck says:

    Oh man…that is so sweet…Man, I wish my wife would let us get another kitten!! I want one!!!

  84. She is unbelievable! All kittens are cute, but this one is THE most beautiful and THE cutest kitten. Ever.

  85. Denita TwoDragons

    I didn’t notice that at first – that’s certainly ruined it for me!

  86. acelightning says:

    At first I thought that was a slightly larger cat lying on a denim-covered sofa…

    It’s *waaaaaay* past my bedtime…

  87. Cutest kitten ever!

    I want to see her when she grows up. =3

  88. Man I want to cuddle that kitten sooo badly. x3

  89. aw! what a sweet, snorgle-able kitteh. such soft-looking fur…

  90. pugmamatimestwo says:

    Oh man, did I need Teh Qte today. Thanks to the little fluffball for making me smile 🙂

  91. Awww…look at the leetle pink tongue!!!!

    I miss having kittens around. My baby grew up and can take on the dog!

  92. Aubrey – Beads. And you wouldn’t happen to have a little bell?

  93. Silence Dogood says:

    Now that takes the cutiecake!

  94. Look at the pink skin peeking through the fur!!!! lurve it!!! *splode

  95. kitteh face grab! kitteh face grab!

  96. pyrit – no bells…I like noise jewelry, so I usually wear those. But look at what I got (brings out cigarette lighter):


  97. Simpson O'Brien says:

    IS THIS THING REAL!? Way way too much cute for me. HOW can evil exist in the world when these things are out there?! Just wondering….

  98. OVERLOADED the Overload IS RIGHT! Holy Cow! Tried to post here last night and got a message that Typepad was not available!






    *Runs screaming in to the sunset in search of the sweet, fuzzy, soft, wall-eyed, tuxedo persian kitten*

  99. Aubrey – I give! What ever you’re on, I want some.

  100. Amazing! I went from Awww to SQUEEEEE in 2 seconds! So cute it actually hurts.

  101. It’s always good when a CO picture makes me literally GASP. Which this one did.

  102. Carrie - Hamster Defender says:

    OK who needs a SQUEEPENDs now folks? I adore the 2nd picture, reminds me of Marilyns Playboy spread….

    google, Marilyn Monroe Playboy in images, you’ll see it.

    I think my brain popped on this one.

  103. I love heeem! (her?) May I squish heeem? And cuddle heem and love heeem and nuzzle heem and curl up next to hees adorable wittle paws and nap!!?!?


  104. Lindsay M. says:

    Shouldn’t this be in a Cats ‘N Crotches sub-category??

  105. Jesse (outlawboy) says:

    ugh. ugh.

    way too damn cute.
    an OVERLOAD, in fact.

  106. I am crazy for Tuxedo (Black and White) kittens! Too Cute!


  107. Nice pose.
    ——————————— – We Love Animals

  108. luckycliff says:

    okay, enough is enough… I’m a 42 year old red-blooded truck driving male…. I have resisted cute puppies, pandas, hedgehogs, kittens and everything else Meg Frost and her partner in crime Theo have thrown at me…. I was okay until now… I have seen the Qte, resistance is futile, I surrender to the overload….. *poit*

  109. Dude, I’ve got a turbocharger AND an intercooler. And a tool kit the size of the whole back seat. And oh yeah, *admin* access. It’s OK, man. We’re pullin’ for ya.

  110. I keep coming back to look at this picture several times a day. It is kitty crack… MUST HAVE MORE OF THE KITTEH!!!!!