Give me a LARGE break

Will you please check out these McSquirmersons and the look on poor Mom’s face.


Eight writhing, rambunctious pups, competing like crazy! LOL.




Sender-inner Christopher M. claims the "small tidal wave of puppies" fell upon his girlfriend as she approached them with the camera. Oy!



  1. Ad for birth control

  2. Look at all the pups! They’re so big.

  3. Maggie..I was thinking the same thing…too big to be nursing and their collars appear too tight.

  4. Is there a dog version of fortisip
    As that dog needs it and snorgles anywhere but her belly. But tthey are the cutest pups doggy you should be proud

  5. i wish a tidal wave of pups would hit me…

  6. I luurrrve the pup in the first pic with his ‘Tocks up!

  7. poor mama. so patient….hope there is some bag balm nearby.

    I would also like a tidal waves of puppies to strike me. It’s like a wave of yellow happiness.

  8. Mom sure looks put-upon there! Bet she can’t wait until they’re all on solid food. “Take my kids . . . please!”

  9. I want to drown in a tidal wave of puppies.

  10. Chris Tucker says:

    Speaking of tidal waves…

    Some years ago, I was a fair in Maryland, and one of the organizations participating was a Rottwieler rescue group. So, there were Rotties a plenty, all leashed, and a bin o’ puppies.

    I had gotten down on my knees to have a bit of puppy interaction/snorgling, when, suddenly, I was SURROUNDED by Rotties, who had dragged the leash-holders to where I was kneeling.

    No, they wern’t there to protect the puppies, they were there to snorgle ME, now that I was on THEIR level!

    I recommend the experience of having 5 or 6 adult Rotties, all competing to lick your face and trying to get petted, all at once.

    Naturally vicious dogs, feh! My ENTIRE ass, they’re ‘naturally vicious dogs’!

  11. Karen in Toronto says:

    Geez! Romulus and Remus and Ronnie and Regan and Richard and Renee and Riley and Roberta!

    Look at that greedy little nawmer in the top right of the last photo. Ouchies!

  12. The mom seems to be thinking in the first pic “Okay, *now* you can take me to the vet and get me fixed. This is redonk.”

    And I want to get hit by a tidal wave of puppies, too. Sign me up!

  13. Kaci Elise says:

    Yes, those puppies are way to old to not be weened. Puppies are cute, but they’re not puppies forever. Good thing for mom, poor thing….

  14. Get thee a bushel of IAMS (or whatever the best dog food brand is)….STAT!

  15. I betcha anything these pups are eating solid food, but anytime they get around mum they attack her for milk! Her poor figure! Hee hee. 😉

  16. Chris Tucker: Indeed.. Rotties are schweeeties.. as are dobermans.. I have a dobie and he is the sweetest thing EVAR. I once had a Rottie Pit Bull mix. She was by far the best dog I’ve ever had. My son and neices were much younger.. toddler age.. and she would keep ’rounding them up’ like she was herding them. The kids couldn’t go further than about 15 feet from the house when they were playing in the back yard. She would just keep rounding them up and keep them close to the house. It was amazing.

  17. Nursing in PUBLIC!!!? Disgusting.

    Poor mommy. These kids need to go out for burgers and leave her alone!

  18. csd new jersey says:

    The pups have “pudge”- which is a rule of cuteness! As well as a thing and smaller version of that thing. Any others I missed?

  19. mama pup is sticking by her attempts to be included the local “la leche” league.

  20. The ice cream truck? YAY!

    Deb…it may be puppy chub thats making the collar looks tight.

  21. useta hada kitteh says:

    When our old momma cat on the farm (years and years ago) figured her kittens should be past the nursing stage, she’d box their ears, and hiss at them if they tried to nurse. I think this poor momma needs to learn some of that strategy! When they gots teefs, it’s time they change their diet! Ouchie…

  22. Those doggies look old enough to be making their own sandwiches. Give poor mom a break and let her get her girlish figure back!

  23. I’d like one, please.

  24. Hey, if Mom wanted the puppies to wean, she’d be nipping at them and discouraging them from nursing. Just let the pups enjoy their mama milk!

  25. ScribblerRN says:

    Look at how skinny that mom is (see second picture)! I wish I had been that skinny when I was breastfeeding!

    Please, PLEASE, PUH-LEASE can I have a tidal wave of puppies hit me?!

  26. She is such a good mom. Look at her face….she loves those pups!!!

    *Takes a deep breath and dives into a sea o’ pups*

  27. Y’know, I am not a Dawgie person.

    But yesterday, I went with a friend to a pet store with puppies. I found a baby pug. Along with redonkulous amounts of chub, walleyes, and a stubby face, she was sweet, gentle, quiet, and incredibly Qte.

    I think I fell in love. But not to the tune of $999, which was her cost.

  28. NebraskaErin says:

    We had a feral cat mafia that lived outside our old house. We named the kittens after characters from Cheers, because they were always bellying up to the bar (they moved from bar to bar, there were three or four mama cats.) This is how I came to have a female cat named Norm.

  29. I only have one child, but there were days when I felt like this mommy dog looks! Nurse nurse nurse…

  30. Cute, but it reminds me of a nightmare I had last week. …Hope that mom-pup is more a fan of motherhood than I am!

  31. Puppieeeesss.

    Momma’s looking a bit overwhemled and I bet can’t wait for that first bag of puppy food to come in the door.
    —————————— – We Love Animals

  32. Waaaay back in the far-distant Eighties, my family used to have a Blue-Tick / Dalmatian / Lord knows What Else rescued stray we named Blue. She was the sweetest, most intelligent dog I know. When she had a litter of pups, she was adopt a put-upon face much like the above specimen…with her hound features, it really looked comical!

    (And then a gazillion years passed and I found myself wearing the same face…*LOL*)


  33. A thinker, I firmly believe there is a cat out there for each dog person (me) and a dog out there for each cat person (you).

    While the price tag is stupid, perhaps someday you and your pugilicious will reunite.

    I’m still looking for my cat though I’m not really looking that hard….something about the 60 pounds of dog at home keeps me from doing that. I have a feeling some day I’ll stumble upon my dream feline.

  34. Holy Cow that dog must be tired! I’ve seen the beauty of a mother and her puppies before. I love it, how cute! Goooo pupppppies…

  35. Emily Anonymous says:

    Another apporpriate caption for these pictures is “Milk Orgy”

  36. this DEFINITELY belongs in the “Cute or Sad” category…

  37. This reminds of the American shorthair YouTube vid! I think that the momma is think the same thing!

    “Where is that lazy husband of mine!”

  38. By American Shorthairs I mean these shorthairs!

  39. Rafael — adjusted URL.

  40. Thanks Theo!

  41. Where can I order my small tidal wave of puppies?

    PS. I bet the mom is on Valium.

  42. ahhhh … memories;

    my female Germand Shepherd had 10 puppies in her first litter and not enough teats so a lot of supplement feeding was done by us;

    one photo we have in the early weeks was of her standing, like this Momma, with 8 little Shepherd puppies hanging off her teats …

    imagine THE PAIN

  43. Lol Jenn. I am now calculating poundage of dog in my house.

    Tic, tic, tic, ching!

    333 pounds of doggage.
    Versus 30 pounds of cattage.

    Ahhhh, loves da animules.

  44. Holy CRAP, Lauri. You must be *ripped*. I assume they take *you* for walkies?

  45. NebraskaErin – hilarious! LOLOLOL!

    CUTE as hell pic, but poor mama – my nipples hurt just looking at this (sorry for the visual, everyone lol)

  46. Hmmm, Theo, I was just sort of imagining a little cart that Lauri would ride in, while being pulled by her 300+ pounds of dog.

  47. Ooh ooh what about a CHARIOT? Ben Hur style!

  48. Ooh ooh what about a CHARIOT? Ben Hur style!”

    …Ooh yeah! And with those pointy things sticking out from the wheel hubs, to trip up unfortunate joggers that come to close! ^__^


  49. Martha in Washington says:

    Is the nursing-the-babies-while-standing-up thing a Lab thing? My neighbor’s Lab, who just had 7 pups on Thanksgiving morning, wouldn’t lay down to nurse them. The pups are all leaving for their new homes this week. Very sad around the neighborhood.

  50. Titty Bugs!

  51. She should have been spayed.

  52. haha, this reminds me of a long haired chihuahua I knew, named chocolate fudge. She had a litter of about 6 or more pups and I think they kinda sucked her dry & she went into shock so they had to keep her puppies away from her for a bit. But they’d see her and they’d all RUN towards her,(‘LUNCH!!! Let’s GET SOME!’) so Chocolate’s owner would be like, “RUN, CHOCOLATE, RUN!!!! and Chocolate would run with all the pups after her till someone picked her up. hehe it was funny to see.

  53. Martha in Washington: I think she’s just trying to (unsuccessfully) get away from them and make it as uncomfortable as possible for them to do it…

    Carlisa: “titty bugs”!!! ROFLMAO…that’s great! they are like little annoying ticks aren’t they?!

  54. OMG!!!

    Adorably cute, but … jeez, 8 PUPPIES??? That must HURT. Ouch.

  55. I nursed my last child and I was beginning to wonder if I’d have to go with him to Kindergarten for snack time. I know that look all TOO WELL.

    Ebee—-Yes, gigantic leaches with super sonic suction cups in the act of “titty-buggin”

  56. This pic should be an ad for a low cost spay/neuter clinic.

    “Please don’t Litter, spay or neuter your pets”

    As a vet tech, i do looove me some puppehs, but i’m not too keen on breeding since so many dogs end up in shelters or with dumbass owners.

  57. Oh my, it’s like my dog before she weaned her puppies… she never got the chance to lay down. By the end they nearly tipped her over with their violent nursing.