Bumpersticker overload

Holy 10 by 3 Vinyl UV-resistant Proclamations, People, it’s complete and total BUMPER STICKER OVERLOAD. And it’s coming your way. Now, for only $3.50 US dollars, any of these fine stickers can be yers.

Choose from the "Paws Up" paws or the Hamster/Flower combo.

Yay pic!


Hmmm, what other leetle animals can we put in the "o" of "Overload!? The possibilities are endless.



  1. yay bumperstickers proclaiming cute

    and first

  2. w00t! w00t! w00t! [does happy Snoopy dance]

    Eeenie meenie minie mo…

  3. None of these match my truck! 😦

    And you simply can’t have a CO bumper sticker that doesn’t match, that would be a crime against cute.

  4. Will these be available in vinyl cling? Don’t like the adhesive on my car…and I can put one on my scooter then!

  5. Piggalette says:

    I’m holding out for t-shirts. The hubby won’t let me put CO bumper stickers on our cars. He says he can’t be seen with a hammy on his car. ; ;

  6. How about some bumper stickers that are a little more, er, manly? I’m not sure I can put a pink bumper sticker on my car… 🙂

  7. I also vote for vinyl cling. A vinyl cling of the cute overload cookie logo would be PERFECT! I could litter my car windows with them. 🙂

  8. ebee: I won’t swear to it, but most of the modern bumper stickers are removable. So you’re not stuck with them forever (forgive the pun). Usually you can just peel them off in one piece without leaving the adhesive or any marks behind. I discovered this when removing a 2 year old bumper sticker from the back of our van.

  9. aiyaiyai!

  10. Hooray! Now all I need is a car….

  11. oh, if its too un-manly then put tigers in the o 😀

    no, i want a panda!

  12. Hedgehogs on the stickers! Defintely hedgehogs!!!!

  13. SixFootJen says:

    Oh, if only I had a car!

  14. Kittens. Definitely kittens.

  15. Wow, very good product, Meg. Although I am slightly insolvent at the moment, and not overly bumper-stickerly-inclined at any moment, I have to say I am tempted by this. WTG!

  16. …(and I get a small feeling that Teho is enthusiastic about it, as well).

  17. …and sorry for the comment glut, but I was thinking the same thing as Reid: maybe there can be a slightly more man-friendly version? Not sure most of the guys I know would put any of these combos on their vehicles…

  18. Thinker — all ya gotta do is slap one on a Hummer H3, M1 Abrams, USS Enterprise, etc.
    THEN it’s manly.

  19. honest critique says:

    OMG I *looove* these!! So much more cute than the last one! I will be buying one (or more!). Awesome, Meg!

    If you want a “man friendly” version – Meg posted one a while back that’s not as “cutesy.” 🙂

  20. I vote for the hamster!!!!

  21. For those of you not wanting a permanent decoration on your vehicle can do what I do. Sign shops and some craft stores sell magnetic sheets that you stick the bumper sticker on, cut to fit and then put it anywhere you want, including vehicle, refrigerator, or the metal cabinet next to your desk at work. Easily movable, swapable, transportable.

    That being said, I gotta get me one.

  22. QTE!!!…but no car here neither. I too will hold out for tee shirts. Girly style please.

  23. They’re cute…but the second one is a bit redundant.

    Maybe one that says “honk shu” with a sleeping kitty or puppy?

    Or one with a CO-approved cuteness word like “prosh” or “redonkulous”

  24. MC2, there will be shirts. Oh yes indeed.

    Becky — no need to vote, they’re already for real & available.

  25. Pretty please, can we have one that says, ‘Tocks Up! ?

    Many days, repeating this to meeself gets me up and at ’em on what needs to be done.


  26. Claire — OMG you can’t *know* the flood of smart-‘tock-y comments I’m holding back…

  27. As a CafePress shopper and shopkeeper myself, I can tell you a few things about their products that might help some of you out…

    First, I’m sorry to say that they do not offer window clings at present. So unless CO has another company create them, vinyl window clings won’t be found in this shop.

    However, with that said, I should point out that I’ve owned 3 bumper stickers from CafePress. Not only have I been satisfied with the quality, but I’ve LOVED how easily removable they actually are! Don’t get me wrong; they’ll stick tight as long as you want them to. But when it comes time to trade the car in, or just replace the sticker with whatever new design CO comes up with that you just HAVE to have, pick at the corners a little, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to peel the thing off. 🙂

    Hope that helps you guys out. 🙂

  28. I vote for ones with CO words.
    Pins would be cool.
    Would love to see sweatshirts.

    Keep up the cute!

  29. Ooooooh! T-shirts/sweatshirts with CO ‘words’.

  30. I have yet to post at CO, though I am more than addicted – visting multiple times per day and making sure to tell everyone I know about it.

    That being said, these stickers are very cute but if my vote counts I would like to see little round stickers for the windows of my car, or for anything else that needs a little more cute.

  31. *singsong* I ordered me a bum-per stick-er…! wOOt!!!

  32. OOOHHHH! OOOHHHH! Puh-leeeeease use the sleepy rolled-up ferret. He’d be a perfect ‘O’. I believe there are some sleepy kitties that are crying out for a treatment. I also second the above hedgehog request!

    *lovin’ the roly-poly*

  33. Oooh, I want BUTTONS!

    I am addicted to those little 1″ buttons.

    Blame Meomi 😛

  34. Sadness! I already bought the first bumper sticker that debuted a few weeks ago, but I like these better! Would be a waste of money to not use the one I have… [sigh]

  35. GUINEA PIGS. There must be a sticker featuring a piggen with fine lips!

  36. QTE!

    But I wanna KITTY.

  37. BadensMom says:

    For those without a car or inclination to bumper sticker a car, I highly recommend putting stickers on the top and/or bottom of your laptop. It is a fun way to start the work day.

  38. could i make a design suggestion?

    drop the small print that says cuteoverload.com. instead, make the main text be “cuteoverload.com” (instead of just cuteoverload). there is nothing more aggravating (or dangerous, really) to be driving, see a bumper sticker, but cannot read it because the font is too small. now maybe it works here, but there are plenty of sight impaired people that still love the cute – how will they know where to find it?

    that said, paws up to you too!

  39. -Valerie, I may want to chat w/you re: CafePress shop subtleties, if you don’t mind. Watch your email (the one listed on your P.C. Tees site).

  40. Miss_Thing says:

    I put in a vote for a ferret bumpere sticker!

  41. FEWWET bumper sticker!

    FEWWET bumper sticker!

    FEWWET bumper sticker!



  42. Another Angela says:

    The hamster ones are perfect!!! I can’t believe some of you are worried about your manhood being diminished by a bumpersticker. huah?

  43. Another Angela — makes you wonder where they’re thinking the stickers get stuck to, dunnit?

  44. hoodies! hoodies! hoodies!

    how about a slogan like:

    “another proud addict of cuteoverload.com”

    “addicted? of course, i’m addicted. it’s cuteoverload.com.”

    “bring on the qte and nobody gets hurt”

  45. AIEEEEE!!!!

    Love it!

  46. Another Angela says:

    Theo–men should know that a Cute Overload sticker on their car might just get them laid.

  47. acelightning says:

    Bunnies! Please make something with a bunny on it! (Although kittens are *always* in style.)

    Round or oval stickers would be useful too. And new t-shirts, of course.

  48. Another Angela – very nice. I snort/laughed so hard I think I injured my throat when I read that! 🙂


    I don’t think they’re NOT man-friendly. Anything a guy has relating to cute animals definitely ups the machismo, IMO.

    Another Angela – SOOOO true! Any guy with a CO sticker on his car is definitely up for a conversation, at least! 😉

    [smile fades]

    I have only $8 US from my coin collection of 18 years ago. Anyhow I don’t think my dad will take kindly to a sticker on his car – its only 2 years old. Harumph. [disapproving]

    Meg, hold these stickers for a couple of years more, will ya?

  50. Theo – I’m sorry; I wasn’t trying to plug my shop…at all. [If I were trying to, I’d have actually said something ABOUT my store.] There just seemed to be a lot of concern as to how easily the bumper stickers would or wouldn’t be removed, so I thought I’d clear that up. Sorry if I offended you. :)/:(

  51. I drive a Honda Accord that has been modified…it’s been cut down to ride rather low, has blacked out windows, tail pipe extenders and a spoiler. I think it’s needs a bumper stick with a hamster on it to complete the picture…and to give a heart attack to the previous owner…

  52. -valerie, thou misunderstandest… there was no criticism there. I really *do* want to chat about how best to run a CafePress store. (…once I find some time)

    It’s cool.

  53. How ’bout a hedgie face??


  55. ohhh. ‘kay, then it’s cool. 🙂 and i’m happy to help. anything for the kittehs. 🙂

  56. can i suggest black white and guinea pig?

  57. does it come with green? my car is green so…..green hammie sticker plis! (i suggest pastel green 🙂

  58. i’d like to see a PAWS UP! with a blue background, just like the blue cuteoverload bumper sticker.

    on the other hand… i don’t have a car… i don’t even have a driver’s licence!

    will wait for t-shirts ^^;;

  59. chilledcat says:

    Did anyone say hedgehogs yet? They are perfectly cute! And how ’bout those leeetle tiny earred seal pups?

  60. brokentreasures says:

    oh, yes, vinyl cling would be better. and how about a photo of that cute little guy shoving the grape in his mouth, or even better, a photo of one of my kitties.

  61. Kittens and/or penguins, please 🙂

    (Sorry, I didn’t look to see if anyone else posted that yet…TOO MANY COMMENTS!)

  62. katherine says:

    I want a bumpersticker featuring the intern kitty! or else a hedgehog.

  63. Would love to see a HEDGEHOG on the cuteoverload bumper sticker!!

  64. Hedgehog..yes definitely a hedgehog!

  65. I definitely want these on stickeres:

    – Redonk!
    – Honk-shu (w sleeping puppy)
    – Baroo? (awake puppy)
    – Kronsche! (chewing puppy)

    I definitely like the idea of putting magnets on the back of the stickeres… maybe I will try that, as I don’t do the car thing.

    And how ’bout making some bicycele stickeres for us cyclists? I’ve got one on my bike right now (about 1.25″ x 5″). Skinny little thing, but it gets some loving attention! Spread QTE and hamsters among the environmental set!