And now, a chicken wearing a scarf.

Dawn M. of the Dawn and Drew show (!!!) sent in her lil’ pal "Chicken McNugget Domkus" wearing a little scarf for the cold Wisconsin winter. Of course she is!


I have a soft spot for chick-ons, Dawn—how’d you know!? 😉



  1. Could she be any cuter?

  2. Why not? My kittehs have scarves! Chicken McNugget Domkus looks adorable!

  3. i’d do that for my chickens, but i have waaaaaaay too many and most of them are hard to catch.

  4. It’s like cold turkey but it’s a chicken instead.

  5. Beautiful Drunk says:

    So Cozy! I really, really want to scratch the top of her puffy little head.

  6. Impossible… for this Chick to be cuter!!!

  7. I think she needs a lil cap. She seems to be having a “bad feather day.”

  8. That is, without a doubt, the cutest chicken I’ve ever seen. Please, what breed? So when I move out the country and start assembling my menagerie (the list is getting long, thanks Meg!!), I know what to get …

  9. Aluriaphin says:

    Whoot! Only four other posts! Sooo McFluffersons!

  10. I wanna see what her little face looks like

  11. My bf’s worlds and mine collide again! He loves the D&D podcast, I obsessively check CO and make him watch (and we have 4 contendor kittehs for images)–so this is too prosh!

  12. Um, that’s move out TO the country … not move out OF the country. They still let people have chickens here in the USA. Thank goodness.

  13. marsheeeee says:

    OMG. She is a cutie! Ok. That’s it. I’m swearing off McNuggets for life (which come to think of it is not that hard to do, really…).

  14. i was having a horrible day
    and i didn’t think anything could cheer me up. But you know what? Chicken in a scarf. too cute

  15. She needs a little knitted vest too. Maybe pink and white plaid.

  16. That chicken looks to be tired from a long day of barnstorming in her Sopwith Camel.

  17. boo. KATG all the way

  18. Sven — er… so this is Snoopy Chicken?

  19. That’s a silkie, isn’t it?

  20. That’s one chic chick in her snuggly winter scarf.

  21. And now for something completely different. Back to you Bob.

  22. Looks like McNugget has been in to the dipping sauce! *hic*

  23. > Please, what breed?

    Chicken McNugget Domkus is a buff silkie bantam

  24. Doesn’t that chicken know you can’t wear a red scarf with those feet. 🙂
    —————————— – We Love Animals

  25. Bok Bok indeed.

  26. I didn’t know silkies came in bantams. My grandma always had a soft spot for banties, and whenever they moved to a new farm, she made sure she got a ‘setting’ of banty eggs to start her out. I bet she would have LOVED these. And she was wonderful at crochet; she’d have had a little coat on CMD before you knew it. Sigh. Nostalgia time…

  27. I can’t tell which end is which.

  28. smokeyJoe says:


  29. OR we could contact Austrian Edgar Honetschlaeger who designs chicken suits! “A range of fashion clothing for chickens has been launched by a group of designers working in Austria and Japan. Austrian Edgar Honetschlaeger said he decided to work with the Japanese on the project because he hoped to make the chicken label clothing essential.

    He said “It’s something that you don’t really need but everyone wants to have anyway.”

    :-O ROTFLMAO!!

    Check it out!

  30. Am I the only one that wants to snuggle with that chicken? :D!

  31. See short video where “Honetschläger puts ERNI on stage in a Japanese chickenssuit, while the VIENNA CHOIR BOYS are twittering a Turkish folk song”

    I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen if wif my own eyeballs! CWAZY, that Herr Honetschlaeger! CWAZY, I say!

  32. So nice to meet you, Miss Chicken McNugget Domkus!

    What a beau-utiful scarf you have! Did you make it yourself? It is soo becoming…just love the color…

    YAY for chicks with scarfs!

  33. luckycliff says:

    *blink* am I the only person who doesn’t exactly recognize what is in this picture???
    *rubs eyes* *cleans glasses* *sighs and gives up*

  34. *SHReeeeeeek*

    Is it a coincidence that I have been thinking all day about what breeds of chickens I will be getting this spring? I think NOT!!

    Loves da chicks!!! bukbukbuk

  35. this scarf reminds me of the tree sweater… equally REDonk!

  36. LuckyCliff — it’s a chicken wearing a scarf… or so I have read.

  37. Oh, yes, punkpie! Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    Ashlee, do you see this chicken???

  38. there’s a few more pictures of “chicken scarf day” over here:

    CMD has become a bit broody which is why it was easier to keep the scarf on her. the other two chickens didn’t want them on at all.

  39. aw, so cute!!!!!! Not only do I love this site because I can look at tons of animals, but I no longer feel like I’m the only person who gets all squishy when I see them – next time someone makes fun of me for talking to the squirrels & pigeons or stopping to play with people’s dogs on the sidewalk, I’M POINTING THEM TO THIS SITE LOL

  40. TOO CUTE!

  41. michellemybelle says:

    My sister taught me how to knit over Christmas, and now it’s clear what I must make: scarves for animals. The link to “Chicken Scarf Day” warms my cold heart. I heart Dawn & Drew! (and CMD)

  42. luckycliff – A Cute-security level of 3 or higher is required to view this picture. Or, a Cuteologist Degree, of which there are only a few Bachelors here. Not to hen-peck you, but, … 😉

  43. Okay, I couldn’t even figure out what this animal was for about 10 seconds. (perhaps if i’d read the captions first instead of staring open-mouthed at what i was sure was an alien life form…)

  44. A yummy cranberry scarf. Just in time for the cold feather.

  45. Chicken McNugget Domkus the showbiz chicken! Looking good buddy! D&D + CO = my <3

  46. I award this pic the Poul-itzer Prize.

    Cluck you very much.

  47. I have an entire wool skien left over from Christmas… Where’s my crochet hook?!

    My chickens will not be out done 😛

  48. that’s beyond adorable lol.

  49. Luckycliff says:

    LOLOL @ pyrit… Agent Teho please advise on my pending promotion to “Double Ought” status and also request “Eyes only” clearance to view nutmeg’s buns… thank you for your attention to this matter…

  50. OMG! That is the floofiest schweetest chicky EVAR!

    I lurrrves eet!

  51. Right away I’m reminded of Jim Henson’s work. Real life Big Bird? Perhaps!

  52. Chicken of the Chic

  53. But the beek is so pointy. I thinks it’s strange for a choock to wear a scarf.
    I likey the fluff though.

    But I like KATG much better!

    Proud fan of

  54. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t tell what this pic was at first. Looked like a bunny hopping down a hole, but then I couldn’t figure what the scarf was tied around…?…um…never mind

  55. Lauri – I think you mean the Pullet Surprise! Chuck-le, chuck-le

  56. Luckycliff – Yes, the proper au-theo-rity can check your doc-cute-mentation. Good pluck!

    Carlisa – You made me laugh!
    That was a coffee-spiller!

    Great puns all. A close-knit thread of purls.

  57. She’s adorable in her grumpiness and red scarf. Chickens are really just the best, so much fun to watch.

  58. She DOES seem a bit of a grump this morning, doesn’t she? Maybe she wanted a blue scarf… or perhaps a little hat with ear flaps?

  59. oh my god. you have a chicken named Ruth. lmfao!

  60. Thats the most beautifull chicken i ever saw!
    It actually looks fluffy – never thought a chicken could look so cute.

  61. ezreader! Hahahaha!

  62. Wuul, Meg! Those are MY chickens! I have four Barred Rocks, too! Awesome girls! 🙂

  63. that is the ridiculously fluffiest chicken ever. it looks like an angora chicken.

  64. “Pullet Surprise”? *that* deserves one!!

  65. LOL!!! It took me a while to find the chicken! The feathers look so much like fur I thought it was a bunny.

  66. jaypo – ooooohhhh!!!!!:
    “jay” = “J.” (for Joseph).
    “po” = “P.” (for Pulitzer).

  67. You found me out. I’m channeling from Atlantis.

  68. Best chicken picture EVAR!!1!!! It is now gracing my desktop at work.

  69. Ooh! A silkie!!!

    My adopted mom has some. ONe used to stay in the house, because the other chickens turned on her. She was badly beaten, and almost frozen to death to boot. So we brought her in, named her Downy, and she followed me around like a puppy.

    Oh, and she liked to Dance to Bohemian Rhapsody. She’d do this cute little waddle-in-a-circle dance, but only to that song.

    Yay silkies!

  70. oh my head! I probably would’ve gotten the scarf on the tail-end since the chicken looks like a pile of fluff with 2 similar-looking pointy ends.

    musicchick2 — I followed the link for from the Honetschlaeger link. Hilarious!

  71. that is one fluufffiee chicken. peck!

  72. musucchick2 – I agree with ff. Your comments and the link are hilarious. You deserve a Bok-boktorate Degree in Cuteology.

  73. AuntieMame says:

    Are these the chickens that have feathery little spats on their feet?

    And wasn’t there a Muppet that looked kinda like this?

  74. Jesse (outlawboy) says:

    im so glad she made it =)

    and, im so glad she has so many comments!! yay for chicken mcnugget domkus! =D