Visualizing… data… [Robot voice]

///Dewds! Official poll results are IN! Check them out.///

Ya’ll are AMAZING with your insta-answers. Here is a way we can visualize your preferences!!!
You may choose up to three options!

Don’t see your cool feature idea listed here? Suggest it in the Comments of this post!




  1. some person says:

    Come on, guys! We need that dating service! 😛

  2. Constance says:

    Meg, I love the fact that you are asking for our input on this!


    I love cute overload and I’m so greatful to you for brightening my days!

  3. yay for the poll!

    I think avatars would be nice 🙂

  4. Mrskittycats says:

    Dating service FOR ANIMALS, I mean!

  5. I don’t want to see ads for t-shirts, I don’t want to see virtual pets or pet stories and I don’t want to see cute stuffed animals, I just want to see real, cute animals and lots of them. Don’t mess up a really good thing!!!

  6. Galveston says:

    Please, no celebrity stuff. Lack of that is a big part of the draw.
    Maybe simple is good; think of your site as a work of art, knowing when to cease tinkering.
    Your best feature, with which you will continue to grow..?..the cute pictures and the mindboggling captions and remarks. Makes me happy.

  7. A dating service isn’t entirely a goofy idea. Cuteness could become a hot topic of conversation, right up there with politics and religion. Like which do you prefer: eye capsules or chub? and if he says eye capsules the date is SO over.

  8. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Constance said: “Meg, I love the fact that you are asking for our input on this!”

    Agreed! It’s nice to be able to help make this place even better. Not that I think it needs much; frankly, I LIKE the “bare-bones” look–I come here for the Qte, and that’s really all that I care about. Even the comments-the other thing I like about the Site–are just icing on the cake; I think I’d like this place just as much without them.

    Also, it’s nice to see what options are doing well. I’m surprised the seasonal thing is doing so well; I thought that was just something I cared about. ^_^

    Thank you, Meg and Theo, for such an awesome Site! <3

  9. no celebrity crap, PLEASE.

  10. More cats, less racks.

  11. Another Angela says:

    I too think this site is pretty much perfect as is, and wouldn’t want to tamper too much. I think the frequency of posts is just perfect, the comments format perfect, etc. I like the idea of improving the submissions process I suppose. Thanks Meg!!

  12. i could care less about paris hilton and her dog that she’s never even fed herself.

  13. What are the virtual pets to which you are referring?

    I would cry if celebrities had anything to do with this site, and I might not visit as much, then I would cry about that. This site is pretty damn near perfect as it is, and if you really want it to be better, then more posts of the same caliber. Thanks for everything.

  14. Mrs. Snorgler says:

    Excuse me, but CuteOverload is completely perfect just as it is! The best website evah!!!

  15. I’ve only posted a couple of times, but I wanted to say how much I love the site and love how you ask for input, Meg.

    Technology + cute = perfection.

  16. More merch! Definitely!

    I feel terrible that I missed out on the first CO shirt. ;(

  17. Anonymous Fan says:


    That is all.

  18. The site is perfect as it is. More posts more often would only enhance its perfection. 😀

  19. Since you put in the dating service… I feel that you have to do it. If you advertise something, no matter how sarcastically, you should follow through. 😀

  20. Cat lover says:

    Some sort of Flickr-style image feed so I can put Cute Overload into an electric photoframe. Surely this is trivial to add?

  21. acelightning says:

    For me, the single most important issue is simplifying the page so that it concentrates on the main purpose – CUTE PICTURES! (BTW, thanks for fixing it so that clicking on a link no longer opens it inside a CO frame.) I find the background, and a lot of the ads, distracting – could you use more text-only ads, instead of all the animated pictures? The cute pics alone take a long time to load, and the ad pictures just make that worse – I shudder to think of someone on a dial-up connection trying to view the Cute. I just want to get straight to the main event… *C*U*T*E*!

  22. Feline assault says:

    Pictures of cats giving impudent pups a good slapping. You know it make sense.

  23. wonderful the way it eeeez!!!

  24. Id love to be part of a richer community, if only because Id have more money to afford more cats.

    What do you mean, thats not what you meant?

  25. I agree with most of the people above. I love the cute pics and public input. Nothing else is necessary. And puhleese, no celebs.


  26. Temple Cats' Slave in WI says:

    Hey, Darlin’ — it ain’t broke, no need to fix it. I agree with all of the above (no celebs, &c) This is by the Peeps, for the Peeps, and delights the Peeps. ‘Nuff said.

  27. Avatars!

  28. Make the photos of the cutetracker bigger so I can see them!

  29. Candy Norman says:

    I agree with most of the above,that the site is great as it is. No merchandise, no celebrities. The only thing is to refrain from the “racks” pictures. Makes it harder to share cuteness with the grandkids.

  30. It’s alreay perfect!!!!!

  31. Seconding the “more cats, less racks.” Seriously. Adore everything else you do.

  32. anonymous says:

    please, no celebs. I’ve cancelled print mags because they keep reporting on them. Don’t give a cute rat’s a** about them

  33. Like Mary Poppins, this blog is already “practically perfect in every way.” More merch would be fun though. And a big NO to avatars and celebs.

    Thanks for everything, Meg!

  34. useta hada kitteh says:

    As peeps keeps saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I didn’t have a clue what an avatar was until I finally clicked on Meg’s link — I think they’d take up too much space and be distracting. I like identifying peeps by their “names”, I don’t need pretend pictures to muddle the landscape. And I’m with those that say “less racks”. I don’t get the cuteness of that category. I’d rather just see the cats or bunnehs by themselves. (now a bearcub, that might be good, but might mean the site was going all to rack and bruin.)

    Just do what you’re doin’ Meg, it’s great!

  35. Count me in with everyone who is saying, “Thanks for asking” and, “CO is great as it is”.
    About the ads. Please keep them wholesome. I understand ads are necessary so they don’t bother me, no matter how happy the brunette is about her ‘free custom shirt’.

  36. Meg- I think you’ve got something really great here you can build on. I’ll be curious to see what gets the most votes.

    If you do decide to move more toward a community website with voting and user submissions like our new site please feel free to drop me a line if you need anything. Email is feedback[at]
    —————————— – We Love Animals

  37. I agree, no celebrity animals. I have seen enough of Paris Hilton, already. I love the everyday pets that are posted – just like holding someone’s new baby, it makes you re-appreciate the love and companionship of your own little fur baby.

  38. artschild says:

    For those of you who reeeeeally want that dating service, try

  39. Yet another for no celebrity animals. That would drive me away from CuteOverload, instead of towards it! Thanks for asking us.

  40. eikoleigh says:

    Like most folks, I think more posts would be nice **BUT** I think fewer, high-quality posts would be better and would drive more return visitors. I’d rather see fewer pics with more quality (similar to now), than a slew of low-quality, cheesy posts with poor pic quality or taste-questionable content. I am not a prude but I don’t like the rack pics cuz it’s not the cute, quality, “aaaahhhhh, how cute”-inducing pics that keep me coming back to check out the pics (and posts).

    I also do not object to more advertising IF the advertising content is appropriate, tasteful and NON-intrusive (HATE those flash-animated ads that load and obnoxiously dominate the page for what seems like forever before they roll back into a banner ad or a square). I’m a big online shopper and if cute is the point of the website, heck, I wouldn’t mind checking out some sponsors if they have cute gear. Just keep them more low-key – thanks!

    Thanks for taking a pulse of the your online community, Meg! Love CO and keep the spirit!

  41. eikoleigh says:

    …oh yeah…no celebs, puh-leeze….I’m sick of Paris Hilton and her zoo of animals as accessories.

    Thanks, again.

  42. julio/brasil says:

    We should have a cuteXcute contest and vote who is cutter!!

    The site is awesome! Love it

  43. For the record, I kinda like the cats ‘n racks. A little sass to go with the treacle. Because of the occasional adulterated swear words, I don’t share CO with my nieces & nephews anyway. This is like an “adult” cute-pet site. Kids’ whole lives are about cuteness. We adults are the ones who need the artificial infusion.

  44. GreenEyedHawk says:

    More ferrets! Everything in life would be better with ferrets.

  45. I really, really feel strongly that I wouldn’t want “celebrity pet stories” if it was stories about the pets of celebrities…but I would love to see stories about pets who became celebrities because they saved their people from a fire, pulled some other Lassie maneuver, or did something exceptionally wonderful in any way.

  46. Howbout an RSS feed?

  47. more kitteh toes and PUGS!!!!!!!!!

  48. Xtineebee says:

    Please, Meg, PLEASE never let CO become a site where I have to look at Paris Hilton or her ilk ‘caring for their pets’. Yes, there are a lot of very good celebrety pet owners with enerable pups etc., but one of the *best* things about this site is that it is free of the ‘popular people detritus’. Let’s keep the cute common! 😉

  49. i love this site just the way it is. i would suggest a forum but honestly i don’t know if this site needs one. commenting on the pictures works pretty good

  50. Don’t change a thing!
    And, many thanks to you,
    Meg! Happy New Year,
    everyone! Another year
    of Cuteness — no evil,
    no pain, no hatred. Just
    sweet, funny, lovely,
    Seriously Cute snaps of
    the best part of life:
    warm fun, good people.

  51. Please, no celebrities. While I voted for “more posts, more often,” I don’t think you really should change anything about the site! I love it the way it is. I would think that all of us who voted for “more posts” don’t want just a bunch of random cute posts for the sake of having more. I believe we all enjoy the site so much because of the time you take in picking quality submissions. Really, don’t change things around too much! On a last note, I don’t like the idea of avatars. I don’t know why exactly, but I don’t.

  52. I love this site just the way it is! Please don’t muck it up with avatars etc.

    (Long time lurker, first time poster)

  53. I agree with John that an RSS feed would be the bestest evar.

    Something I’m not sure falls under the category of pagination – when, due to unfortunate circumstances beyond my control, I haven’t been to CuteOverload for a couple days, the pic at the very bottom of the homepage is one I haven’t seen yet, so I have to visit the permalink and then click “back” to make sure I catch all the way up. If there were a “Previous 10/Next 10” link (or even an archive), that would be fantabulous. Otherwise, don’t change a thing, except more merch plzkthx.

    (P.S. Why does my email address absolutely *have* to accompany my post? If you really don’t want to change that, could you please indicate on the comments form which of the fields are required information? Thanks!)

  54. Whoops, just found the archive. ^^* Still, a “Previous 10/Next 10” link would be super.

  55. Thanks for asking, Meg!
    I really don’t want you to change anything. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 🙂

    Thank you for this site!

  56. more snow leopards and other big cats! *fluff*

  57. Your site is great. I love sharing it with grandchildren and other children sometimes. Someone needs to clean up the language and give us less pics of racks. It doesn’t need celebrities or advertisements.

  58. Meg: a script (or whatever you call it) here on C.O. where we can send emails to friends about an especially cute photo! (If you’ve got it already and I haven’t seen it, my apologies!)

    And I must agree: thank you for asking for our input!

  59. I have to come out against the very popular “more posts more often” option. There’s only so much cute out there, and there are already lots of updates to cute overload. I think the most important thing is that the quality and posting rate remain consistent. If the site uses up its material too fast and then has long dry spells that would kill it.

  60. Thanks for everything,and please don’t change a thing!Maybe just the recent girly flying ham’s.

  61. I think the site is perfect the way it is and that any of the above would be unimprovements 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!

  62. Please, I beg you, no dating service or celeb pets or virtual pets. It would really bring down the quality of this otherwise great site. For the rest, keep up the wonderful work!

  63. Nuttin’, you’re perfect just as it is.

  64. Ppattibpatt says:

    Meg, I love this website of yours! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE, don’t change a theeng! It hiz absolutely special just da way ya do da tingz ya do. If ya wanted to change da background image seasonally, I s’pose dat would be ok, but nuttin’ elzz. Keep up da good woik. Love eeeeet!!!

  65. Ppattibpatt says:

    p.s I like the idea of more “suggestive” pictures being in a category by themselves, what do ya think?

  66. chrisruthseidel says:

    I love the fact that I have never seen a celebrity on this site! Keep it home-made and simple, pleeze. I also really enjoy knowing the countries where some of the animals (and people) live. You have had wonderful taste so far in what you put on my favorite site!

  67. YAY for Meg!

  68. no celebrities, please. keep it real. and let’s date! why not?!

  69. useta hada kitteh says:

    Beffany — I think (I don’t know for sure) that your email address has to accompany your comment to prove you’re a real person and not an automatic spam robot or somesuch. On any of the blogs I’ve commented on, it’s been pretty usual to have to include an email address. However, the other blogs I’ve commented on don’t actually show the email address, it’s just used for verification purposes, and is kept off the site. Now THAT I’d appreciate. How ’bout it, Megs? Do we need to have people’s email addresses linked?

  70. Other than more merch, I Love You Just The Way You Are *singing in Billy Joel voice*

  71. Ellen Golds says:

    i love your site just the way it is. i’m not interested in any of the options.

    cute vibes!


  72. I posted this too late to make the vote, so I’m hoping you’ll still read it here.

    I love this site – the pictures are what makes our day, but after that, here’s what I’d suggest you consider adding/changing:

    * A place to download desktop backgrounds – with backgrounds designed by you or by visitors. It would be a nice creative outlet for fans of the Cute! (I’m sure we could come up with other things besides backgrounds)

    *A store. You could sell lots of CO merchandise including t-shirts to help support the site.

    *As another poster mentioned, ways we can help shelters, animal groups, links to adopting pets, etc. Those of us who love pets probably would love to support groups that help them.

    *Along those same lines…how about more advertisers who are relevant to animals…so buying something from them would support a group that helps the creatures we love. Can you target those folks?

    *Don’t have a new screen open up for each post/picture. That’s the one change that really annoys me. I want to scroll through having the new page replace the old page. It’s a pain to shut down each window that I no longer want to view.

    *What’s the update on the ying/yang kitten t-shirt? I wish there was a place were we could check on the status. I’m beginning to think it’s not going to happen since I haven’t seen an update about it for months and months.

    You are doing a great job. Never forget that we love what you are doing and even when we make suggestions, it’s still your call and we appreciate everything you do! Cheers to the Cute in 2007!

  73. Christine` says:

    I would LOVE to see free wallpaper and/or screen saver downloads. I especially love the flying hamsters and would love to use as my screen saver! Please consider! I love your site.

  74. Christine` says:

    … and no celebs. That is exactly what I’m trying to escape from when I visit your site.

    I would rather not have too many changes to this site.

  75. I look forward to my dose of cuteness each day. Often, while at work (I’m a nurse) I open your site, call the rest of the staff over to OOOh and aaaaaaaah. If one of my patients is particularly in need, I will turn the monitor around so he or she (or the whole unit) can see. Forget laughter. Cuteness is the best medicine.


    P.S. My five parrots would like to request more bird pictures. They loved the jumping ducklings and have now asked me to take their pictures and submit them.

  76. Please, no celebrities! The animals are the stars of this site. Let’s keep it that way. It’s great as is.

  77. No celebrities, please! The animals are the stars!

    it’s PERFECT. I think it is your humor and point of view that is the star of this show.
    (plus the critters.) an ah LUV it, ah LUV it AH LUV IT! (molly shannon voice)

  79. more dogs less cats. great website.

  80. dont change anything, if it aint broke dont fix it.. this is already the best site ever!! ok.. well maybe more merch

  81. i was going to vote for my posts, then I thought:
    1. but it’s the quality, and the wittiness, that makes them so good. How many xtra cute pics with xtra smart captions are there?
    2. I already waste so much time checking co, if I was gratified with even more new posts…i don’t know I might turn into some strange cute troll with no life but cuteness…and
    drown in a bowl of treacle laced with caramel and dusted with confectioner’s sugar…

  82. sorry, meant “vote for more posts.”
    I guess I better make use of that strange “preview” button in future!

  83. I think you should get rid of the comments.

  84. First, thanks for the poll Meg, second I would like a graphic section. We could make graphics of the cutest animals to make CO even cuter! (not that it’s not cute enough)

    And about more post, NO WAY! You already post so much, in the span of an hour there’s about five to ten more (or something like that) you work so hard, trust me, we’re fine 🙂

  85. Well, you left off an important option – “Don’t change a thing, CO is perfect as it is.”

    Seriously, why do you think you need to do anything differently?

  86. CO is perfect the way it is :3 Nothing needs to change or be added.

  87. A place for desktop backgrounds is the best idea so far. You only need to make a category for the biggg pics. (Oh, and you might need more of the big pics, too…)

  88. How about not opening a new page for every link? It gets really annoying. And how about using better community software? There are several much better packages out there that can take the load.

    Other than that, please don’t try to get cute, let the pics do that for you!!!

  89. no changes required.a cute photo given life with megs hillariously accented comments is what we know and love. keep it simple. as for more posts more often,i don,t mind waiting for quality cuteness.

  90. Sorry if this has already been posted but I’m in a tearing hurry so I’m drive by posting. If it is already here, then I’m another vote.

    How about a BBS? I know it can be pricey, but I read some where that digi is reasonable. One of the big bbs draws is that we’d have a place to go off-topic without hijacking the comments.

    Maybe this is under the “richer community features” category.

  91. You are gonna have to quit your day job so you can keep up with posting MORE CUTE PICS! And your captions should definitly go with the emails as they are prosh! The ability to directly email pics is about the only feature I’m interested in.

  92. chet's momma says:

    oh, megs, of COURSE we want more postings, but I, personally, am so grateful for the ones we have….and I don’t want to impose my addiction to teh qte on you! keep up the great work!!!!

  93. I love the idea of more merchandise, but not necessarily t-shirts. It seems that I have like 600 t shirts and even though I love CO, another T is not what I need.

    How about tote bags? Posters/Wall hangings? Even shot glasses or other household stuff (kitchen towels?)

  94. crazy sheep says:

    for me, most of the things in this poll are just gimmicks and wouldn’t add anything to the site, and maybe would detract from it (espcially celebrity cr@p). Apart from more posts! I voted for that. And maybe T-shirts etc to generate income for the site, even though I’m a Luddite who doesn’t buy online.

    Other than that, I love the site as it is, more or less. I am definitely in the “more cats, less racks” camp.

  95. Celebrity pets??? DON’T EVEN GO THERE. What is attractive about this site is the good-natured, good-humoured sharing of a single common interest. There are lots of other places for all those other things…what keeps me (and I’m sure, many others) returning to this site time after time is the plain and simple enjoyment of the images on which we have come to rely to brighten our days. Plain and simple. Keep what you got, Meg and bless you for it.

  96. A lot of people want more posts, but I think the current amount of daily posts is just right. Otherwise many of us would become both cute overloaded and information overloaded!

  97. Meg
    Thank you for aking us addicts, but please remember that It’s yours and don’t do anything you don’t like because I for one love what you do.
    But the one thing I ask is don’t dilute the qte I’ve got used to mainlining the pure stuff I’d get withdrawal if it went back to just plain cute

    Tanks for the cute again
    By the way when is the Webbys open to nominations think CO deserves to win again as long as Meg mentions the Bununs, Puppiesand the Hammies this time

  98. Great site. I am an every day viewer, though I don’t post. That said, I usually don’t post because I would prefer a community aspect to it, instead of having to check back. Weird format for having a conversation in. However, a forum or a BBS would be perfect, and it’s the ONLY change I’d make to CO. Keep up the great work…and MORE PUPPIES!

  99. I agree: practically perfect in every way (thank you, Mary Poppins – now, SHE knew cute!). Less racks, more actual cute. NO Celebs, no more fiddly bits. Just cute cute cute cute cute.

    You’re doing a fantabulous job here, Meg! Kudos! Or should that be … cute-os?!?! 🙂

  100. Along the lines of acelightning’s suggestion for a streamlined version…how about a mobile-optomized version? That would cover both bases.

    I tried to show CO to someone recently using their mobile device, and getting to the cute pictures was pretty tough!

    I also fall into the no celebrities or virtual pets categories. Occassional cute stuffed toys and the like is OK, but I am here for the Real Animals (and no, I don’t mean Theo! :D) And maybe add links to your favorite animal charities.

  101. More posts.
    NO celebrity posts.
    Seasonal backgrounds.
    >>When I said, more cute merchandise, I didn’t mean ADs or having things for sale, just sightings and perhaps references to the sites, if we wanted to purchase them. (Like, the Hello Kitty stuff & Farm Hustle animals — from a ways back)
    When it comes down to it, I like it just the way it is, and apparently so do a lot of other peeps.

    Cute Overload is the best way to get your cute on!


  102. Someone suggested a C.O. Calendar–definitely a great idea!!

    Also, changing out ads to be for products that benefit animals in some way would be nice.

  103. Ho ho, looks like my favorite:

    the “richer community features” is sinking more and more :-(. (what can I say, I love avatars)
    Let’s hope till the end though.

    Thanks again Meg *kiss* stay you.

  104. Cute overload helped me quit heroin! I’m not kidding.

  105. The Cute is perfect the way it is! Please don’t change a thing!

    (I am now addicted to exclamation marks!)

    love (madly)

  106. S., no comments section? You MUST be joking!

  107. I think anything Meg adds/changes will be “right.” She’s got the touch…even with ads and links. I’m VERY surprised at how many I’ve clicked on, found interesting enough to purchase something.

  108. Try the *adblock plus* option with mozilla firefox if the ads are an issue, everyone. It makes it all wide open.

  109. Easier-to-read fonts for the poster’s name/date/time at the end of each post.
    6-point pale blue just don’t do it.

  110. galveston says:

    Re hillarygayle’s comment:
    Actually, if she did put a forum-type comments thing here that made conversations possible, then she would have to monitor,which is time-comsuming at best. . .and you would very definitely get people doing typical forum stuff, like taking over or starting stuff.
    Just comments might be ruff communication, but it protects the purity.

  111. hillarygayle says:

    galveston: I hadn’t thought of the time consuming portion of a chat-type feature. For the comments, I’ll admit that’s a bit too much. A forum that was related to CO might be okay (i.e., on the front page you click on a link to the “Forums”), though, and she could always appoint forum monitors from out of the Qte™ adoring masses for something like that.

  112. Meg ( a different one though) says:

    Caption contests for pictures.

  113. I think going through the archive should be as easy as clicking on a “next page” hyperlink when you reach the end of the frontpage.

  114. Having the option to hide your email address from the general public (including bots) when you post a comment would also be a nice feature.

  115. One thing I just thought of is that it would be nice to have a threading option in the comments. That way, people can respond to certain things and it doesn’t get so lost.

  116. I love CO just the way it is. I agree with some of the others who have said that the number of posts per day is perfect. I think part of the fun is the anticipatation – *will there be a new post this time I visit the site??* I am completely addicted and am so glad to see CO thriving – I’d be sadly lost without my cute fix every day.

  117. Jennifer — I hear you. That’s a shortcoming of TypePad, which is CO’s blog platform. One day I may hijack Rob from Slashdot (or simply talk shop over lunch at Zingerman’s) regarding threading & other tricks. Six Apart (the company that makes TypePad) also offers more advanced packages, like Moveable Type, but that’s a whole other world of do-it-yourself for folks like Meg & me, who do this in their spare time.

  118. If I could vote *against* anything, I’d vote against celebrity pet stories. I could handle just about everything else. 😉


  119. Meg,
    This is my must see of the day. My kids hooked me up to this site and it has been my joy (almost daily) and solace (when special love-kitteh went to Heaven) and many things in between. I think you do a spectacular job. Keep it up 🙂

  120. Hey there.
    I must say what no doubt other people are saying. Thank you VERY much for asking for our input on this. However, I can’t think of no way to improve It’s wonderful the way it is.

  121. I think it would be an immense help to casual viewers if next to each photo there was a description of the Kind of animal we’re looking at. For dogs & cats, maybe a breed. For those “what on earth is that?!”, maybe a species name?

    Comon’, some people (including me) don’t know a hedgehog or wombat when we’re looking at them. And when we scan the so called description for a clue all we get is, “Oh woozy woozy wooo wooo wookums!!” Puh-leez.

  122. Renoir, it’s amazing what can help people with stuff like that :).

    I love the pagination and hidden email ideas, and the more posts, the better. A forum would be fun, too, but it would require a lot of attention from an administrator.

  123. Never have posted here before, tho CO has been a daily part of my life since my daughter discovered it maybe a year ago. I add my vote to the “don’t change a thing” crowd, tho I’d certainly buy “merch” if available (no big ads, just a spot to click). I don’t even want more pix, if it means Meg doesn’t keep doing the captions herself — more isn’t necessarily better. <3, Greta (when I started putting <3 on my emails to my college daughters four years ago, they couldn't figure out what it was -- maybe a symbol for a big bust? -- but that didn't seem like Mom.... LOL!

  124. ittybittykitty says:

    I’m a long time cute lover, first time commentor.
    My feelings on all the hubbub:
    1. celebrities make me want to barf kittens (at least i get something good out of it
    2. how about a CO dictionary? that way newcomers don’t get so confused with the Cute Lingo such as “anerable” and “prosh”
    3. this is probably too difficult, but it would be nice to know if pictures we send in have been looked at. I sent in pictures of my babies months ago and i don’t know if they were not CO-worthy, if they were lost, or if you just have so many you havent gotten to them yet!
    Thanks for all the cuteness you have brought to us. “What the world needs now is cute, sweet cute”

    ps more kittens!

  125. ittybittykitty – Regarding your #2, “CO dictionary” inquiry. Check out the Official CO Glossary under “More! More! More!” on the right sidebar. Get comfterbuls and see you in a few days when you’re done reading it. It’s great stuff! Right, Theo?

  126. ittybittykitty, your wish #2 has been granted. The Mighty Theo put up the Official CO Glossary quite some time ago. See on the right side of the page, under the header More More More, or here

    for all your cute lingo needs.

  127. pyrit! You beat me to it! It’s that darn robot spam checker!

  128. AuntieMame says:

    A means to sign up and login would be nice. Then we wouldn’t have to keep typing our user name and email address over and and over and over and over and over… It would solve the spambot checker issue, too.

    Something else that might be useful is a way to report trolls. (There is another questionable post in the hippo thread…)

  129. I’d like to be able to email a certain post to a friend (like if I have a friend who LOVES hedgehogs I could send her a link that would take her right to the picture I wanted her to see).

  130. What about a Posting once a week about shelter or org. that could use the press? I have found a few places, online, that are doing great work and when I get extra $ then I have a new place to donate to….or better yet if they are local go and volunteer my time at…..

  131. An RSS feed would be great.

  132. no celebrities pleeeeease!
    your standards for posting photos are really high and it means that only quality kittehs grace the site. Please don’t start posting anything just to get more posts more often.
    Kudos to you!

  133. Deffo no celebrities (the opposite of cute).
    And compress your jpeg’s!! When I mail on pix from the site to friends they are bonkers MASSIVE, compress ’em just a touch in Photoshop. Think of the children…

  134. I’m also thinking… how about a separate links page (not in the menu on the main site) highlighing private cute animal blogs? Say best private animal blog of the week/ month sort of thing!?

    Oh and definitely no celebrity/ rich people pets. This is the Qte for the masses!! 🙂

    We [heart] you Meg!


  135. I vote for more chinchillas.

  136. For the love of Dog, no celebrity ANYTHING, PLEASE!

  137. I like it the way it is! Ok, I want t-shirts, but I don’t want you to overstretch yourself by posting too much, I would totally neglect any virtual pets, I have no interest in celebrity cuteness, and there’s plenty o’ community right here in the comments.

  138. And I second (or third, or fourth) the call for our e-mail addresses not to be linked.

  139. more cute, less ego says:

    please, please, please, please, puh-leeeeez… NO CELEBS! i am so tired of celebrity worship! i’d rather worship a kitten or a baby panda instead of some underfed and overpaid celeb anyday. at least you know the animal appreciates the adoration!

  140. more cute, less ego says:

    please, please, please, please, puh-leeeeez… NO CELEBS! i am so tired of celebrity worship! i’d rather worship a kitten or a baby panda instead of some underfed and overpaid celeb anyday. at least you know the animal appreciates the adoration!

  141. no stuffed animals as cute entries. i love this site, but it seems like the language is getting more and more cutesy–why not call a kitten a kitten instead of this “kitteh” thing?

  142. Sally — hehe. Better ask Mariser about the “kittehs”.

  143. I’ll be honest, I only picked three because you said I could. For the most part, your site is already perfect. I wouldn’t want to see you lower your standards to increase the number of posts. And voting would be neat, although I probably wouldn’t participate. And the dating service would be awesome, but waaaay off topic.

    Mostly, just keep up the great work, and make 2007 the cutest year ever.

  144. Agree with others–the site is already great, and adding celebrity anything would just detract from it. Other than that, I’d vote for no more racks. There are other sites for that; we just come here for The Qte!

  145. I really like the posts about cute animals in the news and websites that are out there. This is stuff I wouldn’t come across otherwise and think it is great! I also second the weekly posts about shelters or orgs. I also really like “all bunny tuesday” or “all hedgie saturdays” those are fun! oh and Molly & Zippy say more bunnehs!!! (Molly is the tock-a-lope from a month or so back… she’s still so full of herself from all the fame!)

  146. I think the amount of posts at the moment is just right. Virtual pets are fun, but you can find them other places. I think it’s better to focus your resources on things unique to C.O. I love this site, btw! It always brings a smile to my face, even on the worst days. 🙂

  147. Baby t’s in junior sizes! Maybe the logo in the upper right hand corner on the front and enlarged on the back with a hammie pic?

    The length would be longish with the shirt stopping at the hip but snug but not tight fitting.

  148. I think it is perfect as it is—I worry as you get more popular there will be too many ads, but I know we have to pay for what we love (sigh).

    Put a bilby (Australian cute animal) on the site!
    < ))))~

  149. I’m not sure if this is covered under the ‘pagination’ option, but I’d like to be able to view previous pages of posts.
    See how The Superficial is, you can go back farther, in case you miss a day or two.

  150. I think this will go against what most people see as essential to the site, but I would love to see the Cute without the anthropomorphizing commentary. A mirror site with just pix?

  151. You know the new bumper stickers? I love them, but some lame people that drive the same car I do have issues about sticky sticker stuff pasted on their bumper…

    Now, if they were the magnetic kind that you could take on and off, that would rock…

  152. t (re: cute pix w/o commentary) —
    There’s plenty of sites out there that do this sort of thing already. Try for starters, and just keep clicking the photo. But as for Cute Overload, the captions and the comments are part of this site’s content & reason for being.

    I’ve heard that there’s somebody out there already doing what you describe, i.e. repackaging CO’s pix and serving them up on their own plain-vanilla webpage. That’s a no-no; please don’t do it. You want to make your own website, you create your own content; don’t leech off our work (OK, mostly Meg’s) without express written permission.

    There used to be a link to the Creative Commons license in the margin, for further reference, but I don’t see it right now; I’ll look into it.

  153. allessindra says:

    I realize that youhave the ads up for revenue, and while the flashing-ness of some of them annoys me, I cope. But my old browser on my old machine really can’t cope with lots of javascript and animated icons and flashing dingbats of BUY THIS NOW. If you could keep that at a minimum I’d really appreciate it. (there are two or three ads on this page right now that exemplify what I mean.)

    of lesser importance, I’d vote for NO virtual pets, and NO celebrity pets, and PLEASE MORE ferrets.

    Thank you!

  154. Actually I love the site exactly how it is and several of those ideas listed would make it worse in my opinion. I really enjoy that it’s just cute things all the time. Keep up the good work!

  155. coffeeboss says:

    I had voted for celebrity pets, then read the comments: Paris Hilton. OK, OK, I take my vote back. Sorry (bowing my head). But otherwise, Merch! More posts! But don’t kill yourself over posts. The truth is, I think CO is perfect as it is! 🙂

  156. Keep it the way it always was.


    Please NO celebrity pets or “neopets.” I don’t give a &**(% about some Hollywood celebrity’s pet – I wanna see the ones in ordinary world households.

    If you need to do a new feature….maybe kitties or hedgies by country or something like that. Are there any hedgie-poos in Italy? Germany? Hungary? Australia? Switzerland? Latvia? Lithuania? 🙂

    Real live critters are great….artificial critters/neopetz please NO.

    Real live critters taken out clubbing are funny…they just need to be LIVE.


  157. How about more factual information on animals, or links to it (particularly the unusual ones). Like natural habitat, what they eat and so on. Sometimes people ask appatantly rhetorical questions like ‘what world is this little guy from!’ which could be interestingly answered. Just a thought.

  158. The throng has spoken: more of what you do best! It really is a perfect creation.

  159. No changes are required. CO is the most perfect thing. Well, except for pups, kittehs, rattlings… ears, noses, tails…

  160. Beffany was the first to note that site navigation is a little weird.

    I’d like to see a Previous Qte Pics link or something at the bottom of the main page, and I also think your archive links get lost in the other random stuff on the side of the page. Can you make these links more distinct somehow, more noticable? I sent my friend here and she saw the first 10 pics or whatever on the main page and she thought that was all the Qte pics you had.

    But otherwise, great site, no Celebs, no dating, no gimmics. More Qte plz!

    Oh yeah and I love merch. Cant wear Tees much so maybe a polo that says “” with a tiny embroidered ham or kitteh or something on it for a logo. Stickers, posters, plushies, bags, coffee mugs, pens, I love teh Qte!

  161. There already is an RSS feed:
    It’s no longer linked on the front page, which is where I originally found it, but it still works, complete with pictures!

  162. bubbazanetti says:

    Don’t go changin’ to try and please me. I love you just the way you aaaaaaarrrrrre.

  163. …still, I *do* want clever conversation.
    (Fortunately CO has that, in spades.)

  164. you should sell CO calendars for next year. i was calendar shopping and all the “cute” ones were just cheesy.

    random i know

  165. No really, more chinchillas!

    I see many many hammies and hedgies etc, and they are great, but there have been so few chinnies that it makes me sad. I have submitted my own chinnie a few times but I guess my pics weren’t up to CO standards. 😦

  166. OK, People, the poll has been officially tallied. Please see this post for final winners:

  167. Heh more animal stuff like avatars and wallpapers ya know. I will get some comics on my site: htp:// and I think some comics would be good! A good laugh is nice once in a while =)

  168. Sorry for late posting – I didn’t know the commenting was off. I guess it’s just a last minute suggestion.

  169. Hmm, guess I oughtta close the comments since the poll’s over… cheers all!