“Confessions of a Cute Addict”

Hdr_mag_3Well Peeps, we made Hallmark magazine, thanks to fabu freelance writer Rebecca Skloot. Poor thing, she has an ADDITICTION TO CUTE and felt compelled to write about eet. Someone’s got to do eet. Nice photo shoot, too, Rebecca and Hallmark Peeps! Thanks for a sweet story that so accurately explains the strange phenom… 😉

Check out the article online

Special thanks to Cute Overload frequent commenters Mira/Miss Crisp and Janet Poirrier for their interviews for the article. Nice quotes, ladies. Verrrrrrry Niiiiiiiiiice.



  1. Congratulations. You better watch out; you’re getting MainStream! LOL I could not go a single day without you, C.O.

  2. many thanks and congrats from a lurker

  3. NebraskaErin says:


  4. I totally agree with everything the writer wrote! I love this site.

  5. Temple Cats' Slave in WI says:

    Well YEAH! The whole skin of the globe is happier because of you, Meggie, and nothing speeds healing for lightens a heart like these pictures. You’re an icy lemonade on a terribly hot day, and I feel proud to be a member of this community. So there!

  6. um, great article, but what’s Cute Chat? the comments or something else?

  7. browntabbycoon says:

    Oh yeah. What is a day without cute? Miserable, that’s what. Keep on keeping on Meg.

  8. Ok, I didn’t realize that this had become an online community! I wish I had known sooner. I check CO several times a day and it is linked from my blog. I tell people about it all the time. I found it through “Stuff on My Cat”. Keep ’em comming!

  9. useta hada kitteh says:

    Wonderful article! Thanks, Rebecca, for writing it — and thanks (as always) to Meg for making this site such a delight!

    Yay Peeps!

  10. It seems I am in the minority here at C.O. because appearently I am the only man, straight too, who is addicted to this site. Must be that pesky Virgo sign. Anywho, thanks again Meg, a very inspiring site.

  11. I love this site, too! I’ve told so many people. The site really does make me so happy. It plays to my happy optimistic personality, but hey, even “glass half-full” types need to recharge, which is exactly what this site does for me. Love it! Silly as it may sound, you are making the world a better place simply by making people happy.

  12. “Cute Chat”? I want in.
    “Meg is allergic to pets”? Meg you’re amazing. You were given lemons and made lemonade. Now I’m even more impressed.
    “11,000 emails a day”?????

  13. great article! i’ve got to check the site several times a day to get my fix. thanks meg!!!

  14. I saw that too, 11,000 emails a day??? Wow… I feel for you! Thanks for all your work Meg.
    http://www.petafoo.com – We Love Animals

  15. Guinea Dad says:

    Mostly a lurker, but had to comment. Not everyone here is a girl, yo. I’ve got three adorable guinea pigs (hence the name), and I CANNOT live without teh cute. And I see it everywhere now! Who knew hedgies were so adorable? Meg, apparently, and all y’all. You guys are the best, and your comments are the delicious icing on the cute cake.

  16. I’m not a girl either. Well, as an ant I am a girl, but as a human I am a male geek. 🙂 I know a lot of male guys who love this Web site!

  17. They misspelled “Ehn”!!!! How do you misspell a made-up 3-letter word???

  18. Congratulatons, Meg!!

    Like everyone else who loves the site, I appreciate its refreshing, uplifting alternative to so much bad news out there. Thanks to you and our animal brethren for giving a weary world something to smile about. We love teh cute!!

    (And you work for Apple too?! SWEET!!)

  19. That is a great story. It’s so awesome when websites like this somehow mysteriously turn into true communities. I participate in another online community (not cute-related) where members have called 911 (sometimes successfully) to save the lives of others who have posted suicide threats, members have married each other…it’s amazing how strongly people can connect without/before meeting in person.

    Where is Cute Chat? I was also unaware of its existence.

  20. Hey Thor. You may be in the minority but you’re not alone.

  21. How Fab Is That…..Great Going Meg

  22. 11,000 a day? dang…I forgive you for not posting my smooshie, who is undoubtably the cutest kitty ever in the wurld. But I am biased. I loved the article and I love u Meg for creating the best site on the interwebs. YAY!

  23. I think you crashed the Hallmark site with referrals… it’s down!

  24. I had no idea there are 11,000 of us “nuts” out there – or maybe its just 10 or so of us having to check C.O. every half hour or so on a compulsive basis just to see what new pics have been added! My family thinks I’m nuts for visiting the site so often. I can finally, proudly say that I’m part of a fantastic POSITIVE trend/fad! As we say at Catster: MOL

    While we’re on the confessions side…. am I the only one who saves some of the cutest photos to my computer so I can whip through them when I need an extra pick-me-up? (Dial-up really, REALLY sux!)

  25. Meg, what an amazing phenom you have created! Soon there will be a place at the United Nations for The Qte! (Official sounding voice…) “The Chair recognizes the tewtally redonk Madame Meg, Ambassador of The Qte…”
    So happy I found this li’l piece of heaven.

  26. Congrats, Meg!! What a wonderful person you are for starting and keeping up with this site. I also admit it … I’m addicted to C.O. Thank you!

  27. Finally, Rebecca Skloot’s article!

    Meg, you’re getting waaaaay too famous. It’s time you got some bodyguards! (Four-legged of course.)

    But what is “Cute Chat”?

  28. I’m a cat nut who looks for your email FIRST every day, even before the personal ones!!! Gives me a great lift and usually a giggle. Animals have long been know to lift the human spirit, and you have added a special touch to that great feeling. Need way more sites like this one on the web!

  29. Oh dear, sorry about the four-legged bodyguard thing! I didn’t read that part about your having allergies when I posted that! Sorry to hear.

    Anyhoot – LOVE the Qte. I couldn’t check this last evening and I was brainfrizz. I feel much better now. YAY for CuteOverload!

  30. My boyfriend is very straight and very addicted- I think he checks CO more than I do!

    And where is this Cute Chat? I want in. I wanna meet people for dinner too.

  31. I discovered CO because my boyfriend told me about it. He tried to make it sound like “here’s one of those chick things that you might enjoy”, but he actually digs it and checks it periodically too!
    You are doing something great, Meg… thanks for all the lurve!


  32. Piggalette says:

    WTG MEG! Of course keep up the good work. And keep posting what you think is cute. I love to have my mind changed about what I previously thought was Not Cute. 😀 You are the best(est).

  33. I hadn’t heard of CO before the article, either. Thanks to Hallmark for bringing this much-needed cuteness to my attention, and of course to CO for putting it there in the first place. 😀

  34. RogueRylla says:

    I worked for Hallmark for 8 years, and this was the first Hallmark Magazine article (I think the Mag. has only been around for 3-4 yrs)that I connected with! I adore teh cute:)

  35. Awesome article!

  36. Simpson O'Brien says:

    Do we really have a CO chatroom?! Oh please don’t toy with me, I’m hooked on the cute and want/need real time qualification. please please help me live 24/7 wid th’ cute….
    meow and woof

  37. michellemybelle says:

    This article is bringing the menfolk out of the woodwork – we’ll need more to make the dating thing happen 🙂

    Great article!

  38. Simpson O'Brien says:

    …hey if i could find a guy who like teh cute as much as me……snorgle!

  39. I’ve been getting the feed in my livejournal for a while now, so I didn’t know about the commenting community. I must now visit the site several times a day. Congrats, Meg, on such a wonderful site!

  40. I’m glad everyone liked the story! Thanks to all the Peeps who talked with me for it.

    To answer the burning questions about Cute Chat … it’s an online forum you can get to by going to the Cutologist map here:


    Scroll down and click the link below the map that says, “Click here for Cute Overload Cuteologists Forums” … I guess not many people use it ;-).

    And yeah, I can’t believe the typo on Ehn! But that anerable picture they took of the puggle twetelly makes up for it …

    There are definitely more than 11,000 Peeps out there (that’s just the number of emails in Meg’s inbox!). The site gets about 65,000 hits a day, which is amazing.

    Hallmark magazine is actually brand new — this is only their second issue. They want me to write animal stories regularly, so Peeps, email me tips when you hear about good ones I should cover! You can always reach me through my website (www.rebeccaskloot.com).


  41. re: CO “Chat Room” — this is it, right here, the under-post comments. I know, I know; it’s technically incorrect to call this a chat room; I’m not the one who wrote the article (which was largely quite nice, I hasten to add). We do tend to treat our comments here AS IF they were part of a chat room, though.

  42. Oh hi Rebecca! I’d forgotten about the Frappr stuff; hadn’t really looked at that since shortly after it was added. That’s not really Cute Overload, per se; it’s an affiliate. But a Frappr forum there is indeed.

    (By the way, they appear to be offline right now. I get a “temporarily unavailable” error.)

  43. Simpson O'Brien says:

    Oh, great theo, thank you. Not being of the ‘puter age, all techno stuff takes awhile to sink in. But, alas, my kitteh’s Eli, Freeway, Sophie and William and the goldie, Maggie, are poiced for Sunday chats ALL DAY while watching mind numbing movies like Meet the Fockers. Go Mr. Jinks!!! meow and woof

  44. librarygrl says:

    I read the Hallmark article…and I’m a convert. I don’t know how I existed before this site. I spent a good hour laughing out loud as I went through past postings. You are now my go-to page first thing every day!

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  45. crazy sheep says:

    Congratulations, Meg. That’s a lovely article they wrote about you. I have the allergies-in-the-family issue too, but all I do is sigh about it. I really appreciate the “lemonade” that you made with your “lemons” and gave to the world. Thank you.

  46. Better late than never…

    Fab article, long time in coming! Or were we just impatient…? Anyway, Meg, you deserve more than a simple thanks. You deserves


    Love ya!

  47. MEG!!! If there are this many of us, we need an annual Cuteologist Convention! Just like the Trekkies only way more fluffy and anerable. Seriously. I and 11,000 others would totally go!!! So pick a major US city and DO EET!

  48. Rebecca Skloot… rhymes with Qte!


    I would send Meg an email but – heh, heh.

    I would like to respectfully, officially, submit my application for the position of M.E.G., Meg’s Email Go-fer.
    ~~ “It would sure do me good, to do you good, I can help.”~~~
    I will uphold the CUTE. I have decades of experience at being extremely helpful. I promise to never use phrases like “think out of the box”, “going forward” or “let’s hit the ground running”. I love wine and Apples. Theo, link me up.

  50. RhyannonTrinity says:

    Thank you so much for CO… I know it’s been said over and over again but it really does make my day. If I happen to miss it one day I scramble to the computer the next day a little happy because I know there will be even more cuteness to absorb! >’-‘<

  51. Theo – With all the suggestions flying around I am reminded of a concern I have with the CO Glossary. Some months ago I tried to contact you about it but I couldn’t leave a message on your Vox. I sent Meg an email about it but the CO Glossary entry hasn’t changed.
    Maybe now, enough time has passed, I don’t know, that I can just put it out, right here, in the comments. Welp, here goes. It’s a bummer though.
    “Earworm”, the “Tie Me Kangaroo Down” link is heartbreaking because it goes to commentary about the true blue, our man, Mr. Steve Irwin. It’s too much for unsuspecting readers. Well it was for me. It’s too sad. Please replace the link with a better example of an earworm.
    Thank you, Theo.

  52. w00t! for Skloot!

    Other than spelling “EHN!” wrong, perfect article.

    Mr. LT enjoys the site but pretends not to. But there’s plenty of men here: Theo, TJ, NTMTOM, TGOT…

    CUTECON! YES! Make eet happen! A gathering of the Peeps would ROCK soo tewtelly moishe!

  53. Oh, adding to what Teho said awhile back: THIS IS our chat room. Besides the Frappr thing not workingk, live chat only connects you to people whose timezone/schedule connects with yours, whereas the comments work for all Peeps everywhere. Plus it looks innocent enough that Peeps at work can pop in now and again and leave comments, as opposed to chat rooms which LOOK like the non-work stuff they are.

  54. misscrisp says:

    All thanks are due to YOU Mamselle le Frost.
    (dude, Meg said my name!)
    ¡Long live Teh Qte™!

  55. Simpson O'Brien says:

    A QTE convention!!!! perfect – let’s do it in San Fran and all stay with Meg!!! But I’ve got friends there so maybe we could spread out alittle. it’s been SO NICE to read all the nice things abour miss meggie today. God, we are a bunch o’ nice peeps! meow and woof

  56. Pyrit — the CO mailbox is Meg’s alone; I don’t touch it myself.

    As for the “Earworm” entry, y’know, I get what you’re saying, but I hesitate to change it for 2 reasons: 1) That song is absolutely WICKED that way, on the order of “It’s a Small World After All,” so it’s a perfect example… and 2) Steve Irwin’s death was a sad event, yes, but the man himself wasn’t. Most of us peeps are goofy animal lovers ourselves, and Steve was pretty much #1 at the top of that scale, don’tcha think? Doesn’t seem right to me, to erase the traces he left here.

    Anyway, the entry doesn’t mention Steve directly, even though it references a comment thread that does. Do you see where I’m coming from, with this?

  57. I too wonder, what is Cute Chat, and where IS this ‘online chat room’? Other than the comments section I mean…

  58. ehn!!! I LOFS eet!!!

    hats of to meg, and teho, too – and Mz. Skloot, and to those who commented for her article. (You know who you are – and so do I ;))

    Cute Underground indeed!

    ( )
    ” “

    ( )
    ” “

    ( )
    ” “

    and eleventy-one *more* Rabbits of Approval to Meg ‘n all!

  59. Theo – Thanks for replying.
    I hope Meg has a really nice set of darts to throw at her inbox! It’s hard to imagine what system she uses to check her 11,000 daily messages.

    As for Mr. Steve Irwin. He was so upbeat. He wouldn’t want to make people sad.

  60. Teughcats says:

    I don’t usually have the earworm problem, but “It’s A Small World After All” IS the ultimate earworm. Just reading the title puts it in my head – and how do people who work at FAO Schwartz STAND IT?! So maybe that could be the link from the glossary and we could honor/remember Steve Irwin another way?

    And, of course, W00T Meg! And all the CO peeps.
    (I meant to type that first and got distracted. No ADD here, unh-uh, no way…)

  61. Very cool. Well done, Meg!

  62. I check this site daily, several times a day….and thanks to this site, I am now the person that goes around to her friend’s blogs and ‘drops off’ a few ‘litters of kittens, some bunnies and hyper puppies’.

    The world would be a better place if every single human being was required by international law to check out the Qte daily. Who has time to start a war when they’re laughing till they pee over a dog wearing a plastic collar in the midst of a shredded feather pillow?

  63. Congrats! Meg

    I first found this site by accident. I wasn’t feeling well and CO helped me tremendously. I love animals, but can’t have pets due to allergies at home as well. I hope to have a puppy someday, that is my dream. Take care peeps and Meggie, please continue with your extra-ordinary work. carmi xoxoxo

  64. I have to confess…I’m an addict too! I sure hope they never come up with a 10-Step program though!

  65. Amen to all that! You sure got me though having to put my pup to sleep almost a month ago. I needed a cute fix every day. Never stop! Thanks.

  66. That story is awesome! I kept reading lines of it to my husband (his response: “Uh-huh, okay, that’s nice”)


  67. and thank gawd i, just by chance, happened to buy my first hallmark mag last night. perusing thru it today and i see the aforementioned article, ran to my computer faster than a pup on a scooby snack, and i’ve been laughing off my derriere ever since. thank you hallmark and thank you cuteoverload! i could have saved my copay and skipped the sick visit at my doc’s office if i knew about this sooner. thank you thank you a thousand thank ewes (clapping hysterically like and idiot)

  68. OMG she is so cool. I can never reveal my addiction to the…dun dun duuuun…kittehs!