I really need a Playstation.

Or a Wii.


Otherwise, more pillows will be sacrificed to the Boredom Gods.


Rian L., throw him a bone, Man!



  1. ROTFL!!!!

    I can hear teh SIGH

  2. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Aw, poor doggie… )-:

  3. The poor baby! So cute, so bored, so alone…..

  4. I love it!!!!
    The dog, the mess, the attitudeeeeeee!

  5. This pup really needs to go play on the beach with the Italian Greyhound, Bichon-Maltese, Corgi-Golden trio in the other pic.

  6. “No! Not a WII! How do you think I wound up with the freakin’ collar?”

  7. “that’ll teach you to cut off my ‘nads, stick this absurd collar on me and leave me alone. wait till you see what i did to the cat.”

  8. What are you looking at? No way man, I didn’t touch these pillows. I’ve got this stupid lamp on my head and can’t do anything.

    I’ll just be outside playing with my bones while you clean this place up. When’s dinner?
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  9. littletornado says:

    I totally understand this. Every time I come home from work, I brace myself for what my puppy may have destroyed.

  10. Wow, has someone ever been naughty!

  11. Le sigh!

  12. That’s not QUITE the classic pose; it’s supposed to look like this:


    … but nice try, anyway.

  13. useta hada kitteh says:

    Whaddya mean, “bad dog”? I wrestled it, it put up quite a fight, but I killed it and saved you from the terrible pillow monster. And all the thanks I get is “bad dog”? I had to do something, the reception is the pits on this new satellite dish. Sheesh.

  14. Fido, evil green throw pillow at four o’clock. Go for it!

  15. TastesLikeChicken says:

    I was going to put it all back in, honest!

  16. SeaBreeze says:

    Oh. My. Gosh! Someone’s been having a very good time, satellite dish notwithstanding! Goooo pooch! =)

  17. At the risk of creating a monster, I would go out, buy another cheap pillow, bring it home, set up a nanny cam and leave.

  18. Question is: How did he ever REACH the pillow with that collar on his neck?

  19. Newlee – ROTFLMAO!
    NTMTOM – Priceless!
    Theo – HA! HA! HA!

    EXCELLENT comments on this one people! But I agree with hibousoir…how did he ever reach the pillow…

    Somebody’s in TROOUUUBBBLLLEE!

  20. “I just, have a lot of, frustration…and my therapist…says that as long as its an inanimate object, its OK. Can you rub my tummy?

  21. LOL!! Absolutely hysterical!

    As to the “how did he get the pillow?!” question — you’d be amazed what they can get into with those cones on their heads. When my boy had a cyst removed he wore one. He could still get into all sorts of trouble and especially enjoyed plowing down various things prone to toppling over. You can easily slide the edge of the cone under whatever it is you’re trying to steal and gain easy access. The only thing that’s really hard for them to do is sniff the ground — they sort of resemble vacuum cleaners when looking for the perfect potty spot.

  22. I’ve just spent the evening bathing and trying to dry off my elderly, ill, senile cat (who despite this, fought my every effort) and cleaning up her kennel; I cleaned the rats’ cage and discovered that they’ve chewed holes in the new hammock I sewed for them only four days ago. My hands are raw from detergent and water and my clothes are wet and stinky, and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself until I saw this photo. Thanks, Meg and Rian…I don’t feel like a lone soldier in the pet clean-up wars anymore.

  23. acelightning says:

    I think this belongs in the “Cute or Sad?” category…

  24. Whhhaaaaa i miss my Dulce

  25. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Who can fault our poor little coned friend? Really? 😉

    Whaevs… you can get your jaws into is fair game after someone’s manhandled you and either shoved something up your BUTT or taken your “manhood” whilst you were sleeping. :p

    That is a great shot and all the links provided by our regulars were perfect!

    Let’s face it, any one of us would be INFINITELY more destructive under similar circumstances. I’m only sad that no video footage exists.

  26. ka9q's wife says:

    omg lol.

    I pray this won’t happen to me but it sure is funny when it happens to someone else.

  27. That is pretty much what happened @ my house today, only with my favorite coat instead of a pillow. I think e-collars are like funnels for psychosis.

  28. eikoleigh says:

    I think I fell off the chair when I saw this. My boys have done some bad bad things to poor stuffed animals, much to my annoyance when I come home but this takes the cake! Sorry for the owner but this was one hella funny pic.

    Margaret – loved your comment on e-collars – too true, too true!

  29. I need to add a “Me too” to the fact that I was literally laughing out loud as I scrolled down from the caption to the photo.

    One of my dogs, when I first got her as a found stray, was watching me mow the lawn through the front window. Apparently frustrated that she couldn’t reach me, she shredded the sofa completely down to the wood frame.

    The only reason I didn’t kill her was that I had only paid $25 for the sofa.

  30. Funny, I think dogs got into this “I’ll attack whatever I can” attitude today… my stepdad’s long haired chihuahua attacked a Kleenex box while we were at the movies… Gotta love him though… he had this “I didn’t mean to do it, but I really enjoyed it” face as well a lot of white fluff in his chocolate colored fur.

    BTW, my (female) yorkie has this thing for padded bras… you wouldn’t even believe it…

  31. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    Poor doggie-he’s just expressing his opinion of the decor. “Dearie, those gawd-aweful pillows MUST go! And that SOFA! I mean reaaalllyyy!!

    Great opening for an episode of “While You Were Out”.

  32. Awww, poor bored baby.

    (I wonder if I can borrow him to wreck my evil professor’s room? BWAHAHAHA.)

  33. pyrit: so true. but this doggie might be a little too badass for that crew! kind of reminds me of grease, when Danny puts on the track sweater and tries to be all goody two shoes.

    this foto is Evil Cute! and that is an excellent thing.

  34. CorgiGirl says:

    And I love that he looks a little worn out from ALL that activity! Whew! That is hard work!

  35. Eep! Add this to the “glad I don’t have a dog” files…

  36. Okay, so this is what happened… I saw the pillow was on the floor and I was going to put it back on the couch for you, cuz I know that’s where you like it, so I gently picked it up with my mouth and all of a sudden it just EXPLODED! It just went crazy on me, man.

    That’s what happened. Honest.

  37. I think this is an excellent way to get rid of that ugly decor. I’d totally let my dogs loose on it, too.

  38. Anything within grabbing range is rightly considered a toy to a puppy. Boy, did this guy have fun!

  39. Robbie-you are TOO SWEET to sew a hammock for your rats!
    And this dog is a NUT! So cute & naughty.

  40. My favorite part is that nothing else in the room appears to have been deranged by mad-puppy-rumpus. I mean, the candles are still in the candle holders, peeps. The chair is still upright, the remote control still on the coffee table. Basically you know there was a single, small, swirling vortex of very concentrated destruction. Brillo!!

  41. The look on that pup’s face is priceless. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna blame the mess on the cat….

  42. I always wonder why dogs do stuff like this…eat things, destroy things, piddle on things. Cuz they are so sad when you come home and find out what you did. I’m just like, “come on guys, don’t do it and we won’t be mad!”

    But then I remember that dogs are not rational creatures and probably don’t realize that, or are incapable of realizing that.


  43. hrh.squeak says:

    NTMTOM – Yay!! You’re back!!! We missed you.

  44. What a bad dog. His owner should swat him with a newspaper. Heh.

  45. Mess what mess

  46. Robbie – BLESS YOU for all that work, honey! I have an old cat (also puts up a HELL of a fight whenever a bath or pills or whathaveyou are needed, DESPITE her old age LOL)and I also have a diabetic cat – sometimes people ask why I do all the work I do for them. I don’t get it. They’re living creatures, THAT I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART, why WOULDN’T I?!?!?!!? So I LOVE to see I’m not the only one who puts a lot of love & effort into their pets – for real, bless you Robbie!


  47. LMAO!!!!! Adorable, hysterical and that look on the pups face is priceless!!!

  48. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! He looks like he’s thinking if he ignores the mess really hard, it’ll clean itself up. 🙂

  49. Bahhhhahahahaha. Bad doggie! 🙂

  50. And after all that, he STILL looks sad to be in that blasted cone.

  51. If I stand very, very still maybe they won’t see me…

  52. Oh man….that’s hilarious! Reminds me of when I came home from a two day trip to my parents to find that my cat, Cujo (a kitten at the time) had carefully shread every single paper product in the apartment. Yes, the kleenex (2 boxes, bedroom, living room), every roll of toilet paper in the house (a 16 pack that I had bought prior to leaving and hadn’t put into the closet) and the paper towels left out on the counter.

    The entire large one bedroom apartment was covered in bits of white paper of variying thickness and absorbability. My mother came in behind me and just about hurt herself laughing, as in the middle of the mess was one small black kitten and we swear to this day she was smiling.

  53. anonymous says:

    ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! srry to much coffee.. 🙂

  54. funniest.pic.EVAR.

  55. Hahah that’s so my dog! Seriously, I have to keep absolutely everything out of her reach or that is what happens to it. @_@

  56. Seriously, the expression. “I’m terribly sorry about this but I had no choice you see.”

    he definitely needs a few more squeaky toys though….

  57. It was a bad, very bad pillow. It just had it coming.

    You are an extremely brave dog and earn a treat or two.

    PS. The coach looks yummy.

  58. Stick to the furniture, it was meant to be *the couch*.

  59. Teri – LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!


    I always thought my boy cat Skylar was the ONLY cat in existence who liked to eat paper products (he gets into a HUGE fight with the toilet paper about once a week – I always wish I was there for the argument that led up to it LOL)

  60. omg poor poopsie!
    My dog did something a LOT like that when I tried to let her sleep in my room. I woke up and turned on the light, and,just imagine it, this exact picture, but with chewed up books instead of feathers. LOL!

  61. jenner – lol…yeah, she’s no where near as bad as she was, but every once in a while….you discover that the paper products had misbehaved, requiring some of it being made an example.

    Our boy kitty, The Dude, however, seems to have a mortal enemy in the fabric denim. Specifically, the denim worn by my husband.

  62. Redzilla,

    I am a little suspicious about the candles being untouched. There are no feathers on the table around them.

    I suspect the crime scene was tidied a little before the inspiration came to take a picture.

    Note the feather ‘shadow’ under the table. Must have been a great little snow storm while it lasted.

  63. ahhhhhhhhhhh pillow storms

    used to have them daily until I found out my Pippy-Puppy was doing this right before she’d have an epileptic seizure. 😦 It’s called an aura, dogs know when they’re going to have a seizure and will do similar things right before because they’re upset or confused by the feeling.

    I would come home after work in the dark and find the house full of what looked like misty clouds all over the darkened house.

    Poor Pippy… she didn’t mean to.

  64. “Well, my work here is done. I’m beat. It’s Miller time.”

  65. Oh. My God. The dog looks so sad. If it were my dog and my house, I’d probably laugh. It’s cute and sad.

  66. wow, that doggie really looks like my old roommates dog, pilot.

  67. Ok, so now what? You leave me couped up all day with this thing around my neck and I HAD to entertain myself some how… so what next, I’m bored…

  68. “What was that you said about crossing the streams on that crazy little gun you have?”

  69. “now, DONT ever call me BUCKET head again!”

  70. that is NOT wiii price
    you can make your cutie
    miii (me) at half the price

  71. Have anyone heard a thing call CRATE TRAINING!? Yikes.