A blond on his arm

Look at his date!

He is sooooooooooooooo lucky!

She’s kinda floppy though.

Whatever, she makes up for it with her looks.


Big Zzzzzzz’s to the sender-inner…



  1. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    SQUEE!! [pop]
    /is ded from teh Qte…

  2. OMG! the fuzziness! The velvety softness! Snorgle! I just cannot take any more cute!

  3. Ahhh! The squishiness is too cute.
    http://www.petafoo.com – We Love Animals

  4. OMG, the little goldie ‘tocks are just cuting me out! Love it!

  5. *THUD* me passing out from the fuzzy blonde puffy pupp

  6. useta hada kitteh says:

    Oh. my. doodness. I can’t believe how cute this baby is! (I can’t figure out which way is up, and the way the pup is facing makes all the stuffing rush to my head, but, oh my doodness it’s cute!)

  7. fuzzie goodness!
    however, THAT’s an arm?

  8. I just let out an audible “AWWWW”. TOO CUTE!! I would love to just cuddle this little baby all the time!!!

  9. Peg of Tilling says:

    I can’t quite figure out how our pup here is being held–let’s just say the pup’s out with the red pup-date of fabulousness…and since it’s Friday, let’s call it the weekend pup-date.

    Also, puppy’s earses must be nibbled.

  10. tiny…little…muzzlepuffffffff…..

  11. OMG!!!! Major cuteness!!!

    Look at those super cute floppy ears!!!!

  12. She is sooo shiny-new, that even the teeny tip of her ear is still shiny. That chubbystubby hind leg is killing me too.

  13. Squeeeesh heeeeem!

  14. She’s just a ball of velvet-y cuteness. She looks SO soft and warm and sweet! *maternal instinct alarm blaring* Gimme! I NEED to snuggle her. Pwease? Pwitty pwease?

  15. BTW…. what kinda puppeh is she? Golden? Lab?

  16. ka9q's wife says:

    i have my own pup to snuggle she has red and blonde hair. I love her.

  17. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    Hate to tell you this, Romeo, but your date’s a real dog. Bet she’s a lousy conversationalist, too.

    And jail bait-clearly underage! (Well, maybe I AM just a bit jealous-she really is gorgeous!).

  18. All right, here’s what I need for my upcoming berfday:

    1) Baby pygmy hippo (only for fostering, though)

    2) Baby kitty (for keeps)

    3) Baby golden puppito (for keeps)

  19. useta hada kitteh says:

    Subhangi — wonderful suggestions for your birfday presents…I can fully understand, I just am not sure where/how to get you a baby pygmy hippo…but I’ll work on it. Are pretend ones okay? I might be able to accomplish that…

    (by the way, the stuffing’s still rushing to my head looking at this upside down puppers, and she’s still so cute I can’t stand it!)

  20. I want to smell teh delicious cute puppy-ness. I want to snorgle her neck and breathe in – you know she would smell totally cute!

  21. She’s also totally zoned out and really not paying attention to him.

    Very cute, tho.

  22. that’s mos def a yellow lab, a.k.a. the foremost ambassadors of cute.

  23. Awww… I’m not much of a dog person, but this just made me melt…

  24. If this pup had her eyes open, she would totally be workin’ some Princess Di Eyes, and you know it.

    Too precious.

  25. OMIGAWD! Dangerous puppy position! She could tumble off any minute, right into my eager hands. Don’t you think somebody should rescue her? Like me? My kits could adapt to her, I know they could, and I’ve been dogless for four years now, since my Saki crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I swore Never Again, but this one could make me break my vow. I bet she has butterscotch Puppy Breath, even.

  26. For the question of, “which way is the pup laying?”… Turn the picture 90 degrees clock-wise. The pup is wedged between the human’s arm and torso, with the human laying down, with the pup’s head facing towards the (human’s) armpit and head.

    That being said: *fur-stroke* + *snorg*

  27. Pup-pup is so tie-tie. Maybe from all the holidays. Hope sleepy puppy had a good first Christmas. Hope it has a good new year. We took our tree down today. Every Christmas is different. Just like every snowflake.

  28. And I wonder if puppy still has Christmas songs stuck in its’ head. Like I do! Is it just me?

  29. Peg of Tilling says:

    Puppy sang along with the Jingle Dogs so much he’s all worn out!

  30. Another fatty-boombalatty pup!

  31. Looks like the pup is going for that Marilyn Monroe pose where she is laying on the red satin… so tired… so irresistible

  32. The pup is laying between two thighs with head pointing to human knees. Don’t you think?

  33. The ears, the muzzlepuff, the chub, the FEETS. It’s a perfect storm of qte.

  34. This needs shoppin’, this puppy deserves the blue blankie of fabulousness.

  35. Squeeeek! She is a blonde goddess! So purrfect, so beautiful, co cute…


  36. Chubby puppy!

  37. …Chuppy.

  38. …Chup.

  39. …Py.

  40. you guys r silly says: