What a nerd.

OMG, sleeping on your computer. Holy eight-sided dice, People. Amazing there is no Slashdot up on the screen. I bet this pup is dreaming about calculus. It kinda looks like he’s backstage at MacWorld or something.


Jenny E.—for reals, it looks like a good place to keep warm [insert exploding Dell laptop joke here]



  1. omg!
    baby bulldog alert!

  2. Having a miserable morning, needed some cute, and took a peek. To see this totally over the top PROSH pupper. What a little darling.

  3. that’s totally how i feel right now. want….to…..sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp….

  4. Oh, PLEASE let me be able to relax as much and as well as that cute little pupster! He looks like a little puppage loaf!

  5. OMG a sleeping baby bulldog!!! EEEEEEEEEE!!!


  6. What a babycakes! I want to snatch him up and snorrrrrrrgggggllllleeeee!!!

  7. Streeeeetched out puppies are my favorite kind of puppy.

  8. Oh man; i wanna pick that widdle one up and hold his widdle warm paws and kiss his widdle warm belly

  9. pugmamatimestwo says:


    I love fat puppy bellies! So prosh!

  10. They’ve got nice table-lamps backstage at MacWorld these days. And, um, Windows XP… maybe it’s one o’ them new MacBook Pros, with an Intel processor that allows booting into more than one OS.

    Ayup. Gotta be.

    Oh hey, there’s a dog on the keyboard.

  11. looks like a Boston bulldog to me. *snork* either way its’mos’ def

  12. Violet's mama says:

    I. Want. A. Boston. NOW!!
    Sweet face….droopy ears…he’s just too cute.

    Oh, and I like the lamp, too!

  13. Violet's mama says:

    I. Want. A. Boston. NOW!!
    Sweet face….droopy ears…he’s just too cute.

    Oh, and I like the lamp, too!

  14. Violet's mama says:

    I. Want. A. Boston. NOW!!
    Sweet face….droopy ears…he’s just too cute.

    Oh, and I like the lamp, too!

  15. Violet's mama says:

    I. Want. A. Boston. NOW!!
    Sweet face….droopy ears…he’s just too cute.

    Oh, and I like the lamp, too!

  16. Violet's mama says:

    I. Want. A. Boston. NOW!!
    Sweet face….droopy ears…he’s just too cute.

    Oh, and I like the lamp, too!

  17. Violet's mama says:

    I. Want. A. Boston. NOW!!
    Sweet face….droopy ears…he’s just too cute.

    Oh, and I like the lamp, too!

  18. Mrs. Snorgler says:

    Oh no…oh no! This pupper is violating the Law of Conservation of Proshness! No matter how much Doggie Goodness flows out of him, every time I look back, there is just as much left!

  19. SeaBreeze says:

    Does this prosh pup have visions of gigabytes dancing through his head?

  20. I am in love with Boston’s… I want this sweet tiny baby right now!

  21. I got a Boston Terrier pup two weeks ago. She’s just awesome, and she and my Chihuahua are official best friends. She’s not quite this teeny, though.

  22. “Holy eight-sided dice, People.”
    Meg, you crack me up.

  23. Wait a min – that’s a Boston?

    Either way – I WANT it!!! Do I get the Dell free?

  24. I wish there was room enough for me to snuggle up right next to heeeem!

  25. OhMyGawd! What a painfully perfect little dollop of Boston Terrier baby wonderiferusnous!

  26. Were i there, i would soooooo NOT let sleeping dogs lie! No way i could resist that!

  27. OH! The wonderful little round heed! Ah cain’t stand it!!!

  28. This is exactly what I needed to start my (work)day. Ooh! Baby squishum pupper!

  29. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Can I have one for my puter please? It would make working soooooo much more tolerable.

    Squee! *Splodes*

  30. Hey! I gots that lamp! Well, the tall floor lamp version. Puppeh is very adorables too. He would be very nice to snuggle wif. Like a widdo baby. *sigh*

  31. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Ehn!!! I can’t stop Squeeing at this one. I keep flippin’ to this page and sploding. Can’t… stop!

  32. Don’t let the baby pee in the keyboard! What a sugar loaf…

  33. My kitty loves to sleep on my computer. Must be the over-heating battery. If I want to use my puter I have to say, “Scuze me, your highness. May I type something?”

  34. I think C.O. needs to do a breed deciphering post with the bulldog/frenchie/boston terriers.

    I remember the bowl of boston terriers. Are there any bowls of bulldogs and frenchies out there to compare with?

    I guess if you owned any of the three its easier to figure out which is which.

  35. I want to hug heem. Lots. Can it be hugs tiem now plees?

  36. awwwww now this is why i’m a geekette. cuz visions of puppies and laptops dance in my head! i think the cute quota just exceeded its limit

  37. guineapiggin9 says:

    this could be one of the greatest pics yet. It combines my 2 favorite things, nerds and boston terrier pups! YAY! this pic has totlly made my day!! 🙂

  38. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    What a pooped pup!

  39. Look at her little pink paw pads! I love this pic; boston terriers are some of my favorite puppies. She looks so content and squishy; I want to smooosh her!

  40. Maybe not sleepy…looks a little key-bored to me.

  41. “Holy eight sided dice”–reminds me of the time I turned my d20 into a pendant.

    And I loves that puppers! He looks so snorgle-able!!

  42. Heh heh, I was going to mention d20s, too, Layla 😛

    He’s probably all tired out from a good Cthulu game, and is taking a nap before “working” (that is, playing WOW while his boss isn’t looking)

  43. Oh yeah, and strangly appropriate that this adorable baby geek-pup came up on my sister’s birthday!

  44. The Guy Over There says:

    At Macworld with a PC? I call that blasphemy! Mac users armed in torches and blood weapons would come to face you, you culprit!

    -but they’d probably just go “Awww” and leave you alone anyway, you cutey fuzzums, you! Your cordoroy belly will be punishment enough for this crime.

  45. Lady Chroe says:

    I’m a Mac user, and I do not endorse this picture.

  46. Heh. I wouldn’t be surprised if MegMoo views all computers through Mac-tinted lenses. Could be worse y’know… some folks see the face of the Blessed Virgin in a grilled cheese sandwich.

  47. aw he’s just toooooo cute, i want eeet!!

    you know what else I want?- that laptop riser, anyone know where it’s from?

  48. Hey Everyone!

    Thanks for all the wonderful posts about our little Mr. Bullock!! I’m a super proud Mamma!!! His Daddy, Chris, is the one that took this great picture last week. The little guy was only a pound and a half at the time, and is still under 2lbs today.

    He’s a snuggly little monster, that’s for sure!

    To clear up the breed debate, he is a Boston Terrier. Great breed… very smart and bred only for companionship… not hunting or fighting like a lot of other terrier and bulldog breeds.

    Thanks to my co-worker, Victoria, for commanding me to send this pic in.

    Sorry, Carly, don’t know where the riser is from. I’ll check w/ Chris later and let you know if he remembers.

    Thanks again for all the posts!! Keep ‘um coming…. 🙂

  49. Theres warmth up in yon keyboard. Go west, er…go to sleep!

  50. do not give that little guy nightmare’s, he is toooooo cuteeee. I bet the warmest spot on him right now is that cute little belly?!!

  51. Oh my goodness, that is absolutely illegally adorable. I’m definitely going to have to take this picture with me when I go back to work.

  52. There’s a pets-n-gadgets contest going on over at gizmodo.com. The owner of the pic should submit it! It’d win in a heartbeat!

  53. I can’t believe no one has yet mentioned the prosh eye capsulage! Echoed by the pudgies (official term for where the whiskers emerge) smooshed against the paws! Profiled against the computer screen, yet! You C.O.-aholics are slipping. Me, I’m new enough to the site to still be sharp … albeit drooling and narrowly avoiding head-splosions.

  54. What port is she plugged into?
    The puppy port.

  55. Jenny E, I also have to add that the adorable soft smooshiness of your pup has probably saved my life. Today is a stressful day, and I have been looking at Mr.Bullock periodically. But you probably already knew that his explosive cuteness was life saving.

  56. AuntieMame says:

    Hey, I have a Dell laptop! Don’t knock it! 😉

    Do they have Tiffany lamps at MacWorld? And do they sell cute puppers with their Macs?

    (I wonder if I should contact Dell. My laptop didn’t come with a puppers, and I’m sure I ordered one…)

  57. AuntieM — maybe Dell quoted you a price of $9K, and it got transposed in your mind’s ear?

  58. …and Faye — that’d be Port-a-Snorg™. [snerk]

  59. Ah, the Boston puppy…when it’s calm and cuddly. Before it turns into THIS!



    (not mine BT but I know that look. I know it ALL too well.) 😀

  60. That pic’s AWESOME, 13th Rabbit.

  61. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, Theo! It took me a minute, but LOL!

  62. Nancy – Oh my. Mmmm hmmm. One word: muzzlepuffs.

  63. What a cute baby!!! If my son wasn’t allergic to dogs I would run out and get a pup just like this one tomorrow. Thanks for making my crappy day better!!!

  64. This is an unforgettable, inDellible image.

  65. Personally, I love my D12…they’re so misunderstood. I have way too many dice and not enough puppy to share them with though!!!!!!!!!

  66. Best. Caption. Ever.

  67. ME WAANNTS! The muzzlepuff is totally calling for an absolutely long snorgle!! And I just wanna nibble on those ears! What an absolutely too cute babeh!

  68. deskprimate says:

    I love the teeny little legs that don’t reach passed the muzzlepuffitude.

  69. Cat Feral says:


  70. Does that pup come with infra red or is it wired?

  71. Thank you Theo!

    I actually grew up with Bostons, so I can decipher the breeds pretty well. I was more thinking of the peeps who keep mixing them up. Either way, no harm, no foul. But that puppage is all Boston! 🙂

  72. mewantspuppy! says:

    Carly – that riser looks like something I saw at Staples, for $19.95. You can find it if you do a search on their site for “Staples Standard Steel Monitor Riser.”

    …Sweet lil’ puppy not included. 😦

  73. luckycliff says:

    eye capsule alert!!!!! tee hee

  74. A prosh nerd pup= BRILLIANT!

    Oh, the proud earsies… 😀

  75. Even though I usually go in for “Cute is the New Stupid” I must admit that, the dog on the computer is really frigging STUPID and by that I mean CUTE AS HELL!!!!!!!! Viva De Resistence… Freedom fighting dogs for unconditional love!

  76. bostonterrier_mommy says:

    omg! he is lyk SO CUTE!!!! i remember when MINE was that small…..

    *stares at screen and starts drooling*

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