Pepp-ridge Fahhhm Remembehs!

Hey, Sir Quills-a-lot.

What’s with the licking the Milano cookies?

You done yet? I was eating that.


Morabito N.? Your submission is like a satisfying combination of rich chocolate layered between two exquisite cookies made in nine totally tempting varieties.

Click here for more photos of Bam Bam the hedgie!



  1. W00t! That’s really cute!

  2. Mmmmm. My favorite.

    *Looks around shifty-eyed*
    *Steels unlicked portion of cookie*

  3. Yummers! Care to share, little one?

  4. Look at that toooooooongue! It looks so soft.

  5. Awww – prickly goodness.
    -threadjack- check out the adorable tiger cubs on my animal news site –

  6. Are their tongues see through. Don’t know much about little critters like this and the ever-so-talented rattie.

  7. His little feets say “Don’t move, Mr. Cookie!”

    His little tongue says “Nummnumm nummmmm.”

  8. Awwwww Annie…..i didn’t know we were getting new cubs. Need to take my Grandaughter out there when they can be on display.

    Has anyone seen the movie “Two Brothers”? It’s a real good movie about two cubs seperated at a young age.

  9. look at that tongue!!! cute!!

  10. May I have a bite?

    No? ok soowee

  11. “cooookie, surrender to my awesome pointy-ness!”

  12. This is my favorite picture ever posted here! Chocolate and little tongues! How cuuuuuuttttte!

  13. Madame Sosostris says:

    Okay, both TINY TONGUE and PETITE PAW action goin’ here. I gonna ‘splode!

  14. A friend here at work has a great idea – someone send this photo to Pepperidge Farms – they should feature this little guy in a commercial!!!

  15. Holy high BEF, Batman!

    But super cute. Mmmm, Milanos….

  16. NUMMY! Cute little hedgie. 🙂

    But is chocolate ok for hedgies? I just know it can be deadly to cats & dogs (don’t mean to be a nuff, just askin’….)

  17. I remember those PF commericals! What a McQuillster! But unlike McQuillster, i must stuff the whole milano in my mouth. Double chocolate milanos….hmmm!

  18. Dude, this is Bam Bam. Date was February 9th, 2006; the commenter was *moi*…

    Clicking on my name under that comment will take you here:

  19. Finally, an answer to the burning question, “Do hedgehogs smile?”!

  20. Doesn’t he know tongues are supposed to go DOWN when licking…not UP? It somehow offends my sensibilities.

  21. No!

    Not the MILANOS!!!

  22. A Fine Morsel says:

    Oh! What a cutie! If it’s a mint or orange milano, is he willing to share?

  23. eikoleigh says:

    that’s too cute…but vigilant20 brings up a good point….isn’t he suppose to be licking the other direction?! funny hedgie tongue…

  24. does anyone know what a hedgehog tongue feels like? I remember how surprised I was as a child when a cat licked me for the first time…so rough, whoda thunk it?

  25. Vigilant20, maybe he has some double sided tongue action going on. It grabs cookie pieces going down and then up for optimal yumminess.

  26. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Hedgie tongue is not as rough as cat or ferret tongue but not quite as soft as dog tongue, nor as slobbery.

  27. E-Snorgle says:

    “Cookie, I shall leeck you”

  28. fridgedicebunny says:

    To the chocolate-and-hedgies question…

    Hedgies can pretty much eat anything. They have an extremely high resists to poison, much more so than just about any other animal. So high in fact, that when they discover something they think might be poison they lick it up, foam at the mouth, and rub it on their quills to make their quills poisonous (the process is called “self annointing”).

    It’s really bizarre to see.

    Fun hedgie facts!

  29. omigawd he’s only a little bigger than a cookie!!!
    squeeee! hedgie tonguie!

  30. The hedgie is cute, but the little nibble marks KILL ME!

  31. Hedgehogs don’t seem to have the same issues with food being poison, but they do get chubby easily. Plus it looks like he just nibbled/licked away cookie anyway. 🙂

  32. I’m on ur milano, licking ur chocolate.

  33. Self-annointing hedgehogs! I love it. Beware my poison quills!!

  34. I’m still distracted by the concept of *nine* varieties of Milanos. We don’t get that many here in Canada.

  35. SCREAM! My life is complete! I’ve a Photo acceptd by C.O.

    I am overawed.

    I want to do an Oscars acceptance speech.

  36. Natasha, if you win a Webby (as Meg did), you have to keep your acceptance speech to a pithy four words.

  37. I have never burst into laughter so hard in my life! I love the caption, adn love that commercial, and love quoting that commercial whenever anyone asks me if I, they, or someone else in proximity remembers anything! ahahah! thank you! Never mind the murderous hedgelick!

  38. Thanks for the comforting (and odd, lol!) info, fridgedicebunny! 🙂

  39. Natasha,
    You may not be able to make a speech but you are allowed to do the I’ve had a photo on CO dance.
    Meg thats an idea for the store tasteful little pin only sucessful submitters can buy.

  40. sillygirl says:

    I had no idea there were nine varieties either. Check this out, scroll down, and click on the “Imagine the possibilities” bar. WHO knew?

  41. Laurie C — re:Webbys acceptance speeches — it’s five words, actually. “Not bad, for posting kittens.” 😉

  42. Cathryn Bauer says:

    Please. Please. This is just more cuteness than anyone should have to deal with alone.

  43. What is the origin of the “I’m in ur ________, _____ing ur ________” meme?

    I had a dark chocolate Hershey’s Kiss before I went to round up the ferrets for the night. One of them kept trying to give me kisses although I was not offering same. 🙂

  44. Ya gonna eat that?

  45. Theo, I love Bam Bam, didn’t realise he’s been featured here before – is he well?

    (I can see he’s well travelled.)

  46. I saw him becuase there’s a thread for photos of animals eating biscuits here:

  47. Toxic Hedgehog would be a great band name.

  48. Hi Natasha —
    Bam Bam’s been posted here a couple of times, though the pic you submitted (which I’ve always thought was a killer) has only been referenced in a comment. Here’s the old CO posts:

    I don’t have any NEW news about Bam Bam, though there’s an email address on that DeepCity site. Perhaps I’ll inquire…

  49. AuntieMame says:

    Somehow the concept of mint or orange Milanos is just wrong. Milk chocolate only!

    And the little nibble marks on the cookie are cute and slightly yucky, all at the same time.

  50. Lauri C – alas, ’tis twue! 9 Varieties! I checked for ya’. They are

    * Bordeaux®
    * Brussels®
    * Mint Brussels®
    * Raspberry Chantilly®
    * Chessmen®
    * Geneva®
    * Lido®
    * Strawberry Verona®
    * Apricot Raspberry Verona®

    DAY-um! Now I’m TOTALLY Jonesing for every single variety of Milano cookie!
    No wonder Mr. Bam-Bam is so intent on his luscious prize.

    So far, Bam Bam is definitely the cutest hedgie I’ve seen here on C.O. The tongue is soooooo cute! And the little footie holding down the cookie?! EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee!!

  51. Btw, Annie, the tiger cubs?? I “awwwwwwwwwww”-ed out loud! Scared the cat! LOL

  52. I loved the additional pics at Bam Bam’s site. I never really knew a hedgehog ever did anything other than sit and be round and porcupinish.

  53. RKEM…if his tongue goes both ways we should all bow down to his super efficient hedgy lickage skillz.

  54. useta hada kitteh says:

    Hedgers! I luv ’em! …but if I had a Milano to lick, I’d be licking the other side.

  55. useta hada kitteh says:

    The *inside*, that is. The choccie part. The nummie num num part. Me wants. Now. gimme hedgie while you’re at it. oh, yeah … pleeeeeeze?

  56. Ok, head just exploded.

  57. What a smart little hedgie. Look at its little evil “heh heh, heh heh, COOKIE!!” grin! I like to imagine he stole it away…

  58. MC2 – you reminded me of the 9 Milano flavors for what reason? To inflict pain and hunger?

    I have a killer blancmange in this cage – once I let it free, NO ONE in Seattle will be safe.

  59. These two guys should be buddies –
    ———————————– – We Love Animals

  60. musicchick2, I think you’ve listed various other Pepperidge Farm cookie types, as opposed to different Milano flavors. The Milanos, (partial list as gathered from different drop downs on the PF website)include:
    Milano (original)
    Mini mint
    Mini original
    Sugar Free Mint
    Sugar Free Original

    …and there are a couple of others that I don’t know, but I remember looking in a cookie aisle when I was down in a WalMart in L.A, in Sept. and seeing a couple of others that sounded good.

  61. Disregard my last — *here’s* the proper Milano list, for those of us still obsessing over cookies as opposed to hedgies:
    Double Chocolate Milano®
    Milk Chocolate Milano®
    Mint Milano®
    Raspberry Milano®
    Orange Milano®
    French Vanilla Milano®
    Black & White Milano®
    Amaretto Milano®

  62. I needed that. My day sucked hard with a side of suck harder…

    After seeing this, I need a hedgie and some tasty Milano cookies…preferably in french vanilla or black and white…or just any old cookie will do…

  63. LC!!! STOP!!!!!!!

  64. Awwwww!!! Hedgie + chocolate cookie! SLURRRRP.

    (Oh, and Bam Bam’s the name of Barney and Betty Rubble’s kid on the Flintstones. Yabba Dabba Doo.)

  65. you guys r silly says:

    When you go to “Click here” up at the top, check out “The Aftermath” picture on the Bam Bam site…it’s a picture of the ravaged milano when hedgie was done with it . . . &:o)

  66. Peg of Tilling says:

    See also Bam Bam in his lunchbox, ready to be taken to the CO dream office. And Bam Bam is a terrific name for a hedgie!

  67. YGRS–LOL!! Headlines:


  68. I recommend Googling, Hedgehog cookie recipe.

  69. the “aftermath” picture is amazing. bam bam pwns that milano!

  70. Hi, pyrit. I just wanted to thank you for your kind comments. musicchick2 was also very sweet.

    I enjoyed this site very much and I still peek as I love animals to a fault and I enjoyed having a place where I could share my enthusiasm and goofy comments with others.

    Bless you all, including Theo.

    After all, it’s just a blog.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Over & out.

  71. Noelegy, it’s apparently from Starcraft (although I’ve also heard it’s from Counterstrike).

    There’s a great gallery of macros at this link:

    My absolute favourite is the budgie one. 😀

    (one of the pics has a woman’s nipple in it if you are somewhere where NSFW images are not good… it’s at the bottom of the set of images though.)

  72. carolina – YAY!!!!! You have to stick around! Get back here! Don’t make me count to three!

    I’m cracking up (holding my nose.) You bwessed Theo!!!!!

    I guess you didn’t mean to be funny. (wiping tear) My sick sense of humor. That was a good one.

  73. Dinsdale!

    Re: “aftermath” Milano…eew. Looks like it got a heavy dose of that foaming at the mouth action.

  74. OK, so the cookie is yummy, the hedgie adorable and both together are irrisistable.

    But no one has commented on the oh-to-prosh little tiny hedgie foot – the toes, the tiny claws – GAH!

  75. Clearly the 5 second rule does not apply when there’s a wee hedgie under the edge of the coffee table, just waiting to tackle and leeck your cookie.

  76. Ahhhh. Very Cute! And will certainly curb your cookie craving and help keep your New Year’s resolution for another day! =) Happy New Year you little ambidextrous-tongued hedgie!

  77. Aubrey, Laurie C – I stand corrected. I did post other Pepperidge Farm instruments of diet torture. DAMN the power of suggestion! After I wrote that post, I ran straight to my grocery order (they deliver!) and ordered the Amaretto AND Raspberry Milanos!!! GACK!!! And I have to wait until TOMORROW to devour them! Bam Bam, oh why did you have to torture us so???!!

  78. Hey Carolina! Good to see you posting again. IOU an email… watch for one later today…maybe ;-). Right now I’m attempting to type with a kitty in my lap and the keyboard on my knee, so…..

  79. Cat Feral says:


  80. “Right now I’m attempting to type with a kitty in my lap and the keyboard on my knee”

    I hear you, musicchick2. All the ergonomics in the world (desk, chair, keyboard) aren’t worth spit if you have to reach waaay over the cat curled up in your lap to use them.

  81. Hedgies also anoint when they find something new that has a strong smell – chew it up, foam, and spread it on their quills as camouflage. The worst was when my hedgie found some new worm in the garden and decided to “wormify” himself, eewww.

  82. Milano Fan says:

    Doncha jus luv the little tongue grooves that he has made in the cookie? Little rivulets of missing cookie

  83. First thing tomorrow I’m going to make a run by the Pepperidge Farm outlet store here. The esoteric Milanos are $1.25 a bag; the regular ones usually $1.50 per. Last time they had a special where if you spent $10. you got a free loaf of PF cinnamon swirl bread. Then after that I am going to find a pet store with hedgies, just to look at them live. No, really, I mean it.

  84. Oh dear…he’s a cookie monsah. With very good taste.

  85. Sometimes I just hate humanity. Then sometimes you see something like the INCREDIBLE website devoted to this dear hedgehog & the people who love him/her and all faith is restored! Bam Bam in his lunchbox-sigh.

  86. Oh, the dedication! That poor cookie didn’t have a chance! 🙂

    I didn’t know hedgies are so cute. :O

  87. That is not a Milano, it looks like a Brussels.