Ain’t we lucky we got ’em

OK, there is only ONE thing you can say when you look at this picture:

[And you have to sing it in a BOOMING, BLACK, WOMAN’S voice]

"Goooooood Tiiiiiiiiiimes!"

Go on, do it. You know those dogs are having a suh-weet time.


Dy-no-MITE!, Elizabeth F.!



  1. First???

  2. i love the ‘tocks on that dog!

  3. Yes, you’re first, Opt2Adpt. Now say something smart.

  4. Happy puppers in the sunshine!

  5. Aaaargh … why does the pic take so long to load …

    Oh wait it just did.

    Dogs on a beach!!! Yay!

    Now lets see … that’s an Italian greyhound, a bichon and a … a … what’s the one in the middle?

    Cuties, anyhoo!

  6. Okay Subhangi …

    Go back on the meds. You’re a bit b1tchy.


  7. Oh, wow. This is on a smaller scale than I had thought. That there’s a Corgi.

  8. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    OMG! I want to go there and play with them too, can I? Huh? Huh? It looks so pretty.

    But I don’t think that’s a Bichon. I have a Bichon and their hair just doesn’t get that straight, even brushed out.

  9. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Eh, maybe it is. Hard for me to tell. Don’t care anyways, they’re all cute!

  10. I think I can hear them all shouting “WHOO_HOO!!!!” and then doing whatever the doggie version of a high five is.

  11. what an awesome shot! it almost looks like little white dog could be hanging on to middle dogs tail, about to be FLUNG!

  12. deskprimate says:

    This is my favourite pic for a while. I love it! As the playpal to two hulking dog-beasts I know how fun it is to be surrounded by such exuberance 🙂

  13. at first glance, I thought the lil white guy had clamped onto the middle guys tail for a bit of a ride… even though that’s not the hilarious case, this is still an awesome picture. I want to be there so badly!

  14. Great ‘tock action!!!!!

  15. Peace to you too, Suzy, but I’m not going back on the “meds”. I’ve been reading the comments for over the past year and people keep saying “First?” without commenting on the pics! Sure, it was funny at first, but now it’s plain annoying.

    TheLoveofIsis – Actually, I thought it was Lhasa Apso at first, but then I it looks too big to be one!

  16. Chill a bit yourself, Suzy Sunshine. It’s a well-known irritant to say “First!” without saying anything at all. It’s like little kids who raise their hands and wave wildly just to be called on, and have nothing to say.

    Now – about the doggies. They are having so much fun romping around the beach it makes me burst with happiness. Yay!

  17. Erm … that was supposed to be “…but then I *thought* it looks too big to be one!” Sorry.

  18. Cuuuuuuute! (spoken in my big black woman voice. Which is my regular voice cuz I’m a big black woman!) Puppy ‘tocks and loads of canine joy! I lerve this picture!

  19. Man! You can just feeeeel the happy vibe emanating from the screen. These puppers are just THAT happy. I lurve this about dogs, how their emotions are so transparent. I lurve this photo too.

  20. Love the playing dogs. Great action shot. My Golden loves to play with others too.

  21. Not a whole lot of scenes like this in the Midwest. Lake Michigan isn’t this pretty, and the crows aren’t nearly as snuggly as these pups.

  22. Great pic.Reminds me of my olden days when i did not enter complete proffesionalism

  23. *white dog and skinny dog are frolicking towards each other*
    Fluffy dog: NO! NO!!! It’s ME you love, not whitey!!!

  24. Is that Dog Beach in San Diego? I walk there sometimes just to watch the dogs play.

    Nice pic!

  25. Oh how I love “Full on play mode”!! I love it at my house and I love it in pictures. We should all be so joyful.

  26. Subbie, might it be a Westie–West Highland White terrier?

    It’s the pictitude of happitude. Such pure joy makes me feel joyous!

  27. Oh, and is an Italian Grhnd the same as a Whippet? (NOT as in “You must…”) 😉

  28. TFMS — totally. I would name these dogs YAY, WOOT, and I’M AT THE BEACH I’M AT THE BEACH HUZZAH HUZZAH HUZZAH! (“Gus” for short.)

    Opt2Adpt — I agree with the sentiment of your screen-name, but I still need to slap you.

  29. Elizabeth F.! Are our dogs twins, or is this one of those weird ‘she looks just like her, but only at that angle’ shots?

  30. That there is PURE joy. It just doesn’t get any better. These pups knew they were headed to the beach cuz of the smell and probably went nuts 2 miles before they even got there. I love dogs. They remind me how to live in the moment.

  31. Absolutely tooooo cute. My pebbles use to LOVE the beach. She tryed playing with A sand crab one time. Luckily it didn’t get her. I was gonna get it on film as she would inch up to it, then jump back, but the others were afraid she might get snapped.

  32. Beach Blanket Bow-Wow!

  33. michellemybelle says:

    I need to be where those doggers are – Beach Pups, take me away!!!!!!!

  34. Wouldn’t be fun to be that carefree.. I think it is a Bichon, Italian Greyhound and Golden Retriever.

  35. AvaTheBunny says:

    I love how the white one looks like it has pants on! And it’s tippy toes are still on the sand while its front paws are up in the air, awavin’.

  36. Now THOSE are some keen pantaloons!

  37. White dog = Maltese
    Looks just like my four.
    Adorable pic.

  38. Sweet happy pups. Now looking at those guys romping makes a rotten day a whole lot brighter.
    Happy pups make everyone happy.

    Beach Blanket B-I-N-G-O! And Bingo was his name–o!

  39. Very funny caption..Good Times will now be in my head all day.


  40. violetgreen says:

    …few things represent sheer joy better than dogs at the beach…(‘tho there IS a Lancashire, England expression: “As happy as a dog with two tails”)…

  41. Posted by: violetgreen …few things represent sheer joy better than dogs at the beach…(‘tho there IS a Lancashire, England expression: “As happy as a dog with two tails”)…

    That’s because it could wag both tails at once to show it’s happiness. So if it were happy to be at the beach; it would be happy enough to wag both tales.

  42. nermalkitty says:

    kinda reminds me of the opening scene on three’s company when ritter and the 2 girls are frolicking on the beach – only cuter cos doggies are much cuter than peoples. great pic. i lerve CO more ever day.

  43. All it needs now is me there with a frisbee.
    Or maybe just a nice-sized hunk of wood.

  44. Crissy Snow says:

    “Come and knock on our door

    Take a step that is new

    Where the kisses are hers and hers and his

    Three’s Company too!”

  45. eikoleigh says:

    This is adorable. ‘nuf said. 🙂

  46. I am beginning to think the white one is Shih Tzu mix.

  47. this is why I love to go to the beach — to see happy dogs play in the surf. That’s it.

  48. I’m pretty sure the white one might be a Coton de Tulear – I did a double take when I first saw the pic and wondered why my puppy was doing on a beach without me.

  49. Jenny L. —

    1. playing hooky
    2. catching sand fleas
    3. meeting with the secret Dog Club
    4. all of the above

  50. Lybuckles says:

    That italian greyhound looks like a friend of mine’s dog? where did you get this pic from? haha 😉

  51. Amelia D. says:

    Here, let me fix that for you:

    “a BOOMING, (*stereotypically) BLACK, WOMAN’S voice”.

    You’re welcome. 😉

  52. Since I am a Black chick, I shall proceed:


    GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!

    Awww, play bows 🙂

  53. I think this was taken at Dog Beach, Huntington Beach, CA. That dark smudge on the right horizen would be Catalina.

  54. AuntieMame says:



    This picture makes me want to run outside and turn cartwheels! I don’t even know how to do cartwheels!

    But I’d probably slip on the ice and fall into one of the three-foot snow drifts we still have all over the place anyway, so it’s probably just as well…

  55. man oh man… i already miss california but these pups make me miss the pacific OH SO MUCH!! so cute it’s heartbreaking.

  56. one of the best co pics of all time…so free so wild so joyous so unscripted! it almost goes beyond cute to just plain happy. ok now i kind of made myself cringe but it’s all true!

  57. Kelp whelps!

    I love watching dogs play on the beach. Often, after bounding into the surf, a soggy doggie will come up to me as if to say – “Did you see that? See how far I went? Looking good, wasn’t I?”

  58. hrh.squeak says:

    Aubrey: soggy doggie, heeheeheeee.

    My sister has a beagle named Sam that hates the feeling of sand between his toes. He may be the only dog alive that doesn’t like the beach. Is sad.

    Hey, is that Roofies on the right?????

  59. Karen in Toronto says:

    Dog on left: “I got it!”

    Dog in middle: “You got it!”

    Dog on right: “Yeesh (backpedals)! You got it!”

  60. Jaypo wrote waay upthread “Oh, and is an Italian Grhnd the same as a Whippet? (NOT as in “You must…”) ;-)”

    Ha! Whippet good! And
    Italian Greyhound = small
    Whippet = medium
    Greyhound = large

  61. awwwww….nothing like happy puppies frolicking on the beach…..

  62. Man, that’s a lot of tocks… I might have to go to “Detocks” hahahaha!

  63. The one on the left is totally going to win. Look at the enthusiasm! The “bounder” always wins at play…

  64. I can’t believe that I’m taking the time to post a comment, but after reading a few, I was overcome with the amount of pathetic enthusiasm displayed by so many people with apparently nothing better to do than critique a picture of 3 dogs butt sniffing and dropping the obligitory “duece” on the beach.

  65. chelonianmobile says:

    Oh look, a Nuffingham.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t say this picture was squeal-out-loud “cute” as such (it IS quite cute, just not with the same intensity as some of the pics here), but it’s a very very pretty photo. Looks quite professionally done, no overexposure like there has been on a couple of recent pics. The dogs actually look like they’re in motion, without being unpleasantly blurry. And the colour co-ordination of the dogs against the sand … Pure win.

    I want this pic on my wall now.

  66. joe – Thanks for honking your horn while going through a red light.

  67. Oh my!

    I am both saddened and dissapointed by some of the bitterness expressed in a few of the comments.

    Please, for the love of dog, do not infect CO with negativity.

    This is the place many of us come to get away from that crap on the net.

    I repeat, for the love of dog, just bite your tongues!



  68. “joe – Thanks for honking your horn while going through a red light.”

    …while tossing litter out the window.

    (with ya, pyrit)

  69. Laurie C – I read your comment and for a sec I thought, “Why would he be changing a litter box in the car?”

    Methinks I’ve cleaned one too many litter boxes. 🙂

  70. well my dog would love 2 lik ur me cup

  71. You can NEVER clean too many litterboxes.

  72. Amelia D, good edit 🙂 As a black chick, my voice saying “Good Times” would probably not be what they were going for.

    Love the pic, though. Makes me want to go to the beach with my buds and jump around.

  73. Love the happiness of the dogs!! Its like they know what life is all about. Not so sure about the voice as described in singing Good Times…seems a bit unecessary of a description. But love the dogs at least.

  74. Novabubble says:

    Such joy in this photo! My heart is happy.

  75. joe: perhaps same could be said for people who take the time to poop on the comments of other people just having fun.

  76. Elizabeth says:

    WOW, I had no idea that my dog picture would generate such a response. I am overjoyed to know that my picture could brighten someone’s day. To answer a couple questions: this is a beach in LA (we were on a 5-state road trip so I can’t recall where exactly). The little tan one is mine, he’s an Italian greyhound, the other ones are friends he just met on the beach so I am not sure what breeds they are, although I have a few more pictures that show them better, email me if you would like to see them. An Italian greyhound is a true miniature greyhound, whereas the whippet breed has some terrier bred into it, so whippets are larger and tend to be a little bit heavier.
    Thanks again for the kind comments.

  77. Actually Isis I have a Bichon with straight hair. We have her papers to prove that she is indeed a pure breed, but her coat is more like a maltese’s. It’s lovely, and makes petting her downright addictive… but it tangles like NUTS. We have to keep the poor baby’s belly shaved and her coat cut short or else she’s one giant matt XD
    And wtf is up with the negative people? Sheesh.. if you don’t understand the comments or like em, don’t read em! You know already what they will say 😛

  78. This is to Katerpie where on Lake Michigan are you? We’ve had scenes this beautiful on the Michigan side down by Warren Dunes. Of course I have no idea what it looks like on the Illinois/Wisconsin side.

    Otherwise OMG those dogs look happy I wanna go play!

  79. Oh, Liz, these guys just made my DAY! They are SO happy! Go doggies, GO!@!!!

  80. cuuuute.... says:

    there just haven a jolly god fellow of a time especially that pup on the left!and he was all PUPPY POWER!!!!!

  81. anonymous says:

    black voice? i hope thats not rasis…

  82. Yep, this is JOY! This makes me so happy and joyous. 🙂

    Go, doggies, go!

  83. charlotte says:

    this photo delighted me so much i made it my desktop background. the greyhound getting all buckwild is hilariously cute.

  84. charlotte says:

    and anonymous, it’s a reference to the show good times. it was pretty much an all-black cast. if acknowledging that fact is racist, so be it.

  85. So cute but how do you keep your IG from running off.

  86. katherine says:

    this is one of the most beautiful pictures I have seen recently. the colors, the composition, but mostly the pure joy of the dogs!

  87. Elizabeth Kane says:

    Necole: We have had our IG since he was just under 6 weeks old, so he is really bonded to us. It took a couple of years of keeping him on leash, but eventually he came to realize that we are an extremely reliable source of comfort, warmth, cuddling, attention and treats, and since those are basically the most important things in his world, why try to escape?

  88. OMG!!!!!! We need a new cuteness rule 4 that one: If you are running around a beautiful place and you are a pup, it’s cute.

    Is that Martha’s Vineyard?