Wine just came shooting out of my nose

Um. Red wine just came shooting out my schnozzle at 75 miles per hour.Please look at what sender-inner Bridget F. just sent in. She says: “This isn’t a picture of an animal per say… but it is a picture of my butter and how it landed on the carpet. It looks exactly like a little duck, and I had to send it to you!Happy New Year!”


[Wiping off computer screen]



  1. omg! it does look like a duckie! how cute

  2. We shud have a butter-dropping contest!

  3. …what the squee?!

  4. Gave me a chuckle, and I totally needed one.

  5. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Butter ducky, you’re the one
    You make dinner lots of fun!
    Butter ducky, I don’t think I wanna eat you…

  6. Next thing you know, we’ll have a piece of toast in the shape of a large duck.

  7. Positive Jube says:

    Quick (quack), sell on E-Bay, you’ll make a motza!

  8. I disapprove. How can people mistreat their butter animals so poorly? =)

  9. Per SAY?! PER SE!

  10. garyfixler says:

    It’s a duck alright, but it has a monkey face! And I don’t think this is cute, because it’s obvious the butter duck is being aggressive, and trying to dominate the carpet, and those shoes.

    Now to add to the track selection started by Fish Eye no Miko:

    Lucky Day, Ned Nederlander: My little Butterduck has the sweetest…
    [points to man]
    Patron: Es-smile!
    Lucky Day, Ned Nederlander: Dear little Butterduck won’t you stay a…
    [points to another man]
    Patron #2: While! While!

  11. that is stinkin CUTE!

  12. chelonianmobile says:

    I don’t know whether to squee, laugh, or cry that butterducky was almost certainly “cleaned up” and squished out of shape five seconds later.

    Maybe there’s a market for butter pats shaped like animals. We already have animal-shaped soaps and candy.

  13. Maybe it’s ’cause I’m tired but, Meg? You runnin’ out of cute animal submissions? There musta been SOMEthun WAY cuterer to post den ‘dis??? I’m jus’ sayin’.

  14. Lucky duck.

  15. useta hada kitteh says:

    A butter ducky! Definitely cute! And someone mentioned toast ducks — my dad used to make toast ducks for me, but I never had a butter duck.

    There’s no butter duck than this, none butter in the world!

  16. Too bad its landing didn’t make it look like the Virgin Mary. You could sell it on eBay or sell tickets to the faithful who wish to admire it and pray over it.

  17. This is why I love this site. Cutologists are really OTH.

  18. If that had hit the floor in my house, three cats would have licked it out of shape (if not entirely out of existence) by the time I got my camera turned on. They are buttersluts.

  19. tee hee

  20. Oh man, I have to spell this out, because I’m LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Oh man oh man.
    [wiping eyes]

  21. I think “ButterDucky” would be an awesome band name.

  22. this is why i love cute overload so very much.

  23. yoohoostereo says:

    Hey Laurie C, I remember a cartoon based on Louie Anderson’s childhood. I forget what it was called, but anyway, one episode was about how his cat would jump on the counter and lick the butter. He would shame his cat by calling it a Butter Licker. I called my cat that for years because he would do the same thing.

  24. “I Can’t Believe It’s Not A Duck”

  25. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Laurie C – Buttersluts? *dies*

  26. Deckard Canine says:

    Some of these comments are as funny as the duck itself!

    Question: When wine shot out your nose, did it form a puddle in the shape of an animal?

  27. Butterducks? Butter Licker? Butter Sluts? Stop the madness! I can’t believe it’s not duck? I am D-Y-I-N-G.

    I love CO.. Somebody, marry me now.

  28. MAWIDGE!

    (Do you, Golden, take this butterslut to be your awfully webby spouse?)

  29. “Buttersluts”…BWAAHAHAHAHAcoughcough!

    Thanks Theo, for using my favorite movie quote! ^__^


  30. It’s the Pwincess ButterDuck! Wuuvv…twwUUUUe wuv….

  31. chilledcat says:

    There must be something in the Cosmos to cause such an event! Picturing the duckie calls a great deal of attention to the ill-worn shoes of the unsuspecting person in the photo. Duck Butter happens for a reason People!

  32. I heart you people! This is why this website kicks trash


  33. Thinkin’ some peeps may be astrugglin’ to come up with ideas lately. lol lol Makes me wonder if Martians read this site and what they think of it.

  34. MV — you tell me.

  35. nermalkitty says:

    ok. ive live never posted before, can sit still no longer. been watchin CO for 3 months, gets better & better. luv the pics, esp. kittehs, luv the language even more. luv all megs of the world. im a legal sec, can’t wait to get daily dose of CO in between dictation, pulling files, answering stupid STUPID phone calls. luv it luv it luv it all. thank u for all cute baby pics of things furry and floppy ….

  36. nermalkitty says:

    ok. 2nd post. didn’t know it gave my REAL NAME. geez. im just learnin. still luv CO. wish i knew how to post pics of my 2 kittehs for all the world to share. i may figure it out. notice i learned how not to give my real name…

  37. Theo – Beedleebart neep nanoo nanoo zurbit

  38. [makes Spock/Mork hand sign]

  39. NermalKitty — fixed it.

  40. Theo – Thank you! I accept cash, check or credit card.

  41. omgosh!!!!!! the laugh was much needed today, thanks so much.

  42. I’ve heard of butter chicken…now I’ve seen a butter duck!

    Are you gonna name it “Pat”? LOL!

  43. I’m laughing hysterically, and yet – at the same time, thinkin – WTF? – I send in an adorable photo of a squirrel named Theo, and she posts THIS?!!! (But all for the butter-dropping contest, Meg ….)

  44. Sad that that ACCIDENTAL duck looks MORE like a duck than one that i would have sculpted myself. Does that make sense?

  45. [ahem] …SQUIRREL???

  46. Oh-yes – it must be in there SOMEwhere, T. (NO, I didn’t name him – that was my daughter’s doing, long before we knew of the FAMOUS T.

  47. de – Neverrrrr ponderrrrr the mysssssteries of Meg’s mind, of which the working’s mayyyyy be the eigth wonder of the worrrrrld, lest ye be consumed by the depths of an endlesssss pursuit.

    Or, it could be the red wine.

  48. LOL. I’m famous like Federline.
    (But in all other ways…)

  49. I’m voting on the wine …. although there are great legions of fans flocking to this site for the mysterious workings of her brain, also ….

  50. Karen in Toronto says:

    I heard of a guy who could shoot Coke out of his nose whenever he wanted. He didn’t even have to be drinking it.

  51. Simpson O'Brien says:

    OMG!!! How redonk!! But we are a bunch of crazy critters. But’s its oh so good to LOL. This site and it’s sitelettes are the best. I worship you, Meg.

  52. hrh.squeak says:

    “Butter ducky, you’re the one
    You make dinner lots of fun
    Butter ducky, I’m awfully fond of youuuu!”

  53. “Butter ducky, joy of joys
    “Orange carpet, you destroys
    “Butter ducky, you’re simply the best, it’s truuuuue”

  54. Finally, Mrs. Fleischman got her Parkay floor.

  55. Karen in Toronto, you killed me with the Coke comment. Butst out laughing at it. Twice.

    Teho, have you seen Children of Men? Clive Owen plays a guy named Theo, and at one early point in the movie, he’s sitting on a couch petting a MARMIE CAT!! Coindicence? I think not.

  56. Most convincing movie review I’ve read. Thanks, LC, I’ll check it out.
    My range of facial expressions is bit more Jim Carrey than Clive Owen, though. 😉

  57. There are, in fact, several cats in the movie. It helps to temper the bleakness.

  58. I suspect fowl play.

  59. It’s a sign! the CO duckie mascot has spoken.

    ::bows to butter::

    ::awaits vision of flying hammie pants::

  60. Shannon L. says:

    Omg…discovered that hot chocolate shooting out of ones nose burns. Probably as much as red wine.

    Buttersluts…that one made me choke after the sputtering.

  61. arbitropia says:

    bridget f. is a very observant woman

  62. Turn it sideways, looks like a vulture sitting on a rock.

  63. nermalkitty says:

    belated thanks to my man theo.

  64. 😉

  65. In Sweden, a sandwich is literally called a “butter duck”. It’s true!

  66. tagoutchie99 says:

    it does look like one and it is a cute little dukie!!

  67. Mia.Mozinky says:

    But someone needs to get new heels on their shoes!!!

  68. ZOMG! I just threw a plate of spaghetti against the wall and I see JESUS in it!!!

  69. JR – I see the vulture! It’s just waitin’ for those shoes to die!

  70. Cat Feral says:

    It DOES look like a duck!

  71. …and I just made a poo that looks like the virgin Mary.

    It ain’t cute, it’s just butter.

    Overload has been overloaded.

  72. Methinks “Jumpy” and “I Hunt” are missing the point. By whole orbits.

    I don’t envy you, dudes.

  73. Actually, at Easter time, there’s a very popular thing called a butter lamb. Its a Polish thing, and since Buffalo has such a prominent Polish community, these things are all the rage.

    They are, quite literally, lumps of butter shaped like lambs.