Beware of the “Reverse-Snorgle”!

Watch out, People. It could happen to you.

Tiny bunnies may attempt to snorgle your face clean off—you’ve got to be ready.

My eyes! My eyyyyyyyyes!

Barbara B. says has even more evidence of reverse-snorgling. Beware.



  1. ShelleyTambo says:

    I think that’s a dust bunny–nothing that cute could possibly be real.

  2. I wanna volunteer to be a reverse bunny snorgling tester. Where do I sign up?

  3. ShelleyTambo says:

    Also, Miss Meg (or Teho), just a note that the link under the pic comes up as rabbits.og, not–so it don’t go nowhere.

  4. Deckard Canine says:

    Hot dag, does he use veggie-scented soap or what? I wanna trade places.

  5. I have to admit to being somewhat confused regarding the difference between “snorrrrrrff” and “snorgle”. Can snorgling only occur between animate objects (people and kittehs, for example), while snorrrrrrffling occurs when an animate object (a wabbit, for example), snorgles an inanimate object (like a cup of coffee)?

  6. Me too! Snorgle me too! Pretty please?

  7. I’m on ur sofa snorgling ur face!

  8. i think you mean

  9. what a sweetie that little bun bun is!!! there is nothing like a bunny kiss!

  10. Why do I see a George A. Romero moment coming?

  11. are we setting tight for an all-bunneh wednesday? Fine by me. Now about this reverse snorgling. I would definitely submit myself to be judge in the Snorglin Bunneh 2007 title match.

  12. My Gods, but that little sweetie looks just about right to powder my face with. And if the wee bun gives kisses before, during and after the application, all the better!

  13. When bunny goes into reverse-snorgle is there a warning beeeep-beeeep-beeeep?

  14. LOL re: misspelled URL. I’ll fix it.

  15. PS — that rabbit’s dynamite.

  16. “She’s got Bunny Davis eyes…”

    Check out Pik #1 in the sequence – I think he would be big enough for everyone on Teh Qte to snorgle at the same time…

  17. It’s the tineh killer rabbit!

    Method : Look cute and cuddly and small. Apply Cuteness Rule #28 if conditions require.

    Once the human gets down to snorgle–attack!

  18. dude, that guy just got his ass kicked. the humanity.

  19. BlueFairy says:

    If this little bun would do my eyebrows, I would give him or her a large organic carrot tip.

  20. Ali — y’mean his *buns*, right?

  21. Dustbunny says:

    TJ: I believe “snorrffing” involves actually inhaling a liquid, whereas “snorgling” does not. I could be wrong tho…

  22. Bunny kisses are the BESTEST! My bunny will groom my eyebrows and sometimes sniffle-lick my nose. It’s the ultimate compliment – they are treating your like another bunny!
    Though I could have done without the hip new do my Pepper-bunny decided I needed. She nibbled my bangs kind of short and spiky on one side when I was watching TV one night.

  23. Dustybunny – I believe that inhaling a liquid is technically referred to as “drowning”… 😉

  24. teej, p’haps “snorfff” is a noun/sound and “snorgle” is the verb…

  25. NebraskaErin says:

    Where do I apply for this position?!

  26. jaypo – So, we can snorgle a snorfff?

  27. murkeymuffley says:

    Wendy: I’m looking for a new hairdresser. Can I borrow your bun?

  28. you guys r silly says:

    I believe that “snorffffing” is actually INhaling, while “snorgling” is more EXhaling.
    But I could be wrong. (And it wouldn’t be the FIRST time either.)

  29. you guys r silly says:

    donnnnt be ridiculus…

  30. you guys r silly says:

    In fact, might “snorfffing” be similar to “huffing”???

  31. I only WISH this could happen to me! The soft fur!!

  32. The eyes! Not the eyes!!!
    Cute, no doubt, but just a wee bit nerve-wracking.

  33. Can a huff morph into a snorff?

  34. The Guy Over There says:

    I think he’s not reverse snorgling, but actually buffing up his forehead. That rabbit is no doubt a hard working immigrant from the Watership Down looking for the American Dream in the New Country by being paid carrots for wiping people’s foreheads. In the next few years, he’ll be a fat cat/rabbit living by Central Park with a box of Cuban celery sticks.

  35. you guys r silly says:

    thanks for the reference back to the CO Glossary…I forgot to check there first.
    But – is “snorf” in the glossary? If not, what IS the def. for snorf?
    pyrit and I look to you for this answer, please.

  36. useta hada kitteh says:

    Teej, I could be wrong (I guess that’s possible) but I think snorrrfffing is the kind of liquid inhaling what you does with your mouf, thereby leaving your nose free to breave at the very same time, thus preventing the possibility of drownifying. Like when you put your mouf on the top of a pool of liquid, such as soup in a large spoon, and slllrrrppp noisily. I think that’s snorfing. Not to be confused with snishing, which is what babee kittehs do (and likely babee bunnehs, too) when they’re just learning to drink from a bowl, and, not knowing better, they stick their whole face in. Shortly after doing that, they discover that their nose breathing apparatus has milk in it, producing a quick “snish”. Snorfing is to be preferred to snishing, if you want to survive to tell your grandkittehs or grandbunnehs about it.

    Meanwhile, snorgling involves rubbing ones face into the object of the snorgle, possibly while breathing out (see also: furbert). No danger of drownifying there.

    And there you have it. The snorf, snish, and snorgle world of useta hada kitteh.

    Now I’d better go back to work. No bunnehs here! (drat…)

  37. you guys r silly says:

    useta hada:
    I could also be wrong (again) but I doubt if snorfff is the same thing as slllrrrppp. And while there certainly is the snish factor, don’t forget the schmork which must always procede the snish.
    Glorking and squoinking, now, are another matter completely.

  38. I believe that snishing may be related fuffling in some instances…
    “The cat lowers its nose into water and exhales. This is followed by whiffling, spluttering, sneezing, snorting, head-shaking and a generally confused expression. Bath-foam appears to trigger attacks of fuffling in some cats. It may also be linked to interesting items seen in the water e.g. goldfish, food-crumbs, greeblingz. Fuffling is most common during kittenhood although even quite elderly may suffer an occasional bout.”

  39. you guys r silly says:

    It’s the greeblingz that I’m really concerned about…

  40. Danger alert re. baby bunny snorgling face: He/she doesn’t realize that sharp baby nails are probably hurtin’ the guy’s face. 😉

    Bunnies do have a thing for human heads. If I’m lying on the floor, Her Nibs will jump onto my head and *stand there,* as if my skull was the best vantage point in the world… (I think she’s trying to say that she’s the Boss, not me.)

    ( )
    ” “

  41. awww. such a sweetie. my rabbit just died two days ago.. she was almost 9. it’s nice to see a little bunny hopping about again.

  42. artschild says:

    Bunneh communities have a grooming order, sort of the opposite of the pecking-order. Bunnehs groom their superiors, and are groomed by their inferiors. So, when you pet a bunneh’s head, you’re essentially saying “I bow to you, oh superior bunneh” – which is why they tend to like it so much. On the other hand, gettin’ your forehead nibbled IS the ultimate bunneh compliment. You’re not only being treated as another bunneh, but as a SUPERIOR bunneh 🙂

  43. And let’s be clear, too, that snorffing is preferable to snishing in most polite circles. At our house the kitteh who snorfs is giggled at and petted. The kitteh who snishes is answered with cries of “Aaaah! Cat snot in my water!”

  44. Snorgling refers to your own schnozz snorgling. Snorffing refers to the schnozzee doing the snorgling.

  45. Bunnies also schnoofle.

  46. useta hada kitteh says:

    on the other paw, maybe the bunneh’s playing “eye know a secret” — he couldn’t figure out where the guys ears were, since people ears are not constructed properly, so he’s trying to whisper the secret into the guy’s eye.

  47. Oh. Oh. C’mere little bun, I wanna dust bunny snorgle!

  48. Happy New Year peeps!

    May we take a moment to reflect on this poor guy’s predicament? I mean. Letting a wee bun brow-eat him like that.

  49. Aubrey~! Where ya bun? Hibunating?

  50. LOL! That guy looks like our Canadian Prime minister Stephen Harper! Look!

  51. Pyrit:

    Quite the opposite. When I haven’t been on the lamb, I’ve been on the bun.

  52. Awwww, fuzzy bunny! I think I need a reverse snorgle too.

  53. Oh! Who couldn’t love bunny keeeses! Darn cutey!

  54. Katy,
    So sorry to hear about your bunny 😦

  55. Hey, that looks like Steven Harper, P.M. of Canada. That bunney is probably asking for more Bunneh Moneh for Cute Bunnies Across Canada.

  56. murkeymuffly – she’s not very good at it yet – I ended up a bit uneven. Explaining it at my next haircut appt was … interesting…

  57. you guys r silly says:

    katy : I also am very sorry to hear about your bunny.
    Take care.

  58. hrh.squeak says:

    Katy – ((((hugs))))

    Snorffing something is to hastily consume it. Thus – “Dude, you snorffed all the puddins!”

    I pet this wee bunbun in acknowledgement of his Qute Superiorioriority.

  59. KnowTheFEAR says:

    damn, wish my bun was still small enogh to do that.
    *sniff* that li’l dust bunneh’s so cute!! why can’t i have him?

    wendy- my rabbit does that too. he also grooms my slippers and dressing gown.

    E.Collinson-baby bunny nails aren’t THAT sharp. but i’m not sure i’d want one in my eye.

  60. KnowTheFEAR says:

    quick thing to add. TENNY TINY TAIL!! sorry, had to be said

  61. I have not personally ever had the pleasure of snorgling (or being snorgled by) a bunneh, but this little guy makes me wanna go find one, stat!

    So, I wuz thinkin’, after today’s discussion, the C.O. glossary / dictionary might need some expanding. Huh? I don’t know how the most honorable keeper of all that is our Qte© vocabulary, aka our venerable Theo, is gonna keep up!

  62. Let’s see how far “snorf” gets on its own, eh?

  63. I’m not meaning to suggest that baby bunnies have talons! But – like pups and kittens – young buns have pretty sharp teeth and nails. (Hell, so do adult buns – I know from numerous nips + nail trims on my bun.)

    And facial skin is delicate.

    That was, I think, the point I was trying to make. 😉

  64. acelightning says:

    *falls into happy unconsciousness from bunny cuteness*

  65. acelightning says:

    Katy – I feel your pain; I had bunnies, but I lost the last one about five years ago. When I see adorable bunnies like this one on CO, it makes me want to get another bunny… but I can’t take any more heartbreak.

  66. I think I used to date him in college.

  67. Eeeeee! Fuzzy baby bunny butts! Too pinchably cute!

  68. you guys r silly says:

    the bunneh or the guy???

  69. People, do not miss clicking on photo above. Indy Bunny and her daddy-peep. Qte!

  70. useta hada kitteh says:

    Indy Bunneh is so cute! Thanks, Indy’s Mom! After seeing Indy’s picture, I have to say, “I’m on ur chest, eatin’ ur nose…”

  71. Indy’s Mom, thanks for the picture of the Lounge Hare!

    (OK, in reality it’s a bun, but I hope artistic license is allowed…)

  72. eikoleigh says:

    Interesting info on the grooming dynamics from artschild – kewl. Never thought of it but…must…resist…petting…master…bunny….GAH – too cute…! (pet pet pet pet pet)

  73. snoopysnake says:

    I think that the human looks like actor Sean Astin.

  74. Oh… All that fluff… Must… cuddle… fluffy… bunny *faints

  75. Someone on the LiveJournal feed for CO made an icon of this.

  76. Cat Feral says:

    Aww, that is so sweet! (Only, I think baby rabbits have little tiny claws and it’s paw is pretty close to the guy’s eye. No wonder the human getting “snorkled” is squinching his eyes shut!)

  77. Wow! I’ve been trying to race some dust bunnies under my bed, but something always goes wrong. They’ll never reach this quteness.

    Why, oh why?????

  78. luckycliff says:

    oh, the humanity!!!! the HORROR!!!!! the TOCKS!!!! AIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE

  79. Cute as a button. I was snorgled by a baby squirrel last year. Scarred me for life.

  80. Baby jack russell. 😀

  81. We should have more bunnies in the hairstyling buisness these days, with all that hair to deal with, they must all be experts.

    Verry cute, and adorable experts.

  82. I think that’s Rusty with that bunny!