Rule of Cuteness #28, If your head looks down, but your eyes look up

Heck, it’s about time we made this an official Rule of Cuteness. What took so long? I mean, this one is so obvy. This one is also known as "Princess Di" eyes, since she was so good at it. Of course this rule should also be known as "puppy-dog eyes"—same deal.


Accordin’ to sender-inner Sydney G., "John Bailey" the bun is "ready to go public" with this photo. LOL!



  1. BlueFairy says:

    I think he is hiding his nose because the shoe is a little aromatic.

  2. There seems to be a bun-and-butter theme going on lately…

  3. Allie and Jojo-s Mom says:

    Bun-bun! I want him. He’s so shy! Like alittle prince making his first royal apperance

  4. ooooohhhh….can’t look away. Toooooo frickin adorable.

  5. Now THAT’s what I call a real McCoy.

  6. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Yay! New Rule! New Rule! An ohmagoodness that bun is soooooo adorabubble!

  7. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Ehn! I can’t stop looking at heem. Can I kees heem now? Pease?

  8. Baby blue bunny eyes!

  9. i have to admit…..i HAVE to have my cuteness overload bun bun fix before i start my day. (after i feed OUR bun buns, that is!) ;-D

  10. “”

    I’m getting a bun overload too today. Which is a good thing!

  11. Hee hee! Coy Eyes McBun-Bun matches the shoe’s colors! *LOL*


  12. That is soooo myspace.

  13. That is definitely a good rule. That bun’s expression is the ultimate cute!

  14. leprechaun says:


  15. *chanting* T-SHIRT!! T-SHIRT!! T-SHIRT!!

  16. Oh so darling! Just wanna snorgle! Oh you wound me with your cuteness!

  17. Ready for your close up bunny?

  18. Buns are so, sooooooo good at that head down/eyes up jazz!

  19. what a treasure :melting:

  20. KnowTheFEAR says:

    my bun does that when i tickle his neck too!
    i love how the trainer shows just how teeny that rabbit is.
    ebee, i’l join you in that chant. that pic is totally t-shirt material!

  21. Perhaps this could be generalized to “when the eyes are in the opposite direction as the face.”

    I know… I should have picture evidence…

  22. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww!!!!! So pwecious! Must… nibble… ears… *nyahm nyahm nyahm*

  23. argh, I say. argh.

  24. I can’t tell if that bun-bun is shy or those sneakers are stinky.

  25. acelightning says:

    Either that sneaker belongs to someone like those basketball players who wear (US) size 18 shoes, or that’s the world’s tiniest bunnikin. He’s certainly one of the world’s *cutest* bunnikins!

  26. useta hada kitteh says:

    I didn’t even SEE the shoe the first couple of times I looked at this bunbun. Bunneh is 2qte4wrds!

  27. That is a *classic* Princess Di look. whatta sweetie.

    Now is that guy wearing white-out on his hand?

  28. useta hada kitteh says:

    Kar — maybe rather than white-out it’s white shoe polish, and he’s trying to clean up his sneakers. There doesn’t seem to actually be a foot in that shoe, but there is a small smudge of white on the toe, which caused me to postulate the shoe-polishing theory. I think the shoe’s really in the picture to illustrate the size (or lack of it) of the prosh bun-bun.

  29. This picture can cure all the evils of the world.

  30. We call those Disney eyes cause they happen in almost every movie!

  31. *chanting* T-SHIRT!! T-SHIRT!! T-SHIRT!!

  32. and of course the once and ever king of the puppy-dog eyes, Dino the Seizure Beagle (who sadly is no longer with us but happily lasted twice as long as they predicted):

  33. Bunnster doing a famous impersonation of a peppermill.

    No, really, just loook:

  34. Y’know, now that I look at that sneaker, that’s got a lilac tint. Plus, that’s hardly the kind of sloppy shoe that I’d touch up.

    I wonder if he was painting and had a “pat the bunny” post-break.

    Any excuse to pat the nose-less ball of fur.

  35. Svenster, we had one of those and called it the “pepper bunny”.

  36. abbiegrrl says:

    Yeowza, what a cutie patootie!

  37. Awww! Ain’t that a coy McBunnikin!


  39. he’s deffinitely the cutest.. not to mention the guy cuddling with him!!

    oh, and they’re a size 13!

  40. head down… looks up.. So that’s why they always want them to look in the camera! oops, wrong forum.