“Bottle of Red… Bottle of White…

…it all depends upon your aaaaaaappetite”[sing in Billy Joel voice]


This one goes out to Carey and Joe, People (smothering microphone) with thanks to sender-inner and big-tipper-in-my-brandy-glass Anne R.



  1. I’m on ur piano ticklin’ ur ivoreez.

    (oh, and first?)

  2. constance says:

    ahahah! that’s awesome! i want a rattie seranade

  3. Aww! I loves me a fuzzy squidgie rat belly!

  4. that rat is too bootylicious for me!

  5. BlueFairy says:

    Are those rat-a-loons?

  6. Oh my freakin’ God!!!! I can’t stand it, I tell ya. I cain’t stand it!!!!! Too darn cute…

  7. guineapiggin9 says:

    Does that rat have webbed feets?

  8. The pianist in the orch-ratra pauses, waiting for a nod from the mice-tro…

  9. Peg of Tilling says:

    It’s Sir Grey Rat-maninoff!

  10. oh the beady eyes, the whiskers, teh tiny TOES! i love it!!

  11. BenPanced says:

    “Sing us a song, you’re the piano raaaaaaaaaaat…”

  12. It’s the Phantom of the Operat!

  13. Hey cutie Rat! Do ya know “On the Sunny Side of the Street”?

  14. hrh.squeak says:

    And here in the Birmingham Concert Hall, Sir Simon Rattie acknowledges the applause of his many fans after his splendid leading of Mouse-ourgsky’s “Night on Piebald Mountain”.

  15. you guys r silly says:

    “I’ll meet you any time you want at our Ratalian restaurant”. . .

  16. hrh.squeak says:

    My nubbie wants to say that this is Frank Sinat-rat, leader of the Rat Pack. Ol’ Beady Eyes is back!

  17. Sorry guys, this one is a little gross!

    e – http://blog.ateava.com/

  18. He’s not gross! He’s adorable!!!! But is there something ..odd.. about his nosicles? Or am I imagining it?

  19. chelonianmobile says:

    *squee* I miss my ratties. Wish my mother wasn’t allergic to rats. (We kept them even after we found out, but once they crossed the Rainbow Bridge we were forbidden to get any more ;_;) One of my rattygirls was a hooded rat, just like the one in this pic *sniffle* except she had black markings, not brown. I miss Jilly. And her sister Jane. (Strange names for a seven-year-old girl to give pet rats, but whaddya gonna do?) And my gerbils Speckle and Fudge, I got them later, nobody was allergic to them but they kinda weren’t so friendly as the ratties were so I didn’t want any more gerbils after them … but I miss them anyway … and now I need a hug.


  20. I second that, this is one gorgeous rat! Now, play us another song, ratty. 🙂

  21. Is that Liber-ratsy on the keyboard?

  22. His feets are nekkid.

  23. I’ve got rhythm, I’ve got music, I’ve got my rat, who could ask for anything more?

  24. I suppose this is the last surviving member of “The Rat Pack”?

    Play one for Sammy, Dino, and Frankie, Mr. Ratty Rat.

  25. I miss my ratties. Great picture! Thanks for recognizing the adorableness of the smartest pocket pets around…

  26. Is it just me, or is he totally posing for the camera?

  27. chumblefuzz says:

    Rats = Adorable. Thats one talented little rodent.

  28. Re pet rats being considered gross: I used to work at a kids’ science museum that had two tame rats (one wild-type, one hooded). I’d walk around with them on my shoulders, and people would just love on them and pet them until they found out they were rats.

    It’s all a matter of perception, folks.

  29. Suda Nim, that happened to me too, with my late rats. Another interesting thing is that people have a complex about the word “rat.” Some rat lovers won’t even use it–they call their pets “ratties” or “rrts”–which I think is silly! I had several friends at work who’d regularly say things like, “And how are your… errr… cute fuzzy things doing?” 😀

  30. “Play it once, Sam. For old times’ sake…”

    “You must remember that
    ‘Tis no sin to kiss a rat
    This fact can’t be denied
    This fundamental thing applies
    As time goes by.
    And when rats look so cute
    The peeps just can’t stay mute
    On that you can rely
    Of rats’ cuteness each peep will sing
    As time goes by”

  31. Thanks folks! I’ll be here all night!

  32. Be sure to tip your waitress.

  33. I just saw the name Chelonianmobile! The turtle moves!

  34. Awww, little rattie is so appealing and musical. He want us to like his song!
    “I like it, Rattie-poo!”

  35. well you just made my night – posting a gorgeous ratty and Billy Joel lyrics in one go. Whee! ::prances off to play Downeaster Alexa up loud::

  36. acelightning says:

    What a talented rat! He can dance and play the piano at the same time!

  37. Ooooooh…..
    I *wish* this didn’t make me hark back to high school, but it does. … And now I’ll have to spend the rest of the evening listening to Billy Joel.

    I guess there are WAY worse things to do, huh?

  38. I call my pet rats “rat-rats.”

    I wish there were more rat pix on CO. I love rats so much.

  39. People, people! He’s obviously singing “Ben”! (And for some reason, I’m hearing it in Michael J. Fox’s “Stuart Little” voice)

  40. OK…..I hear another song coming on…..Throw me my cane Doll Face….. a 1…a 2…a 1-2-3

    Hello my baby hello my darlin hello my rag time doll

  41. I call mine “ratties-roo”, or some selection from or combo of those words, for some reason unknown even to myself. Sometimes I just find myself exclaiming “ROO!” in a high-pitched voice. This little gal’s name is Susanna, and she was (sigh) the most wonderfulest roo of them all. It’s funny when people meet them and say, in a hushed tone, “Is it OK to call them ‘rats’?”

  42. useta hada kitteh says:

    Did you piano-types out there notice? This is A Sharp rattie!

    Freezer — I assumed she was singing “Ben”, too.

    And Anne R who said “she was (sigh)…” Does that mean Susanna’s crossed the Rainbow Bridge? So sorry.

  43. Awhh, looks just like my ol boy rattie “Squeekycheese” (shortened to squeekers). I miss him so much, rats just live too short a lifespan. /sigh

    I’m guessing this one is a girl or a very young boy (Due to the lack of low swinging extra “baggage” below) <:3_ )3~~~~~~

    cute stuffz

  44. violetgreen says:

    …and now, Mozrat’s Piano Concert #24 for four feet…

  45. Awww, he’s such a cutey. Must go squeeze my five ratties now…

  46. I call my rats “ratkins,” “ratty rats,” and “ratlings.” (sigh) I don’t know what you call a condition like mine.

    It’s too bad that so many people are adverse to rats because they really are sweet, fun pets.

  47. *pout* I miss my rat…she went over the Rainbow Bridge in April of last year, and she was one of my best friends. I looooove rats, they’re such sweet pets!

    And this one made me reverse-swallow orange seltzer water through my nose!! That begs to be a desktop pic!!

  48. Reminds me off a Tom & Jerry cartoon for some reason.

  49. I love Rattie’s, I have 2 myself !

  50. Awwwwwww… Lookit her tiny lil’ rat fingers! I just wanna bite ’em!

    I have four rats, all boys: Ben, Roo, Zeek, and Imp.

  51. OMG, a rat tap-dancing on a piano! Squeeee!!!

  52. i miss my ratty Bianca so much… she’s on here with the cheerios from when i was in italy… she went over the rainbow bridge in June… sigh

  53. Ashley, the cheerios pictures were classics. Sorry to hear your rat has passed on.

  54. thanks Laurie! i have another ratty named Roma right now (named for the city i spent 5 months in haha) and i submitted the CUTEST picture of her hiding in my camera case when she was a baby… now i’m waiting on it! we need a ratty-overload!

  55. A rat playing the piano! That’s awesome!

  56. I think it’s officially unofficial that you need to have a “rat” or wattie, or rattie, or rattie roo section at C.O.!

    BTW: I wuv my watties!

  57. She’s once! Twice! Three tiiiimes a rattie!

  58. Yes, useta hada kitteh, she went over the Rainbow Bridge in Dec.2005. I have two others now, Gretchen and Louisa, and they are wonderful. But Susanna and I had a special bond. BTW, this picture, though adorable, does NOT do her justice! She was absolutely gorgeous.

  59. Anne, I’m so sorry for your loss. Interesting… I used to call my rats “rattie roos” also. I wonder where that comes from…

    There is something very special about black berk and black hooded girls.

  60. Ben’s the oldest rat. He’s a two-year-old Berkshire and my special baby, who would spend every second of the day cuddled up next to me if he could.

    Zeek and Roo are Ben’s children. Roo is solid dark grey and very licky. Zeek is an extremely shy hooded rat, who is also pretty damn fat. He looks like a tick with a long tail.

    Imp is an albino male that the others “adopted” when he was a baby. He’s just as mischievous as his name implies.

  61. tagoutchie99 says:

    I hope he speaks rat laguage because he was squoo squte!!

  62. This has GOT to be the most HI-larious title for a C.O. pic evar!! “Bottle of red…” Gaaaah!

  63. “I wish my brother George was here….”

  64. Oh, boy. Liberatce.

  65. For those with some real interest in piano playing, besides Jaunty McWhiskerface there, check into Eddy Duchin (big band era, i.e. Down Argentine Way), and his prodigy son Peter Duchin.

  66. *Beeps and kisses the nosicle*

    You are a rattylicious little rat.

  67. I love the little mouse dancer, he sure seems to think he is Fred Aster incarnate or something!!!!!or maybe he is better. He is sooo freaking cuuuute. I wish I could just “capture” him. LOL. I sure did have mo Dose of cuteness for the day…Thank very very much to the provider of the pic.

  68. I know that Roo!!!!

    And, having met Susannah on several occasions I can second Anne R. that she was one beautiful rat. A perfect rat ambassador to humankind. Pear shaped figure. Graceful temperament, etc., etc.