Reuters is CATERING to "Koala ‘tocks" readers. And it’s woooooooooorking! [singsong]


I’m hooked. HOOKED, sender-inner Cheryl L.! 😉



  1. EEEEEEEE! Give me one.

  2. Too cute! I love the ear to head ratio difference between mom and babe.

  3. EEEEEEEE! Give me one.

  4. Karen in Toronto says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if koala newborns looked like that? Instead, they look like this:

    Not too distinguishable from the newborns of other marsupials, like ‘roos, ‘possums, and, um, pandas.

    Not nuffin’ — but I prefer accuracy, and news providers so often aren’t accurate.

    In other news, …BABY KOALA ‘TOCKS!! SQUEEEEEEE!

  5. Oh… my… gawd…

    KOALA ‘TOCKS ARE SO FLUFFY I can’t stand it!

  6. I think Cera needs two.

  7. theo, make that a dozen…and give me a dozen, too!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  8. Two dozen, check. Now to research some suppliers… anyone got round-trip airfare to Oz?

  9. my fave part is when they are napping in the end.
    that is the absolute definition of cute! :o)

  10. The final hug and yawn in that video might as well be a spike in my wrenched-open eye. I am crying with cuteness and lvoe right now!

  11. Wow! Wish i had a pouch like Mama Koala. I’d never misplace my keys again!


  12. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Can I take a nap wif dem pease? Ehn!

  13. Madame Sosostris says:

    Jean Claude van DAMME that is some cuteness!

  14. I love the “get off my face” flailing!

  15. you guys r silly says:

    Once again…I am frickin’ sad because I do not have the ability to look at anything video on my stinkin’ work computer…
    On the other hand…I DO want to peeeeeeeeench the tiny tocks geeeeeeently…

  16. They won’t let me back at emerald city, my new contacts made it look blue and i called it “saphirre city” oops…

  17. Wow. The end of that video made me go, “Awwww.” So cute!

  18. Hey, guess what? Koala butt. 🙂

    I love it when baby clings to mom’s face. And she’s like “geroff…geroff…” And he’s like “Hey Ma! This is what it’s be like if you had me for a face!”

    I Heart the last shot of the two cuddling and the weensy yawn.


  19. WENDY, No KIDDING!!!

    That was such a mom moment!!!

    “Aw Geez, come on…get off my face…get off my face…seriously i’m driving here, get off my face”….

    I had to watch that part a few times…

  20. Bring the tocks! Bring the tocks. HIT ME!

  21. click play and wait for it… wait for it… there!

    baby koala headlock!!!!

  22. snorglesnorglesnorgle

  23. I LOVE the itchy leg.

  24. I know, Theo. I just needed the Ultra Deluxe First Post and the Slightly Less Deluxe Third Post to my repertoire…oh, and two baby koalas wouldn’t hurt either.

  25. more newborn marsupials: cute but non-furry.

    tiiiny tasmanian devils:

    kangaroo joey:

  26. emily somone says:

    i learned about koallas a long time ago….there cute but very evil… its like theyre just waaiting for you to try and say look its a koalla awwwwww its so cute can i pet it and itll tear you apart!

  27. emily somone says:

    hehe it kinda looks like a deer…

  28. Looks like mama has some Clutched Cargo:

  29. Temple Slave of Cats in WI says:

    This is IT – the bestest of the bestest. I never saw any part of an infant koala before, never mind the soft-and-fluffy ‘tocks – to the sender-inner: I am lawvingk on you!10Q, 10Q! (and with the others, I say “AAaaaaawwwww”)

  30. juggle geese says:

    Does anyone know if the fur is as soft as it looks? Oh and is it normal for the babies to have a different color?

  31. laineygrrl says:

    Is it just me or is there only one baby koala? The video said there were two but I kept seeing the same one over and over again. Unless there are two with separate mums, and I just think they are the same one when they switch shots? *confused*

  32. Those guys look all cute and soft, but they sure can get a hot temper if you don’t watch out.

  33. It said “their mums” so there were apparently two mums and two babies. But it’s not clear which one we see at what time. Regardless it’s “double your fun” time! Beyond cute!!

  34. Dey’re so cute! I just love any show, video, etc. where they show the mother and baby animals interacting. And it’s just so wonderful how animals work together to care for their young, elephants & meerkats for example. Sooo prosh! 😀

  35. I WANT A KOALA!!!

  36. positive jube says:

    has anyone mentioned mum’s fuzz ball ears? *squeezing*

  37. GAH! It wasn’t the ‘tocks but those puffball ears were what got me! That and the final schnuggle and yawn. Definitely things that make you go “AWWWWWWWWWWWW!”

  38. I love when the baby is on the mom’s face and Mom is like “GAAA, I’M BLIND”!

  39. michellemybelle says:

    My heart is melted. It’s official.

    I’d like to see the baby koalas play with baby pandas, and maybe a baby sea otter too. And a bunny.

  40. Woohoo! I’m a sender-inner! I’m a sender-inner!! An official, certified cuteologist at last! Meg likes me, she really really likes me! yay!
    i’ve already scheduled the appointment with a cardiologist to determine whether my heart indeed melted over the bebbeh koala. but with that hysterical mama’s-face-clinging-action-grip and the completely adorable yawn and the mama and babe sleep cuddlefest, how can i hope for anything but a gooey puddle where my heart used to be? fuzzy k-‘tocks rule!

  41. It’s Rule of Cuteness #7 re-enacted!

  42. useta hada kitteh says:

    I have nothing intelligent to say, except, Ooh! Ooh! Baybee Aussie-wallas! Gimme! Gimme! i don’t care if they’ll scratch my face off, I want ’em Now! Pleeze? Gimme Baybee Aussie-Wallas!

  43. Pooteymom says:

    And please don’t forget: the unbearable cuteness is accompanied by the heady scent of eucalyptus!

  44. Yay for cheryl! Yay for koalas! yay, indeed, all around.

    *has more wine*

    I wonder if mayhap someone should do a study of the effects of wine on cuteness. I, myself, thinks that True Cute ™ is visible sober OR tipsy.

    sometimes it’s just easier to type!

  45. I like to think that I’m even cuter when I’m drunk.

    But maybe that wasn’t the question.

    (goes to the liquor cabinet to test theory)

  46. OMG! I love the floppy ears!

    And when the baby gets stuck to the mommy’s face!


  47. Tooooo cuteeeee!
    Thank you for making me smile

  48. mary, they could’ve meant their mum’s… yet another of life’s unsolved mysteries… (x-files song)

  49. It’s all good until they scream…oh they can scream… they sleep 22 hrs a day and when theyre not sleeping they are eating and fighting their territory. Koalas are cute and fluffy and OMG they do look so good to snorgle, if any of you get to hold one, no fingers near mouths *kronsch*

  50. Awwwww!!!

    I like the adults better, though. They’re chubbier! Squeee!

  51. Connie H. says:

    Technically, not a newborn koala, but one freshly out of the pouch — when they’re born, they’re hairless and about the size of a peanut. See: marsupiality.

    That said…. CUTE!!!1!

  52. The part where they were all curled up to sleep… ohmigawsh, that was a killer. <3

  53. The final yawn is heartbreaking. But why did Reuters cut it before the completion of said yawn? Too cruel!

  54. Cat Feral says:

    Okay, what does “tocks” mean? Anyway, very cute little koala!

  55. Cat F — it’s short for “BUT-tocks” and sounds cuter than “arse”.
    Somehow I seem to have missed that one in the Glossary. Will remedy.

  56. OMG!!! Slap a diaper on it!!! SOOO cute! I can’t stand it!!!

  57. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  58. rubber duck says:

    3 scenes I’ll never forget: the mother trying to get the little one off her face, the mother’s ears TWITCHING when the baby “plays hide-and-seek”, and, at the very end, that TINY, tiny little yawn…