OMG, New Years was very fun, and I’m still hungover. Hope ya’ll welcomed the new year with a bang.


Happy New Year, Cara H.!



  1. Second kitty is literally hungover! First Post?


  2. How is that comfortable?
    nevermind I forgot their cats.:P

  3. Someone get these prosh kittehs a pillow. Please.

  4. What are they on? A sit in vacuum cleaner?!
    Only a cat could make it look comfortable….

  5. i think there’s a lesson in this. kitties shouldn’t drink. seriously, there should be a public service announcement about it.

  6. luckycliff says:

    they spent SO much time arguing over who was gonna steer and who was gonna catch the gas brakes and shifter that they just got SO SLEEEEEPYYYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  7. Constance says:

    Oh man. that’s how i felt all day today. And I didn’t even drink!

    I’m with ya little guys.


  8. Rum is a cruel mistress, could somebody please close the garage door, please!

  9. artschild says:

    It’s a steering wheel of some sort. It looks like they’re in a garage, so it might be a riding mower? They might be hung over, but they are totally in control. Just don’t turn the thing on.

  10. This is absolutely TOOOOO Much. Looks like they went out to the shed to sneak a few.

  11. who cares who drove we made it home!! And will some Please CLOSE that door. We are too pooped to move!! At least until the 4 or 5th of the month.

  12. That picture is absolutely adorable I needed that.
    Cause Hah yeah, we had one hell of a bang.
    My brother had a seizure this morning.

  13. “Still…hungover….(Literally!)”


  14. They certainly are NOT in a condition where they should be operating heavy machinery!

  15. I would totally mow the lawn all the time if this is what was waiting for me!

  16. Heh….cats can make comfort just about anywhere and I’ve no idea how they do it. This pic is just tooooo funny….Just love how the little grey and white fella’s hindlegs are dangling like that.

  17. That’s really cool~~~

  18. I’m positive that if you open the garage door and look out, they’ve ‘mowed’ the lawn into some sort of message, probably involving tuna. Kittens should not drink and drive.

  19. Isn’t there a law against drinking & mowing?

  20. These two kittehs have been smoking the grass.

  21. Yvie…..HUGS for your (((((brother)))))

  22. Elizabeth B. says:

    I read a news story about a guy who got a DUI on his riding mower. Don’t do it kittys! You’re too cute to spend time in jail.

  23. Ha! My parents have a few semi-ferals living in their garage. My mom would be very happy if the cats took over lawn mowing duties.

  24. Heh, they’re LITERALLY “ragdoll” kitties! *LMAO!*

    Meh, I feel like that too…only I don’t look nearly as cute, and I’m not nearly as boneless… ;->


  25. acelightning says:

    Looks as if that might be a Ski-Doo(tm) those kitties fell asleep on. Still not something a kitty (or a human, for that matter) ought to be driving while drunk!

  26. Kittehs can be comfy pretty much anywhere.

    It is one of their superpowers.

  27. it was a long night…. gonna sleep it off now.

  28. AWWWWWWWWW!!!! Nothing like kitties to ring in the new year!

  29. Oh my Gods, that is too, too awesome. Complete limpness is akin to attaining Nirvana.

  30. Toooo cute! You do notice, however that these two are still kittens. My “pleasingly plump” Pooh could never manage this. He’d be…”ehn!…ehn!….ehn! and eventually give up and go find a more “fat friendly” place to sleep.

  31. emily somone says:

    is that a lawn mower?

  32. These are really good cats stopping their poor servant… sorry owner… having to mow the lawn, unless they have been mowing this
    And are sleeping it off

  33. tagoutchie99 says:

    wait to the left no now the right oh no stooooooop!