Mmmm, what a delectable cup-of-something. I think I shall SNORRRRRRFF it.


The rabbit’s name is "William"! love it, Vina P.



  1. Kaci Elise says:

    omg, i love it! floppy ears, coffee/coco, w/e it’s the best!

  2. second!l

  3. Muffin Head says:

    GAk! I took in that cuteness too fast! I have a cuteness headache!

  4. *ahem* Now that that’s taken care of… *snorgle-bombs teh bunneh* He’s so pwecious!!!

  5. Heart…stopping.
    Can’t…find the words…
    /end Shatner

  6. useta hada kitteh says:

    Good to the last hop…

    Just be careful you don’t get your ears in your cup, bunbun!

  7. Hey I have a cup exactly like that! It didn’t come with cute snorfing bunneh though. I should take it back :/…

  8. constance says:

    OMG! Becareful little bun! that might be hot. be sure to blow on it first!

  9. Carrot syurp latte Mr BunBun?

  10. Oh great. A man-eater! :~D

  11. This bun reminds me so much of Bunbun from Sluggy Freelance. ( ) I expect him to pull out a switchblade at any momment. 🙂

  12. Stacy Horn says:

    Hey, that cup is about to go over!

  13. :poit:

    Is that bunbun even real? I think not. I’m pretty sure it’s some alien life form that has come to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

  14. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    rsncrntz… Oh, man, you’re right! And he’s drinking hat looks like coffee.. Cna you imagine BunBun on caffeine? [though Kiki on caffeine would be scary, too]

  15. Are you sure it isn’t Willyum? Get it? Yum…har har

  16. NebraskaErin says:

    Aww, I want to call him “Sir” and give him a monocle!

  17. Awww…a marshmallow bunnykin for my cocoa! How thoughtful!

  18. Rosencrantz — remember to leave at least 1 whitespace after any URLs you include in TypeKey comments… like, right here in Cute Overload, for example. Otherwise they plotz.
    (I fixed this one.)

  19. What a super little doe-eyed, pink-nosed, lop-eared, dainty-pawed bunny!

  20. don’t forget the I. as a middle inital. har har

  21. MORE BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please. 🙂

  22. I can imagine William the little tea (?) sipping bun-bun watching Masterpiece Theatre or Have You Been Served? on PBS.

  23. Puuuhleez Peeeeple… Make it stop. I don’t think I can take anymore cute today.

  24. My bunny likes tea. I Usually pour her out some of mine before I add sugar. Keeps her out of my face while I drink mine!

  25. Tiny lop-eared proshness sipping hot chocolate!

  26. Sweet William.

  27. My late bun Theodore liked to drink from my cup. He tried hot chocolate once; it was too hot and he spent the next ten minutes hopping frantically in circles with his little tongue sticking out! (poor bunny!)

  28. KnowTheFEAR says:

    eep!! bunnage!
    (\ /)
    look at the sweet little ballet pose he’s doing! my rabbit, bunzai, does that when he’s cleaning himself.
    constance, i don’t think he’s had a sip yet. bunnehs’r much too smart to drink from a mug without blowing on it first.

  29. A bunny on caffine! That’s hyper-cute!

  30. after this pic was took, you soooo know the taker walked away and heard “aaahhhhh! i got it up my buntasticulary cute nose!!!!!”

  31. Sweet, adorable bunnykins!

    Oh, and Jayme —
    Can’t…find the words…
    /end Shatner:

    LOLROFLMAO!!! “/end Shatner”, cracked me up! 🙂

  32. The paws pressed so delicately together! GahIdie.

  33. luckycliff says:

    uh, Bunzai??? GROANNNNNNN

  34. It’s Carrot Tea!

  35. chet's momma says:

    looks like hot cocoa to me, and william looks like a tasty blob o whipped cream on top! deeeeelish!

  36. Aww, how sweet!

  37. No more caffiene for the bunny, he’s already too junmpy!

  38. That is, like, soooo tewtally a cute sock puppet! I call cute sock puppet!

  39. Oh, to be snorffed by this itty-bitty bunbun…if only in my dreams.

  40. This might just be the end of the world (as we know it, haw haw).

    Do I snuffle? Do I snorgle? Do I snizzle? Do I just run as far as I can? Or do I calm down and inhale deeply the belly?



  41. I think I’ll watch some TV and sleep. Problem solved. Maybe.

  42. emily somone says:

    bunny!!!:D i have to have a bunny! i need bunny or “william” as you say. so cute ‘snorfing it’ so cute so cute,SO CUTE!!!

  43. michellemybelle says:

    I get that animals are cute so we go “Aw, it’s adorable” instead of wanting to go after it for dinner, but my god when they are just this cute, it’s just on a totally different level. It’s like they know their power – how many bodies did this one alone rack up? It’a a conspiracy!

  44. That’s just…just…IMPOSSIBLY cute.

    I want some cocoa. With that bunny on top.

  45. OMG! Never seen such a cute bunny!

    and useta hada kitteh – too funny!

  46. Kittykins says:

    I’m surprised no one’s complained about rabbits consuming caffeine/chocolate; whiners.


    Sooo cute!!! My mouse, Virgil Delacroix ((yes, that’s his FULL name)), loves tea…especially chamomile ^^; This reminds me of him….

  47. STARBUNS!!!!!!

  48. greenighs – Go to Nov. 22, 2006 in the CO Archives.

  49. Awwwwww, teeny tiny cup o’ bun!

  50. Me watching bunny bounce from walls and ceiling: “What up (looks up) with bunny?”

    Owner:”We switch his coffee with Folgers Crystals and he noticed!”

  51. This is the perfect companion piece to this little guy:

    They should get together!

  52. Christina – I agree completely! I wonder if it would be dangerous (to the bunneh) to introduce a sweet little bun-puff like this to my 2 cat household. ‘Course my kitties are scaredy cats, so… 😉


    William approves of this post, although he is much older (and more dignified) now.

  54. AliceTanzer says:

    JH – Its “Are You Being Served?” And Yes, I can deffinately picture Mr Bunnypants here sitting down for tea with Mr Humphries and Mrs Slocombe.

  55. violetgreen says:

    Next frame: Billbunny w/brown frothy mustache-goatee: “Got cocoa?”

    Semi-relevant: Once left bit of cocoa unattended at campsite. Came back to find red squirrel halfway in the mug scarfing up what was left.

  56. Aahhh, that bebe furrr… I wanna touch it… It’s so soft and fluffy and those innocent eyes melt my heart… William, looove you! *chuu*

  57. acelightning says:

    teacup-sized bunny with tiny dainty paws…
    *falls over*

  58. aphraeldanae says:

    Want to (s)nuggle teh bunneh!

    So. Fuzzy. *dies of the cute*

  59. OMG! First time i’m on this webpage and the pix i have just seen are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorableeee!! <3

  60. Whoa, Cassi — you’re in for a treat, then. Welcome to our puddins.

    It all started one day, not so long ago…

  61. KnowTheFEAR says:

    lol. some of these comments are HIlarious! especially yours violetgreen.

    um..luckycliff, what’s wrong with Bunzai’s name. he was tiny when we got him, so we changed “bonsai” into Bunsai and put in a z cause it’s so much cooler than s.
    i’ve sent in pics of him so meg’s seen him. he was never posted though.. mibbe he’s not that cute *sniffle*

  62. I hope that you did not add the Baliey’s Irish Cream to that ??!!?? Just kidding, very cute!!!

  63. nermalkitty says:

    jayme – im so old im a trekkie from the first go around. but thanks a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck for the shatner improvisation. nearly choked on my coffee. how ’bout pics of tribbles? don’t know what happened to mine – and all the other trekkie memorabilia that i probly raked out thousands for. anyway thanks. live long and prosper.

  64. So cute. SNOORF

  65. “thankyou for this dee-liciouse cup of sumting!” 😀