Puttin’ on the MOVES

My dahlink—don’t say a word

[puts paw over your mouth]

Just….let me keeeeess

[Whiskers quiver]


"Bubby" and Kimberly, sittin’ in a tree! (you know the rest) 



  1. First!

    I thought usually the kitty gets tongued!

    Live and learn…

  2. That makes my nose tingle just looking at it…*LOL*


  3. So sweet!

  4. awww! Feel the luv. 🙂

  5. artschild says:

    Oh, nose lickers. Some cats just can’t resist.

  6. Such a lurvley pic! My mum’s cat, Sunshine, does that.

  7. artschild says:

    I once had a cat who was terribly insistent on licking the noses of anyone who sat on my couch. Unfortunately, one of my roommates at the time had quite a lot of unsavory-type friends come through, and they typically did sit on the couch. I caught a lot of nasty colds that year.

  8. Great picture. My Zarafina likes to lick my whole face. She also licks my arms and hands. It’s like having a daily exfoliating.

  9. Ummmm–I can almost smell the tuna breath—

  10. Yeah, his breath isn’t the best, but I’ll put up with it for my Bubby (real name is Sylvester but we hardly ever call him that). He’s a little lovebug.

    Roberta – Bubby’s sister is named Sarafina.

  11. My cousin cat likes to lick hands, climb legs (ouch careful with them claws honey!) and sleep on comfy chairs or my backpack, if I leave on the floor (while we are gaming).

  12. Kitteh facial! My kitty, Kitty, gives me regular facials which leave me silky smooth — but it is a little bit annoying when she expects not only payment, but a tip as well.

  13. Rafael: …gaming…? *pricks ears up*

    My cat likes to sleep on my blue Wal-Mart vest. Being as he’s pure white and sheds copiously, sometimes the words on the back transform from “How May I Help You?” into something more like “Hmrw WMyhI HllDp YoG?” ^__^

    He also gives keeses, only he does it on your chin… 🙂


  14. kissy-kitty-nose in reverse!

  15. Our little gray kitteh likes to lick lick lick at everyone!!!! He’s got a favorite blankie that he HAS to sit on in the winter months, and I’ll come over and pet him until he starts licking my hands, arms…then he’ll crawl up and lick my face. He’s a darling!!!!

  16. Also, that little kitteh face and tongue close up is REDONK!!!!!!! I absolutely love the look on his face.

  17. Peg of Tilling says:

    Maybe Bubby could give his extra time as well (if there’s no particular sign he’s more compatible with).

  18. acelightning says:

    It’s a sweet gesture of affection when your cat wants to lick your face. Unfortunately, if I let my Loki lick my face, my eyes swell shut 😦
    (Yes, I’m somewhat allergic, and everyday allergy pills only do so much. I was allergic to the bunnies in the same way. But I love my furry friends anyway!)

  19. i just lurve kitty kisses!!!!

  20. TwoDragons:

    Yes, the old D&D (and I mean RulesCyclopedia here) or sci-fi or whaterver else I’m running or my cousin is running. Right now we are on an extended break since he is renovating his garage and the wife just gave birth to their second child (a healthy baby boy named Estevan!)

    He wants to buy a dog for his olderst daughter, but I coautioned him to buy one after his son turns 1 year or older, in order to avoid/minimize dominance problems between them.

  21. WHOA.

    I got scratched by a kitty on New Year’s morning. Unfair!!!

  22. Could be a scene from our house — we have a nose-leecking tuxedo cat here!

  23. BTW, this post needs to be in the “I shall leeck you” category as well 🙂

  24. yay!
    i vote this should go in the i shall leek you category.
    i know! it’s sooo ont there!

  25. Aaawwww now THAT is love!

  26. girlnextdoortn says:

    My little Bear has the unfortunate habit of licking weird things. He goes for the eyes, and when that gets deflected, he tries to lick armpits. Seriously gross and very preventative of nosekisses.

  27. aww…kitteh keeses!

    My husband’s cat will wait until you’re asleep, then curl up on your chest and start licking your eyelids.
    If you don’t wake up, she moves on to washing your hair.
    Unfortunately, she’s an aggressive hairstylist. She’ll get a mouthful of hair and *yank*!

  28. Awww…. so prosh! *sigh* Alas, my kitties don’t kees….peoples at least. But dey keeees each udder all da tahm.

  29. Oo! Nose exfoliator!

  30. I have a nose licking cat…except most of the time she’s mean and spiteful, so you never know what you’re going to get when she starts licking you.

  31. guineapiggin9 says:


  32. musicchick2: my cat “Shadow” had probably only keesed me about 5 times total in his life until he was about 10 .. then he started to like it and would “kees me alll ovaairr” if I would let him. Remaining cat, after Shadow died, is only now for about the last year or so, starting to kees me.. maybe to take his place. She’s 16. The point is just because your kittehs don’t like to keees you now/yet doesn’t mean they never will. Hang in there.
    Kitteh face washing can get a bit raspy but when they do gentle “soft kronshe” type keeses.. oh so sweet!

    And of course they purr the whole time, too. Yum.

  33. Awww!

    My cat “Miss Kitty” tends to be a hair-washer as well as a hand-keeser. Granted, her breath could use some work! 🙂

  34. Ahhh! Now that is prosh! ( I so envy them.)

  35. Is this the lovely Claire H. and James T. Kitteh?