J.C. Penney’s portrait studio

Oh dear sender-inner Tanner. Do you realize you are the Mario Testino of kitteh photography!? Behold your sweet lighting capabilities! Let’s get together to make millions on Cat Calendars STAT!

Below is Tanner’s kitteh: "JC Penney’s" I am not making this name up. At least he didn’t call her "Target" or—gasp—"Montgomery Ward’s".



The coy part of the shoot:


Getting coy nooooooow (Sing in ‘Rocky’ theme song)


And stretch-it-out-and-one—and-two [aerobics instructor voice]


Note serious curled paw action in background and rare visual on kitteh paw webbing. Nice work, Tanner M.



  1. adorable!

  2. Constance says:

    THE FEETS!!!

  3. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Oh, lord… The first coy picture–what a little scamp! ^_^

  4. OMG!!! I shall kiss each little toe pad.

  5. um, dude, or whomever is responsible for this website, this may not be legal. I cannot deny that those cat-tootsies are adorable, but, really, it is WAAAAAAAy too cute. And those kitty-bedroom eyes.
    That’s just too much.

  6. Those coy pictures are adorable.

    I’m so weak when it comes to cuteness. *melts*

  7. garyfixler says:

    That’s some high quality cat feet portraiture.

  8. “Yes I will posse for you darlink, but then you must posse for me, ok.”

    Clever little kitty!

  9. hrh.squeak says:

    OMG Toesies!!! Man, that’s some faboo photography. Jelly beans, anyone?

  10. OMGoodness!!! That looks like my kitty!!
    Well, you know I love you JCPenney’s! Awesome photo-esies!

  11. Positive Jube says:

    OMG – the closeupness of it all has made me lightheaded *shallow breaths*.

  12. Holy macro!

    I consider myself a dog person and I don’t care for department stores, but this JC Penney’s has won me over. Bravo.

  13. OMG, that face. I wanted to bite him right through my computer screen. In fact, he looks a lot like my cat, Macy, who my boyfriend’s niece named after her favorite department store. I guess the cat was lucky that her favorite store wasn’t Bloomingdale’s.

  14. BenPanced says:

    Yay, kitteh toesies! I most teekle thim!!

  15. Being a cat fan and a JCPenney employee, I like this one 🙂

  16. Jelly bean toes and a jelly bean nose.

  17. Terrific photography, far superior to that in any of the cat calendars out there today. Meg and Tanner will make beeeeelyuns! Of course JC Penney’s flooftastic modelling will be key.

  18. girlnextdoortn says:

    I love the kitty toe webs- my Finn lets me stick my finger between his toe pads and he just flexes those paws like a baby grasping a finger. Love it.

  19. I seriously wanna squeeze those paws so bad. I’m I the only one here who squeezes paws? That paws up position is perfect for the pinky/ring squeeze. That’s my favorite squeezing position. Luckily my cats have been squeezed so many times, literally since exiting the womb, that they really actually enjoy getting their paws squeezed. Most cats pull away. I squeeze ever paw.

  20. this reminds me of my white kitten called Oscar who has really cute pink paws(well he did until he went outside), ears and nose( i will post him on the website soon)

  21. pink beanies, pink jellybeans! [kees dem now]

  22. Is it just me, or does that cat have only 4 toes?

  23. Meg-cherie – Zee propair pronahnseeyasheeyawn of zees kitteh’s name ees, “Jacque Peenay”. Target? No, no, “Tar-Jayyy”. Montgomery Ward’s? “Au revoir”.

  24. O M G Those pics are absolutely priceless. ole JC seems to be posing for you. Absolutely Adorable.

  25. I’m struggling to type anything besides incoherent stupid baby talk.

  26. Victoria…..I too love to hold a paw. But Zarahina being 2 when i adopted her will not permit such an atocity. But; sometimes when she is sleeping, i sneak a light one in.

  27. chunkstyle says:

    Anyone here Dutch? The phrase “Pas op!” in Dutch means “Watch out!” So, everytime I see a posting of cute paws I think, “Pas op!” or Too much cuteness coming through!!!

  28. I love these!
    She is beautiful.

  29. Awwww, pretty kitty! And what beautiful photographs! Great work, Tanner M!!!

  30. bethiebunny says:

    my dog’s name is target! how rude….

  31. What a cutie cat. If I knew where she was, I would steal her because she looks very much like my Joni, with the bunny rabbit fur. I miss her sooo much.

  32. I absolutely LOVE that “Aren’t I just too cute for words???” look on her precious little face. Yes, JCP, you ARE too cute for words!

  33. Thanks you’s guys – lovely comments for a lovely little kiteh – for those interested, i took those w/ my fuji finepix v.10, no flash, w/ natural lighting (from window.) w/ macro on. You can see the rest of the photo shoot if you follow the link to my bloggy.

    Beware the cuddly belly!

  34. That is one sweet kitty!

  35. Oh… the coy little velvet paws. I just want to reach out and touch them! And that is definitely the pinkest nose I’ve ever seen!

  36. Another kitteh with multicolored toes..! (one black toe 1st and last pic)

  37. SKWEEEEETCH IT OUT!! the only thing missing in these pics is my face in that kitteh belleh. then they would be perfect. Can I get a charge account at this JC Penneys? to charge snorgles and feetsnibbles??

  38. OK, now you’ve gone too far. This is Kitty P@rn at its most taboo! 🙂

  39. Karen in Toronto says:

    Four toes: that’s the correct number on the back feet. The fifth toe would be a dew claw, halfway up to the “ankle,” like some dogs have — it’s a nasty vestigial item that often gets sore, because it’s only attached by skin, and the claw can get long. My four bits each have five toes front and four toes back. Fluffy (1987-2005) had, in total, 28, including dew claws on the back feets.
    Also, cats have no collar bones…

  40. Karen in Toronto says:

    Another piece of catrivia: cats’ and camels’ kidneys recycle their urine, which concentrates it wonderfully. That’s partly why cat pee smells so strong.

  41. Dat is one prosh kitteh! I wants!

  42. Thanks for the catrivia Karen! That explains a lot…

    This guy is truly adorable. Regarding the squeezing/tickling of toes, I have deliberately squeezed (very gently of course), tickled and otherwise played with my kitteh toes frequently.. so that when they need their claws trimmed, they don’t even blink an eyelash about having their feetsies held, claw extended for them, etc. My one remaining kitteh seems to enjoy having a manicure.. she had one just last night in fact.. after trying to use my knee as a scratching post and alerting me to the fact that yes, her claws were MUCH too sharp again… yowch.

    Much snorgling to the kitteh! And Happy New Year to all!

  43. Multicolored tosies!

    My marmie tabby is polydactyl, and instead of having a dew claw he has a full on 5th toe lined up with the rest of them. He even has a teeny extra Metacarpal pad (the croissant shaped pad). He runs a little awkward, but it’s totally prosh. It’s fortunate he’s not as bright as his sister, or else he’d realize he basically has functioning thumbs, and would get into lots more trouble.

    More catrivia: Ernest Hemingway loved polydactyl cats!

  44. I agree, this set of photos may need to be illegal. Teh Qte (TM) is at a dangerous level.

    I am really proud of being able to type this. I was only able to make squeaky noises for 5 minutes.


  45. that toe stretch in the last shot KILLS me. i need to stick my finger in between the toes right NOW.

  46. Gah!! I thought the first paw close up was all we were getting and then we’re SLAPPED in teh face with a magnificent “Kitteh Toes At Full Mast” shot.


  47. acelightning says:

    Ohhh… two-tone toesies! I love the way kitty paw-pads feel – so soft and smooth – but my Loki doesn’t like having his feet played with *at all*. But sometimes I do manage to very gently stroke one of his paw-pads, when he’s not paying attention…

  48. I wouldn’t be surprised if the kitten entered this world in a JC Penney box. We had a cat that had two kittens in a box from the old Washington DC store Julius Garfinkel and named them … yup, Julius and Garfinkel. And my sister’s kitten born in a shoebox was named Reebok.

  49. Way too adorable!!

  50. Jc Penney’s is an amazingly beautiful cat. I envy you Tanner.
    I entered into Tanner M’s blog, yet I couldn’t figure out how to post a comment there.
    These pictures make me feel so cozy that I could miaaaww..

  51. Stop it! Now! I am SO close to start licking the monitor!!!

    Pretty kitty…delicious toeses…I need to sniff…kiss a little….

  52. This looks just like my old girlie cat who passed away about 5 years ago, even unto the Alfalfa-parted grey fur markings on the face and the beautiful greeeeeeeeeen eyes.

    This is also yet another example of the rule of white tummies: If you have one, you must show it off at every opportunity.

    One of my current cats is a polydactyl with neat little opposable thumbs, which thank goodness he has not yet learned to use.