Crooning Chameleon Curmudgeons

[Piano playing in the background]

Big green lizard: "Boy, the way Glen Miller played… Songs that made the hit parade.Guys like us, we had it made.

Together: "Those were the days."

Little grey lizard: And you know who you were theeeeeen!"

Big green lizard: "girls were girls and men were men."

Together: "Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover agaaaain"

Big green lizard: "Didn’t need no welfare state. Everybody pulled his weight.Gee, our old LaSalle ran great."

Together: "Those weerrre the daaaaaaaaaaaaaaays."


Nice point out, Marisa B., and Sydney Morning Herald



  1. tiny!

  2. Hee hee! The big green guy is DEFINITELY singin’ I love how a creature usually seen as unattractive can be transformed to “cute” by a witty caption. Well done, Meg! (Special mention to Archie & Edith Bunker) 😉

  3. Oh golly! I hope he doesn’t sneeze and fling the little guy off into the distance!

  4. omg, cute little green nubblies and a study in greys! Can anybody explain this fascinating behaviour? Is the small ‘meleon the child of big greenie?

  5. Heyyy I didn’t *know* I could click my ‘back arrow’ so fast!
    Aaahhhhh! I’m gone, as in, gone.

  6. I shoulda clicked the link – indeed grey is one of greenie’s babies!

  7. What an unbelievably fantastic picture! It’s made even better by the captioning 😀

  8. Luciano Pavarotti, meet yer match.


  9. The aussie photostream from whence comes the ‘meleon also boasts the cutest, fuzziest baby koala ever:

  10. Green Guy reminds me of George Burns telling a joke, and that’s Gracie on top. George Burns & Gracie Allen CHRISTMAS #2 (you Tube)

  11. Your commentary is hilarious! It made my first day back at work after the New Year a little less painful. The picture is great, too.

  12. Try this

  13. I bet they’re off to the store to get some meal worms.

  14. not fuzzy
    pimply green
    multiple horns
    Vulcan peace salute claws

    AND *SO* CUTE!!!!! [falls down in lof]

  15. tee-hee. meg, did your new year’s resolutions include keeelling us even more with the qte captions? perfection!

  16. It’s Rule-Number-7-tastic!!

  17. Dawn Octopus says:

    I love them! Soooo adorable!

  18. Too funny…all the show’s catch phrases are flooding back. “Stifle yourself”…”Dingbat”…
    “Meathead”…*sigh* now I’m gonna have to check the TVLand listings.

    Awesome captioning.

  19. NebraskaErin says:

    How can something so crusty-looking look so cute?

    Oh yeah, Rule #7.

  20. Kudos, Meg, for getting all the lyrics right! What a marvelous shot that is–lizard feet like that fascinate me.

  21. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    loolee said: “Oh golly! I hope he doesn’t sneeze and fling the little guy off into the distance!”

    LOL! Hold on, li’l guy! ^_^

  22. LOL, Meg!
    Goils were goils and men were men! (Now I have an earworm.)
    I like the green dude’s button eye.

  23. Mitten hands!

  24. Awwwwrchie!

  25. Awwwrchie!!!

  26. OMG! Don’t they also look like Jim Henson muppets? I can just see them on a “Muppet Show” episode with the Swedish Chef.

  27. Meg = genius

  28. Oh my goodness, this goes BEYOND funny!

  29. emily somone says:

    eeee-w idont like lizards… but i still thin the little one is kinda cute…

  30. emily somone says:

    achk it looks like theres a marblee under its tongue!!!

  31. emily somone says:

    (the marble tongue is the big one)

  32. emily somone says:

    the thingy just said i was a robot…sorry getting off subject here…

  33. Uhm. Cute, yes.

    But why do I think that sticky ol’tongue is about to fly out and NAB that youngster?

    I don’t think chameleons are noted for their childcare…

  34. I think the funniest thing is the the singing! You’re hillarious! LOL

  35. “Way down upon the Swanee River, Far, far away.

  36. anonymous says:

    i love the poem! it makes the whole thing complete! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  37. Oh, this made my day – the pic and the caption!

    I was in a horrible mood but it put the biggest smile on my face.

    I especially like the part where bebe chameleon sings like Edith Bunker. Hee.

  38. Get in my belly! says:

    Get in my belly!

  39. eeeeeeee chameleon-face! 😀 Chams are so awesome. I love to see them doing their leaf-walking dance as they decide where they’re going to put their mitten-feet. 🙂

  40. Awesome!!!