Galileo gets a bath

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Nice submishe, Stella!

Stella says: "This is my kitten, hes about 7or 8 months old in this vid. He gets abath every week cause im allergic to cats. He doesnt mind cause hesbeen having them every week since he was a baby, he just yowls when itake him out cause he gets cold. poor kitten :-("

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  1. distractor says:

    my cat would never let me do that. EVER

  2. okay… how much kitty drugs were involved in the making of this video? My cat would have had a fit and shredded everyone and everything in sight at the first drop of water out of the hose.

  3. Awwww. My kitteh was watching and listening to pitiful Galileo! Poor guy. But at least he had some sunshine to dry off in.
    What a good boy.

  4. ka9q's wife says:

    what a good baby.

  5. Holy Hairballs Batman!!! That cat has got patience! My cat would have tore her to pieces ala Freddy Krueger!
    He’s so prosh! Snorgles from me!!

  6. wow! my two kitties would sooner drive a car than willingly allow me to bathe them like that! Impressive!

  7. What a sweet, patient kitty!

    Cats look so hilarious when they’re wet. Their bodies look so awkward without the floof!

  8. I wanna see him when he’s all dry and clean!

  9. Oh, there’s gonna be a catroversy over this one!

    He’s adorable 🙂

  10. Why was she soooo slow!
    It seemed like she was prolonging this bath-time torture.
    With my cat its bada-bing, bada-boom, wet, lather, rinse and release.
    Otherwise, my skin would be torn to shreds.

  11. ummm, isn’t this what a cat’s tongue and proclivity to lick himself are for??

    who bathes a cat?

  12. Since I think it’s rather nonsensical to wash a cat _with_ soap I did some googling around. Alas all I got were these silly attempts at humour.

    After more googling I even found this:

  13. I thought at first that the meows were saying, “For the loveamike, HELP ME!” But then I saw that the cat’s ears are quite relaxed, and I realized that he doesn’t seem to mind a good whirpool bath.

  14. There is just nothing funnier than a wet cat. This guy is soooo tolerant. My dearly departed Calvin liked to sit on the side of the tub while I bathed. Once he fell in – I have never seen a cat move so fast as he did getting right back out of the water. Great vid – loved the delicate little shake.

  15. What a sweet, patient, tolerant boy!

  16. This is just unnatural!! But very funny at the end when he didn’t want to get out of the sink.

  17. So adorable!

    For the nuffs: some cats require occasional bathing. Some cat owners require their cats be bathed regularly. There’s nothing cruel or unhealthy about bathing a cat when it’s done properly. If it’s stressful and not required, then don’t. If the cat enjoys or needs a bath, then fine. You have to start them very young and make it a comfortable, stress-free routine. My last cat loved swimming and bathing.

  18. Some people with allergies bathe their cats to get rid of the dander they produce.


  19. Even brilliant astronomers need a good tubby bath every once in a while…

  20. I vote “cute or sad” on this one.

  21. what type of cat is that? looks like a siamese, but what kind?

  22. As David Letterman once said, “That’s great, but it would be better with a monkey!”

  23. For the love of mike. I’d be left standing in a pool of my own blood if I tried that.

  24. acelightning says:

    We used to bathe my cat Loki – my son had been misdiagnosed, and we thought the cat dander was giving him asthma (actually, he didn’t have asthma at all). He *knew* when I picked him up to carry him into the bathroom – he’d yowl at the top of his voice, and grab for the edges of the door frames like a cartoon cat. And on at least two separate occasions, he quite deliberately yowled “NYOOOOOO!” (Hey, he knows what the word means, and it’s a sound he can make, and he’s a smart cat – why *shouldn’t* he try to tell us in our own language, “NO! No bath!”)

  25. I wish my kitten was that cooperative. I have battlewounds! Goodness!

  26. That nice white counter would be red, blood red, if I ever even tried something like that!

  27. My kitties don’t tolerate baths half as well. Methos sounds like you’re trying to kill him (he’s a Siamese), but tolerates drying very well. Winnie makes gurgling noises (she doesn’t meow well anymore), tolerates the bath ok, but hates being dried. I am the only one who can dry either one of them.

    Poor Galileo, though. You could tell he was only putting up with this out of pure love for his mistress. 🙂

  28. China's Mom says:

    OMG, I would take at least 5 people to try and bath my China – notice I did say TRY! 3 to hold her down, 1 to wash and 1 to hold the camera! LOL! Needless to say, this will not be happening. She is not as tolerant as Galileo!

  29. He is SUCH a good boy! Whenever I’ve had to bathe a cat (usually because they’ve picked up fleas after sneaking outside in the summertime) they did NOT go into the sink willingly. This little guy almost seemed to enjoy the warm water. Quite amazing actually. ^5’s to his Mum.

  30. Gosh, I wish my cats were that well behaved at bath-time. My 18-year-old calico still fights like the Tasmanian Devil at the first drop of water, and my 20-lb Maine Coon turns into a struggling mass of brawn and muscle that a defensive back would have trouble wrestling. Fortunately, I don’t have to bathe any of them often.

  31. one thing went through my mind “p*ssy whipped*.;>
    that is one absurdly docile cat.

  32. What a good kitty! Echoing so many similar posts: there’s no WAY on God’s green earth my cats would stay that still for a bath. I need both hands to hold them in the sink and an extra one to do the sudsing!

    And to add to the cat bathing supporters, if your cats are sensitized to the once-a-month flea treatments, or you just don’t want to use them, bathing can be a very helpful weapon against fleas.

  33. I agree- some cats do need to be bathed once in awhile. Sometimes they get into something stinky that won’t come off without human assistance or, in the case of my mom’s cat, she’s too pudgy to reach all of herself 😦 And there’s the allergy issues, too.

    This person must have been gotten this cat used to getting regular baths beginning when it was a kitten. There is NO way any of my cats would have put up with this. I’ve had t-shirts shredded and wounds that, if they were a little deeper, would have required stitches.

  34. Poor thing. What’s with all the bathing? It’s a cat after all…not some crud-encrusted two-year old.

  35. When I was young, we had a cat, Maggie, who hated baths but loved water. If we did not close the bathroom door she would be in the shower or tub with whomever was using it. We found out that if she needed soaped down, we could do it while we were bathing with no penalty. But if we put her in a tub without us in it she was all claws and teeth.

    She was one short haired orange tabby who liked water but only on her terms.

  36. Lolll Excellent!
    I swear I heard a Formula 1 everytime that cute cat guy meowwed. ^^

    What a nice cat really. ^_^

  37. Sometimes kitties need a bath. Especially if they sneak outside and get something on their fur that could make them sick if they cleaned it off themselves. But, I can’t believe this sweet little kitty! My cat would pulled out her ninja skills, and left me bleeding.

  38. my cat can lick himself and be done with it

  39. I would be dead if I tried that with my cat and, even if I survived, he would never come home again! I am in awe! either Galileo is just the most laid back moggy ever, or he has lost the will to live….

  40. Gallileo here is the Bobby McFerrin of all cats, “…don’t worry, be happy, dooo, do, do, do, do, do, doo-doo, doo-doo…”

  41. useta hada kitteh says:

    Because the vid wasn’t there when I first tried, I went to cutecast, where the cat’s owner has an explanation that because of her allergies, she has to bathe Galileo once a week. She’s been doing this since he was a kitten, so he’s used to it. She has lots more videos on her area of cutecast — click Meg’s link — there’s hedgies!

  42. First: Galileo is a very friendly qutie. Kisses for him!

    Second: I don’t really understand the horror stories about bathing the cat. I have done it many times and survived with no injuries.

    Well, they don’t like bathing, but they feel safe enough to let me handle them.

  43. Egads, I wish my girls were nice and well behaved like that! I had to bathe my Sachi cause she got bacitracin all over her and I still have battle scars two weeks later!

  44. I would like to know how to conjure the forcefield that keeps little Galileo in place. Such a pitiful Mrow and tipsy walk! Sweet, sweet kitty.

  45. He’s probably half-Siamese – the shape of the head is right, and he sure SOUNDS like one – and picked up the coloring from the other parent. My calico is half-Siamese and you can see it in her face, but that’s about it.

  46. Awwww what a sweet patient kitty!

  47. what a beautiful cat! sometimes cats need baths. especially if they’ve had an unfortunate encounter with a skunk or have gotten into a stinky/sticky situation they’re tongues can’t solve. i know this because i used to work at a vets office & it was my *job* to bathe cats. it was required to wear protective goggles, a thick heavy rubber apron, heavy rubber gloves that went all the way up to my shoulders and have a rope attached to the cats collar that tied to the tub. some cats were ok with it. some were not. even with all of that protection it was still a dangerous job.

  48. I’m also totally diggin’ that awesome sink!


  49. BlurpleBerry says:

    What a sweet little kitten! Galileo is so well behaved. Aw.

    I have read several articles stating that it’s good to wash your cat, that their soft becomes soft and they are cleaner, etc.

  50. What sort of drugs is that cat on? Why is that person not bleeding?

  51. When we moved up north, from the big city to the DEEP country, we had to start bathing our kitties due to the occassional fleas… and really really cakey-clay mud. Really hard clay is just not good for kitties to injest, so if they wandered away to the pit and came back, it was bath time.
    Linus would try and kill me, but Murkey would just look at me with these big soulful eyes, ‘I’m only doing this because you keep telling me it’s for my own good…’

    Also, bathing a cat is actually a good idea, because while cats have great tongues, just like a human, sometimes they just need a deep down scrubbing. Believe it or not, nuffs, but germs stick to cats just as easily as they do to human, and it’s just as bad for them to injest them as it is for us.

  52. ^Edit to above post, which was punctuated funny so people may not get what I meant…

    “Bathing a cat is a good idea. Cats have great tongues, but they need deep down scrubbings just like a human does.”

    😉 Heh, silly humans shouldn’t bathe themselves with tongues… at least not often 😉

  53. Awww! Poor wet baby!!!

  54. That’s a much better way to bathe kitties than magling them and squirting them with water while dangling them from one arm….

  55. My old cat used to love water. It wasnt abnormal to turn around in the shower and find him in it with me drenched to the bone. I think the best was when I filled the kitchen sink with water and went to go get some dishes in the dining room. Only to come back and find him neck deep sitting in the sink 😛

  56. I, too, bathed cats (at the animal hospital, where I worked, for 6 wonderful years, best job I tell you, doesn’t pay diddly but who cares when you’re happy and working for the 2 best vets and bringing home new pets is a job hazard) and I have nary a scratch nor scar to report. (wryly blowing fingernails)

  57. I think his Mroow means “too close to my ears!”

    and I wonder if that sink was specially designed for washing that cat? the depth of it and the sprayer seem just perfect.

    Perhaps he is a show cat. I’m sure he’s been getting this beauty treatment since he was a wee one, and I’m sure that bath water is nice and warm.

  58. Galileo is an incredibly cute name for a cat. I was once at the vet with my kitten, Vincent (as in Van Gogh), and there were people there with their pets Beethoven and Napoleon. It was such an honor to be in the same room as a great Artist, Composer, and French Emperor all at the same time!

  59. Wait, she bathed and filmed him at the same time? Never would happen in this household!

  60. Wow, she’s not even holding him? In this house, we have to wrestle the cat to bath him!!

  61. I think Galileo ROCKS.

    I wish to keeesh his wittle wet nose.

  62. If you do give kittens regular baths when they are still very young, they learn to tolerate it. We had a litter of kittens who all got ringworm, and ALL had to have weekly medicated baths. Now, as adults, they only verbally complain when you clean them. Galileo seems to be the same way. Whines, but does not struggle!

  63. Question?!? I don’t understand why a cat would need a bath. I know I’m reading too much into this adorable clip BUT….why would a cat need a bath????

  64. If you’d bothered reading any of the comments, samsuma, you’d know that it could be a whole host of reasons (illness, fleas, skin condition, general dirtiness that the cat could not get rid of himself), but in this case, his owner is allergic and needs to bathe him often for that fact (and has been doing so ever since he was a kitten).

  65. okay okay dont jump on me for my last post!! ringworm, dander etc….I get it…Very cute cat anyway!!

  66. I’d tried to beat you to it Koneko, but you type too fast LOL!!!

  67. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    I know it’s been said many times already but, “DANG Yo!”

    Even my most laid back cat would go into Ginsue-Claws-Of-Death-Mode. I mean, I could and have bathed ’em both but not without bleeding. 😉 Cudos on the training.

  68. This is cruelty to cats. Even if the cat doesn’t mind the bath (and it doesn’t look like a happy cat to me), a cat should not be bathed this much. It’s terribly bad for their skin, which cannot take all the chemicals.

    If you’re allergic to cats, maybe you should be less selfish and pick another type of pet.

  69. PetrolBear says:

    I have to agree with the previous post. What kind of an idiot takes a pet that he/she is allergic to? Sorry to be insensitive etc. but for christ sake THINK ABOUT YOUR CAT…

  70. Your Vet and PetrolBear, think of all the cats who are killed each year because there aren’t enough people willing to adopt them. Cats don’t love being bathed regularly, but at least this kitty has a loving home. Also, it’s ridiculous to say that bathing a cat is cruel given all the truly cruel acts that people commit against animals (beating, starving, failing to give them medical care, etc.).

  71. Try some allergy drugs…bathing a cat that much is not good for him. Cats can clean themselves with their tongues for a reason. Poor kitty 😦

  72. BlurpleBerry says:

    As I said earlier, bathing a cat can actually be beneficial. It makes the cat cleaner, makes their fur softer, and reduces the amount of hairballs and shedding.

  73. My Cujo needs the occasional bath now and again. She’s quite….big and has really dry skin. So to handle her dander problem and make sure that all the bits she can’t reach are nice and clean, I have to recruit at least one other person to hold her while I wash her once in a while. She’s pretty good thankfully.

  74. I might also point out to the Nuffs who are thinking that it’s bad for the skin, I obtain a special cat shampoo for dry skinned kittehs FROM THE VET. Yes, that man that I pay to give my kittehs their yearly physical, and other medical care. The person who went to SCHOOL and LEARNED to care for animals.

    If the VET is giving me that advice, I’ll take it over people who think it’s ‘cruel’ because ‘cat’s have a tongue for a reason’.

  75. okaasan59 says:

    Galileo looks like the poster cat for ‘Resignation.’

    Oh, and nice sink.

  76. reminds me of when i give my cat a bath. he will stay in the sink and make the most pitifull sounds. but the kicker is when i make him take a shower instead, then the howling starts, but he is a good boy and i have been giving him showers for years.

  77. Fillmore Charas Love says:

    All I see is a little red “X” in the upper left corner, and it isn’t cute at all :_(

  78. I have a cat who sleeps in the drippy sink.

    Not all cats hate water.

    Galileo looks like his bath might be the most annoying part of his week, but he didn’t look the slightest bit distressed. He’s a very well-behaved kitty.

    My cats get regular baths for the same reason, and it doesn’t put them out any. It’s just part of their routine.

  79. Heidi:

    The saliva that dries on their fur when they bathe themselves is exactly the source of the allergen. Dander is dried saliva.

    Bathing them reduces the dander on the fur and the allergic response to the owner.

    There are gentle, non-irritating, natural conditioning shampoos that have colloidal oatmeal among other natural ingredients that do not irritate kitty’s skin, even with frequent bathing.

    One of my cats has allergies that result in a skin rash with scaling and alopecia. His soothing banana walnut oatmeal bath actually helps his skin heal and the inflammation to clear up.

  80. I wonder – if you are allergic to something why would you keep it in the house? I have no problem with bathing the cat – if it’s dirty or smelly or has a skin problem or something like that. But just because the owner has allergies? Seems a little selfish to me.

    And yes, I do have animal allergies and no I don’t have any pets. I love all animals but am cursed with allergies so severe I can’t have any.

  81. What’s more selfish….having allergies and being willing to care for the cat and yourself so that you can live happily together or ?

    You should also realize that while you might have very severe allergies, others have milder allergies. As an example, my aunt and I are allergic to ragweed. My aunt breaks out into nasty hives, I simply get a touch of hayfever.

  82. That cat has a wonderful owner, may the two of you live together a long time.

  83. I wonder if the anti-bathers think brushing a cat is “abuse” too? How about clipping it’s nails?

    In hippie-dippy Anitra Frazier’s book, The New Natural Cat, she provides detailed instructions on when and how to bathe a cat in a way that is safest and most comfortable for the cat.

  84. “Cat maintenance” the way I know it is really a lot different. Clip the cat’s nails? What’s the sratching post for then? (and my carpets…sigh)
    And I’ve never bathed my cat, not in 13 years. Now that she’s an old lady an occasional damp washcloth is tolerated, everything else would kill me, probably.

  85. Cats scratch on scratching posts (and carpets, and sofas) to shed the old, split layer of their claw called the sheath. You may sometimes also see your cat chewing his nails to get rid of this.

    Clipping a cat’s nails is a great alternative to declawing, rehoming, and even nail caps, which can be a hassle to remove.

    And finally, I’ve seen enough homeless kitties put to sleep, and many of them brought in because their owners developed allergies, that I think the sender-inner totally rawks for finding a way to live with her kitty that works for her and him.

  86. Aww what a tame little kitty…. *gives massage to kitty*

    Speaking of coping, it reminds me of my friend who got a hamster and it was keeping her up at night with the wheel. Then she told me she found a solution. I was fearing that she took it away (hammies need that wheel at night!) and asked her what was her solution.
    her: I bought ear plugs!

  87. I have three cats, and I’m allergic to them. But to just abandon them to a shelter because I get asthmatic if I breathe too much of their dander? I’d sooner throw my own self into the pound. Some people value their pet’s companionship and personality, above and beyond any health-related inconveniences the pet may cause.

    Would you toss your kid out if he caught frequent colds and made you sick a lot? Would you dump your faithful spouse if it turned out he transmitted the mononeucleosis virus to you (like my husband did)? Only a heartless bastard would do something like that. So you adapt. You overcome. And above all, you continue to show your love, regardless of the health issues.

    There’s a word for that kind of thing. It’s called “selflessness”. Thank goodness that, right as I start wondering if the term has grown obsolete, I’m reminded that no, it’s still a very common word.


  88. Hehe I love this girl for keeping her bebbeh despite her allergies. My high school buddy’s mother is also deathly allergic to cats, so her solution? She went out and bought a Devon Rex! (They can’t really groom themselves anyway so there’s very little dander, but watching them try is hilarious)

    I wish my cats were like hers……if I tried to bathe either one of my ‘children’, I’d lose a hand. Possibly a leg. Or both.

  89. Oooooo!!! A Devon Rex! They are adorably cute.

  90. I know! They’re total hams. ^-^ They’re like a one-ton truckload of Personality stuffed into a 7-pound frame.

  91. One year they had a cat show at the Toronto Exhibition. My friends had to drag me away from the Devon Rex kittens. I swear, I was nose up to the cage cooing at those little darlings. Velvet kittehs they are.

  92. What is that woman’s problem? Why didn’t she dry him off right away if she knew he hates getting a chill???

  93. KONEKO Is it your usual way to be so NASTY to someone who is just asking a question. Your sarcastic response to Samsuma was really uncalled for. I read comments here all the time. To bother someone who is only nice and a fairly steady commentator here on CO is not nice and uncalled for.

  94. I just wanted to say…that cat has an absolutely gorgeous face. I would love to see Galileo fully dry and preened. I bet he is a beauty!

  95. That is amazing! I guess that’s the way to do it, eh, start ’em young? I’ve never been able to give a cat a bath without bloodshed (mine).

  96. That is one gorgeous and patient kitty, and here’s video proof that bathing cats isn’t always “torture.”

  97. No no no… Why bath cat? And once a week!!! No! I think that it doesnt do good to fur and skin. Why you took cat if you are allergic?

  98. I have had my kitty since she was four days old and I hand raised her. She has had a weekly bath since she was three weeks old and now she is almost eight months old. I always warm up her towels first. I am allergic to cats but not to her as long as she is bathed. She actually just sits in the sink and takes it. I think she likes the warm towels and snuggles afterward. Where i live it is very hard to find homes for animals.

  99. I am fostering three cats that need homes and I would love to find someone with allergies who is willing to take them in. Weekly baths are better than being killed in a shelter. (I can’t adopt the kitties myself because I already have two).

  100. Well put Li. Where I live we don’t even have a shelter. To others, I also take allergy medicine to help control my allergies. My kitty, Alien, has the smoothest and shinest coat and per my vet is a miracle. Even he recommended bathing her if it means i can keep her around.

  101. My aunt is allergic and has cats anyway, but I don’t know if she bathes them. She has had to have a lot of shots to treat her allergies, though. And my brother is mildly allergic but accepts that when he and his GF move in together he will have to live with cats, because she wouldn’t be happy without them. 🙂

    This cat isn’t being tortured, he’s just whining the same way a dog whines if you’re eating a cookie and won’t share it with him. If people think this level of discomfort is worth getting upset at a stranger about, they must have some really spoiled pets!