Cruisin’ New Years Party Hopper

Wooooooooooooooooooooo! Parteh! Let’s go to the next one! woooooooooo!!!


Yow! Parteh! Rally! Let’s go to Tipsy Pookins place, he’s got beerrrrrzzzzzzzzz!


Have fun tonight, Peeps! You too, Kelly B.



  1. I must be the only one home tonite ! Kittehs in pockets. Love ’em ! I wish I was going to their parties.

    Happy New Year everyone and big hugs to Meg for bringing me many smiles !

  2. Nope, not the only one home. With the cold I’ve had, I’m gonna look like the 2nd picture by 11:30 without the beeerrzzz.

  3. Same here, I’m staying at home to celebrate with fam and friends.

    Happy cute new year!

  4. Pocket kitty! Nice send off for 06!

  5. I’m in ur pocket, cruuuzin’ ur parties!

  6. I was just at the doc yesterday, and they did not have kitties. Dang. And open enrollment isn’t until November…

  7. Woods Walker says:

    Everybody have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.-Woods Walker

  8. I am TEWTELLY following this qte fuzzy dewd to his par-tays.

    Actually, I’m staying home with Mr. LT, HRT, and TK. Two of us will be drinking champagne.

    Happy New Year to all!

  9. Happy New Year everyone!!!
    In Germany the new year is now 2 hours old ^^

  10. elizabells says:

    Is that a people hospital??? I’d have such better days if I could carry around kittehs in my scrub pockets! Alas and alack, we cannot even have real flowers. Something about the critically ill babies actually needing to breathe or whatever.

  11. Elizabeth B. says:

    At home with the fuzziest cutest dog in the world, watching battlestar galactica and looking at cute kitten pictures. There are worse ways to spend New Years Eve.

  12. BenPanced says:

    Aww!! Love the little grey smudges on kitteh’s face!

  13. Happy Mew Year!!!
    I am staying home, getting over a nasty cold, whilst Mr. Lauri is coming down with a nasty cold! Share and share alike!
    It’s raining, blowing, thundering, lightning. Great night to stay home and sip champagne in front of the fire!
    Slainte’ y’alls, I daresay, eh?

  14. That kitten knows a good thing when he sees one.

    Happy New Year from me, the hubby, and the four kittehs. Here on the West Coast, no one is at the parties yet… we’ll have a small one, just enough for all of the kittehs to get Attention Overload.

    And here’s a martini hoisted to all of you!!

  15. I’m home tonight, too…along with Hubby, Daughter, future Son-in-law, and our Granddaughter, who’s already three weeks old!! LOL I wanna go to a party, tho. . . I remember New Year’s Eve parties…….. *sigh* LOL!

  16. Hehe!!! I’m THROWING a New Year’s party if anyone wants to join me!! Goodness knows I have enough food…

  17. And a Happy Mew Year from Roberta and Zarafina too. Just waiting for my grandaughter to get here so my son can go out to the Scottsdale Block Party. Zar is on the recliner cuddled up awayfrom the window where she heard some popping noises. She would probably prefer my pocket right now. May 2007 be a Happy Healthy one for each and everyone.

  18. Happy New Year from the Tulsa Crew… fizzy grape juice and warm bread pudding for all!! From Delaney, Delilah, Ratsy, Bucky, Lucky and MamaDawn.

  19. I’m in ur hospital, sezzin ur nurses!

  20. Ooooh! A kitty nursey pocket pet! Such a gr8 idea!!! Pets in hospitals would be sooooo gooood!!!

  21. Happy New Year from llism, Maggie, Tank, Pickle, and Monkey. Also, a toast to Meg, the most OMGZ tewtelly awesomest purveyor of The Qte evar!!

    I vote that in the New Year, we institute a “Nuff Tax” so Meg can benefit from all the naysayer’s naysayings :-).

  22. nightbird says:

    At home with the critters (three birds, two cats). Happy New Years to you and yours on this new beginning.

  23. michellemybelle says:

    kiki and I are having a low-key NYE, but 16-year-old that lives upstairs is having friends over…thank god I have some bubbly! If I start now, I’ll be long asleep by midnight.

    Happy New Year, Peeps!

  24. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    blf said:
    “I’m in ur pocket, cruuuzin’ ur parties!”


  25. Honk-shu Nyerhe Yeem!
    Best I could come up with from the CO Glossary for Happy New Year.
    What what I daresay, three cheers for a new year full of squee, first posts, snorgles, nose beeps, PUNS, muzzlepuffs, poems, yeems, captions, earworms, Peeps and Meg!

  26. Happy Mew-year to you, from MC2, Tipper, & Pooh!

    Home on New Year’s Eve like me? Check out the photobooth my son set up for his friend’s bar/gallery here in Seattle! Live silly people all night long!

  27. Just me and the kitties here, too. We’re having Lobster Club Sandwiches and bubbly. Bubba, Gordita and Ralph all wish you a great New Year!

  28. FYI…this is the link that posts the photos shortly after they’re snapped. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  29. AuntieMame says:

    The top picture is me at the beginning of the evening. The second picture is me at 11:55 p.m.

    And I don’t even drink.


    I just spent two stupid hours putting together a stupid shelf/drawer kit thing. I couldn’t figure out their *&%$# diagrams.

    I’m reasonably intelligent. I think I could figure out written instructions, even if they were translated through three languages by someone who doesn’t speak any of them.

  30. From warm yet soggy P.R. Feliz Año Nuevo!!!!

    (Happy New Year)

    Of course, the fireworks won´t stop until 3 or so in the morning….

  31. I always spend New Year’s alone; for me, it’s a time a reflection and closure.

    Anyway, from me and my feline friends (see my flickr page), Happy New Year to all my fellow Cutesters out there! *clink*

  32. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’m spending a quiet New Year’s Eve, too — nice and peaceful way to end one year and begin the next. Looking at pics of kittehs is good, too.

    Happy New Year, peeps! May 2007 be full of Teh Qte ™, and full of Teh Peace’n’Luv!

  33. acelightning says:

    If I weren’t already drunk, I’d fall over at the sight of a kitten in someone’s pocket like that! My big ole cat won’t even fit in my tote bag, let alone my pocket. But he says “Mmmmrrew,” which is Feline for “Happy New Year, and stop setting off those damn fireworks!”. Now I think I’ll go have another caramel-rum pudding…

    Happy Cute Year, y’all!

  34. Acelightning, you spell and write entirely too well for someone who is “entirely too drunk”.

    Our kittehs are quite content with New Year’s Eve, especially since one of them made off with a slice of ham from the buffet. Bad kitty.

  35. Happy New Year! I am doing nothing except sitting at home and eating tapioca pudding. Actually I’ve been cleaning my house today – it’s a Japanese thing I guess. And I gave special food to my cats and fish today.

    BenPanced – actually I believe those are white smudges on the kitten’s face. If it weren’t for those he’d be a siameser. It’s my understanding that’s what happens when you throw a calico gene at a siamese cat – you get a siamese with random white smudges.

  36. acelightning says:

    Kim H., it’s almost impossible for me to *not* spell and write things correctly – I seem to have a factory-installed spelling checker in my head. But if I have another shot or two of Jeremiah Weed bourbon, and/or another helping of rum caramel pudding, I’ll most likely find myself starting to make typos faster than I can auto-correct them.

    So I think I’ll have another shot *and* another little bit of pudding, and go snorgle my cat…

  37. Mo’ pocket pets! Yay!!!

  38. pocketful o’ fuzz!


  39. Happy New Year everyone,

    I assume pic is going to party and pic2 is the aftermath. By the way do cats have hair of the dog?


  40. …did I miss anything? I slept through it, my kittehs didn’t wake me, and the world is still there today. It’s going to be 72 and showery today in sunny Florida – I think I’ll go plant some early peas and pansies. Peace and plenty to all. I have Chocolate Velvet coffee, a whole pot full, if anybody needs it – come on over.

  41. And a happy new year from Opalina (fat cat), Kitty, and Stinkerbelle!

  42. Jesserakitty – Oohhh. Lovely. I’ll bring Kahlua. Let’s plant plenty of peace and pansies.

  43. Okay, pyrit, you’re on. As we always say, just give peas a chance….

  44. It’s 10 hours and 40 minutes into 2007, about 60 degrees and sunny outside…and I have a sinus infection.

    Ah well…at least the kitty looks cute! 🙂


  45. Awww, poor D2D! I can provide a pitcher of fresh-squeezed orange juice and a chaise in the sun. We’ll just bake that infection out of you.

  46. It’s mild and sunny in Toronto for New Year’s Day and I’ll go for a walk with first priority being feeding the boxcar kitties.

  47. michellemybelle says:

    Good morning all! I went to bed around 2 but got up around 6:30 and haven’t really been asleep since…at least it’s not a hangover.

    Hope everyone had an (insert your preferred adjective here) NYE and that today is the beginning of a great year.

  48. “Let there be peas on Earth and let it begin with meee”!

  49. I give kittens and puppehs rides in my scrubs all the time. one of the many advantages of working at an animal hospital. i won’t go into the many disadvantages. (asshole owners, ANAL GLANDS…umm yeah)

  50. happy jew year!

  51. that’s cool music chick

  52. Kaluha and chocolate coffee…..hows about i bring a bottle of Starbucks caramel syrup to add to that. dang it all; gotta start my goin on a cruise in may diet… alcohol for me.

  53. Aww thanks, Jesserakitty! I feel better already! ^___^


  54. Happy noooooo yeeeeeer everyone! It’s raw, icy and slushy here in Vermont. Icky, but perfect for nappin’ wit da kitties.

  55. Happy New Year to Meg and all of the Cute lovers. Just got back to CA from NH. Here’s to more cute in 2007!! [clinks glasses with all].

  56. jinxy, is it brighter in ca?

  57. Roberta – that sounds NUM!!! And thanks…. didja check it out? My son & his gf finally made an appearance around 2:46 – 2:49am. Here’s the link to the page they’re on. They’re the girl in the black top hat and my son is the guy with the shaved head next to her. Looks like they had quite a time! But THEY didn’t have kittens in pockets at their party…. sad, huh? 😉

  58. Happy New Year! Went to a friend’s house party last night, and have been puttering around today tidying up the holidays mess. Of course, Cujo and The Dude keep tempting me to take a wee nappy with them before I change the bedding. All warm and sneepy and purry and furry, stretching their little toes and looking at me all sneepy eyed.

  59. ***************
    Music…..Nice lookin kids…..oh to be young again…..L O L
    Isn’t it nice we had all kind of animals at our party.

  60. Finally! It took me years to find out what these pockets are good for.

  61. First Pic:”Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet….”

    Second Pic:”Are we zzzzzzz!!!!”

  62. hrh.squeak says:

    Happy New Year to all from my dear Paul “the nubbie”, my kittehs Boober, Max, and Susie; and my ratties Bert and Nugget, who got a large new cage for an Xmas present, which we finally got set up today. Here’s to Meg (hoists a bubbly) and her fantastic work as Queen of the Qute, and all my wonderful Peeps.

  63. NebraskaErin says:

    Happy New Year, everyones! More kittehs in pockets in 2007!!

    Riley still likes pockets. He weighs twelve pounds. Good thing I have a quilt with a good-sized built in pocket.

  64. does this mean that this pic will be filed under “pocket pets” now? where does one draw the line?

  65. KnowTheFEAR says:

    lol. pockets. the only way to travel

  66. Good idea, Gisbert.

  67. LindsayBear says:

    I think I have a cute-hangover

  68. Fuvenusrs says:

    Best use of the scrub top pockets EVER!!!