Meanwhile, over in the English garden

"I DARESAY!" [English accent] "You can hahdly get good service these days. I order a Pellagrino HOURS AGO and end up having to DRINK out of this common garden fountain. I’m so annoyed that even my cataloons are bunched up. LOOK at THEM!"

[Puts ears back]

"Dreadful! simply dreadful!"


Horrid, Erick R. Just horrid.



  1. cataLOOOONS!!!
    I’m going to say that all day.

  2. and….FOIST!!!

  3. Nice toes!

  4. (In poshest voice)
    Miss Crisp
    May I respectfully refer you to
    I submit that this the better exemplar of Cataloon
    Your obediant servant

  5. Dewi — don’t bother with the “trackback” links… did you mean one of these?

  6. ka9q's wife says:

    the trackback is not working for me. hmmmm. Anyway Cute picture. Lord Pantaloons in a bunch must have been hoping for some fishies to flavor the water.

    because is he is like my cats the best water is the water that is not supposed to be tasted: vase water;toilet water;the water in the fish bowl; the half drunk water in a cup on the bathroom counter. I could go on ad nauseum.

  7. Beautiful photo! I would love to be there in that lovely English garden with the pretty kitty. And I will happily skootch up his cataloons should they go awry. I wonder if there are gold-fishies in the fountain on which he might dine. Hor’s d’oeuvres! 😉

  8. ka9q’s wife – looks like we were both typing about fishies at the same time. GMTA!

  9. Sometimes we call out cat ‘Trousers’ because of her cataloons.

  10. I love how the photo is backlit and slightly out of focus. It’s a dream sequence! (Sir Cataloons is lucky he remembered to put his on. I’m usually pantaloon-less in my dreams…)

  11. Just think what the cataloons look like when the moggy is full of water AND stops lifting his “arms”. I bet they droop down around his toes. I can just picture him striding off, stopping now and again to hitch them up, burping from the bubbles in the fountain…. anybody got a set of cat suspenders?

  12. Too Prosh!

  13. LOL, AuntieMame! There’s just something about the pose that fires the imagination, you’re right.

  14. Pretty kitty. Pretty garden.

    *contented sigh*

  15. Oh look, there’s a moggy on the telly!

  16. just to cute. cataloons could be my new favorite word!

  17. Here is Sir Cat’loon,
    lapping up a drink,
    in an English Country Ga ar

    His coat is but-ter,
    his flowers ‘pretty pink
    in an English Country Ga ar den!

    Happy New Years, peeps!

  18. Kirakira Tenshi says:

    …Holy Whoa, that cat has LEG MUSCLES. What the heck, god gad…I mean, those aren’t even cataloons anymore– they’re saddlebags! O.o WHOA. Strong kitty. all that muscle from stretching and standing up all the time to get at that water???

  19. Lord Cataloon is a BIG fella. And his posture is quite good – just like a proper gentleman.

  20. I <3 Lord Cataloon. He's obvy the ruler of this garden, and maybe the whole block. What a big handsome strong boy!

    Hmm… he might be a dream sequence, he might be a flashback… “Oh, I doth remember those lovely English summers, when Lord Cataloon wouldst sip from the fountain.”

  21. I think he’s actually come from a polo match. He’s clearly wearing jodpurrrs.

  22. I wanna be there!

  23. That kitty is enormous!

  24. chelonianmobile says:

    The fuzzy lighting here makes this look kinda like an illustration from one of those old-fashioned childrens’ books – I’m thinking “Alice In Wonderland”. Anyone else see the resemblance?

    Pretty kitty!

  25. Ah, if it isn’t prim-and-propah Sir Grumpypants!!!

    Love the lighting.

  26. Awwww! A gorgeous kitty. Wish he would share his mansion with me. 🙂

  27. This pic reminds me of my son’s 3-D Viewmaster reels. You know, the round ones you pop in and look through the lenses? Something about the quality of the image makes it look a bit more dimensional than a standard pic.

    Either way, the cat looks ever-so-disapproving! *LOL!*


  28. girlnextdoortn says:

    I call my very fuzzy orange marmie “Los Pantalones” because he looks like he’s wearing a huge pair of fuzzy pants when he walks away.

  29. chelonianmobile – It’s Puss n Boots meets the Cheshire Cat meets the Wind in the Willows. Mrs. Nesbitt and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle are just out of photo range. Peter Cottontail and The White Rabbit already hastened past. All we need is Tinkerbell and Puff the Magic Dragon.

  30. I just saw that one of the previous posters goes by “chelonianmobile”–BWAAHAH!! Shall I break out some C.M.O.T. Dibbler’s Genuine Authentic Soggy Mountain Dew in celebration of another Pratchett fan…? 😉


  31. ScorpioSpirit says:

    I honestly never knew the Americans liked sherlock holmes so much. Because seriously, we English have moved on since victorian times!! I have yet to meet anyone who talks like that!! (mind you, it’s worth it just to imagine the kitty in a top hat)

  32. His cataloons are absolutely wonderful. 😉

  33. what’s with the misuse of the word ‘daresay’ all the time?

  34. It’s because daresay widespread misconception amongst non-English speakers of English about how to sound all proper and English. What what.

  35. What I want are about a dozen more pictures of this charming fellow, all similarly misty and expressive so I can make a narrative from them.
    (I daresay it could be amusing.)

  36. Volpe, misusing “daresay” is sadly common in America. We don’t do well at “what-what” either, but I seldom feel the need for either. The last person I heard use “daresay” was my Victorian-era grandmother. What we DO need in the 21st century is a generic, multipurpose verbal tic like the Canadians'”eh?”

  37. Teho both types and thinks faster than I do!

  38. Pard’ner, I daresay that “daresay” is about as obsolete as “pard’ner” is in Texas. *grin*

    “Howdy” is still acceptable, though… 😉