Kitten Pants!

"Tamsyn? Taaaaaaaaamsyn! Here kitty kitty kitty!"

(sound of shaking treats box)



Sender-inner Purple J. says "Tamsyn" kitteh is a non-stop photo op. Uh, Jaaaaaaaaays. [Nodding]



  1. My God, man, doesn’t that TICKLE?!

  2. Piggalette says:


  3. well does that tickle ….well yes…but it was meant to be so much more personal…that is what bother me…all the people watching…it bothers me…makes me feel sad…why …well because i feel god is something sooooo personal

  4. jenni joon says:

    Hmm… (nods head).. Yes. Uh-huh. So we have Cats-n-racks, yes (light bulb fading in and out over head) so then *now* we have “Cats-n-pants”???! I’m a genius! I know. I know… my mom always said so but I thought she was just pulling my leg. (hahaha)

    Cute kitteh!

  5. I am scared…i am scared i will never miu intimacy again…

  6. What I wanna know is did kitteh put himself there or did Daddy “help” him? Cute kitteh though.

  7. Kittehs always know where to find The Warmth.

  8. Well the only thing i can say for myself is that i was pushed in the labyrithn cause….i cant even remember when i got in….oh common lets stop it…please;)

  9. you guys r silly says:

    Is that a kitten in your pants or are u happy to see me?

  10. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Is that a kitten in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

  11. you guys r silly says:

    Fish Eye! Look what u & me did!

  12. Seems to me the kitten is in an everlasting search for dangling pieces of string and warmth, it’s rather enraptured with that loose thread in his pants leg.

  13. Ok…once you guys are out of that pants where are yoyu going…what are you doing…

  14. wow, from “cats in racks” to “puss in crotch?”

    oh my.

  15. tickcling your feet with unhappenine fur and wondering in your hair like a real mouse…it’s great…but…why…that question is still unanswered…and ihate it

  16. I’ve been told that is a very warm spot to snuggle in. LOL

    Thank goodness the kitten is there. Otherwise we would be lookin’ at the pic on another kind of site.

    There was a Seinfeld episode about a guy in shorts who put his leg up on the arm of a chair to tie his shoe laces. Get the picture?

    Pussy pants. LOL


  18. I’ve been told that is a very warm spot to snuggle in. LOL

    Thank goodness the kitten is there. Otherwise we would be lookin’ at the pic on another kind of site.

    There was a Seinfeld episode about a guy in shorts who put his leg up on the arm of a chair to tie his shoe laces. Get the picture?

    Pussy pants. LOL

  19. THAT IS SICK, OK. Just SICK. Look how young that leg looks. This kid is obviously underage. I am appalled at this FILTH.

  20. oh please i beg you…please be kind!

  21. lol just kidding guys.

  22. NAH; not gonna go there…..oh hell; nice pussy CAT you got there

  23. Hey Fish Eyes R Silly get your minds outta the gutter…..L O L

  24. Jen…..You are joking…..right?

  25. Sorry Jen…..i saw your reply

  26. She is just kidding. Even I could tell. LOL

    I bow to the power of the warmth.

    Kudos for a Pic that is done in such a NICE clean way. Thank goodness.

  27. Elizabeth B says:

    If my dog could see that picture she’d go insane. Her favorite thing is to stick her nose up your pants leg (or in your sleeve) and if she found a KITTEN in there? Oh rapturous day! Calloo, callay!

  28. Adorable cat! Cats are my favorite animal.

    Not so adorable leg. Although I’m sure the owner of the leg is probably nice, if he lets kittens up his pants! <3

  29. Elizabeth B. Maybe that is what your dog has been looking for up those sleeves and pant legs all along. LOL

  30. “Well, it’s furry enough to be ‘mom’…”

  31. tis’ creepy but the more you look at it, the more you feel like laughing :S
    btw its funny that the kitten didnt git squished


  33. Kitty looks scared, like something spooked him and he ran to the nearest hiding place.

    Poor kitty!

  34. *an inapproprate comment about pussy*

  35. I think my lungs just collapsed.

  36. Took me a moment to get all of the visual elements in this pic to fall into place. I originally took the title to be just one of Meg’s “Monsieur Kitten-Pants” jokes, and I kept wondering what was the funny-looking big white object that this cute kitteh was snuggled up to?? OH! A leg!

  37. See, now I think the kitteh has that look on his face because of what he saw UP the pant leg, not because he was scared INTO the pants.

  38. Kittens DO this. For real. it’s insane; it’s a habit you have to coax them OUT of. Gaah!

    (Oh, and don’t encourage them to attack shoelaces either.)

  39. “I knew nobody could ever be THAT happy to see me.”

  40. I’m liking this WAY better than cats in racks! Maybe because I’m intrigued more by the contents of men’s pants than that of women’s bras. Is it wrong that I want to reach in and pet the kitty?

  41. PuppyMomma:

    In that case, I guess that what kitteh is really thinking is:



    And no, I’m not one to pet the pootie in men’s pants. Where is that girl with the rack, hedgie and the mouthwatering snowcone? (We call them piraguas!)

  42. That looks almost, but not quite, like the miracle of life video we had to watch in health class.


  44. Just be happy Kitty’s on the OUTER side of the pants leg, and not, oh, say, lurking somewhere around the inner thigh, waiting to pounce…



  45. The leg… O GOD, THE LEG!!!! o.0

  46. acelightning says:

    As others have pointed out, we *finally* have an equal-opportunity answer to “Cats’n’Racks”! (Although personally I don’t find hairy legs all that attractive.)

    (btw, I’m a woman, even if all my friends do call me Ace.)

  47. TwoDragons, look at the pic more carefully– see where the fly front is? That kitty is, indeed, spelunking the inner thigh.

    Faye, I think that was “Friends,” not “Seinfeld,” Phoebe’s boyfriend who wore baggy shorts with no underwears and gave everyone at the coffee house an eyeful…

  48. Cats in, uh, sacks?

    (I can’t believe I’m the first person to say it.)

  49. I’m in your shorts stealing your balls!

  50. epaigesmith says:

    (inappropriate comment referencing Britney Spears)

  51. ka9q's wife says:

    i’m up for more photos, i mean of the kitteh. You’ve seen one leg you’ve seen them all and if i wanted to look at hairy legs i would look at the hub’s or stop waxing mine.

  52. The first thing I saw here was the hairy leg! Blokes hairy legs are NEVER cute!

    Kitten is gorgeous though!

  53. Such a cute kitteh!
    I’d be a little concerned about the fact that kitteh is close to an area that *really* doesn’t like claws.

    One good pushoff with the back feets and someone’s singing soprano. ;p

  54. Amanda – “Miracle of Life” film?????? Hahahaha!

  55. It just amazes me. All that hair on the kitty looks so qute and tempting.

    So why does the hairy human leg look so revolting?

  56. Ohhhhhh…do NOT, for ANY reason, get this kitteh into a content, biscuit-makin’ mood….yeowches!

  57. I believe the “mouse in the house” problem was referenced in BOTH Friends and Seinfeld.

    Although in this case I guess it’s a “cat in the pants” problem.

  58. Hmmm…I like the idea for a cold winter’s night. Keeps my man parts warm if you know what I mean.

  59. guineapiggin9 says:

    That leg is almost as hairy as the kitteh himself!!! (LOL) Despite the gross leg, the kitteh is absolutely adorable. (I hope that leg belongs to a man) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  60. Oh c’mon… of COURSE it’s a dude’s leg. “Gross” my (hairy) butt.

  61. LOL @ Amanda’s “Miracle Of Life” …

    That *is* a very precarious place to snuggle your kitty into, though. Racks too. Owch.

  62. Theo – Not your folicular flatulent gluteus maximus *again*. (going woosie, face plant.)

  63. L O L ! ! !

  64. citizen4nr says:

    is that a kitten in your pants or are you just happy to see me? oh.

  65. “Does this kitten make my butt look big?”

  66. I wonder what you would see if you removed the kitten.

  67. Bunker–I don’t know, but let’s hope it just says “Fruit of the Loom” on it…


  68. LOL.

    I ignored the title and it took me a bit to figure out exactly what was going on in the picture.

    At first I thought the kitten was snuggled under a raggedy-looking coverlet next to a guy on his belly with his arm draped over the bed. And then I couldn’t figure out why his shoulder blad stuck out in such a funny way… kinda like a… KNEE CAP! ROTFLOLPONIES!11!!

    This picture is hilarious.

  69. hrh.squeak says:

    I’m with Teho – boys is *supposed* to be furry. Although that may have been a leeetle too much info there, T . . . . 😉

  70. …erm, “blade”. Shoulder BLADE. Not blad.

    One of these days I’ll use the preview button.

  71. I think that kitten is cute!

  72. dude, i can totally see your furball!
    cute kitteh!!!

  73. That is no how you smuggle kittens into the country.

  74. This situation looks like it could go from tickley to scratchy reeeeal fast.

  75. Okay, okay, yes, the dude’s leg is furrier than most of us like in a human.

    But, he obvs. has many sterling qualities, like a good heart — to be so tolerant to a kitteh — and nerves of steel — to let kitteh be in such a position!

    Tamsyn is a wuvley widdle aminal.

    (Still — not fair — “Cats (or others) N Racks” has babelicious cute busty girls, and “Cats N Pants”, the best we get is some overly-hairy, underly-tanned, not exactly buff dewd? Let’s get some college athletes posing with kittens!)

  76. Thanks J.Bo. The Friends episode. Very funny episode. Mouse in the house. I forgot that saying. CUTE.

    When you men go to the tailor to have pants fitted now they will ask you what side you wear your kittah on rather than on “what side do you dress”.

  77. P. Erasmus says:

    El gato esta en mis pantalones.


  78. OMG that ferret is sooooooooo cute!

  79. LOL “What side do you dress”??? Never heard that one before. lol lol How elegantly PC.

  80. oh, sooooo many dirty, dirty jokes…

  81. RevWaldo: I lol’d.

    I can see the whole scenario. Guy’s like:
    “Hmm… nope, don’t need any of those… I tell ya what, though! Do you have any rubber KITTEN PROTECTORS?”

    Kitten’s head peeps out: “Caalll the poliice!”

  82. I’m confused as to why anyone would want to post a picture of them with their cute animals here, since it seems to operate as an invitation for people to comment on how physically unattractive or blatantly slutty they are…

    I assume this type of behavior is what caused the shocked/scared look on the kitten’s face.

  83. lurkertype, here’s your hunk with kittens in his pants:

  84. AuntieMame:

    …thanks, just thanks. You have the audacity to cause a perfectly married woman to click on a pciture of a very easy-on-the-eye man holding kittens, causing me to have to force away the dirty-old-girl thoughts that just popped into my head…and to add to the already tremendous strain my neurons are suddenly burdened with, he’s a FIREMAN. Every Girl’s Hottie, a man whose job consists mainly of handling a massive hose or behing the wheel of a very loud and shiny red truck…

    My head is spinning…the room is getting dark…oooooohhhh…*faints*


  85. in australia we have a particular slang term for pants : DACKS. this could come in handy for your new sub-genre. you could call it “Cats-n-Dacks”

  86. D2D – He is kinda purty ain’t he. I lurve me some beefy fire-fight’n men…with kittens.

  87. You know I think in Britain “pants” is actually a slang term for “underpants.”

  88. That girl has a serious hair/waxing issue…. oh wait a minute… nevermind.

  89. Yeah, I confess to a weakness for firefighters…that heroic spirit, those naturally-buff muscles, that uniform, the ability to drive a massive truck with a throbbing diesel engine and keep a firm controlling grip upon an overtly-phallic giant gushing hose…oooh baby…

    *grows faint again, then rallies*…alas, I went and married an engineer instead. But even though he puts out figurative fires instead of literal ones, he’s still my hero! 😉


  90. Yeesh, there are kids that read this site. Forgive me! Now I’m off to take a long soak in the bath. With ice cubes.


  91. I love the kitteh face. It’s so squishy and…aw.

    I attempted to block out the hairy-guyness, not because it’s a bad thing, but because I came here for the kitty. I’ve got my own hairy guy right here!!!! For that matter, he’s holding one of our kitties, too…aww…

  92. This picture kind of scares me.. -.-

    Pooooooooor poor kitteh…

  93. I wonder what you would see if you removed the kitten.
    Posted by: Bunker | Dec 30, 2006 at 10:18 AM

    As close to the knee as it is, i be very interested to see what else could be seen…..:)

  94. AuntieMame says:

    Wow, I wonder how D2D would have reacted if she’d clicked any of the photos of the firefighters with their shirts off…

  95. lurkertype, here’s your hunk with kittens in his pants:

    Posted by: AuntieMame | Dec 30, 2006 at 03:57 PM
    sorry auntie mame where were the kittens in those pics? i looked at EVERYONE, and still didn’t see any…..oh wait; there was ONE pussy in there come to think of it…; i’m not into the PC aspect.

  96. OK guys and dolls…..i stood at my kitchen window one day as a fireman stepped out of his truck and proceeded to disrobe (he had on the full uniform). the thing is he stripped to his jockeys and then put on exercise clothing and went into the complex workout room. no cats; but lots of beef.

  97. Really, it’s the pants that make the fireman in my opinion. Something about the way they wear those flame proof pants…

  98. Auntie, the last thing I need is to have to be watched carefully around flammable materials! ;-P


  99. Such a cute fireman with KITTENS. I can’t stand the cuteness factor. And it was so sudden. I was not prepared. Give a girl some warning if you try that one again. Geesh.

  100. fireman… kittens… gaaaahhhhh!

    Share the ice cubes, D2D!

  101. *tosses lurkertype some ice cubes and puddin’s* 🙂


  102. acelightning says:

    What got me the most was the kitten peering out of the cargo pocket on the side. (The fireman isn’t really my type – I tend to prefer skinny, geeky, intellectual men. But any man who loves kittens is a good man!)

  103. Acelightning–yeah, I ended up with one, myself. Skinny, geeky, a deep thinker who is also able to take life with a grain of salt and a smile…gentle blue eyes, strong hands…*sigh*

    Ya know, I wouldn’t have cared if he was a firefighter or a sewage pumper or the CEO of a major bank chain…I love him for his beautiful, compassionate heart and his ironclad sense of honor and his brilliant humor.

    Come to think of it, you can have all my ice cubes, Lurker. Just thinking about my sweet Eric is better than any cold shower! ^__^



  105. It is definitely time for a new category: Cats in Slacks!

  106. I think you got an extra “L” in there by accident, MKBA.

  107. Cat N Crotches!

  108. the13thrabbit says:

    Terrifying manfur = Ick.

    Kittens in crotches = Hilarious.

  109. How winter-white is that guy’s leg?

  110. I just want to say that I love the name “Tamsyn.”

  111. I hope this doesnt lead to a new catagory ‘Cats N’ sacks’