Kids, meet Mr. Flapper

Dewds, you know how you’re surfing around the InterWebs and you see a sweet little site that you missed befo’? Well, "Mr. Flapper" is that site. Created by Tiffany Y., "Mr. Flapper" has episode after episode of Mr. Flapper’s adventures. My favorite of which is this one, a redonkulous pea-cake presented to her duck "O’Malley Peepers" and a recap of his first year of life. [Watch as O’Malley snorgles a dog’s ear!]


You’ll also see adventures in the tub;


Learning About Mirrors 101;


And much—much mo’, even beady-eyed close-ups


Holy duck cams, Tiffany Y.!



  1. useta hada kitteh says:

    This just quacks me up. (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)

    And I haven’t even clicked the links yet!

    Someone was mentioning visualize whirled peas a while back?

    Whirled peas turn out very nicely, don’t they!

  2. Are we scared of the mirror….welll yes…yes…not because it is not beautifulll……but just because it is so lonely…i should say it again…lonely cause i should not be at war with myself and my world,my consciousness is my mirror…

  3. I didn’t know that ducks like to snuggle! Loves it!

  4. OK; let’s not even think about the duck having a tub to swim in…..Mr Flapper has his own television to watch during bath time. i do hope it is turned to Animal Planets Funniest Video’s.

  5. Oh my goodness gracious, Mr. Flapper came from my neck of the woods. Hullo from WA!

  6. OMG, tis the Aflac duck on NASCAR!!!!
    Kaflap, kaflap.

  7. Where is all the duck love people? Ducks are one of my favorites. <3

  8. OMG DUCK1ES!!!!

    Gotta love the pea cake.

  9. That’s it! Ducks always look like they’re smiling!

  10. My first sentence was “I have 3 crazy ducks!” which we did growing up.

    I LOVE the flapper site! I was cracking up reading the ‘cast of characters”. “big and dumb, like to lick plastic, etc.

  11. I love the TV that is on the ledge by the bathtub, I started laughing! xD

  12. I <3 dux

  13. I love how the other duckies are waiting to use the mirror. It’s like fighting for the bathroom with your sister. “Like excuuuse me, I have to get ready,too!”

  14. ka9q's wife says:

    another fave site thanks to Meg. Thanks Meg. Maybe you could put this site on your links? peas? pretty peas with ducky on top?

  15. ka9q's wife says:

    Heh i just spent two hours on the duck site.
    heh Thanks Meg.

  16. Maybe it’s just the Mom in me, but I’m nervous about that TV above the bathtub. This looks like a tragedy waiting to happen. Pleeeze, Tiffany Y., can’t you move it somewhere else?

  17. Duckies rocked my world. Yay! New kind of Cuuute every day!

  18. Mr Flapper is my favorite duck! We all love the site!

    Pringles and Max

  19. guineapiggin9 says:

    (quack quack quack!)

  20. I love the site. Ducks are cute, funny, and make me laugh. Congrats on making the cuteoverload site!

  21. The TV on the edge of the tub is scaring me!

  22. So this duck walks into a bar and say to the bartender: “Give me a martini. And put it on my bill.”

    I quack myself up sometimes : )

  23. Wow! Thank you for featuring Mr Flapper and the rest of my family.

    P.S. The duck with the tv on the ledge that people are worried about… that was a photo sent in to by someone else. The duck’s name is D-For and he loves watching animal planet while in the tub. I’m assured he’s kept super safe.

  24. I love duck jokes. Love ’em. Just the image of a duck walking into a bar . . .