Add a Sugar Glider to your article to increase your posting chances

PwlogoThe photo below shows that if you call me "brilliant" in a reasonably-sized newspaper, your chances of getting posted to C.O. go UP!

Liz Spikol pf the Philedelphia Weekly wrote an article called "Precious Matters" (um, exsqueeze me? shoulda called it ‘Prosh’ Matters) Anywhoooo, the article is all about Liz’s obsession with The Qte™ and her adoration for like-minded Peeps. Thank you, Liz 😉

Check it out!


Nice sugar glidin’, Liz and "Shackleton".



  1. Aww! That sugar glider is so adorable! I want to cuddle it lots and lots.

  2. Liz, you are now officially “one of us”!

    (I hope those aren’t your meaty hams, though…)

    And lookit the cyooooot lil’ sugar glider!

    *various unintelligible awws and skweeks*

  3. yeah! what is all the fuzz about it…isn’it like a kind of gerbil….but gerbil are cute…especially when they hide in your short …and you pocket…and your hair….and…oh well!

  4. Liz – I like your style.

    Peeps – (singsong) I saw a real sugare glidare this week. A real one. I did. And I said, “Shooogare Gliiidare!”. And it said, “Meg!” and I said, “Nooo, me not Meg, but I will tell her you said hello, li’l sugare glidare!”

  5. yes,yes,i am absolutely ok with the fact that mouse should stay mouse and dog stay dog and cat stay cat and water stay water….i mean…isnit fun playing with Maya a little bit:)

  6. Shake the dirty mattress…like dust in the wind…or should i say dust cut in a sunbeam…

  7. Meg, as a loyal watcher of your very own personal blog, I DEMAND you stop posting pictures of Sugar Gliders. For one, it makes people that don’t have a good defense against the powers of The Qte like myself, want one so so very much. This leads to other people, like my boyfriend, making fun of us for being wanting things for their cuteness.

    Also, I’m pretty sure cuteness in such high doses is probably illegal in most states and countries. I demand you stop these actions before I will have to call PETA or something.

  8. oh…look at his little tail…and paws…and eys….sooo cute:)

  9. God this thing is sooooo cute because it is so uncomplicated…look how it does not mind being taken…

  10. Swweeeeeeet! There is more Qte in the world than I ever knew!

    A sugar sugar sugar glllider… :O

  11. If he were mine I would name him Stripey.

  12. He’s so widdo! But would you check out those “hands”? Little bitty webbed(?) hands with long claws for such a teeny little guy. I wonder…how big do these guys get? Wow, they’re marsupials, and when they spread out their arms and legs they have bat-like webbing that lets them glide through the air in search of food! Cool!

  13. little teeny tiny pink fingers with little teeny tiny pink nails with big black shining eyes with sticking up round ears and soft gray fur. I bow to the power of the cute.

  14. Oh and the teeny tiny micro nostrils on the teeny tiny pink nose. I die because of the cute.

  15. michellemybelle says:

    Great article – she captured the quest for Qte quite well, and the intro bit about the nightgown was priceless. I also love the fact that her sugare glidare is named Shackleton – very dignified.

  16. A sugar glider named Shackleton? Win!

  17. OMG lookit the BEF!!! The PAWZ!!! That lil’ hint of TAIL!!!

    I am keeled.

  18. And Liz – you rock. Loved your article.

  19. I must add my voice to the chorus of approval for calling him Shackleton. That is perfect.

  20. Mrs. Snorgler says:

    Liz, fabulous submish, and keep proselytizing the Qte! It’s not an addiction, it’s a healthy habit, like brushing your teeth, so be proud!

  21. 1) [Apologies to teho]
    Does second submission excepted dance (took while to recover from shock of japenese Robot seal appearing)
    This site is dangerous people need to slowly build up to this level of cute.
    Are sugar gliders caled that because they are soooooo sweet, or the diabetes the cute causes?

    {hopefully official cuteologist now)

  22. Heck, Dewi, I wouldn’t object to THAT. Submit away, by all means!
    (although… [ahem]… it’s “accepted” — robosealio really did a number on ya, eh?)

  23. Theo,

    Your lucky the word was spelt right so no-one can expect right homonym. Anyway I was so concetrating on the size 12’s (13 in US)to type well.

  24. Anything that involves a sugar glider is automatically awesome. This little thing is SO prosh. <3

  25. ShelleyTambo says:

    Hey! I used to work at Philly Weekly–though as I was a lowly intern, I doubt anyone would remember me.

  26. PW is mo’betta than the Inquirer–and free!

  27. Luna Hoshino says:

    musicchick2, they get to be about 12-13 inches in length in adulthood– half of which is tail. 🙂 I haven’t measured my boy to see how big he is, but I’d imagine he’s about that size.

    And yay for suggies! Thay’re absolutely the best.

  28. I’ve always loved your column Liz, but when I saw this last week, you rose in my book even further. Gooo Deliphilia Qte!