The snowcone is ready, your Highness

"Ah yes, thank you, thank you very moishe. [Touches snowcone with out-stretched leg] I DO prefer cherry, so you’re lucky there."


Excellent work, "Prissy" and Kat T. 😉




  1. I love all the hedgie pictures. There is something about them that just seems so…loveable. So squishy. So tasty.

  2. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Awe…. Hedgie!!!

    Mmmm…. snow cone…

    Can I have one of both please?

  3. OMG, so sweet and anerable. Sigh.
    Kin I have a lick of that sno cone?

  4. AuntieMame says:

    The snowcone is bigger than the hedgie is!

  5. Da qte hedgie!! 🙂

    [threadjack] Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the bathroom…Bath-o-Yeems!!

  6. Teej, just as JAWS kept people out of the ocean, so that photo will keep people out of the bathroom.

    And we’ll all be worse off for it — ew…

  7. I never get a hedgehog with my snowcone. I must be going to the wrong stand.

  8. I think the hedgie looks like the snowcone too — sorta the same shape, with the color at the base and the white at the tips.

  9. This is probably as close to a “Hedgies & Racks” pic as we’re going to get…

  10. Perhaps this should be tagged under “Snow cones and Racks”?

  11. Oh, to be a small happy hedgie being offered a huge snowcone…

  12. I Hunt! Snow cones ‘N racks! I love it!

  13. I think this woman runs a high risk of accidentally switch-hitting her dessert treat. A lick of the snow come. A lick of the hedgie. Ow! Soothing lick of the snow cone.

  14. Oh boy, watch out for all the annoying comments about gratuitous views of clevage. I can only imagine if I had to put the hegehog AND the snowcone in my clevage… talk about a cold prickly!! (The opposite of a warm fuzzy).

  15. teej, LOL at da bath-yeem!

    Looks like she’s sticking the hedgie’s tail in the snowcone!

    RedZ, as always you cwack me up!

  16. It looks like the woman is contemplating switching the snow cone ball with the hedgehog ball. Eww… and ow. I wouldn’t be licking that, though I may nibble on the toes.

  17. Three (or four) threats in the same page!

    (Slaps self) O

    Ok, Sonic he ain’t but cute none the less!

  18. It looks to me like the snowcone is leaning, about to spill out, and she’s about to squoosh it back into the holder using the hedgie. Aaack! Hedgie cruelty implications!

  19. Hedgies are so cute!

  20. acelightning says:

    Gee, I wonder if I should post something huffy (or Nuffy) about the gratuitous presence of out-of-focus human female bazooms in the background. After all, that’s degrading to snow cones!

  21. I wouldn’t think a hedgie would like a snowcone. Do we really think the hedgehog is about to taste the snowcone, or is the girl in the picture simply trying to wrangle her pet and her frosty treat at the same time?

  22. The little dood loks like he’s covered in snowcone!!

  23. The widdo foots!! See the widdo foots??? Eeeee!!

  24. Tooooooo cute!!! But is she really trying to share her sno-cone with the hedgie? Whatever, but that sno-cone needs a good slurpin’. Too much syrup, not enough sno.

  25. Arrrggghhh… tooo cute! Make it stop! Got… to … resist…. it!… Fight ….the….urge…to snogg…..must….Ahhh crap… too late!

  26. “Teej, just as JAWS kept people out of the ocean, so that photo will keep people out of the bathroom.”

    LT, to alleviate any bathroom battles, we will have to have signed many toiletreat-ies.

  27. I also love the little foofie stuck up in the air!! I wish I could have a hedgehog but my cats would end up using him as a soccer ball! He is too cute!!

  28. OK, so the hedge comes with the sno-cone, right? well what if one (from the storage room full of hedges) accidentally crawled into the cone as it was being made. that’s what i was thinking when i saw the pic, sorry to RedZ, sorry.

  29. Hullo! I thought I’d comment. I adore this blog. ^_^

    “This is a snowcone.
    This is a hedgehog.

    …any questions?”

  30. Awww, lookit the hedgie trying to leeek the snowcone. Eeeehn…

  31. I…*holds up finger and draws a deep breath* am offended!

    *looks around*

    Theo, did I do that right?

    (omg. too cute)

  32. Constance — erm, don’t ask *me* — it comes from the heart.
    Of course, you could always disapprove, if you’re lagomorphically inclined.

  33. Sorry, but I’ve been scouring the internets for these tings recently…
    Disapproving Yeemage!!

  34. Sweets for the sweet…

  35. ahaha Teej. I love it. That cat is positively glowering his yeems at us.

  36. Anna Maria says:

    hedgies..really marvellous animals. not so soft as cats, but absolutely cute…we got two cats, has anyone some experience if it would be possible to introduce a hedgie in our family?

  37. That’s a snow cone?? it’s not how I imagined!

    Cute hedgie:)

  38. I’ve been away for a bit, but Aubrey I SO missed your comments!!!!

    Oh heck, I missed the whole crew and I especially missed all these cute footsies, and little nosies!!!!

    And that Kitty with the glowering face looks just like my elderly cat if you serve her food a little too late…Yikes!!


  40. That’s my hedgehog, Priscilla. (And my rack, incidentally.) To the commenter with kitties who wants a hedgie–my cat doesn’t bother Prissy at all, though Prissy is usually in my hand or in her cage, so he doesn’t have too many opporunities. Hedgehogs are great pets! Especially for those of us who live in teeny apartments 🙂

  41. Semi-topical… but TJ, why are your YEEMing kitties all on DOGster?

  42. That hedgie is the sweetest thing I have ever seen, I love it! I’ve always wanted a pet hedgehog!

  43. Aww, I want one (a slushie and a hedgehog).

    Theo – Catster is hosted on the same server. Any kitty pics from Catster have a address.

  44. OMG, a hedgie ball! She is is so prosh!



  46. Kat –

    What a sweet hedgie. I’d love one but they aren’t allowed in NYC. 😦

  47. hrh.squeak says:

    Hey Teej, here’s a yeem for ya:

    He’s terrorizing that poor doglet Through The Door. Fear Teh Yeem.


    That is all.

  49. Yep, NYC has a ban on wild animals, so cuties like hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and ferrets are illegal here.

  50. That pic makes me want to get a hedgehog just so I can feed it snowcones. Maybe put a small, tacky ballcap on its head and let it watch NASCAR and eat funnel cake, too. Somehow, all of that just goes together.

  51. ROTF @ the “In Ur Snowcone…” line! and, also LOL @ RedZ pitch-hitting

    Anybody else getting whiffs of Terry Pratchett?
    “…But the hedgehog, it cannot be buggered at all…”
    (Preferably warbled whilst out of one’s gourd on mead, but I’ll take what I can get! Haven’t read the DW series, but a friend introduced me to the Hedgehog Song a couple of weeks ago.)

    Oh, and also /threadjack I snorgled the *KYOOTEST* 8-week-old kittens yesterday at my local shelter. Today all three were gone, but they had in THREE new 6-week-old puppies!
    *ibble* They’ll be gone by the weekend–Heck, a guy took one home while I was still there. I have thus proven that I exhibit Good Adoption Karma(tm) /end threadjack

  52. Not sure, but check out the mouth on this bittie hedgie. I think that’s a bittie pink tongue flyin’ out to have a lick of the cone. Way cute!

  53. omg Dawn you’re right.. I too see a tiny pink blur of a tongue. I think the hedgie was slurpin’ already! too cute!!

  54. omg Dawn you’re right.. I too see a tiny pink blur of a tongue. I think the hedgie was slurpin’ already! too cute!!

  55. HAH! Cooling my feets.

    I shared it with co-workers.

  56. Squeak – EEK @ blurred thru-portal yeem-a-rama!!
    Christina – not to mentional ALL even-toed ungulates and odd-toed ungulates excluding horses.
    See the complete list here:
    #19 is especially valid…

  57. Oh how I can’t wait for “snow cone season” again!

  58. you guys r silly says:

    oh my god! The yeeming pics are cracking me up!!!
    TOO FUNNY. &:o)

  59. you guys r silly says:

    Snowcones are o.k. but Rita’s Water Ice is
    * DA * BOMB !!!
    (ESPECIALLY Mango or Sour Apple!!!!!)
    Take That Hedgie To Rita’s!

  60. you guys r silly says:

    Thanks for the list, Teej. I had been thinking about moving to the * Big Apple * but NO Tasmanian Devils, Whales or Gorillas allowed as pets??? Forget it then — I’m not goin’…

  61. I’ve been having to hide my pet giraffe for YEARS.

  62. hrh.squeak that yeem is too funny! It looks like the Yeem of Christmas Future come to scare the poor pup into sharing his chew toys!

  63. Christina —

    It’s tough here isn’t it. I’ve had to smuggle in food for the stoats, and the komodo dragon keeps giving my cat funny looks!

  64. you guys r silly says:

    You guys know, of course, how YEARS ago, people in NYC were flushing their pet polar bears down their toilets when they started to get too big, don’t you? THAT’s how the huge underground colony of NYC Sewer Polar Bears began — Now sometimes entire sanitation crews go missing when they’re down in the sewers working…it’s scarey…

  65. guineapiggin9 says:

    I think the hedgie is trying to do an imitation of the sno-cone. It also looks like he’s sorta tryin to get at it, but 4 some reason he just can’t. I dont really get this one, but apparently all u other peeps do, so watevs.

  66. Damn, this makes me nostalgic for summer. Right now it’s about 30 degrees and my feet are freezing despite faux shearling booties and heavy socks and a heating pad…indoors! I’ll take a cute hedgie, a watermelon snowie, and about 40 more degrees outside, please.

  67. Hedgies are so cute. They look like little wobbly mullets

  68. Just out of curiosity, what’s a “Yeem” I keep hearing so much about?
    (And about the “wild animals as pets NYC, y’alls crack me up!)

  69. Aquila — “YEEMYEEMYEEM” is the sound of EYEBEAMS.

  70. hrh.squeak says:

    Aquila – Run right out NowNowNow (to quote my kitteh) and read the Discworld series. You Will love it. And you will discover that the Hedgehog Song must be sung while stoned on scumble. (Terry Pratchett, for those of you non-Anglophiles, was referring to scrumpy, or hard HARD cider. It’s most popular in Devon and Cornwall. The nubby and I would go down the most ridiculous sheeptracks in search of local pubs with scrumpy. The biggest smile we got in the UK was from a farmer (we were deep into the sheeptracks here, and a bit lost) so local that we couldn’t understand him and he couldn’t understand us; but when he heard “scrumpy”, he got this amazing smile and he just pointed. Was beyootiful.)

  71. hrh.squeak – Low sweeping bow. RunRunRun da do RunRun.

  72. I an read the little fella’s mind …:

  73. Stealth rack alert!

  74. Awww! Yummy, I just wanna gobble that up! 🙂 The Hedgehog or the slurpy, you ask. I answer, you will never know!!!