Tiny Animals on Fingers

It’s come to our attention that niche Photoblogger "Specklet" has a glorius collection of tiny animals on fingers. You heard me. You may even recognize a hamster, lizard, sugar glider and raven on there…


Thanks for the alert, Kerry E.



  1. I don’t have the best eyes in the world… but in that second from the bottom row, in the second and third pictures from the left… are those… monkies? If they are, who knew they could be so small and so very *squee!*able?

  2. Stephanie S. says:

    You’ve already posted about this! But I love it anyway.

  3. Stephanie S. says:
  4. Yeah, a repeat. I got scared when I saw the bugs again. 😦

    I do love that sugar glider though.

  5. P. Erasmus says:
  6. I created a LiveJournal feed for the Tiny Animals on Fingers photo pool on Flickr. The RSS name is “anmlsonfngrs”

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    I love the teeny-tininess of them all!

    And I am SOOOO jealous of the hands holding the hummers!

  8. my fave is the little ‘tocks on the froglet, 2nd row, first one on the left. where can i find a bigger pic of that one?

  9. Jacqueline Kivimäki says:

    OMG! Squee!!!! Ok, this collection of tiny tidbits totally made my head explode. Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that I’m at work and therefore have nobody to hug really tight and squeal about how unbearably cute these pics are like I do at home (well, I could try, but I think it would scare my co-workers).

    P.S. I think C.O. is totally messing with my oxytocin levels as well. Anybody else noticed this?

  10. jackie31337 says:

    Oops, posted with the wrong name. 🙂

  11. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    A dozen hurrahs for all our little invertebrate friends who do not get the CUTE recognition they deserve. I LUVS this collage.

    A million thanks Meg. The flicker photos that are linked with this are amazing!

    Big ears and cold-blood are CAN BE CUTE. 😉 :-p

  12. I <3 hummingbirds almost as much as teh kitteh.

    And froggies. 😉

  13. AMAZING photography on all the little birdlets and beastlets…

    Also Big Ups to the invertebrates, the amphibians, the tiny smiley possum and all the leetle hummingbirds 😀

  14. Last row, second pic – is that a baby octopus?

    If not, here is one: http://www.babyanimalz.com/images/baby-octopus.jpg

    ’cause octopi are fairly awesome.

  15. mars mannix says:

    i can’t hang with the bugs….sorry. everything is molecular cuteness

  16. Squeee!

    As Bob Hope would sing:

    Thaaaaanks, for the mini-frogs!

  17. “froggy butt pic”:

    Is it any wonder I love this site?

    But, wow, looking at the larger photo really puts into perspective how unbelievably teeny this lil guy is. I mean, you can see the holder’s individual fingerprint sworls for cryin’ out loud!

    How cute is that?!

  18. Awwww, how teeny and cute. Where can I see bigger versions of those pictures. Is that a cutie little possum? And the hummingbirds–I’d die to hold one of those little beauties!

  19. So. many. tiny. monkeys. Can’t. breathe.

  20. i…uh…is that an octopus????? (last row / 2nd pic)

  21. Oh my god. THE POSSUM! It looks soooo happy <3 (3rd row down, 2nd picture from the right)

  22. shoo gare gli dare……

  23. 5th down, far left… What is it? Is it a tiny turtle? I know 6 down is but tiny little dome top is a total mystery.

  24. Where do you see a Sugar Glider? I see a possum, a hamster and a bunch of other stuff but no sugar glider.

  25. It’s me again. Did anybody else notice that those bugs are going at it on that person’s finger? I thought this was a family site! LOL! (-;

  26. YAY! Specklet is awesome – I’ve seen her pics! Pump up teh Qte!

  27. I love that little teeny tiny hermit crab!

  28. There IS a website for everything, isn’t there?

  29. i have been officially overloaded

  30. Malice Alice says:

    Tiny turtle = MY BOYFRIEND. We’re going to run away together and have wonderful, tiny, teeny adventures. And it will be GLORIOUS.

  31. Click on Meg’s linkl to the raven – You.Will.Die!!!!!

  32. NebraskaErin says:

    Haven’t I been sayin’ that finger-animules should be its own category? Animals small enough to fit on a finger = super cute.

  33. I see wee reptiles, and birdies and…bugs! I see Bugs!


    (runs away)

  34. Malice Alice — best wishes for your slow & steady elopement.

  35. P. Erasmus…ew.


    I need to scrub my morals now. Blegh.


  36. For those of you who want the bigger versions: the full set (102 pics) can be seen here: http://flickr.com/photos/specklet/sets/72157594204828139/

    Thanks for posting a link to my tiny guys again!

  37. Thx for teh Tiny Ones.

  38. ScorpioSpirit says:

    i like the teeny turtlet. he has unneccecary floppitude on the front limbs…